Calling in the Clearing Mask for Friday Face Mask

That’s right my darlings, it is the return of the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clearing face mask.  It was sent to me for review a while back and you can follow this link to read the ingredient break down as well as how it performed over time. I used it repeatedly to get a real feel for it’s performance. In short it performed well enough that I repeatedly reach for it. 

Regardless of how it came to me it is a mask I reach for when I need to deal with clogged pores and upcoming breakouts. By the way, Herbal Dynamics Beauty is having a spring Sale right now. 30% off with the code BLOOM30. while I love this mask I also highly recommend their serums. Both the Vitamin C and the Hyaluronic acid are absolutely fantastic.

My most common use is just applying a thin strip of mask along my orbital bone where I tend to get a lot of clogged pores in general.  Regardless of whatever masks I use throughout the week I have been using this Clearing mask under the eyes in my high clog areas about once a week. It has done an excellent job of keeping the pores unclogged. However today, my entire face needed just a little bit of a clear out.

Mask on

This week I started to go back to the gym and I am working out in a face mask.  While it does protect me, it isn’t the best for my skin.  Thus far I have breakouts threatening to rise, but not actually rising, so I’m hoping the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clearing Clay Mask will help me out. 

I use my silicone skin care brush to apply it, mostly because I find I actually use less product than when I apply it with my fingers.  I don’t pack it on when I don’t use the brush, but with my fingers they tend to get coated and I end up washing my hands and watching product go down the drain. 

It makes me feel better to waste less product, especially this one.  I suspect that as I am going to try for three gym visits per week my need for a clearing mask is only going to increase.  This one is one of my favorite clearing masks so I want to waste as little as possible.

After fifteen minutes

Please forgive the not so happy look on my face in the images as once applied the mask sort of tightens everything up and smiling isn’t really in the cards. The mask feels cool and soothing as well as tightening as it dries. 

Today there is no candle as I am actually out and have forgotten to order a replacement.  Well, forgotten may be the wrong word as I deliberately didn’t order a new candle. While I adore my Paddywax Candles I was thinking about trying something new for a little while (Don’t worry I am sure the Pow inspired candle from Paddywax’s Library collection will return.  

At the moment, I’m trying to decide if I want to order some new candles or if I just want to try out a candle subscription service.  There is a really cool looking one called Wickbox that looks like it might be interesting to try.  It is a luxury candle service and I really like that they have you fill out a scent profile and that their candles come in pretty containers you can reuse. 

To be honest I reuse most candle containers, but I do like that these are pretty and designed with reuse in mind. I’m going to look into them a little more, but I think I may end up signing up for the service to try out at least a month or two. I’ll link them below if anyone else is interested in checking them out.

Clean skin and the ability to smile once again restored.

Either way, I have no candle to light today and am sad.  I really like the ritual of lighting the candle before I relax with my face mask for fifteen minutes of relaxation. Still, I made a conscious effort not to mask up at my desk today so I could get a true break. 

I used a couple of sheet masks at my desk this week.  Neither were really noteworthy.  They weren’t bad, they weren’t good.  They were just general sheet masks.  I forgot to write down the names of them and to be honest, I can’t really remember them. One smelled of cucumbers. That was literally the only memorable thing about either, which quite frankly isn’t all that memorable.

So today I simply lay down with my Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao mask (which incidentally smells like chocolate.

My music for the day was They Might Be Giants.  I let the album Flood play.  It was nice. I was sad I only got to play fifteen minutes of the album and will be playing the rest later on today.  However I could only take fifteen minutes down and this mask isn’t one that needs to sit longer than fifteen minutes. 

When I was done, I loosened the mask up with some warm water and then washed it off.  My skin feels great, very clean and refreshed.  I know that towards the end of the day any blemish that was going to rise instead of just being cleared away will have risen called by the power of the clearing mask.  So tonight at bed time I will deal with those blemishes.  But at least I know my skin will start fresh on Monday. It is going to be a quiet weekend around here as we ready the house for the spring.  There are a few more things to sort through and clear out and I will be starting a second round of seeds for the spring.  But over all, it will be nice and quiet. Which is kind of nice. Sometimes you just need a quiet weekend to regroup before Monday.

Wickbox Candle Subscription