Sanitizing with Touchland Power Mist

Let’s face it, hand sanitizers have become a part of our lives. Once they were an occasional use item for me, now it is in use several times a day. Every day. Unless it is a day when i don’t leave the house and don’t come into contact with the rest of humanity.

I always knew hand sanitizer was drying, but until i started using it so often, I never realized just how drying it was. (Considering the components of you typical hand sanitizer, it really isn’t surprising, I simply never thought about it.) And when the drying hand sanitizer is paired with the extra handwashing, dry skin is more or less inevitable.

While it has leant me a new appreciation for hand lotion, this need to sanitize and the drying has led me to look into moisturizing hand sanitizers.

The packaging that it comes in is minimal

This is an interesting category that even five years ago probably wasn’t even a thought in most people’s minds. Now there are several variations on the market. The problem is that sometimes when you combine moisturization with hand sanitizing, you get really slimy feeling hands.

I picked up the first bottle of Touchland Power Mist that I used on a whim. I was shopping in Sephora for something else, saw it in the ‘You might like section of the website and said, you know, I might like, so I bought it to try. I like the design of the packaging. It is slim and easy to slide into a purse without causing a rounded bulge. It has a spray so there is no fiddling with caps and flip top lids. I have yet to have anything hit the sprayer while the bottle is in my purse.

The bottle sits upright and I generally have one on my desk and I do like the way it looks on my desk. The hand sanitizer comes in a variety of scents, including unscented. I prefer the Rainwater scent as it is light and unisex so everyone in the house will use it. It sprays as a very fine mist and absorbs well. It sanitizes but doesn’t leave my skin dry and cracking. It also doesn’t leave my skin feeling slimy.

while this hand sanitizer doesn’t eliminate the need for hand lotion, after using it I don’t feel the immediate need to put on hand lotion as I do with many hand sanitizers. I can use this spray to sanitize my hands after grocery shopping and then just drive home. I don’t need to apply lotion, wait for the lotion to settle in so my hands aren’t slick on the wheel and then drive home. It makes things run a lot more smoothly.

My one complaint about this product is that the packaging is not refillable. If Touchland had refillable pods to go in them I would pick up several to station around the house and refill. As it is, this one usually ends up traveling in my purse so that I can use it while out and about. The slim line of the packaging and the moisturizing but greaseless formula plus the ease of dispensing make it perfect for running errands. And while I found them on the Sephora website, I did notice that my local Target now carries them as well. It is a great product. They just fell down on the refillable aspect.

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Let’s give ourselves a hand…

Today we dive deep into the box of single masks and instead of coming out with a new set of eye patches or a sheet mask I find I have pulled out the Starskin Nourishing Double Layer Hand Mask Gloves Hollywood Hand Model. That’s right today we are trying out sheet masks for your hands. Starskin and I don’t always have the best of relationships. I will say that when I like their products I really like their products and when i don’t then it still isn’t bad. The absolute worst I’ve ever had from the brand was just meh not actually bad. which is one of the reasons I keep going back to them. Because when they get it right, they really get it right.

So shall we take a stab at becoming a Hollywood Hand model?

I found them offered for sale on the Skinstore Website for $10, this seemed to be the best price. Starskin is always something that I find listed on other sites, like The Skinstore but rarely see on their own. The blurb is from the Skinstore.

STARSKIN® Hollywood Hand Model™ is a unique, patented hand mask that intensely nourishes and repairs hands, one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging. A powerhouse serum formulated with deeply hydrating Shea Butter and a blend of 16 botanical ingredients and oils wrap the hands in an innovative Double-Layer Technology hand mask. The dual layers of this hand mask work to create a sauna-like effect to effectively deliver a powerful yet gentle skin-treating serum to the hands. Repair, rejuvenate and soften even the roughest hands and cuticles in just 15 minutes. Use this at-home hand treatment 1-2 times a week for youthful hands that will never give away your age.

Starskin on The Skinstore Website
sticky tab

The packet has two gloves as expected. They are connected in the center and you tear them apart. As described there is a fuzzy sort of insert inside the gloves and a sticky tab to keep them closed. To be honest, the gloves remind me of a thin version of a baby’s leak proof diaper. It has that same plastic feel to the outside and the same baby soft fiber insert against the skin.

double walled

The gloves were easy to slip on. The first tab was easy to pull off as I had one non-gloved hand. It was harder to pull off the backing for the second one, so this might be something you want a friend to help you with. While the gloves fit well, especially once you pull the tabs tightly down and stick them, the fingers are a great deal longer than mine which led to the difficulty with the second glove. It is understandable that they are longer as it means they can fit a variety of hands. It did make fine maneuverability a bit problematic.

These aren’t really gloves you can wear while doing much else. As a test I did navigate on my desk top from the home screen to YouTube (I deliberately used the keyboard to see if I could type) single letters were fine, but I am not writing up an e-mail with them on.

The structure of the gloves means there is no leakage which made sitting at the desk easy and less damaging. I could read papers and turn pages, just not really hold a pen or type well. I ended up reading over a proposal for fifteen minutes.

As I sat with the gloves I felt myself wiggling my fingers and rolling my hands to maneuver the internal liquid around. I also rubbed my fingers together where I knew my driest cuticles were so that I could get the most benefit from the serum.

when fifteen minutes elapsed I removed them. I expected that I would have to tear the plastic as the tabs would be too strong, but with a hard pull I managed to remove them without tearing the gloves. I was more worried about liquid dripping out than I was about the gloves themselves. There was no spillage. The second one came off more easily, again due to the fabulous use of fingers.

On the back of the package it claims that you should pat the excess serum in instead of washing it off. For me there was a bit too much excess serum, so I patted a put of it off with a dry wash cloth. The rest i let absorb.

hands after removal. I patted off a bit of the excess serum and everything was fine.

there is no scent to the serum and the gloves more or less smell like plastic gloves. They are comfortable to wear for fifteen minutes, but is it worth bothering to wear for fifteen minutes?

Yes. It is so worth it. My hands feel soft and nourished. While hand creams do a lot for my skin,. sometimes the hand sanitizer dries out the cuticles and I forget to concentrate the cream on them. This did wonders for my dried cuticles. My hands feel smooth and hydrated. Now that they have had a second or two to dry in the air, I don’t feel the need to wash them. I did have to pat off a little excess serum, because there really was a little too much. However the gloves didn’t leak. I was able to do paperwork at my desk while wearing them and my hands feel amazing. I’m sure this set came in a subscription box as it is a single pair and that is usually where my single sets come from, but I can’t remember which.

I will say though, that i will be ordering more of these. many Starskin Products I can take or leave, but these were quite excellent and something I will keep around. While I could have used them during the heavy spring gardening, they will be fantastic in the fall when I spend time in the chilling air getting the garden ready for winter. Then not only will my hands be dry on their own but they will be going through the heavy winter garden prep and be in need of some TLC. While I will use them in between then and now, I will definitely keep a pair or two by for that This is by far one of the best single use products I have tried in a while. While I try to keep the use of single use products to a minimum, I think that this Starskin Hollywood Hand Model Hand Mask makes the list of items to use. Admittedly if I could just get a bottle of the serum, I would use that instead.

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