Pairing up the Ouai Detox Shampoo and the Luseta Biotin Collagen Hair Mask

Both the Ouai Detox Shampoo and the Luseta Biotin and Collagen Hair mask arrived in a recent Birch box and I thought why not pair them up together. well not all the time together. The Ouai Detox Shampoo had enough for three hair washes and I generally use hair masks once a week. So I tested them both together and apart.

I have actually tried other products from both of these brands. For Ouai I have the Thick shampoo and Conditioner on my in case i want to splurge list of hair care products so I was eager to see what the Detox shampoo could do. As for the Luseta, I tried the Biotin and Collagen shampoo and conditioner a while back and really enjoyed them. But while I did like them and wouldn’t mind using them again, they didn’t make my must purchase again later list. they worked well, just not super fabulously well.

So shall we see how these two performed?

First the shampoo. It is a detox shampoo and that is exactly what it does. It gets deep down and removed all of the excess product from your hair. Possibly a little too well. If used without a conditioner my hair felt a little thirsty after using this Ouai detox Shampoo. The first time I used this shampoo I used it on it’s own and had to use a leave in conditioner post shower. I also had to go in kind of hard with my detangler. (Mane Club One Hit Wonder)

When I used it with a regular conditioner, I still needed a leave in conditioner but I didn’t need to lean into the detangler. when paired with the Luseta Biotin and Collagen hair mask I didn’t need the leave in conditioner or the detangler.

This Detox shampoo from Ouai is very detoxifying. It really does take out anything excess. while there were only three uses in the tube I had, the use I had the most success with was with a hair mask. I think this is one of those shampoos that you don’t use every day, but use it once a week or even once a month and then pair it with a good hair mask.

The Luseta Biotin and collagen Hair mask was a good hair mask. I would certainly get it again and I would be willing to put it on my repeats purchase list. I actually liked it far more than I liked the shampoo and conditioner of the same line. Interestingly enough the Conditioner of Luseta’s Biotin and Collagen line is like a lighter less intense version of this.

While I wouldn’t’ want to use this hair mask as a conditioner, i wanted a little bit more from the conditioner when i tried it. This is too much to use with every hair wash but it works fantastically well as a weekly hair mask.

My hair was smooth and manageable with much of the fly aways gone. More importantly I did not need a detangler or the use of a leave in conditioner when i used this mask.

While neither the Ouai Detox shampoo or the Luseta Biotin and Collagen Hair mask make my craveables list, they are both products I would like to use again. And possibly used together. They both work well and they work fantastically well together. The Ouai desperately needs a hair mask to back it up and the Luseta paired with the Ouai just made the hair mask shine. Good apart, better together.

Trying out the Latinus Beauty (LU) Impossible Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

My quest to work through the gathered hair care samples in my collection continues. This time I am trying out the Latinus Beauty (LU) Impossible Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner. It is the Control Version. This is my first experience with the brand but i can already tell you that I really like that it is a shampoo and conditioner set from the same line. At the moment the tubes are completely empty but the samples sizes (30 mL) lasted for a full week (I wash my hair every other day). The full size is 355 mL and costs $19.99. so you could probably get between ten to twelve weeks of use with the full size.

According to the product page…

ignore the expression and focus on the lack of humidity created poof

The Control Shampoo is ideal for when you have a big event happening, or for any given day when your look needs to be sharp from head to toe. IMPOSSIBLE KERATIN™ Our powerful, nurturing blend of natural ingredients defies frizz and minimizes the effects of humidity. Murumuru Butter: originally from the Amazon, this rare seed locks moisture in and softens hair for game-changing manageability and control. Scent: sweet almond, jasmine, tonka bean, and musk. Sicilian blood orange. Well blended with sweet and empowering top notes. Mood: you want to feel in absolute control and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Sulfate-Free | Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free | Phthalates-Free | Colorants-Free

In the tube the shampoo smells mostly of sweet almond. Once it lathers, the product does tend to lean into the more musky scents. The Conditioner starts off musky but fades to almost nothing once it is in use. I’ll be honest, the scent is not my favorite in the shower. The scent’s one benefit is that it fades so you don’t really smell it once your hair dries.

The lather is pretty good and the shampoo washes away clean without leaving the hair feeling stripped. The conditioner doesn’t feel heavy on the hair.

The main benefit to this shampoo is it’s smoothing effect. Where I live tends to have high humidity (which is why all volumizing hair products are put away until the weather turns).So this was the perfect time for me to try this shampoo and conditioner set and in the smoothing and defrizzing, this product did not disappoint. I had fewer fly aways and most importantly there was no need for a de tangler. I was able to comb my hair both wet and dry and had very few fly aways. My hair tents to poof in high humidity (hence my fondness for the summer twist and hair clip look). It did not poof while I used this shampoo and conditioner. If you are looking for volume go elsewhere. If you are looking for sleek and healthy looking hair that behaves well despite the humidity, this is a product you might want to take a look at.

Given the scent, it probably won’t become a standard in my shower, but it is one that I would have no problem using again and one that might be called into my shower next summer to use any time I need to attend an out door event. I can think of several barbeques this summer where this would have been a very useful pre-event product. It is recommended for Hard to Manage, Curly, Thick or Thin Frizzy hair. I would add that this Latinus Beauty (LU) Impossible Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner is useful for anyone who is attempting to wear their hair down in a high humidity zone.

Using the Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner

And so once again we dive into the drawer of forgotten hair products. Some are masks, some are sample shampoos without conditioners and then there is this Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner. It came in a subscription box a while ago and because I didn’t have a shampoo to o with it, the bottle kept being pushed to the back. It doesn’t help that shortly before I received this I did try a Seed Phytonutrients that i didn’t really care for. So it was ignored by association I suppose you could say.

But now it has been taken out of the drawer and given a good trial. Partially because it is a large conditioner and I have several unmatched sample sized shampoos. This is one of those products that going into a trial I really want to like. The outer biodegradable packaging pulls apart easily, there is no glue holding it in place just fitted tabs. Hidden inside is a packet of basil seeds.

I would really recommend that you take the outer packaging off before taking the bottle into the shower. The cardboard outer packaging is not really meant for a shower environment. However once I used the product I went on line to take a look at the details and found that this conditioner is now sold in a metal canister style bottle. However the ingredients list on the packaging I have is exactly the same as the product listed on the website. To be fair, I can see why the changes were made. The outer packaging goes to mush when faced with water, the interior bottle is plastic. It is a recyclable plastic, but still. And it has a rounded bottom without the cardboard covering so it has a tendency to tip over a lot.

All of which they fixed with a canister shape that has a flat bottom.

I will admit that even though I see the reasoning behind the change, I am inclined to like them a little less.

However it is about the product and not the packaging. So according to the company…

let to dry naturally and then combed through – nothing else done

Our vegan, silicone free Moisture Conditioner is designed to replenish dry, coarse, or damaged hair. Organic meadowfoam seed oil provides deep hydration for healthy, soft, shiny hair, while mango butter helps manage dry ends and fly-aways. With an addictive, 100% natural black tea and ginger aroma, your luscious locks will thank you. Aroma: Black tea and ginger, Top notes: Bergamot essential oil, Middle notes: Ginger, rosemary, chamomile, and thyme essential oils, Base notes: Amber essential oil and vanilla bean extractive

I’ll be honest. I really like the way it performed on my hair, but I really didn’t like the scent. It is a bergamot, black tea and rosemary blend that I just did not find appealing. Admittedly i really don’t like bergamot. And the bergamot is pretty strong.

That being said, this is a fantastically conditioning conditioner. It made my hair feel soft and nourished. It did a lot to smooth away my fly aways and was able to comb through my hair easily both when wet and when I just left it to dry naturally post shower. I was pleased with how smooth and glossy my hair looked and how soft it felt.

For me the only real downfall of this product is it’s scent. It is just not one I like and not one i want to keep around. If all of their hair products work this well though, I would certainly consider looking at the scent profiles of the other products and finding one that might work well with my hair that I actually enjoy the scent of. I simply have too much hair to have it filled with a scent i don’t enjoy. If you are okay with the scent of bergamot and are looking for a vegan conditioner that will smooth down flyaways and leave you with shiny , well nourished hair, I would suggest looking into this. If it weren’t for the scent I would happily keep this Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner around.

My nose just isn’t having it.

Creatives to Promote Hint Still Water

Trying out a duo of Christophe Robin Hair masks

This weekend as I began to feel a little bit better, I decided to encourage myself towards feeling better with a little bit of pampering. I find that after I’ve felt unwell I simply need just a little bit of a pick me up and a fresh start. So the sheets went through the wash as did the blankets and then the blankets were hung out in the sun between rain storms so they would be a little extra fresh. All clothing (and indeed anything made of cloth) went through the washing machine, was dried folded and put away. All trash containers were emptied and I even opened the windows for a bit before the heat and humidity over came the freshness of the air.

Then there was the hair and skincare treatments.

For the hair I leaned into Christophe Robin. While there are several products I will purchase repeatedly from the brand (the sea salt scalp scrub top among them)I happened to have two small travel sized jars of products that I hadn’t tried. These were the Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts and the Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil. The Cleansing Volumizing paste can be used in place of shampoo and the Regenerating Mask can be used in place of conditioner so I thought it a fabulous chance to use them on them together. And actually I used them as a pair on Friday night and then I used the cleansing paste on it’s own on Sunday night because i wanted to double check to see what product was doing what.

the Cleansing Volumizing paste It produces buckets of fabulous lather

First to the Cleansing Volumizing Paste. It is in the white container and has the dark gray green color to the product. It is an intensely rose scented paste, but the rose does fade away fairly quickly. It is also more of a natural rose scent rather than the artificial rose scent that sticks with you and doesn’t want to let you go.

It is gritty so it does help cleanse the scalp as well, although it is a much finer grit than in the sea salt scrub. For me it was almost too fine. I have hair that is a bit thicker and it tended to stay towards the upper layers of my hair rather than going all the way through. It is however not really a scalp scrub, so that is fine, but it did take a little longer to rinse out as well. that part I minded more. The paste lathered beautifully and while i did have to take a little extra time rinsing out the finer particles, in the end my hair was beautifully clean and it did have added volume and thickness.

While I did like this, I think I would like it more if my hair were a little thinner. I enjoyed the feel of it in my hair, but I tend to get a similar feel of volume from the regular Sea Scalp Scrub and I feel that one is more targeted towards my hair and it’s needs. Plus, while the Sea Salt Scrub can stand on it’s own, with maybe a drop of leave in conditioner following it, the Cleansing Volumizing paste does need a moisturizing mask. I think it is the cleansing aspect. It doesn’t strip the hair but it is a deep down cleanse that preps the hair for a hydrating mask. For me it worked best when paired with a mask rather than without.

the regenerating mask

The mask I tried it with was the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask. It is the black jar with the whitish paste inside. It too has a heavy scent when opened but like the cleansing paste the scent disappears very quickly. It applies like a thick conditioner and I made certain to not only work it into my roots but to concentrate on the ends as I generally find this helps me with the split ends when using a regenerating mask. I really enjoyed it actually. It rinsed out clean and left my hair shining and manageable with no tangles. It isn’t the softest my hair has been. I did find that I had fewer fly aways and my hair looked and felt healthier, but it didn’t have the silk soft feel that some other hair masks can give. That simply isn’t it’s strength. As a repairing mask, it did make my hair feel rejuvenated, which is what i was looking for when i used it.

Of the two products, I will put the Christophe Robin Regenerating mask on my list to purchase in a full size. I would love to see how this product performed over time. I think repeated use would do really well with my hair. For me I would pass on the Cleansing Volumizing Paste. It worked well, it is just not targeted for my hair type and I think there are other products from the brand that simply work better with my hair. If your hair is a little on the thinner side, this might be something for you to look into. It is a product i would recommend to the family members I have who have the finer, thinner hair that I don’t have rather than use myself. And to be honest, I would purchase this for them as a Christmas gift while keeping the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask for myself.

Trying out Philip Kingsley’s Bond Builder

Philip Kinsley is one of those brands that I never heard of until I started subscribing to Glossy Box and Look Fantastic. It is a UK based brand and while I’m sure it is around in the US it was just never on my radar. Hair care products from the brand pop up periodically and I sometimes have mixed feelings about them. A few of the products I’ve tried have been mediocre and over priced and a couple have been out of this world fantastic. Nothing has ever been bad though which is always a plus for the brand. I just never know if I’m going to get so-so or fabulous.

Lately i have been trying out the Bond Builder. According to the website The Bond Builder is…

The ultimate hair repair treatment your over-processed strands have been waiting for – The restorative pre-shampoo hair treatment mask for damaged hair. Proven to make hair up to 3X more resistant against damage* Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment works beneath the surface of the strands at a molecular level to repair damaged and processed hair from the inside out.

Increased hair strength, Reduced breakage & splitting, Improved wet and dry combing, Visibly healthier hair, More defined curls, Sharper ends

Philip Kingsley

Now I’m sure some of you picked up on the words pre shampoo hair treatment. I did not on my first go round with this product. Mostly because while I have enough samples of this product to constitute a full bottle’s worth of product, they are all in sample sized packaging. The sample sizes only have the ingredients on the back of the package and nothing else.

and did I look to see how the product was supposed to be applied before using it in my hair? No, of course not. I thought it was a leave in conditioner that treats split ends. Mostly because the front of the package says split end remedy.

My apologies to Mr. Kingsley, I should have gone on the website.

So the first time i used this product i put it on damp hair, post shower. Like you would a leave in conditioner. And then I let it dry naturally. When I went to brush my hair, I found parts of it were a bit stiff from the product. The stiff spots brushed out well and then I forgot about them. Then when I next washed my hair I didn’t think about the product, showered and l noticed a light scent that had nothing to do with any of the products I was using. That day I forgot my detangler because things got busy and then resigned myself to hair pulling as I brushed my hair out.

Except there wasn’t any. Hair pulling that is. The brush went through my hair with no problems. Just a smooth glide. Which is when I remembered the scent, realized it came from the Bond Builder and then went and looked it up on line. My next hair wash I followed the instructions and what do you know? Using the product correctly actually helped it work better.

Who knew?

Actually I ended up really like this product. I know the pictures aren’t the best because what it does is detangle your hair and repair the split ends. so really what you see is just healthy hair. A while back I made an ill fated attempt to put layers back into my hair using a pair of scissors. I should not be allowed to take scissors to my hair. Really there should be a city ordinance or something. So I have been growing out the very bad layer attempt before i go to a stylist. That and my appointment was cancelled tice due to a quarantine moment. So it has been a long while since my last trim. My goal is to keep my hair healthy while it grows out and give whatever stylist i eventually go to the best head of hair to work with.

The ends

This is a great product to help with that. The comb snags less in my hair so there is less pulling and tearing. The ends of my hair look fantastic and I love the scent of this treatment. It smells like a good salon. But it is a light scent. i noticed it when I applied it and it gets a little stronger when wet. The scent slides down the drain though and I didn’t notice any lingering scent afterwards.

The big thing to remember is that you really need to wait ten minutes after applying before you wash your hair. It really needs time to settle in and work it’s magic. I think that might be why I got away with applying it and forgetting it it had time to absorb and I left it to settle in longer than I should. I recommend following the ten minute guideline, but at least I inadvertently found out that there is no damage if you leave it in your hair longer. Much longer in my case.

Which is also good to know.

Of the products I have tried from the brand in the last couple of years, this is one of the best. I will use every sample I have and when they are gone, I will be picking up a full sized container. I will also try to remember the lesson and actually read the instructions before using a product.

Friends & Family Sale: 20% off all orders + 3 Deluxe Samples With Orders $75+. Use code FRIENDS20. Valid 3/3-3/7.

La Roche-Posay- ACD

Trying out the Hydrating Melting Mask from Christophe Robin

For a long time I was using a hair mask once a week. It was a part of my weekend ritual and one I miss. With everything going a little bonkers at the end of the year, I lapsed in a lot of my routines and it has been slow getting back to them. One of the routines I am getting back to is the weekly hair mask. I do have a stock pile of my favorites, but I also have some I have never tried mixed in.

This Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask was one that I had not tried before. This small container had enough product for two uses and this week I used the second one. According to the product page…

The Hydrating Melting Mask with Aloe Vera benefits from an ultra-light texture, which melts beautifully into hair, helping to enhance shine and reduce frizz so it feels soft, supple and manageable. Apply a small amount onto wet hair. Paying particular attention to the scalp, massage from root to tip and leave for 2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Follow with the Hydrating Leave-in Mist with Aloe Vera to boost shine.

Christophe Robin Website

The full sized mask (75 ml) retails for $17. My sample size is 40 ml in case you want to do a comparison. And to be fair my sample tube was only about half way filled. I don’t think they leave as much air in the fill sized version.

The mask has a light aloe scent, which is nice partially because it is an aloe mask and partially because aloe is the first item listed on the ingredients list. The scent is very light and fresh. The product itself is a lightweight cream. It is slightly thicker than a water cream but slightly lighter than most standard moisturizers. It went into my hair well and easily.

For the first use I used the mask as my conditioner (and it worked very well in that capacity, my hair felt well conditioned and the strands soft. For that first use I did not put anything on my hair after. I simply let it air dry and then brushed it through.

My face is shiny due to freshly applied moisturizer incase you are curious

Here is where the issues occurred. My hair got tangled and it was kind of rough going with the brush. I typically use a detangling spray after my shower (My standard at this point is The Mane Clubs One Hit Wonder, If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend picking it up. It is only $8 and as far as detangling and heat protectant it blows more expensive products out of the water. I can’t say enough good things about it.)

However with masks I typically find the detangling spray is unnecessary on the day I use the mask. Generally the extra moisture and omph that a hair mask gives your hair makes the spray unnecessary unless you are hear drying my hair, then since my heat protector and detangler are the same thing then I use it.

That is not the case with the Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting mask. If your hair is prone to tangles, use your detangling spray while your hair is still damp. I did this on my second use of this hair mask and it made a world of difference. My hair was soft shiny, plumped and I didn’t have to fight the tangles. All in all it is a good hair mask and I would use it again. I would however remember to add in the detangler after so that I can retain all of the benefits without any issues.

Trying out the CHI Silk Infusion

This CHI Silk Infusion came in a three product package that I picked up. I think one of my favorite things about Holiday shopping are the bundles and packages that appear on shelves. This was no exception. The trio came with a shampoo a conditioner and this Silk Infusion, which is basically a post shower leave in conditioner/treatment for your hair.

Because I picked it up and on the same day had my order from Native come in (with all of my Candy Cane Scented products) I set the shampoo and conditioner to the side to try out at a different time and just gave the Silk Infusion a try. As I tend to like to know what to expect from the product before I try it, I went to the CHI Website. According to the brand…

CHI Silk Infusion is a reconstructing complex product enriched with silk, wheat, and soy proteins that will revitalize and help strengthen the hair. Its lightweight formula restores hair to its healthiest state by providing incredible softness, manageability, and shine without build-up like many other products. With this product, you will be able to manage, frizz, and static.

CHI Website

One thing I really like about the product on the site is that it is offered in multiple sizes. The size I have is the 6 oz size because it came in the set of three. And quite honestly this is the perfect size for me. There is a lot of product in there and only a little bit is needed for each use so it will last for quite some time to come. It was one of the reasons I was very happy to see this product in the trio package if I am honest. I wanted to try the product but when I saw it, the product was always in the giant bottles. I wanted to try something smaller to see if I liked it rather than buy the big bottle and risk not liking it and having so much product go to waste.

just after letting it air dry with the silk infusion.

On the CHI website though they offer this Silk Infusion in not only the full 12 oz size and my 6 oz size but also in a 2 ounce size and even a 0.5 ounce size. I personally think that is just amazing. Not only do the smaller sizes let you try the product without risking a waste of the product (or money) if you don’t like it, but they are perfect for travelling. And as I said, you use such a small amount of product with each use that you can really get a feel for the product with the smaller sizes.

But all that is only good if you like the product. I have to admit, I like the product a lot. It is a clear gel when dispensed into the palm. It has a sort of salon type scent to it. The scent is only really there when you first dispense the product and tends not to linger. It is strong at first though, bit I find it kind of pleasant. And really it dissipates quickly.

The gel feels oddly dry on the hand. Or at least I think it is an oddly dry feeling almost like powder, even though it is a gel. I don’t know how else to describe it. I have a fair amount of hair and it is kind of thick. I found that a dime sized amount was too little but a quarter size was too much product. So I went with a nickel sized amount of product each time I used it. For some reason that sounds a bit odd as well since everyone seems to use dime and quarter measurements. But for me the nickel was the size that worked.

To apply I dispensed the product into my palm, rubbed my hands together and then applied the silk infusion to my hair. I did this when my hair was still damp and I made certain to run my hands all the way through my hair to evenly distribute it.

The Silk infusion was as light weight as the description promised and it gave great shine and body to my hair. After using it for a few weeks I have also noticed that my hair looks and feels healthier as well as softer. I didn’t have a lot of split ends because at the moment my hair is pretty healthy. However at the moment I can’t actually find any split ends. which is really great as I haven’t had my hair cut in a while. (I still haven’t found a new stylist).

Over all I was very impressed with this CHI Silk Infusion. The six ounce bottle will last for quite some time, but when it does run out, I will certainly consider picking up another bottle. I really enjoyed the softness and manageability it brought to my hair. This is definitely a repeat purchase for me.

Sampling the Sweet Sunrise Shampoo

I’m sure at this point everyone knows I do love sample sized products. I love the ability to try out new things without purchasing the full size right at the get go. Partially, I like the economics of it. With hair care especially, I tend to like some pretty pricy products.

(I also like some really good inexpensive products too actually. I tend to go more for what works well with my hair than anything else and one of my all time favorite products is actually the $8 One Hit Wonder Spray from The Mane Club.) While cost is a factor, I also don’t like to waste product and I really like to only purchase what I know I’ll use. I’ll pay more if I know I will use and like a product. I also have no snobbery against the drugstore products if they perform well.

With hair care, I find some of the pricier products work better than some of the inexpensive ones and some of the pricier products aren’t worth their price tag and are beaten hollow by the drugstore. Sometimes it is by brand. I know that pretty much anything by Kerastase is going to work for my hair, but that I have to be really careful which products I use from Davines. Some of Davines products work well for me, others are just horrific.

And then there is scent to consider. In the summer time when my hair is mostly tied up and out of the way it isn’t an issue. With my hair down, I really have to live with the scent of my hair products.

Annmarie Skin care is a brand that I really like. Their masks are fantastic and products I repeatedly buy. Their Aloe Herb Cleanser I not only purchase for myself but ended up sharing with several family members who now use it a their go to face wash. Currently I am loving the anti-aging serum.

However, I have never tried any hair care item from them. In fact until they sent the samples to me me, I didn’t realize Annmarie Skincare made shampoo and conditioner. The set I was sent is their Sweet Sunrise shampoo and Conditioner. It is actually the travel size set I believe.

Sweet Sunrise Shampoo and Conditioner trial sized

The set comes in metal bottles that I tend to think of as canisters rather than bottles for some reason. I do like that they are metal (with plastic pumps) as metal is more recyclable especially where I live. I’ll have to take off the plastic pumps but I can recycle the metal bottles very easily. Although to be honest, as I am traveling for thanksgiving, I may just use the bottles as travel shampoo and conditioner instead of recycling them. The pumps lock down and then there is a plastic collar to make certain they stay locked down which I like for travel. I’m also a fan of reusing a container as many times as possible before sending it to recycling in the first place.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Annmarie Skincare has the kind of bottles that can be both reused for a while and easily recycled. They have a real attention to their ingredients and sustainability that I really like (as well as liking the actual products)

But I do think of them as a skin care brand. So how did they do with the shampoo and condirioner?

washed, air dried and combed through only. No other styling or products

Well actually. The pumps worked well, although I have to say I do wish the metal bottles had some kind of ridge or groove in them to make the a little less slick in the shower. The metal was a little slick, but it ended up working well.

The shampoo and conditioner set are called Sweet sunrise and I think that is an accurate name. The shampoo is a sweet citrus that is reminiscent of orange juice. It is light and not overly sweet. Its scent is strongest when it suds up and then fades as the lather is rinsed away. I was expecting a similar scent from the conditioner, but there was no trace of orange with it. It had a light creamy scent that seemed to have a hint of honey to it. It didn’t smell as strong as honey, more like it was stored in a closed cabinet with an open jar of honey for a while and it picked up a light tint of scent. It didn’t have the sweet heaviness that I associate with honey, but just that light honey-esque memory, if that makes sense.

close up. I was impressed by the amount of body

This slight scent faded as soon as the product was rinsed out.

As it dried, my hair just smelled clean and fresh. There was no real orange or honey scent left behind really. Which is kind of nice. Especially as I have started wearing perfumes again.

I know I’ve gone through my procedure for testing shampoos before, but as a quick reminder, on the first shampoo and/or conditioner test, I use no other products and I let my hair dry naturally. (That way i don’t have to worry about heat protectors). So with this first test i let my hair dry naturally and then I combed it out. Mostly I was looking for tangles.

There were none. The comb pulled through my hair well with no issues. There was a great shine and good body to it as well. There are a few fly aways, but not as many as I would expect and I didn’t feel the immediate need to reach for the hair oil to tame the top down.

In general I was quite impressed with these hair products from a skin care line. I am also looking forward to using the rest of the sample size up. Given the large size of the sample (which I really think is the travel size rather than an actual sample size) and how little I used of the products I should be able to use the Sweet Sunrise Shampoo and Conditioner Set samples for two to three weeks, possibly a little longer. This should give me a really good idea of how they perform over time. (I wash my hair every other day, if you are trying to figure out product usage). Along the way I’ll test them out with other products and see how they perform when teamed up. As for now I am very happy with the initial use. I’ll let you know if they continue their good work until the end of the sample size. I have pretty high hopes for this one.

Sweet Sunrise Trial Size

The Shampoo Surprise

As many of you know I was working through a bottle of the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and the Water Conditioner. They were quite fabulous and I highly recommend both of them. If you are especially sensitive to scented products, this might be a good treat for you. While they are scented, the scent is mild and fleeting, a brief delightful whiff before they are gone.

I posted a final wrap up about the Mandarin Shampoo, but because I use less conditioner than I use shampoo (due to masks and leave in conditioners rotating in and out of my routine) I still had some Zents Water Balancing Conditioner left over.

I also have several sample sized shampoos in my collection that I want to try out and see if a full bottle trial is for me. I thought this was a perfect opportunity.

It didn’t go as planned.

The first shampoo I tried was the SOLU Clarifying shampoo from Davines. I have tried a couple of shampoos from the brand before and they worked out pretty well for me. So I had high hopes. I expected that I would think it was a good shampoo and then debate over whether the scent was right for me and try to decide if I wanted to try a bottle.

My shampoo and conditioner list is a bit all over the place. Color Wow Color security Shampoo and conditioner are on the list of favorites as is Suave Rosemary and Mint. I really enjoy both products. If a product makes it onto the list then it is because I have tried it and liked it enough to buy it again. I have a lot of hair and it is pretty thick. When it is healthy, I feel pretty. When it is not doing well I feel bad. I know this about myself and don’t mind spending extra money on hair products. Also if a cheaper hair care product works well, I will roll that into my routine. (I think Suave Shampoo currently runs about $2.99 a bottle). what matters is that it works and it feels good.

Admittedly when I am not testing a shampoo or conditioner, I tend to use the cheaper products during the week and then after my weekly workouts are through I ‘treat’ myself to a pricier shampoo and conditioner. Kind of like giving myself a home salon visit.

But that is beside the point.

My hair is long and thick. It desperately needs a cut, but I am holding off until the heat breaks in September and I can start wearing it down more routinely. It is dyed. I get the eSalon Custom Hair kit once every four months. In between I use the root touch up to keep the roots covered. Over all it is, at the moment fairly healthy. Part of that is because I haven’t been going out much in the past year (obviously) and styling has mostly involved a bit of the Color Wow Dream Coat to keep the humidity from turning me into a frizz ball.

One of the products I use routinely is the Mane Club’s One Hit wonder spray. While it is a fantastic heat protectant I have been using it mostly as a detangler and letting my hair air dry for the most part. I also use a leave in conditioner on the ends (partially because they need the help as I have been putting off the hair cut and while the ends aren’t really split they tend to get a bit dryer than the rest of my hair.)

I know that is a lot of background for a shampoo sample.

The thing is, the SOLU Clarifying Shampoo stripped my hair. I very quickly used up the last of my conditioner, finding myself using more of it to balance it out. I also found myself Using the One hit Wonder Spray more because my hair kept getting tangled. At the moment I am using both the Klorane Mango leave in conditioner and the Mango Hair mask.

With the leave in conditioner I was using a pea sized amount on the ends of my hair. I tend to use a little more in the winter, but in the summer, this is usually enough for me. With this shampoo I realized I was using a quarter sized dollop of the leave in conditioner.

In addition, I was using the Mango Hair Mask from Klorane more often. Typically I use a mask on my hair once a week. It is a nice treat for my hair but it isn’t overly moisturizing so my hair is healthy but not bombarded with product. I know I reviewed this Mango Mask from Klorane before, but I just want to reiterate, it is a really good mask. So is the leave in conditioner by the way.

however with this SOLU Shampoo I was masking mid week because I felt my hair needed a little extra help. I realized how much extra product I was using (mostly because I had to re-order my One Hit Wonder and I hadn’t expected to for a while – It is an $8 product so as fabulous as it is, it doesn’t break the bank, but each bottle lasts a pretty long time too) and I stopped using the shampoo. It is definitely a no buy for me.

I was kind of irritated that I let my desire not to waste product have me using the shampoo longer than I did, so instead of breaking out the next single sample of shampoo I planned to try, I went right for the Kerastase.

I have a Sephora Insider’s account and each year you can choose a small birthday gift product. I chose the Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner set. I’ve used Kerastase products a number of times and I absolutely love the brand. In the last few years I have tended to go more for their Genesis line than anything else. (although the Serum Fortifiant has to be one of my favorite products from the brand. It is pricy but you use so little that it lasts for a really long time).

Because this is a set and I knew I liked the products, I was planning to hold off on using them while I tried out some new things. However if there was a time for a nutritive blast for my hair, this was it. So I opened the package. While the Mango Klorane line will take you on an instant tropical vacation, the Kerastase products whisk you off to a high end salon. The scent of the products is salon-esque and As I used them i could practically hearing a qualified stylist clucking over my not terminating my shampoo trial earlier. It didn’t help that I also trimmed my bangs a little too short a few days prior so i could feel the imaginary expert’s disappointment as at least my shampoo mistake could be corrected.

The Kerastase Nutritive shampoo smelled of the salon and create a thick rich lather. I rinsed it away and applied the conditioner. Again, there was the salon scent. I let it sit as I shaved my legs and gave the rest of me a wash. I actually just picked up the Olay Fresh Outlast Orchid and Black Currant Body Wash. Not only is it a fantastically hydrating body wash, but the scent oddly enough really complemented the Kerastase, which I hadn’t expected but found rather nice.

I rinsed out the conditioner, let my hair dry naturally and added no leave in conditioners or detangling sprays. I then took a fine toothed comb to see what the results would me.

Silk. That was the result. My hair felt like silk and there were no knots or snarls. When my hair is this long it almost always gets some snarls when I comb it out for the first time after air drying.

Not this time.

There were no tangles, my hair had body, the faded highlights from my last dye (it is time for a new eSalon custom color order)were teased out. My hair looked good and felt like silk. The salon scent faded back as my hair dried, although my babydoll said I still smelled ‘fancy’.

So I learned that while I don’t have issues with other davines products (even though they aren’t my favorite) the SOLU Clarifying shampoo is not for me. I learned that while I can make up for an overly clarifying shampoo with a Klorane hair mask and leave in conditioner double punch, I should really just stop trying to use up the shampoo that isn’t working. I have also learned that it is never a bad thing to have a little Kerastase on hand. My hair is now back to feeling fantastic and as a result, I feel really good.

A second chance for an unloved product

Have you ever tried a product and thought, ‘That’s okay but I don’t really see what the big deal is about.’ Only to realize a little way down the road that you were using the product incorrectly?

That is what happened to me with the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. I know, you are looking at it and thinking, ‘Mimsy the product does seem a bit self explanatory’.

And you may be wondering what it is that I actually did with the above product. Well, I will tell you my darlings so that if you, like me, had issues then you can know that you are not alone.

And if it is just me, then you can feel superior, I don’t mind.

So a while back I received a small deluxe sample size of this purifying scrub in a subscription box. I think it was Look Fantastic actually. I had heard of the brand and had a friend who raved about it, but never tried them. I was excited. I tried it and was not blown away. The salt was a bit too chunky and I had other products that I liked much better.

the product

Now, I think that first sample may have had som mixing issues, because I had two other deluxe sample sizes come to me fairly recently that didn’t have the large salt chunk issues and the full size certainly doesn’t have the issue.

However the main issue was that I wasn’t using it correctly. I saw the product and thought, Okay it’s like a hair mask with scrubby bits. It doesn’t help that the writing on the travel size is really small. And while my ThinOptics reading glasses are technically thin and designed to be taken anywhere (which is why they can clip onto the back of your cell phone), I generally don’t wear them in the shower.

So I used the scrub more or less like a mask. After shampooing I applied this mask in place of conditioner and let it sit on my hair, working just a little bit of the salt through my hair with my fingertips. Then I rinsed it off.

Those of you who know how this mask is supposed to be applied are now shaking your head at me. I can feel it, even through the computer screen. It’s okay, I should have read the package or looked on line before I used it.

Apparently this Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is meant to replace your shampoo on the days it is used. I know, boy did I get that wrong. So I tried it again (remember I had two more travel sized samples as well as the full one). I figured I’d try one of the samples and if I still didn’t think it wa that great I;d pass the unopened products on to someone who would like them more.

So into the shower I went. No photos of that please. I think we can all live without that. I will say though that until i took the below photo I hadn’t quite realized how long my hair has actually gotten. I know I should have but there is something about seeing it in a photo like that and realizing just how far away you have to hold the camera just to get the hair in frame. Bt that is a different aside.

Hair just out of the shower and air dried with no additional product added

I treated the scrub like a shampoo. I applied it to wet hair and then massaged it. To my surprise it grew foamy. It produced a thick rich lather that reminded me of the ocean. It was fresh and clean and more importantly the foam carried the salty bits to my scalp cleaning it as the product was designed to do. I then rinsed it out of my hair and used my conditioner.

My current conditioner is Zents Water Conditioner if you were wondering. It is a moisturizing conditioner and summertime fabulous. However, I have to say, my hair felt extra fantastic after the use of the mask. I finally understood why so many people raved about it.

And I decided not to pass any of the product along. I will declutter somewhere else, but i am using every last dollop of this purifying scrub.

It was such a luxurious treatment for my hair. It isn’t something I would use daily, or even weekly. This is a once a month mask to cleanse the scalp and give your hair a nice refresh. Once I managed to read the product label and use the product as it was designed to be used, I really enjoyed it. I am very glad that I gave it a second chance.

And from now on, I will remember to read the labels of bath and hair products before taking them into the shower. i will do my best not to assume that I know how they work. I know, sometimes, I am my own worst enemy. But the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea salt is now going on my reorder list. Luckily I have enough product not to need to reorder for a while. It’s a bit pricey, but the Skin Store has at least one Christophe Robin sale each year and I will be taking advantage of the next one.

For those of you who understood the product right away (r took the time to read the label correctly) I hope this provides you a nice moment of superiority to kickstart your day. Take it and know that you are smart and fabulous.

If, like me, you made assumptions, know that you aren’t alone. I am right there with you. And you too are still smart and fabulous. There was probably just steam on your reading glasses.