Happy Hour: A night out

I know that here is where I let you know what delectable edibles and cocktails (or mocktails) my baby and I will be trying for our Friday evening wind own. However we have been invited to a small barbeque tonight to kick off Memorial Day weekend. So our personal cooking plans were put on hold and we are going to socialize with actual people (us and four others for a total of six) who have all been vaccinated. We will be outside on a very large porch. So everyone is safe and we can ease back into occasionally spending time with people who don’t live with us.

Which will be nice.

Don’t worry, the Happy Hour will return next week. Friday night is usually a day we collapse from the week and have our treats wearing comfy clothes. Even pre-pandemic. We always went out Saturday night if we were going out, so that we could be refreshed from the week before socializing.

So that is a long way to say no happy hour post tonight.

I am taking memorial weekend off so I will be back Bright and Early Tuesday Morning with my regular posting schedule. I’ll see you then. Until then, have a great weekend.