Snacktime: Chomps Sea Salt Beef Stick

As many of you know I have been working my way through the Chomps Variety pack. They sent over the standard variety pack for me to try out, which I really appreciate. I love trying out new flavors in this kind of format so that I can figure out which ones I really want to order in a full box.

Some of the flavors I’ve tried have been spectacular, others weren’t for me. Surprisingly, the ones I wasn’t as in love with turned out to be my babydoll’s favorite. Which doesn’t help with narrowing down the order, but it also means nothing goes to waste.

One of the things that I really like about Chomps is that if you look at their variety pack and think that there are just a couple on the list that you just will not eat, or if you know there are a few that you really like and can’t narrow it down to just one flavor, it isn’t a problem. You can build your own variety pack and choose the flavors that you put into it. There are several flavors but one that was a big hit all around was the Cranberry Habanero Beef stick. So we ordered a box. I was going to take a picture of the package when it came in but my babydoll got to the mail first and by the time I saw it not only was the outer packaging gone but several sticks were gone from the pack. Actually it looked oddly deflated. I think my baby doll took half of the pack to work with him.

But the variety pack I am working my way through has two left in it and today we are going for the Sea Salt Beef Stick. I’ll admit, I thought this was just going to be a bit of a salt bomb. It is slightly saltier than the other beef sticks, but it isn’t ‘salty’. The sea salt just enhances the beef flavor so that it just tastes extra beefy. I think I might actually like this more than the original beef stick. And I liked the original beef stick quite a lot. There is something that is just slightly more unctuous about this one. It has the same 9g of protein, 90 calories and zero sugar as are in the original. It is the same grass fed and finished beef. The same fat content.

Trust me, I checked.

Because the slightly extra salt content seems to have made the Chomps Sea Salt Beef Stick feel as though there is more to it. There isn’t, I compared labels. It is the same good stuff as the others. But it has a little extra umph that I really like. It has the snap to the casing that you would expect and the soft, but not mealy or mushy interior. I think that this is definitely going on my to be reordered list. I think it also replace the original beef stick. I still like the original, but this one just has a little bit more beefiness that I really enjoy. I especially like it because in the store I would have passed it over thinking that I didn’t want salty beef. Again, this is why I really like variety packs. Because sometimes, you just have to try it to find out if you like it or not.


Snack Time: Chomps Chomplings Original Beef Mini Sticks

Chomps just sent a package containing a variety of their delectable treats to try out for the purposes of review and I am simply thrilled. As many of you know, I have been working towards a healthier me. Part of that does include losing weight and getting more active.

The bulk of my workout time, especially in the summer when i am attempting to beat the heat for my outdoor activities, is in the mornings. I split my calories out throughout the day, but because of the heavier morning activity, I generally find that if I don’t have a snack in the afternoon I will over eat at dinner and if I do have a snack it is easier for me to not only not over indulge at dinner time, but not snack at night.

I allow myself one snack per day and If I’ve had my snack between lunch and dinner I don’t feel like snacking at night. And as snacks at night tend to be in conjunction with the television and tend to be mindlessly consumed,. it is much better for me to have that afternoon snack.

I also find I choose better snacks if i eat them in the afternoon. Fruit, cheese, nuts, protein bars and meat snacks are my go to while at night snacking seems to lean towards chips and cookies.

Today’s snack was one of the Chomps Original Beef Mini Sticks. As I generally choose a snack for the week, I will be eating them throughout this week. (At least until Friday anyway). While there were many tempting flavors in the box sent over, I wanted to start with the original so I know what to compare the flavors to.

The first ingredient on the list is Grass Fed and Finished Beef. They are fed a vegetarian diet, raised in a free range environment and there are no antibiotics or added hormones to the beef. There are no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, no nitrates or nitrites added and there are zero sugars. In addition there is no gluten, nuts, soy, milk, pork or fillers. For me this means that I am simply getting good beef with seasonings.

And you can taste the goodness in the stick. It has a nice snap to the bite and the meat is lean enough not to be greasy but contains enough fat so that the stick does not feel dry. A lot of the time you can very easily get dry feeling meet sticks if too lean a cut is used. Chomps seems to balance this nicely. The salt balance is nice as well. It is not too salty which can also occasionally happen. As salt and fat equal flavor, often times when the meat is lean too much salt is added. This didn’t have that problem.

The texture of the stick itself is also nice. It is not mealy and it it is not too hard. It has the perfect snap to the outside but then is a softer beef stick inside. For me that is how I like my beef sticks.I’m not a huge fan of the hard all the way through sticks and I don’t like too mealy of a texture inside. This was honestly how I like my snacks.

The original beef stick was quite frankly delicious.

I really like the smaller sticks in the Chomplings bag. It means that first off there are enough sticks in one bag to serve as the snack for the week (six sticks per bag). The smaller stick is also just enough of a snack that I feel I’ve gotten enough of a snack without being shorted. It is the perfect snacking size. In addition it contains 4g of protein to get me through the afternoon and there are only 40 calories to each stick. Because of the slight richness to the stick it feels like a treat but the calories won’t blow my daily calorie count. I was very impressed by the original flavor of the Chomps Chomplings Original Beef Mini Sticks and I can’t wait to try out the additional flavors.

Currently the Chomps site has a 25% off discount going on for their Prime Day Deals. If you are interested in stocking up on some quality meat products (they have more than beef) I would recommend checking them out. I certainly enjoyed the Original flavor. Time will tell if the additional flavors measure up to the original.