A Christophe Robin Tag Team Duo

If you have read my posts for any length of time then you know I adore the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. Actually it is kind of funny. when I first had a sample in a subscription box I tried it and didn’t like it. The reason was that I used it incorrectly. I thought it was supposd to be used as a conditioning hair mask in place of conditioner. And that is really not how it works. The Scalp scrub is used in place of shampoo.

It has the salt crystals that give the scrub for which the scalp scrub is named. They really slip through the hair to the scalp and leave you with a fresh feeling that also makes your hair feel extra clean. And as the scrubby bits are salt, they dissolve as you rinse so you aren’t left with hard bits on the floor of the shower.

Part of the fantastic clean if this scrub is the luxuriant lather that it produces. there is something about a thick lather in a shampoo like product that I absolutely adore. And this lather is thick enough to walk on. While I have this scalp scrub in the full size, I also have several smaller sizes as it is always a popular choice in subscription boxes. I will never complain about this repeat product as I will use it in whatever size I can get it. But I am making an effort to use up the smaller sample sizes.

Hair products in the sample sizes tend to accumulate faster than a lot of other products. I think it is because for many of them I will use them once a week or even once a month or just a spray at a time. So they tend to hang around longer. Also since so many of the hair care products ae just okay, when i find ones I really enjoy using, I tend to purchase them in the full size. And the full sizes last a lot longer than the samples so the samples get ignored. So just a I am clearing out the sheet masks and skincare samples, I am trying to clear out the hair care products.

This Christophe Robin Scalp scrub doesn’t need more than a regular conditioner after use, but if paired with the right hair mask it does become extra fabulous. Since I had a Christophe Robin Hair mask to ty, specifically the Hydrating Melting Mask, I decided it would be the perfect time to try it. And so after my favorite scalp scrub I went of the the hair mask. The Christoph Robin Hydrating Melting Mask is…

A silky conditioning mask formulated to deeply hydrate and soften dehydrated and dull hair. The Hydrating Melting Mask with Aloe Vera benefits from an ultra-light texture, which melts beautifully into hair, helping to enhance shine and reduce frizz so it feels soft, supple and manageable. Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Helps To Provide A Feeling Of Hydration. Combined With An Oligosaccharide To Create An Intense Moisturising Complex, It Reveals Plumper-Looking Hair. Flaxseed Oil Nourishes And Instantly Restores The Appearance Of Dry Hair So It Looks Luminous And Revitalised.

Christophe Robin

The scent of the mask is a bit like Aloe Vera mixed with a little bit of sandalwood. I found it a rather luxurious scent. The scent faded as the mask rinsed out so it isn’t overwhelming. It was interesting with the hair mask because the smell felt thick and rich but the mask itself is a thinner cream. I don’t know why that stuck me but the scent made me think it was going to be thick and heavy even though the description is of a light hair mask. It is kind of the best of both worlds, a rich scent in the shower but a lightweight product.

There was enough product in this container for thee uses. The first use I paired it with my regular shampoo, the second two I paired it with the Scalp scrub (mostly because of how it worked with the scalp scrub on the second use). It worked really well with just a regular shampoo. For the test i went with a drug store one specifically. I didn’t want the shampoo to do too much in the way of affecting my opinion of the mask. For all of my tests I use Suave Rosemary and Mint Shampoo. It is a really good drug store shampoo. Both it and the conditioner from the same line work well for hair care tests as my base line products.

with the Suave Shampoo, this Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting mask was fantastic. It detangled and left my hair soft and manageable. It wasn’t heavy or greasy and my hair looked and felt lovely. It is also a split and repair dream. If you don’t use this anywhere else on your hair, use it on the ends of your hair, especially if they are dried out from styling with heated tools. It is amazing.

However paired with the Scalp scrub, it was fantastic. My hair got the double punch of having any excess products removed and being extra clean before the hair mask went in and did it’s thing. There was a noticeable improvement. The improvement was in texture predominantly, however there was an additional benefit. I tend to wash my hair every other day. If I need it, I will use dry shampoo on the day I don’t wash my hair. With drugstore shampoo and conditioners, I really need that dry shampoo in the day between. With some of my favorite high end shampoo and conditioners, I don’t need the dry shampoo in between (unless it is summer time and then all bets are off).

when I used the regular shampoo and this Hydrating Hair Mask, I did need the dry shampoo on the no wash days. With the dup in use, I didn’t need the hit of dry shampoo between. It isn’t good to use the scalp scrub with every wash. I know that and restrict myself ti once a week with it. I just found that in between difference interesting. It is one of those thing I suspect might end up being of more use to me during travel than anything else. But it is good to know that in addition to feeling and looking fabulous, I get a little extension of the time of the fabulous. As for me, I am very glad that I paired these two Christophe Robin Products together and I will have to look at doing so again in the future.

Five Fabulous Leave In Hair Products

I love a good leave in hair product, especially as I tend to use masks only once a week. So lets take a look at the five that made my top list this year.

1- Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream with Sandlewood

  • This is a really great leave in conditioner that leaves hair soft and manageable, but not sticky or greasy. It can be used every day. And it can be used on both dry or wet hair. When i use it on wet hair I comb through a little of the product into my hair and let it dry. Usually I let it dry naturally and then find my hair is easier to style later. When I use it on dry hair I tend to use a lot less and I put it on my hands, rub my hands together and use it to smooth down my hair to eliminate fly aways. The schet is fantastic and definatlye in the spicky sandlewood realm. I really enjoy it.

2- Foxybae 12-in-1 Daily Leave in Hair Mask

  • I don’t remember what all twelve of the uses for this product were but I do know that if i am going to style my hair right after I get out of the shower then this is one of the two products I reach for. It hydrates the hair and protects against brakeage from hot styling. I notice i have fewer fly aways when I use this before hot styling as well.

3- Mane Club’s One Hit Wonder

  • This will always be on my favorites list. It is a great heat protector and it is fantastic at giving hair a little shine when it feels dull (like when you have put off redying your hair and it needs a little pick me up without looking greasy).It takes down fly aways and it my favorite detangler. It quite honestly is the one product i never run out of. I try lots of other things but there is always a bottle of this on my hair care line up. The fact that it is only $8 is just good for my wallet.

4- Klorane Nourishing spray for dry hair

  • Most of the year, my hair is not dry. At this time of year, my hair becomes dry. i use this sparingly but it is one of the few nourishing products I can use on my hair that gives it some much needed moisture without weighing t down or making it look greasy. Ine maybe two spritzes will do for me when my hair is winter dry. it doesn’t sound like much but it does help keep down the breakage and it smells fantastic.

5- Saints and Sinners Velvet Divine Leave in Conditioner

  • I love this conditioner. Which is why it is on this list. It conditions without weighing down the hair and it makes it feel like velvet. it is soft and manageable and has a scent like a high end salon. I love a light spray of this right after I get out of the shower. it only really works with wet hair, but it is well worth keeping just outside of the shower. it is also the reason that in this coming year i am going to look into more Saints and Sinners Products.

And those my darlings are my top five leave in hair care products. I know my favorites lists tend to be a little heavy on the hair care but it is one of those things that is not weight dependent. I can treat my hair to something luxurious and not worry if it actually comes in my size. not everything is a good fit, but that is just my hair type and nothing to do with size. So it is often where I treat myself. plus I just love experimenting with products. And these were the best i came across this year.

Using the Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner

And so once again we dive into the drawer of forgotten hair products. Some are masks, some are sample shampoos without conditioners and then there is this Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner. It came in a subscription box a while ago and because I didn’t have a shampoo to o with it, the bottle kept being pushed to the back. It doesn’t help that shortly before I received this I did try a Seed Phytonutrients that i didn’t really care for. So it was ignored by association I suppose you could say.

But now it has been taken out of the drawer and given a good trial. Partially because it is a large conditioner and I have several unmatched sample sized shampoos. This is one of those products that going into a trial I really want to like. The outer biodegradable packaging pulls apart easily, there is no glue holding it in place just fitted tabs. Hidden inside is a packet of basil seeds.

I would really recommend that you take the outer packaging off before taking the bottle into the shower. The cardboard outer packaging is not really meant for a shower environment. However once I used the product I went on line to take a look at the details and found that this conditioner is now sold in a metal canister style bottle. However the ingredients list on the packaging I have is exactly the same as the product listed on the website. To be fair, I can see why the changes were made. The outer packaging goes to mush when faced with water, the interior bottle is plastic. It is a recyclable plastic, but still. And it has a rounded bottom without the cardboard covering so it has a tendency to tip over a lot.

All of which they fixed with a canister shape that has a flat bottom.

I will admit that even though I see the reasoning behind the change, I am inclined to like them a little less.

However it is about the product and not the packaging. So according to the company…

let to dry naturally and then combed through – nothing else done

Our vegan, silicone free Moisture Conditioner is designed to replenish dry, coarse, or damaged hair. Organic meadowfoam seed oil provides deep hydration for healthy, soft, shiny hair, while mango butter helps manage dry ends and fly-aways. With an addictive, 100% natural black tea and ginger aroma, your luscious locks will thank you. Aroma: Black tea and ginger, Top notes: Bergamot essential oil, Middle notes: Ginger, rosemary, chamomile, and thyme essential oils, Base notes: Amber essential oil and vanilla bean extractive

I’ll be honest. I really like the way it performed on my hair, but I really didn’t like the scent. It is a bergamot, black tea and rosemary blend that I just did not find appealing. Admittedly i really don’t like bergamot. And the bergamot is pretty strong.

That being said, this is a fantastically conditioning conditioner. It made my hair feel soft and nourished. It did a lot to smooth away my fly aways and was able to comb through my hair easily both when wet and when I just left it to dry naturally post shower. I was pleased with how smooth and glossy my hair looked and how soft it felt.

For me the only real downfall of this product is it’s scent. It is just not one I like and not one i want to keep around. If all of their hair products work this well though, I would certainly consider looking at the scent profiles of the other products and finding one that might work well with my hair that I actually enjoy the scent of. I simply have too much hair to have it filled with a scent i don’t enjoy. If you are okay with the scent of bergamot and are looking for a vegan conditioner that will smooth down flyaways and leave you with shiny , well nourished hair, I would suggest looking into this. If it weren’t for the scent I would happily keep this Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner around.

My nose just isn’t having it.

Creatives to Promote Hint Still Water

FoxyBae vs. FoxyBae: To leave in Daily or to weekly hair mask, that is the question

I am a big fan of both the weekly hair mask and the leave in conditioner. These two Hair products from FoxyBae are both ones I have used off and on for a while now and I thought it interesting to talk about them both (as individual hair masks) and as part of a hair care regimen.

I don’t know if it is because this summer has been so brutal but I have also noticed that a lot of my hair care needs have shifted a bit as well, so I am sure that will come up. Before we go any further, I should point out that my hair is long and relatively thick. It is color treated and leans towards oily rather than dry and brittle.

the replenighing hair mask packet

While I will use heated tools in the fall winter and spring, the thought of using even a hair drier in the summer is not one I want to contemplate so the summer time I tend to tie it up out of the way to forget if I am doing to be outside or let it dry naturally and do very little with it if I am going to be inside. I like to think of it as my hair’s summer vacation. I also tend to lean into repairing treatments to undo any damage I might have done in the cooler months.

I tend to use hair masks once a week throughout the year, while leave in conditioners will vary in use. So let’s start with the Hair Mask. This particular one is FoxyBae’s Replenishing Hair Mask. They come individually packaged, like drink mix, and I am always vaguely surprised it is a cream and not a powder. While I like that it is pre measured and has pretty much the exact amount I need for my hair for each use, I don’t really care for the waste of the individual packets and find them hard to open with wet hands. I have struggled trying to use them in the shower before. Sometimes I can get them to tear and other times they will tear but it won’t be in the right place. I find it easier to cut them open before I get in the shower, then set the open tube off to the side out of the spray to use post shampoo.

According to the website…

We’ve scoured the world to find the most nourishing ingredients and put them into this delicious mask to give you the hair transformation of your dreams. You’re about to go from damn :/ to HOT DAMN 😉 in no time. Our intense nourishing blend of ingredients is crazy rich in vitamins and natural extracts to help glow up your hair game.  Argan oil moisturizes, hydrates both hair and scalp to prevent dryness and dandruff. Coconut Extract adds lustrous shine and restores elasticity. Horse Chestnut Extract antioxidants protect against daily moisture loss from heat and sun damage. Panthenol B5 Vitamin helps with detangling and manageability. Shea butter leaves hair silky, soft, full-bodied with improved texture. Biotin helps strengthen and prevent hair loss while promoting growth. Nettle Leaf Extract prevents split ends and breakage. This mask smoothes & controls frizz,

while different masks these are the two full sized bottle sizes. I prefer the daily mask in the squeeze tube version

I really do enjoy the mask, even if I am not a huge fan of the individual packaging and because I really do feel it helps with sun damage especially, it is one I reach for in the summertime. It is one of those masks that does exactly what it says it does. When I use this mask I don’t need a detangler. My hair is soft and shiny and easy to manage. It knocks back frizz (I will generally see a reduction in frizz for about 48 hours after use). Because it does what it says I have bought and used it a number of times. I have to say that while I do complain about the packaging, I do take advantage of it for traveling. Usually a packet or two will find it’s way into my travel kit.

While I do lean into it’s use during the Summertime, It is a mask I can use year round with no ill effects regardless of weather. This is not the case with the FoxyBae 12-in-1 Magic Daily Leave In Hair Mask.

According to it’s Product listing…

The curse of bad hair days is finally over! Our Magic 12-in-1 Blend is formulated from the most nourishing, moisturizing, nutritious ingredients on the planet! Our 12 luxurious butters, oils, and proteins were crafted into this daily all-purpose, no rinse mask to be your magic potion against frizz, split ends and dull hair. Stop waiting on Fairy Godmothers and go from tragic to magic with a little FoxyBae wizardry. 1. Monoi oil adds shine and luster. 2. Shea Butter hydrates and nourishes. 3. Hydrolyzed Oryza Sativa Protein enhances volume. 4. Argan Oil smoothes and controls frizz. 5. Hydrolyzed Baobab Extract repairs dry, damaged hair, and helps stops breakage. 6. Macadamia Oil softens and creates silkiness. 7. Coconut Oil detangles and prevents split ends. 8. Amla Oil for fuller hair with natural body. 9. Tsubaki Oil helps preserve and protect hair color. 10. Pitanga Oil for a healthy scalp. 11. Biotin helps fortify and strengthen hair. 12. Kukui Oil thermal heat protector to prevent heat and UV damage.

hair just washed, left to dry and combed out, both mask and leave in have the same results just different time spans

You may notice that many of the key ingredients are the same as the hair mask. There are also additional ones, primarily oils. And I think that is part of the key as to why it is more weather dependent for my hair. I would like to point out that with this Daily hair mask I pick up the tube and not the large spray. i do have the large spray in the Flaminglow Leave in Cream Conditioner, but for some reason I just don’t like the spray version of this mask. haven’t quite figured out why. The tube has six ounces of product rather than the 8 oz the spray bottle holds. I love the spray Flaminglow leave in conditioner but for some reason not the 12-in 1 magic Daily Leave in mask.

But we will leave the Flaminglow for another time. (it is fabulous though).

detail of ends

This Daily leave in mask is fantastic during the winter. If I am not trying out any other products then I will use a pea sized amount on my hands, rub them together and comb through my hair. while it does make my hair manageable and soft, I also find it helps extend the life of my hair dye While if can’t help the roots it is fantastic for helping to hold off fading. However once the summer humidity rises, this hair mask can feel a little heavy and slightly sticky if applied to dry hair. It still feels fantastic and works well with no issues if it is applied to wet hair right after a shower, but once we reach about 60-65% humidity I have to treat it as a leave in conditioner and only use it right after I’ve washed my hair. where I live we generally hit the 60% mark around the second week of June and don’t dip below that until September.

I typically find that these products both have a similar effect on my hair. The main difference is that the Replenishing hair mask only has a lasting time of about 48 hours where as the Leave in conditioner, because it is applied daily, it has continuous effect. The hair mask can be used all year long with no ill effects, while the Daily Hair mask is only a daily mask September through May and then turns into a post shower leave in conditioner on the days I wash my hair. Both o really well protecting against the fading of hair dye by the sun, both leave my hair soft and manageable, smooth and sleek without feeling greasy (humidity attack aside). They detangle beautifully and all said, both the Replenishing Hair Mask and the Daily leave in Hair mask are very good products. It you live in an area where humidity is not a factor, I would highly recommend both. If you live in a humid clime I would just watch the levels and adjust accordingly. Both are well worth keeping around.

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Trying out the Invisidry Shampoo

In the summer time dry shampoo is a necessity for me. In the days before i had bangs I could tie my hair up and be generally okay, but once i added the bangs dry shampoo quickly became my friend.

In this department my best friend is the Klorane Nettle infused for dark hair. It is designed for oily hair and it works well with dark hair. while it will have a smidge of white, if you hold it too close to your head, it easily brushes out. For me that is one of the important factors. i don’t minds if a dry shampoo initially puts a little white into my hair, but it has to come out easily. I have tried a few where it would have saved time to just jump in the shower and do a full hair wash, condition and dry rather than try to get all of the white cast out.

This dry shampoo is Invisidry Shampoo from the brand Maria Nila. I have never heard of the brand and this travel size came in a subscription box. it is described as…

A light powder spray that quickly freshens up the hair and the scalp in between washes. Does not leave any trace in the hair, making it perfect to use on both blonde and darker hair. The Invisidry Shampoo has a fruity scent of passionfruit and apple.

Invisidry Shampoo Product Page
the oily mess

The travel sized bottle, which I have is 3.4 oz and retails for $22. The full size (8.5 oz) retails for $32.55. For comparison the Klorane Nettle infused is $20 for 3.2 oz. And since I test all dry shampoos against Klorane it is a fair comparison. I have been using this Invisidry for the past three weeks and for the most part the white cast it sprays is minimal. My hair does look a little on the gray side right after spraying, but the cast does brush out fairly easily.

sprayed with the invisidry, the white cast is gray and minimal

It does a good job taking out the oil and making my hair look less greasy. The trick is always how dry shampoo works with my bangs. If I am combing my bangs straight down without doing anything else the Invisidry is fine. Unfortunately my bangs are in need of a trim at the moment so they are a little long which means they don’t lie entirely flat. They sort of part a little bit. (I really do need to get them trimmed actually).This was a little bit of an issue with the Invisidry. If I combed my bangs straight down all was well. Anything else and the ends tended to feather weirdly (as though the hair was too dry to lie flat and needed to fly up) unless I put a little bit of leave in conditioner on my hands, rubbed them together and applied to the bangs.

combed out

And when i used it on the rest of my hair I also had a lot more fly aways than usual so smoothing a little leave in conditioner over the top of my hair was necessary too. Just use a very light touch. I occasionally during this test switched out the leave in conditioner with a little hair oil. Both need to be used sparingly. The two products I used were the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm and Moroccanoil’s Light Hair oil. I used about half a pea sized amount of each when I used them and rubbed my hands together to spread it in a thin layer on my hands before touching my hair and it worked well. I tend to skip the leave in conditioner and hair oils in the summer because the humidity here almost always makes may hair look greasy but i took both of these two out of winter storage. they are both light products and I recommend both of them highly, just use sparingly if you live in a humid environment.

With them my hair didn’t become too dry from the dry shampoo, but I think this formula might be a little drying. It did work well and with the oil and leave in conditioner (not at the same time but alternating – mainly because I only had a little of each left from this past winter’s use, both now need to be replaced) there weren’t any over drying issues.

For me the part i had the most issue with when using this Invisidry shampoo was the scent. The description claims that it is passion fruit and apple but it kind of reminds me of the cherry scented numbing agent my dentist uses just before he goes in with the Novocain. I had a hard time getting used to the scent. It is a good dry shampoo and even with the need for a hair oil backer I would probably use this again. Because of the scent i would probably not seek it out. If they had an unscented one i would be tempted by that one. So in the end it is a good dry shampoo, just watch out for over drying and be aware of the scent and it is a good product. Do I like it better than the Klorane nettle? No, but I wouldn’t mind using it again.

Haircare Hits from 2021

When I started to compile this list, it started out as a list of my favorite hair masks. Then I realized that despite the number of masks I tried this year, there are a limited number of ones I will reach for repeatedly. It isn’t to say that others are not nice and that I won’t use them, it is just that there are a few set masks that I will constantly reorder. So I decided to expand the list. I already covered shampoos and conditioners in a differently list so I decided that I would go with the general category of haircare that isn’t a shampoo or conditioner but is a product not a tool.

Yeah I know, I need to work on my category names.

But for now…To the List!

  • The Mane Club: As far as masks go, the Cry Baby Mask is my favorite. You can see by the masking tape on the reused glass jar that I have actually used this recently. There are three uses of the mask in each foil packet, so I like to dispense them into glass jars so that they are easy to use and so that I don’t waste a drop. Also on the list of The Mane Club Masks that I love are Bad Attitude and Expert Procrastinator. Not only are they great masks, but they are only $3 each (that’s right three uses, $3) and that is not a sale price people. That’s the everyday price. They are inexpensive and fabulous. However as long as we ware talking about The Mane Club, I have to include my absolutely fantastic favorite product of the year. It’s The One Hit Wonder 10-in-1 spay. It is a leave in conditioner, it is a heat protectant. It is an anti-frizz spray. I know it does a bunch more, but those are the home runs for me. It is always with my hair care repurchases. The brand sent it to me to try at the beginning of the year and I have been repurchasing it ever since. I think this is now my third bottle (newly opened) this year. It is now the standard other products have to reach. Not all of them make it, even the more expensive ones. The One Hit wonder is only $8. And as inexpensive as The Mane Club is normally, they have a Cyber Week Sale going on right now. 30% off sitewide (CODE: CYBERWEEK) and free shipping on orders of $20 or more. And oh yes, I will be stocking up.

  • Klorane: I know, when does Klorane not make my list of top products? While the Nettle infused Dry Shampoo for Dark hair always makes my repurchase list, this year I also added the Nourishing Mask with mango to the list of products to keep around. It is a moisture bomb for dry hair. Normally dry hair isn’t my main issue, but after a beating under the sun during the summer and going into the dry season of the winter, I have been leaning towards the once a week moisturizing mask this year more often. and as far as hydration goes, this one does wonders. As my hair is not normally naturally dry, I can only use it once a week, but once I do use it my hair is soft and silk as well as feeling healthy and moisturized. If I had drier hair, I could use it more than once a week, but for me once a week is enough. And I will happily keep this around to keep using it the once a week.

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  • Cristophe Robin: This is one of those products that i tried, didn’t like, realized I was using it wrong, tried again and loved. When I first used the Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea salt from Christope Robin, I tried using it like a hair mask, as in ‘in place of conditioner’. Oh no my darlings, this is a hair mask that replaces Shampoo. Hence the reason I hated it at first. Once I realized I needed to treat it like a shampoo, I fell in love. I tend to only use this product once a month, but when I do my scalp feels fantastic. It takes off all the residue from any other product I have used off of my scalp, leaving my hair free to breathe all the way down to the roots. The lather is thick and luxurious and my hair always feels fuller and thicker after using it. I actually feel really bad about maligning it in my first attempt to use it and it has made my list of items to repurchase. While this mask is normally $53, currently The Skinstore website has it on sale for $37.10. It is a great place to stock up on haircare and skincare items and right now they have massive sales all over the site on loads of brands. Some of the discounts are up to 75% off. I love shopping there because you can get multiple brands in the same store so if there is one item you like from a brand you don’t have to figure out what else to add to your cart to complete your order, you can just pick something else you love from a different brand. I find I tend to end up with more products I really love this way instead of simply adding something to my cart to get free shipping.
  • Verb Ghost Oil: This is a great light weight oil that stops fly aways while not weighing down the hair. This year I have tried several Verb products and each one has really impressed me. It is a brand I will be watching out for in the new year. This year though, the Ghost oil makes my to be repurchased list. (Currently Verb has a 30% off sale going on.
  • Percy & Reed Wonder Balm: This is a great light weight leave in conditioner. I think it made my to be repurchased list last year, but it is still one that i reach for the most. Actually I need to use up the last of the travel sized container. I purchased the full sized one after trying it, and then stocked up during a massive Skin Store sale on hair care. Then I misplaced the travel size I was trying to use up and just switched to the regular size. It is a really god leave in conditioner that makes the hair feel soft and cared for without weighing it down. The Title Link will take you to the actual site page for the brand, but I had issues getting them to ship to the US, so I generally order their products through Look Fantastic. This is their site link if you are ordering in the US s it is much easier. The Percy and Reed Site is having a 30% off sale and free shipping in the UK, Look Fantastic has loads of rotating sales on bunches of products. the Wonder Balm is currently on sale for $21 (usually $26.30)
  • eSalon: While I have the hair dye from e-salon on a scheduled repurchase (it’s like a subscription for hair dye and you can choose when they send it to you) and it honestly is my favorite hair dye and at this point the only one i use, I do like the Camo Mist and feel it needs it’s own shout out. While I love dying my hair, I like to go as long as I can between dyes as possible. I feel it is just better for the hair. So when my roots start growing out, I use the Camo Mist to cover the slowly growing roots. I’ve actually used it when the roots are quite long (I was trying to decide if I wanted a different hair color) and it worked really well. It gets sprayed in the morning and lasts all day. Plus if you get it and your hair dye from eSalon, they color match them. That’s right, they make sure your root coverage spray is exactly the same as your hair color. So it blends. while I’ve tried other root cover up sprays that work well, they didn’t always match the best. This works well and matches. I am a huge fan of eSalon in general and I love both the hair dye and the associated products they produce. I can’t recommend them enough if you are dying your hair. And right now they have a sale on their color kits. So if you are looking for a refresh before Christmas or New Year’s now might be the time to look into it.

So there you have it my darlings, a brief list of my favorite hair products from this year. A couple are holdovers from last year and I suspect some will remain on my favorites list next year. However we did have a few new comers and I’m sure more will appear next year as well. Personally i always find it interesting to see what ends up being a passing fancy and what ends up being a permanent standard. But whichever way 2022 works out, these were my faves for 2021.

The Daily: November 15th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you are having a fabulous Monday. This was a relatively quiet weekend for me. Saturday morning, my babydoll remembered there was one person on the list we hadn’t shopped for, so we did a quick foray into the wilds of retail to get it done before we could think about it too much.

Well we thought about the gift, we just didn’t dwell on how bad traffic and shopping on a Saturday would be. We emerged victorious. And I managed to pick up a Chi Thermal Care hair care Trio. I have used the Silk infusion before and really loved it. It was fantastic at helping my hair go longer without having damaged ends no matter what I did to it. However I never tried the shampoo and Infra Treatment (conditioner) pairing before.

I tend to do that with a lot of brands without meaning to. I find one item that I really like from them and then forget that they actually make other products. With Chi it was the Silk infusion. So as a reward for getting the last of the shopping done, I picked up the trial sized trio. Trial sized or not, I know the silk infusion will last a really long time because I use so little of it. But now I get to try the other two products.

I love the holiday bundles. It is the same love I have for perfume discovery kits actually. The bundles help get me out of my comfort zone so that I don’t just buy the one product I know I like, but actually try out other products from the brand. I’ll be posting a first use soon. I just need to finish up the shampoo and conditioner I am currently using. Its the Pantene Volumizing shampoo and Conditioner set. I know I already posted a full review, and my thoughts haven’t changed as I’ve used it. It only gives volume on the day it is used and does not carry over to the next day. I find myself washing my hair more often with this set then I normally do as well. I can’t decide it if it the product or the time of year that is causing the extra washing. we dropped lower over the weekend and the central heating came on more so it may be unfair to blame the shampoo. I may have to try it again at another time of year. But for now, I am finishing it up and then trying out the CHI.

Today’s Look:

Primer: The Porefessional Primer

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Serum Foundation

Bronzer: Buxom Staycation Vibes primer infused bronzer Roof Top Tan

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

Highlighter: Jecca Blac Glow Drops

Eyeshadow: KVD Vegan Beauty eyeshadow in Lolita and Hourglass Scattered Light Foil Eyeshadow

Mascara: YSL Volume Effect Faux Oils Radical Mascara

Lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture No 70 Lipstick

Today was a fun look for me as I was playing with a couple of new products as well as using a couple of my standard faves. I generally find paring new with favorites works out better for me as So let’s start at the top. We have the porefessional from Benefit cosmetics. It is a long term fave and one that I am going to have to replace soon as it is getting low. It is a good standard prime to have in the arsenal. It goes well under most foundations and it is very pore filling.

The more I use the No 7 serum Foundation the more I like it. This is going to be a permanent edition to my dressing table. Once I’ve used it up. it will automatically be replaced. This far this shade suits me well regardless of the time of year. Admittedly I tend not to wear actual foundations mid summer. If I did I might need a second shade. However as I tend to go for tinted moisturizers about the time that this foundation would be too liht, it isn’t a problem for me.

The Buxom bronzer is new to me. Buxom is one of those brands that as soon as I hear the name I think Lips. I love their lip products and have purchased them for years, but I rarely branch out. This year since, despite my declutter, I still have far too many lip products, I picked up a bronzer from them to try out. Like pretty much everyone else right now they have massive sales going on. (the link above will take you to their site). This is my first you of the bronzer and I am impressed. It is a bit on the lighter side. Mostly because I noticed most of my bronzers were summer dark and I was having to work really hard not to go too deep with them. This is a lighter bronze that is still within my skin tone range. It applied well, and blended easily so I think I will get a lot of use out of it this winter. It will be interesting to see if I can use it as my skin tans next summer or if this is a seasonal shade for me. I will be reaching for it more to keep trying i out.

The blush I love. It is my bareMinerals Bounce and Blur blush. The formula is just so easy to apply and so comfortable to wear. I love this shade as well so it is a mega win for me and a blush I will continually return to using.

The jecca glow drops I like but tend to forget I have. I think they are supposed to be used all over the face but that is way too shiny a look for me. It makes a great subtle glow on the high points of the face and a gentle warmth to the skin. which is more important as the colder weather progresses. Not only will I be losing my tan, but around here the winter wind tends to slap you in the face and steal color from your skin so that you look pale and sickly. Or at least I do. Except for my nose. The winds tend to turn that Rudolph Red, or as close to it as possible.

The eyes were an interesting mix today. I reached first for the KVD because I like how the shadow performs, love the color and didn’t have to worry about it. The Hourglass foil shadow is new to me. I think I am going to have to play around with it. It is more powdery than I expected it to be and it really didn’t like applying with a dry brush. I ended up using my finger which was a bit messy, but I wanted my first application to be without the use of a setting spray. I wanted to see how it applied and how well it stayed on the eyelid without the spray (also why I didn’t use setting spray today).Thus far it is okay. I’ll play with it a bit more as the week progresses.

The mascara and lip product both came from the Macy’s bag. I am impressed by the first use of the mascara, not so impressed by the lip. The mascara lengthened very well. Thus far it isn’t flaking. It is supposed to volumize and lengthen. It lengthens well, not so much with the volumizing. But I like the lengthening enough to play with it.

The lipstick from YSL isn’t my favorite. I know it is supposed to be moisturizing but it feels a little slimy. And it tastes like lipstick. I know lipstick that tastes like lipstick is kind of normal. But this is a super enhanced lipstick scent that tastes/smells like it is mixed with some sort of perfume. There is no drying down at all and I have left a trail of lip prints behind me today. It was almost a relief when it wore off. The color is not my favorite, but I could work with it. I may see if blending it with another product helps with the texture and taste. Over all, I am not terribly thrilled with this lipstick.It is a pretty case, but the product isn’t going to win any prizes. At least not from me.

But hey, at least I have found a range of lip products where I don’t want to add multiple shades of the brand to my collection. Sometimes its about learning which products you don’t want to buy just as much as it is about finding the ones you love.

So that my darlings was my look for today. As far as fitness goes, I braves the winds and went on a long walk in the cold sunshine. There is no more walking in just shirt sleeves anymore, the sweatshirts have emerged. While I am not fond of the cold, I try to tell myself that I expend more energy keeping myself warm as I walk then I do when I don’t have to warm my own skin. I’m not sure I believe it, but it made me happy on my walk. And some days it is just about convincing yourself that you need to get up and move instead of huddling around the coffee cup.

Let’s talk Pollution Defense

Thee are a lot of hair care products out there. Some work to control your frizz despite the high humidity, others give you shine and body. Some work to keep your hair less tangled and others protect it from heat.

With each of these it is usually fairly easy to see if they work. If it reduces frizz then you will have less frizz. If it detangles, there will be fewer tangles, if it protects from heat there will be less heat damage. It isn’t rocket science.

Pollution defense in hair care is something a little different. It is a little harder to pin down as far as effectiveness. I think that is the reason I let the Grow Gorgeous Defense Anti-pollution leave in spray sit on my hair care shelf for so long. In general I am a big fan of the brand. Their shampoos and conditioners are absolutely fantastic. The scent is a bit strong, but once you get used to it, then it just feels a bit like a salon scent. And the scent is worth getting used to. Their thickening shampoo really thickens. and it leaves the lair feeling luxuriously soft and easy to manage. There have been other Grow Gorgeous products I’ve used and all have worked fantastically well. I really did just put off using this because I wasn’t certain of how to evaluate it. How to tell if it was in fact doing anything for my hair.

So lets start with the product description…

Pollution can wreak havoc with your hair, but Grow Gorgeous Defence Anti-Pollution Leave-In Spray aims to shield your strands from the harm urban areas can cause. Protecting against environmental aggressors as well as fading colour and heat, the spray is a handy 3-in-1 product.

Added to care for your scalp, Green Tea Extract helps healthy hair to grow with extra shine. Acting as a protective barrier, a Polysaccharide Matrix works to keep locks free from harmful pollutants. Organic Sunflower Sprout and Tarra Tannins are blended expertly to combat harm caused by urban life while Panthenol detangles and hydrates, making hair softer and easier to brush.

The anti-pollution spray is ideal for those with hair on the greasier side that often has a build up of products.

Free from gluten, parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates and mineral oils.

Suitable for vegans.

Grow Gorgeous

While Polysaccharide Matrix sounds enormously fantastic in a sci-fi kind of way, I have no clue how to evaluate it. So I am going to fall back on the claims that I can look into. These seem to be protecting against fading color and heat, adding extra shine and detangling and hydrating making hair easier to brush.

My color is new enough that I haven’t really noticed any fading. I don’t know if this product helped in that regard but it certainly didn’t hinder. My eSalon custom dye is really good about not fading for a long stretch of time. And really by the time it doe start to look faded I have usually already been spraying my roots with root touch up for at least a month. Incidentally, I know I have said this before but I love the fact that eSalon always matches the root touch up to the custom color. It’s also how I know that the dye takes a long time to fade. when my root touch up no longer matches my hair color, it is time to dye again.

So that’s a positive for my custom color, but not really something I can observe well in the Defense Spray. Because this does work as a heat protector (and the summer heat is fading) I did do a little curling of my hair while testing out this spray to see how it works. At the moment my hair is long enough and heavy enough that the curls only stayed in a couple of hours but this isn’t a style keeping product. And there was no heat damage to the hair.

while I didn’t do a lot of styling, I do like to run a comb through my hair to get out any tangles and this worked really well as a detangling spray. There was no problem with knots and snarls. The comb passed through the hair well. In addition, my hair had a great shine without looking greasy or weighed down.

Quite honestly, I liked this product. It made my hair look great without weighing it down. It managed to achieve everything that it said it would do, at least as far as I could test it, and I have to say I like the fresh from the salon scent that it gave to my hair in general. It is a nice product. I would happily buy this again. Currently it is actually on sale at the Skinstore. They periodically put Grow Gorgeous products on sale and I tend to stock up on them when they do. Usually this spray is $20 but right now you can get it for half price. And you all know i love a good deal on the products I know work.

Trying out the ESPA Natural Beauty Inner Calm Pink Hair and Scalp Mud

I absolutely love getting hair products to try in subscription boxes.  With my hair I find that I can generally use a product for a month or two consistently and then I need to switch the products out.  There are some products I consistently return to use again and again, But I have to take a break from them.  I’m not sure if this is standard for everyone but it is how I have always used hair products.

For me it means that I establish a few standard products that repeat and then I get to try a whole bunch of others.  Some have been excellent and end up getting incorporated into my rotation, others were products I didn’t mind using if they showed back up in my world but that I wouldn’t seek out and others I know that if they appear in my world again I would immediately pass on to someone else.  So when the ESPA Natural Beauty Inner Calm Pink Hair and Scalp Mud, a company I’d heard of but never tried, appeared in my Look Fantastic box, I was thrilled.

Before I get into the product a quick word about my hair so you know where I am coming from.  My hair is long (currently to the middle of my back and needing a cut soon) and relatively thick.  It is color treated and at the moment I am taking the fact that I am spending more time at home instead of going out as a chance to repair and make my hair as healthy as possible.  While I still tend to use the flat iron on my bangs when they get completely wonky, I am trying to use less heated tools on the rest of my hair to give it a break.

Okay, so know you know what I am working with.

In general, I find scalp treatments an interesting idea.  It makes sense to keep your scalp healthy.  I can see a healthy scalp as being part of a healthy head of hair.  The issues I’ve had with scalp treatments in the past is that many of them tend to be a bit chunky and have issues getting through my hair to my scalp. I had that issue with the Christophe Robin scalp treatment a while back.  It made my hair gloriously soft, but I am 90% sure very little actually made it to my scalp.  But let’s look into the ESPA Natural Beauty Inner Calm Pink Hair and Scalp Mud.

An intensive mineral-rich treatment mask that deeply conditions, to leave hair soft and smooth, and the scalp nourished. Vitamin C-rich Watercress and Red Clay soothe and nourish the scalp, while Apricot Kernel Oil conditions to help promote stronger, healthy looking, manageable hair.

Suitable for all hair types, especially dry or weak hair. Can also be used to soften and nourish dry skin on the body.

Incidentally, Look Fantastic has several deals going on right now.  The first is save 10% with code 10LF plus get a free ELTA MD Foaming cleanser when you spend $90 or more. And then there is the FREE ESPA Micellar Cleanser (Worth $50) when you spend $100 on the brand. The complimentary gift will be awarded at the cart. Offer valid for a limited time only, while stocks last.

So after reading the product description, I thought I knew what to expect. However I didn’t read the back of the tube.  Most hair treatments require you to let the product sit on your hair for about five minutes.  Not this one. This one you leave in either 20 minutes or overnight and then rinse off. When using this product, that is something to plan for in advance.

So to use this hair and scalp mask, I went back to my mother’s theory of bath time. According to my mother, while baths are fabulous and should be indulged in, it is not good to marinate in your own dirty water.  In her world this is why the shower/bath combo was invented.  I know, you may be thinking that it was a space saving measure for bathrooms that were not large enough to  accommodate a separate bath and shower.

Most people do.

Probably because that is why they were invented.

But not according to my mother.  In her world, one showers, washing the hair and body until you are clean, then once clean, you allow the tub to fill, add the various bath time components to your water so they can soak into your (now clean) skin and you can luxuriate in your bath time. To be honest, this is the kind of hair and scalp treatment that does well with this understanding of bath time.  So to use this mask, I showered first, washed hair and body, and then applied the mask to my hair while the bath tub filled.   I then added my bath salts to the water.

At the moment I am rather partial to the Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt Dream Away with valerian and hops. The scent is lovely and it tints the water a very vibrant blue. I actually just got a new bottle in the mail Friday.  They are currently having a 20% off sale. So my bath salts were $16 instead of $20 which was nice. I’m not sure how long the sale is going to last, but it is still currently active if you are looking to stock up. As my baby doll loves their muscle soaks we tend to put in an order every couple of months.

The scent of the hair mask is one that mixes well with the scent of the bath salts, although it dissipates once you apply it to the hair.  It is a fresh clean scent that smells kind of like you are at a high end spa.  As the name pink hair and scalp mud implies, it is pinkish in color.  There is no exfoliating texture to the mask which I found surprising.  Then of course I re-read the description and realized it isn’t an exfoliating mask. 

So I luxuriated in the bath and when I was ready to leave the bath, I drained the tub and rinsed the mask out of my hair.  I could feel the dry shampoo residue leaving my scalp and my scalp and hair felt clean and soft.  Also I’ve been testing out a shampoo and conditioner that feels like it leaves residue as well and that was all gone.

Because of its consistency it had no trouble getting through my hair to my scalp.  It is not chunky but more like a paste.  It feels slightly thicker than conditioner. My scalp felt clean and my hair felt soft.  Those are kind of the take aways I would have hoped for in a product designed to rejuvenate and repair hair and scalp. So it is always good when a product does what it is supposed to do. 

However, there is the time it needs to sit on the hair to consider. It probably would be easier to apply it at the end of a shower and let it stay on the hair overnight.  For me the issue is that I do my workouts in the morning and then wash my hair after I’ve finished working out.  To use it as an overnight product I would have to pick a night where I knew I was not going to work out in the morning. The issue with letting it sit twenty minutes is that it isn’t something that I can just incorporate into my weekly routine.  Using the mask takes a little planning.

Is it worth doing the planning? Yes, but I think if I did purchase this product I would use it once a month rather than on a weekly basis.  I think that setting aside one day a month as an at home spa day is not a bad idea and in that capacity I think that the ESPA Natural Beauty Inner Calm Pink Hair and Scalp Mud would be an excellent addition. While not a product I would use routinely throughout the week I could see this being a splurge product I kept for the once a month day of beauty. I feel like the residue left behind from other products has been removed and my hair feels soft and healthy.  It is a good product, that just requires a little bit of forethought.

If you are a big fan of ESPA products and looking for something for the holidays, there is a full sized ESPA product in this year’s Look Fantastic Beauty Chest. This year they have the Beauty Chest and the Advent Calendar for those in the holiday mood. Both look Absolutely amazing.