Its a Peppermint-tastic Holiday bundle from Native

I know I have brought this up more than once. In fact I have a tendency to rant about this every holiday season. I love peppermint. I also hate spearmint. Yet somehow spearmint gets to dominate most of the calendar while peppermint is relegated to the holiday season.

Is that fair?

Is that right?

Is it some sort of conspiricy by the anti-peppermint brigade?

Possibly. However much I might wish it, peppermint seems to have a firm association with the holidays. So while it is lacking in the rest of the year, once December hits, I go a little peppermint crazy. Last year I tried the Candy Cane Body wash from Native and loved it. However by the time I went through the bottle, the scent had already been taken off the shelves and the Holiday scent was no more.

So this year i stocked up. I decided to order not one but three bottles of the Peppermint scented Candy Cane body wash from Native.

Okay technically I meant to order only two, but I accidentally hit three.

While I was there I decided that in addition to stocking up, I was going to give a few other peppermint treats a try. So I ordered the Deodorant, shampoo and conditioner to try along with the body wash.

I know, it is the peppermint-tastic time of the year.

The body wash, which I tried last year, foams well and gives a really good clean. It’s scent is strong when the water is hot and teaming up the shower, and it does leave the bathroom with a bit of a minty fresh feeling. The scent isn’t all that long lasting though. with the fading of the steam from the bathroom, the scent fades. The scent also only remains on your skin for about an hour before fading. Which is probably for the best. While I like the scent, I probably don’t want to run around smelling like a peppermint stick all day.

However if the body wash was available year round, I would consider making it a repeat purchase through out the year. I just really like peppermint. And their body wash has a nice formula in general. I am also partial to their cucumber and mint, especially in the summertime. For over all moisturizing of the skin, I am still an Olay body wash person though. I have to add more body lotion post shower with the Native than I do with the Olay, but I consider the peppermint worth it.

The shampoo and conditioner were interesting. I have never tried any shampoo or conditioner from Native before. Generally I stick to their Deodorants and occasionally a body wash. It lathered well, rinsed clean and left my hair shiny and soft. I still used a leave in conditioner afterwards, but it was a good shampoo and conditioner set. It cleans without stripping and my hair felt nice. I also really like the pumps on the bottles. Is it my favorite shampoo and conditioner?

No, but it is decent. Especially if you use a small drop of leave in conditioner after the shower. I’m currently using the CHI Silk Infusion, which I absolutely love. It just needs a tiny drop to work through the hair and my hair is soft and silky smooth.

I don’t think that I will purchase the Native Shampoo and Conditioner throughout the year, and I don’t think i will stock up on it. I do think that come next Christmas i will probably purchase it again. The peppermint scent is nice, but again fades as the hair dries. It is lighter in scent than the body wash. It is a shampoo and conditioner set that works well enough that I don’t mind using it, but not well enough that I want to use it all the time. For me this is a holiday treat specifically because of the peppermint.

And then we come to the most peppermint-tastic of all, the Native Candy Cane Deodorant. I like Native Deodorants in general. They are just a good product. The only issue i have with some of them is in regards to scent. Sometimes they have almost no scent, other times they are powerfully scented. The Candy Cane Deodorant is powerfully scented. It goes on minty and as you move through out the day you will occasionally catch light scent flutters of mint. Personally I like it. And if it was on off year round, I would purchase the scent year round. of the Native Deodorants that I have tried, it is my absolute favorite. Because it is my first time with this scent, I did not stock up. I will use this one well into January though. Once it is done, I will decide if I want to stock up next year or not, but for now, this is the most peppermint-y of them all. It is the only one that really has any peppermint scent after the initial application. At the moment, I love it. How much I love it will remain to be seen when it reaches the end of it’s life.

For now, I am reveling in the peppermint scent. Since I already knew I liked peppermint and was planning to stock the body wash, I went with full sizes, however, they do have trial kits so you can try all of the scents as well. I have no association with the brand, but the links will take you to the site. While many of their products can be found at Target (and that is where I generally pick up my deodorant) not all Target’s carry all the scents and it is a little cheaper on line. My Target didn’t have the deodorant or body wash when I looked. It did have the shampoo and Conditioner in Candy Cane though. I’m not sure if that is just how the stocking goes or if it is a store by store thing. Since I was ordering the body wash, it was actually cheaper to order from the site.

So that my darlings is my take on the super fabulous Candy Cane Scent from Native. Some are going to prove only seasonal products that I use when they become available and forget about the rest of the year, others are going to be ones I want year round and will miss when they are gone. It is good to know which is which.

Let’s talk Pollution Defense

Thee are a lot of hair care products out there. Some work to control your frizz despite the high humidity, others give you shine and body. Some work to keep your hair less tangled and others protect it from heat.

With each of these it is usually fairly easy to see if they work. If it reduces frizz then you will have less frizz. If it detangles, there will be fewer tangles, if it protects from heat there will be less heat damage. It isn’t rocket science.

Pollution defense in hair care is something a little different. It is a little harder to pin down as far as effectiveness. I think that is the reason I let the Grow Gorgeous Defense Anti-pollution leave in spray sit on my hair care shelf for so long. In general I am a big fan of the brand. Their shampoos and conditioners are absolutely fantastic. The scent is a bit strong, but once you get used to it, then it just feels a bit like a salon scent. And the scent is worth getting used to. Their thickening shampoo really thickens. and it leaves the lair feeling luxuriously soft and easy to manage. There have been other Grow Gorgeous products I’ve used and all have worked fantastically well. I really did just put off using this because I wasn’t certain of how to evaluate it. How to tell if it was in fact doing anything for my hair.

So lets start with the product description…

Pollution can wreak havoc with your hair, but Grow Gorgeous Defence Anti-Pollution Leave-In Spray aims to shield your strands from the harm urban areas can cause. Protecting against environmental aggressors as well as fading colour and heat, the spray is a handy 3-in-1 product.

Added to care for your scalp, Green Tea Extract helps healthy hair to grow with extra shine. Acting as a protective barrier, a Polysaccharide Matrix works to keep locks free from harmful pollutants. Organic Sunflower Sprout and Tarra Tannins are blended expertly to combat harm caused by urban life while Panthenol detangles and hydrates, making hair softer and easier to brush.

The anti-pollution spray is ideal for those with hair on the greasier side that often has a build up of products.

Free from gluten, parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates and mineral oils.

Suitable for vegans.

Grow Gorgeous

While Polysaccharide Matrix sounds enormously fantastic in a sci-fi kind of way, I have no clue how to evaluate it. So I am going to fall back on the claims that I can look into. These seem to be protecting against fading color and heat, adding extra shine and detangling and hydrating making hair easier to brush.

My color is new enough that I haven’t really noticed any fading. I don’t know if this product helped in that regard but it certainly didn’t hinder. My eSalon custom dye is really good about not fading for a long stretch of time. And really by the time it doe start to look faded I have usually already been spraying my roots with root touch up for at least a month. Incidentally, I know I have said this before but I love the fact that eSalon always matches the root touch up to the custom color. It’s also how I know that the dye takes a long time to fade. when my root touch up no longer matches my hair color, it is time to dye again.

So that’s a positive for my custom color, but not really something I can observe well in the Defense Spray. Because this does work as a heat protector (and the summer heat is fading) I did do a little curling of my hair while testing out this spray to see how it works. At the moment my hair is long enough and heavy enough that the curls only stayed in a couple of hours but this isn’t a style keeping product. And there was no heat damage to the hair.

while I didn’t do a lot of styling, I do like to run a comb through my hair to get out any tangles and this worked really well as a detangling spray. There was no problem with knots and snarls. The comb passed through the hair well. In addition, my hair had a great shine without looking greasy or weighed down.

Quite honestly, I liked this product. It made my hair look great without weighing it down. It managed to achieve everything that it said it would do, at least as far as I could test it, and I have to say I like the fresh from the salon scent that it gave to my hair in general. It is a nice product. I would happily buy this again. Currently it is actually on sale at the Skinstore. They periodically put Grow Gorgeous products on sale and I tend to stock up on them when they do. Usually this spray is $20 but right now you can get it for half price. And you all know i love a good deal on the products I know work.

First Impressions: Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner

Last week I was sent a lovely package from the brand Zents.  It included a collection of samples from their Eau de Toilette collection (ten scents in all) and a set of their Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner. While I will get to the perfumes, each in their turn, it is time to begin the shampoo and conditioner trial.

I know some of you may be familiar with my shampoo and conditioner process and others are just tuning in.  If you are new welcome, if you have been here before, welcome back. While a first test of a shampoo and conditioner can tell you if it is something you want to try or if it is definitely not for you, I typically find that often as I use the product sin my hair my opinion sometimes changes.  I’ve tried several shampoos that I adored on first use, but by the time I made it midway through the bottle I was ready to chuck it. I’ve tried a couple that didn’t thrill me at first, but by the end of the bottle I was sad to see the bottle emptied.

So I tend to do multiple posts about a shampoo and conditioner set as I work my way through the bottle.  That way I am actually fair to the product. The first of the posts is the First Impression post where I am just getting to know the products, the second is posted when I am about halfway through the bottle and the third will be at the end of the bottle when there is no more product.  Sometimes I reach the end sad at the empty, other times relieved.

So this is the first of three posts on the Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner.

First off, I like the pump bottles.  I really like the way they dispense the product and I like that I can tell the levels of product.  If I like and routinely use a product, then I like to reorder it before it actually runs out and bottles like this let me do exactly that. It isn’t a major thing, but it is something that I like.

I have been a big fan of Zents Bath Truffles for a while now.  Mandarin is actually my favorite scent for those actually. The products in the line from shampoo to body wash and bath truffles are designed specifically for those who are sensitive to scent. 

Use code ZENTS15 for 15% off site-wide! Shop now!

While the owner and founder’s inspirational story can be found on the website, I’m not going to repeat it here, mostly because it is just very well written there.  I highly encourage you to read about the foundation of the brand.  There is one line that I have to quote because I really just loved it.

“We call our scents our “liquid memories” because they draw upon the brain’s powerful ability to connect scent to memory. With our scents we can relive our favorite moments.”


While I absolutely love scents, a lot of the time my sense of smell will help me determine whether or not I like a product.  Just recently I tested a perfume from Kierin NYC that I had a hard time actually describing because it smelled exactly like sitting in the sunroom with my mother when I was a child.  It was actually difficult for me to sit down and break that perfume into actual scent components.

While I do like scent, when it comes to a lot of hair products I often have some issues.  My hair is long, it is thick and it traps scents.  Sometimes it is an acivity scent,  If I am working in the kitchen and slow cooking items I will often carry that scent around with me.  Sometimes I like the scents of hair products, other items I don’t but whatever they are, they will usually stick with me for a while so I do judge shampoos and conditioners first on scent and then on how they work.  I know that sounds kind of strange but If I don’t like th scent I won’t use it no matter how good the product works.  I recently tested a shampoo and conditioner set like that.  The product worked well but the scent was not only strong and not to my liking, but it overpowered everything else.  I couldn’t wear perfume or even scented lotion because it clashed with the scent of my hair.

Now because I have used the Mandarin Bath Truffle I was prepared for the scent of the mandarin Shampoo.  I was wondering how different it would be.  The result is not different.  The scent is, as one would expect, orange. However it reminds me of the frozen pops my mom would make when we were kids.  Not the store bought kind but the kind where she just poured juice into reusable plastic pops and put it into the freezer.  We had a juicer when I was growing up and for frozen treats my mom would juice whatever fruit was in season. 

When it came to oranges, even frozen, you could smell the scent of orange.  It was blunted by the cold of the frozen pop, but you could still get a whiff of it.  That was the strength of the orange. When I dispensed it into my hand.  It was there, but not over powering.  When I applied it to my hair and began lathering, the scent was a little stronger, partially because it was closer to my nose and partially because of the steam in the air. I always find heat tends to intensify scents, at least to me.

When I rinsed my hair, the suds slipped off down the drain taking most of the orange scent with them. 

Then of course, came the conditioner.

The conditioner is not Mandarin scented, so it isn’t reinforcing the orange scent, which I liked. The scent of the conditioner is called Water.  I’ll admit, when the scent of water comes to mind it is a fifty/fifty shot if my brain goes to the beach or the mountains.  Part of me thinks of the ocean and the other part thinks of the cool green scent that always lingers around swift moving streams in the mountains where  I used to hike.  I read the description to see which I should expect.  The description of Water is…

WATER: Refreshing & Renewing: blue chamomile, coriander, lemon, mint, anise

Luxurious, color-safe WATER Conditioner nourishes all types of hair, delivering intensive moisture with 100% organic shea butter. Rich jojoba extract guards against sun damage and imparts manageability. Icelandic moss and Sunflower Oil fortify the hair and protect against breakage. WATER Conditioner leaves hair full, vibrant, and lustrous.

I’ll admit, I thought those scents would make it a bit strong as those are some pretty potent scent notes.  If you do a lot of baking, you know that those scents can easily dominate. They don’t. And it isn’t the massive scent bomb I feared. It is a light delicate fragrance.  The lemon and mint I can detect a little in the freshness that is leant to the floral that I am guessing is the blue chamomile.  It is lightly floral, with fresh notes and just a hint of spice. 

I’ll admit, I didn’t get the hind of spice until I washed it out.  And once the conditioner was in, I no longer had any hint of orange.   It is like the conditioner said, ‘thank you for coming’ and sent the scent on its way.  Not that the conditioner lingered for much longer.  Most of the scent dissipated when the conditioner rinsed out. By the time I stepped out of the shower, my hair just smelled clean.  I couldn’t detect anything but clean hair.  I got my babydoll to sniff and he asked if I was trying to trick him because there was nothing in my hair. 

As this was the first impressions of the shampoo and conditioner, I towel dried my hair and let it air dry naturally.  I put no additional products in it.  Since whenever I dry my hair I use a heat protectant spray, I didn’t use my hair dryer.  I also added no leave in conditioners and even skipped this week’s hair mask.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be using those items moving forward, but for the first impression, it was the Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating conditioner only. I also held off dying my hair (even though my new eSalon kit had just arrived) so that the products would stand alone. 

And wow, did it stand. 

When my hair was dry I ran my fingers through it to see how tangled things were likely to become. I had no tangles and my hair felt luxuriously soft. It felt light and not weighed down and I had fewer fly aways than usual.  In the photograph in this post, my hair is air dried and brushed through.  There is no styling as both the styling and styling products might skew the first thoughts.  I have to say I was very pleased with how my hair looked and felt with just a simple brush through after air drying.  As I make my way through the bottles I will do a dive into ingredients and discuss some of the ingredients that I think my hair is responding to as well as talking about how they continue to respond to the shampoo and conditioner.  There will of course be other products used so I’ll get to see how they interact with each other. But thus far in this first impression, I am absolutely thrilled with my hair. I can’t wait to see how this plays out as I work my way through the bottle.

Hiding the Grays in the Camo Mist (from eSalon)

As many of you know from previous posts, I routinely dye my hair. After losing my stylist (she moved, nothing untoward happened to her) I tried box dyes and then tried eSalon. They very kindly gifted me a selection of their products and I absolutely adored not only their hair dye but the well thought out way they arranged things.

Try eSalon Today! Only $15!

You can read my full review of the dying process by clicking this link, if you are interested. The short version is that their system takes into account how your hair color works with your hair from root to tips and provides you with easy to follow instructions on every step of the process. It seems like a lot of steps when you first see it but it is really easy to follow and I ended up with great results. I also like that their profile was details and their color selection was something I could play with so that I could get exactly the shade I wanted. If you are looking for at home custom color, I very much recommend them.

I actually reordered my color and will very shortly be eliminating my roots with a shipment that I paid for this time from eSalon. I think it is going to be my go to hair color for a while. I was thrilled with how it worked out and how long it has lasted without fading. Admittedly, part of that may be due to the Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner from Color Wow that I used throughout.

However, if you notice in the pictures below I really should have re dyed my hair quite a while ago. While my still dyed hair looks nice, the roots do not. It is, surprisingly intentional. I deliberately let the roots grow because I wanted to test out the Camo Mist from eSalon. I ordered it when I placed my hair dye order and it is in the same color as the hair dye that I ordered. I have to say I was a little hesitant about the concept of the Camo mist. I figured it would be like spray painting my head (and in a way it is) and I had bad images from baldness cures running through my head.

I was also intrigued by the product. I figured that if it worked then I could keep my roots touched up and extend the length of my dye so that I wouldn’t have to dye it that often. While the eSalon dye was gentle and i didn’t have a lot of breakage, in fact my hair is actually quite healthy at the moment, I still like to stretch the time between hair dyes because I feel the less I dye it the healthier my hair will remain. So I had my fingers crossed when I tried this product.

I have to say I was very impressed. I did run a comb through my hair just to see if the spray would flake off in case you are wondering why one side looks combed and the other didn’t.

When i sprayed it I kind of worked it into the hair as well. The nozzle for the spray is perfect for that. It has a small tip to direct the spray to exactly where you need it. The spray is light and has a sort of hairdresser’s scent to it. It smells like a salon. And it made my bathroom smell like a salon, which was kind of nice. I went rather light on the spray because I didn’t want to overload my hair with product. I think if I went a little heavier there would be no seam showing between my roots and the rest of my hair.

targeted nozzle

The product matched well because it was the same color as my hair dye and I think it is a very good way to extend the life of your dye. When you spray it, the product does go in wet. The label says to leave it to sit for a minute or two, which I did. After two minutes I touched the top of my head and my hair was dry. It has a slightly odd texture to the hair. While it feels weightless, when you touch it, you can tell your hair has something in it.

The texture feels a bit like you sprayed heavy duty hair spray into your hair and then brushed it out. You know where you’ve brushed out the spray so that the hair isn’t stiff any more, but you can still tell that there was a product in your hair? That is the same feeling.

Because of that, I think there is a practical limit to how long you can let your roots grow while using this to disguise it. I don’t mind using it on the top of my head, but once it got past the crown and extended down the sides of my head I don’t think I’d want to use the spray. I think it is definitely a product to use on the top of your head. For me it hid the grays and blended in with the hair. I think it is also very good for those sneaky grays that just sort of wait until I’ve dyed my hair to pop out of my scalp and laugh at me. Their taunting time is now at an end.

The comb didn’t dislodge the spray or eliminate the coverage, but when I washed my hair the Camo Mist rinsed right out with no residue left behind. It didn’t cover my scalp in the deep auburn hair color, but stuck to my hair which I liked. It made me feel less like i was spray painting my scalp. It is essentially not noticeable except by touch. I think that I will be using this spray until I do redye my hair. As I ordered the same color from eSalon, the Dark Auburn, I will keep the Camo Mist until the next time my roots grow out and then use it to touch up until I feel it is time to dye my hair once again. If you are ordering hair dye, I would highly recommend adding the Camo Mist to your shopping list. It isn’t very expensive ($15) but I know when I like how my hair looks, it makes me feel like a million bucks. And since the same people are creating your custom color, you know it is going to be the perfect match.

Trying out the One Hit Wonder by Mane Club

Recently I was very kindly sent a package by Mane Club with several of their products to try out.  I had never heard of the brand before then but looking them up I found they are in indie brand based in NYC that started in 2019.  They’re goal is to create a range of hair products that you can wear and share without breaking the bank.  They are cruelty free and vegan as well as junk free: no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten or artificial colors. 

The first item I had to try from the fabulous box of goodies they sent me was the One Hit Wonder 10-in-1 Leave in Spray.  It just looked too interesting to wait. So what is the One Hit Wonder? Well according to the website…

Meet your new best bud: a multi-benefit miracle leave-in spray that does it all. Laced with cannabis sativa seed oil, this non-greasy leave-in treatment aims high to deliver 10 essential benefits.


• Conditions
• Detangles
• Heat protection up to 445F/230C
• Prevents breakage
• Hydrates
• Smooths
• Softens
• Controls frizz
• Boosts shine
• Strengthens

DIRECTIONS: Shake well and spray generously onto damp or dry hair and comb through.

And since they are committed to affordable hair care products, this 159 ml (5.3 Fl Oz) spray is only $8. I think this may be the least expensive leave in conditioner in my current hair care drawer.

But as my grandmother always said, it is only a deal if it works. So does it work?

To try it out, I put it through several basic tests.  Currently, I am finishing up a shampoo that I don’t particularly care for.  It tends to overly clean my hair and is sort of an anti-detangling formula. I can use it if I use a lot of conditioner, but on its own it is problematic (I will be doing a full review of that particular product soon)  I know you may be asking why I haven’t pitched it and replaced it, but the truth is, while not a great shampoo, it is really good for testing out other products like hair masks and leave in conditioners. (I test them with good products too but having the not so good one on hand helps)

So the first test is sort of a combination test.  I washed my hair with the shampoo that tends to tangle my hair if I don’t use conditioner and then I deliberately did not use conditioner. It was hard to resist, but I did. Then I got out of the shower, toweled off my hair and sprayed in the One Hit Wonder.

It is a relatively fine mist with a light, clean scent.  The scent dissipates rather quickly which is kind of nice. A lot of my hair products have a scent to them and while I like scent, sometimes different scents don’t layer well. This layered well with everything without clashing (I tried it with good shampoos as well as bad). It just provides a clean scented back note that makes you think your hair has just been freshly washed.  Which mine had been.

For those who caught my New Year’s eve post, you may recall that my hair dryer gave up the ghost just before 2020 ran out.  It was relatively old and I was thinking about replacing it for a while, I just never got around to it.  I also need to do more investigating into hair dryers before I pick a new one up.  My hair dryer was as basic as basic could be.  Its main redeeming feature was that the handle folded in so that it was easy to travel with. Which I know sounds like a somewhat silly feature to love, but my old job had me almost constantly on the road so it was a fantastic feature for me.  I now travel less so I am exploring more options other than ‘compact enough to travel well’. But it means that while I research I will be air drying my hair.

Air dried with no product in it

I know that was a bit of an aside, but it does mean that a good detangling spray is a necessity. While I towel dry and then let time and the air do the rest, if I want some semblance of order I need to comb through it when it is still wet so that it can dry relatively straight.  If I don’t then I have to spend a lot more time using the flat iron and I like to limit my use if hot tools where I can.

So, after my shower, the One Hit Wonder went into my hair.  It didn’t feel heavy at all. I lightly sprayed the top of my hair, flipped my head over and sprayed the underside.  Then I ran a comb through my hair.  The comb went through with no problem.  I had no pulling or tangles.  I was very pleasantly surprised. 

wet and somewhat tangled hair

After combing my hair out, I let it dry and I was pleased to see my hair was soft and shiny without being greasy.  There were some fly away and frizz after it dried, but then I sprayed a light spritz over the top after it was dry, combed it through and was fine.  I was rather impressed with it actually. I was worried that the additional spritz might make my hair feel a little greasy or weighed down since I used it as a leave in conditioner, but it did not. 

The next trial I put it through was as a heat protectorate. It worked well with both my hot brush and my flat iron.  I had no damage from the tools and it worked as well as my usual heat protecting spray. 

However, I did notice something.  If I used the One Hit Wonder as a leave in conditioner and didn’t use hot tools to style my hair, then my hair was soft and had a lovely shine to it.  If I used the One Hit Wonder as a heat protecting spray, but hadn’t used it as a leave in conditioner earlier, then my hair was soft with a lovely shine to it.  If I used it as a leave in conditioner to detangle my hair after the shower and then again tried to use it later as a heat protector, then while my hair remained soft, it lost a little of its shine.

combed straight, tangles not a problem, the glare from the light placement is a bit of a problem

I think it was just too much product.

At the moment because I am not drying my hair with a hair dryer, there is a significant gap between washing and styling.  I comb through my hair very soon after showering so that I don’t have to use a lot of heat on my hair. But I generally don’t style it until it is dry.  When I use a hairdryer, I clearly don’t wait.  The leave in conditioner is applied, my hair is combed through and then dried and styled. So I would only apply it once, not twice. Applying it twice was just too much.

allowed to dry down after combing with nothing else done to it.

It is just habit for me to reach for the heat protecting spray when I sit down with hot styling tools. With this product I just needed to remember I already had the product in my hair.  If I did things were fine.  You just don’t want too much of a good thing. 

And really too much just dulled down the shine a bit, it caused no other problems. I will say that adding a little spritz to tame frizz and flyaways did not dull down the shine.  I also used significantly less on those sorts of ‘touch up’ applications than I do as either a leave in conditioner application or a heat protecting application.  It is just my normal application of those two combined that proved too much.

At the end I really enjoyed this spray.  I think it is a really good detangler and leave in conditioner. My hair felt soft as well as looked healthy and nice. To my surprise it actually accomplished all ten of the listed goals.  I am always leery of products that have a long list of claims since usually they don’t do all of them well.  This one does all of them well. 

There is clearly a point where you can overload your hair, but it really does take a lot to reach it.  I would keep this around if only for the detangling and shine aspects of it. The fact that this product is only $8 means that it is one I not only want to keep stocked, but one that I could easily afford to keep stocked at all times.  I was very pleased with it and I can’t wait to try out some of the hair masks that were sent over with this spray.  I generally use a hair mask once a week. Given how well this One Hit Wonder performed, I can’t wait to try out the masks. Hopefully they will be just as good. The Mane Club wasn’t on my radar before this but I will definately be paying attention to them in the future.