First Use of the New Balance Ab Wheel

I fully admit that I have an odd fascination with random workout tools. I think it comes from a childhood where things like the Thigh Master and the rowing exerciser. Both still disturbingly on sale on etsy and e-bay, I checked. I actually broke my toe with the rowing exerciser. I wanted to see how far the spring would stretch then I lost my grip on the slick handles. I smacked myself in the face and the handle whapped my toe (I was barefoot). It was not a good day.

The fascination remains, although now I actually read instructions.

I have however heard good things about these ab wheels and heard no stories of tow breakage. I was looking into picking one up to try, mostly because I need to do some work on my mid section instead of simply walking for my workouts and I can usually count on myself to give any new thing at least thirty days to see if it does anything. Then I ended up getting the Fab Fit Fun Box (I used my referral link for this so I think I get some kind of store credit if you use it. If that bothers you no worries, just goggle it instead of using the link) and this New Balance Ab Wheel was one of the items. I selected it.

the three exercises

It was easy to assemble and I have to be honest, it looked a bit like a toy. Still I was glad that the handles are textured for a more secure grip and since it was here, I figured I would give it a try. Like skincare exercise tools aren’t magic, so even though I did give it a first try i know I have to commit to using it for a month before I see any results. So this is just a first impression of the work out and a recording of measurements before the month begins.

The first think i noticed was that the wheel didn’t really like rolling on carpet. It didn’t roll smoothly and was hard to control. So I lay down the yoga mat. This worked fabulously well. It provided a smoother surface with no carpet fibers and the slightly textured surface of the yoga matt helped with my control. So I can tell you right away that I will be pairing this with my yoga mat.

The booklet that came with the Ab Wheel has three exercises listed on it so I did one set of each. As I progress maybe I will add in more but one set worked well for a first try. I did notice that Even though I was working my abs while using the tool I was also very firmly gripping those handles. I don’t know why but the first few exercises I sort of felt like it was going to suddenly roll out from under me and then I’d smack my nose into the floor.

textured grip of handle a plus

I didn’t it behaved exactly as it should. My other fear was that as the athletic woman in the photo is much smaller than me, that the tool would not be good with my weight. while the wheel is plastic and the handles rubber, the shaft that runs through the wheels and is covered by the handles is metal. It was easily able to support the weight I put on it for the exercise.

I’ll admit, my focus was on the balance and not injuring myself. Which I managed to do and will hopefully not focus on so much moving forward. The first two exercises were on my knees and went fairly well. The standing workout pose “Pike Roll” took a little bit more time to get used to. And the next morning I felt that one in my calves as well as my abs.

carpet vs. Yoga mat. Go for the yoga mat as its textured surface provides a little grip and you can control it more easily

I did feel the efforts from the day before. The Ab wheel may look like a toy of some sort but my body certainly feels the effects of using it. As I feel the muscle stiffness in the abs where the tool is supposed to work, then I feel I have at least used it appropriately.

And so the month begins. Before I end this post, there are the small matters of the measurements. I figured Waist and Hips would be appropriate so those are the two measurements given for the start of the thirty days with the New Balance Ab Wheel.

Waist: 48 inches

Hips: 50.5 Inches

I suppose we will se if in thirty days wither of those measurements change. Let the trial of the New Balance Ab wheel begin.

Weekly Weight:

The Scale: July 8th, 2022

Nope you are not seeing last week’s post, you are seeing this week’s. It is just that the scale did not change. To be honest I am not terribly surprised. we started the week with a holiday barbeque, ate left overs on Tuesday, got back to normal on Wednesday with the extreme heat limiting most activity mainly because I simply didn’t feel like moving on most of those days. My skin felt too hot to wear and walking to the mail box produced work out level sweats which made even indoor activity look foolish.

Then the rains set in on Thursday, the heat sticking around with them both yesterday and today. With the power fluctuations I simply didn’t want to be working out when the power went down. I know that sounds silly, but I just didn’t want to be mid workout when the internet or power went out. So I skipped the work outs.

I did manage to record my food. I am currently using the free version of the My Fitness Pal App. My plan is to spend July recording my food daily in the log of the free version, getting myself into the habit. Once I get into the habit of using it I am going to make certain I play around with all of the free components. Then I am going to shift into the paid version and compare the two so that I can see if the free version has everything I want or if the paid version is a better fit. I know that sounds a little strange, but sometimes I find with certain apps that the items I personally want are in the free version and I don’t need the paid one. Other times I am okay with the free version but fall in love with some aspects of the paid one. So I figured I’d compare the two and see which one is right for me. The link is below if you want to try out either the free of paid version of the app. Thus far I am really liking the food diary aspect of the app. It is very easy to use and has the foods I eat. (I only get a commission if you use the paid version but nothing if you use the free one, in case you are wondering about clicking)

So you will be hearing about My Fitness pal for a while as I play with the system. At the moment I am building the habit of logging my food (because keeping a food diary always helps me stay on track even if it is with a pen and a notebook.)Once I get into the habit of remembering to reach for the app to log in everyday it becomes easier to remember to do. It just takes a while (and a few post it notes) for me to build the habit. So that is where I am with that.

So as much as I am not thrilled with the same weight as last week, I did manage to log my food all week and at least I didn’t gain anything. So on a week with little exercise, monitoring my food at least kept me stable.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 220.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 220.0 lbs

Change this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost thus far: 26.0 lbs

And so we finish out another week. While I didn’t make any progress, at least i managed to hold my own. Personally, I think there is a lot of value in that.

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The Daily: March 7th, 2022

Good grief I desperately needed this weekend to make up for Friday my darlings. Apparently an automated control check flagged my site for violations. It took me most of the day to get to a person to look it over and decide the computer had been mistaken. the journey to find a person was somewhat perilous.

But I did, and all is better now.

Today’s work out was again a long stretch on the walking trail. The wind has picked up and you can practically feel the rain on the air, which was a good reminder to set up an indoor workout for tomorrow. And as the creeks are still running high, possibly for longer depending upon how much rain actually falls. In reality it could blow right past us and drop not a sprinkle, or the weather front could park itself for a week and flood the low lying areas again. At this time of year anything is possible.

If the weather holds off until later this afternoon then I am going to get my bicycle out of it’s winter storage and begin the process of getting it ready for the spring. I know I probably should have done it sooner, but I just didn’t get around to it. So out it will (hopefully) come today and the readying process will begin. And this year i will be remembering to wear a watch and use an extra layer of sunblock. Once that cool air starts washing past me I forget that the sun is still hot over head. And as I proved last year once I start riding my bike I forget that it is exercise and just enjoy the ride.

Good for burning calories, not so good the following morning when my thighs think that I am a monster. This year, I’m going to try to find a balance. So with a walk in and bike repair and the planning of an indoor workout, I think that I am hitting Monday pretty strong. let’s hope the rest of the week flows just as well.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Porefessional Primer from Benefit Cosmetics

Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzer Stick

Blush: Illamasqua Gel Blusher

Powder: Ciate London The Extraordinary Translucent setting Powder

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

Lid Primer: Moonlit Eyeshadow Primer

Mascara: Wet ‘n Wild Big Poppa Mascara

Lips: Uoma Lip Liner in Angelou and Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in Midnight

Today my darlings we are saying goodbye to the porefessional. It is one of my favorite go to primers, but alas the tube is now empty. It is on my to be repurchased list because I really love it. I have lost track of how many tubes of this I have gone through. The problem is I have other primers that i really need to work through. So I am going to be doing that. I want to clear away at least two more before i repurchase this. Mostly because I know as soon as I repurchase it I will want to use it. So I delay rebuying. But for now it is goodbye.

At the moment I am going through my foundations. And I know as I have been sorting them I seem to like all of the ones I have. The truth is that when I use a foundation i will wear it exclusively for a week. If i don’t like it in that week, then I general get rid of it. If it is interesting enough to play around with a little more I will keep it a little longer, but in general if I don’t like a foundation, it doesn’t stay. So I generally like all of the foundations I am going through It is mostly a recap and a decision as to what has outlived it’s time with me. This maybelline fit me is a really good drug store foundation. I have the shade 115 which suits my skin fine at this time of the year. It is a little light in the summer, but as I generally go for more BB creams and tinted moisturizers in the summer, that’s fine.

I like it but I have enough foundations I can wear in the summer that I don’t feel the need to double up on shades. It is very matte, so I probably should have put an illuminating primer under it. I just really wanted to use up the last of the Benefit cosmetics primer today. The big issue I have with this primer is the container. It has an open top and I always waste product when I dispense it. I have recently seen this foundation in a tube at Ulta so when I repurchase it I will be going for that instead. Hopefully the formula is the same. It is a great formula, I just waste product due to the open top. I do better with droppers and tubes to be honest. This foundation has very little product left and is sitting on the edge of expiration so I think that I am just going to go ahead and let it go. I will repurchase it though as it is a good drug store foundation, I’ll just puck up the tube instead of the bottle.

For the rest of my face I chose some favorites. I’m hoping to finish out this Ciate Powder this week. it is good and I already have another one in waiting. The Trestique is a long time favorite and the Illamasqua I like more with each use. It is simply a great formula.

I have to say I am actually liking the Huda beauty palette less with each use. Without the lid primer the shadows have a tendency to blend into nothing, except for the shimmers which just take over. With the lid primer, the shades are brighter but they don’t blend as well. Also the colors are somewhat misleading. I dipped into a brown shade and it turned out to be reddish. Which is fine, just not what I was expecting. The shimmers are stunning, I’m just not liking the mattes very much. Which is odd as I usually love Huda’s eyeshadow formula. There is just something about this palette that I am not a fan of.

I noticed I had purged several mascaras lately and used this as an excuse to pick up another tube of the Big Poppa from wet ‘n wild. It is a great mascara and I am a big fan. I picked up a tube as soon as it came out and used it to the last swipe. The issue with this mascara is that the timer really starts ticking once you open it. I try to let mascaras go at the six month mark (unless something happens to cause an early purge) and at the six month mark this one is ready to go. About the time when I know it needs to leave my makeup bag, it starts clumping letting me know it is ready to go. It works beautifully up until then and as I sometimes forget how long I’ve had a mascara open,. it is kind of nice to have that built in timer.

The illamasqua lipstick I love. It is a bullet style lipstick that dries down just enough to extend longevity but not dry out your lips. It is slightly more on the pink side than I would like, so I use the darker lip liner under it. This was one of those lipsticks I picked up in my quest for the perfect red lipstick. It looks the part in the tube, but is slightly pink on the lips, so the quest continues. But the formula is great and as it is only $11 I think I will pick up some more shades.

And that my darlins is the look for today. I am saying goodbye to an excellent primer and a good foundation and still wearing down a setting powder. I am also falling in love with a gel blusher and getting irritated by eyeshadow. So it was over all a mixed bag. The final look didn’t come out too badly, but it was an interesting set of products to work with. And now my darlings it is back to work for me. I hope the rest of your Monday is simply fabulous.

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The Daily: February 23rd, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Today is hot and humid. Which seems like a strange thing to say at the end of February. We are sitting at 57 degrees so possibly hot is a little bit of an exaggeration. But we had a boat load of rain in the night and the air is thick with even more impending rain. The park is even more flooded and I doubt there will be any walking for at least three days. And that is if there is no more rain.

So indoor workouts it is. I have my yoga mat and hand weights from ProsourceFit and I have my newest indoor work out item, resistance bands. I honestly picked them up because I thought it would be amusing and that they would be rather pointless. They are turning out to be rather fab. They weren’t expensive and take up so little space when not in use. I am really liking them.

Other than the indoor workouts, it has been a keeping my head down and getting as much done as possible. I know there is a day next week (Tuesday) where I am taking my babydoll to the oral surgeon. The appointment is early but he is the sort who when he has undergone anything painful or feels sick he needs to be babied a little, so I suspect that I will not be getting anything done then. So I am trying to get ahead of things so that I can essentially take Tuesday off without feeling swamped next Wednesday. It also means that I am going to have to watch out for calories. whenever my babydoll knows he is going to get dental work done, he craves things that he knows will be hard for him to eat right after the dental work. So while tonight is a salad night, starting tomorrow he is more or less in control of the menu plan. I have no idea what he is going to choose so I’m going to have to roll with it and really focus on my portion control. But for tonight, there is salad.

Today’s look:

Foundation: Natasha Denona Transformatte Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush: Illamasqua Colour Veil

Powder: Ciate London The Extraordinary Setting Powder

Highlighter: Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow After Hours

Eyeshadow: The Nubian Palette from Juvia’s Place

Mascara: Pat McGrath Fetish eyes Mascara

Lips: elf Runway Ready Berry Bliss Lip Palette

Okay first off, you aren’t seeing things. I skipped the primer today. I wanted to see how the foundation performed without it. I will say that the foundation did not apply as smoothly as it did over a primed face and it doesn’t have as good a coverage. It is still a really good foundation, I just like it better with a primer underneath. The primer just gives it a better surface so it doesn’t have to work so hard to look fabulous.

The Trestique Bronzer I love. What can I say. It is fantastic. It is so easy to grab and it hasa built in blending brush. I actually really like the built in blending brush as it works really well with the formula. This is maybe the third or fourth bronzing stick I have had. I love that they are now refillable. That just makes a great product even more fantastic in my opinion.

Can I tell you, I forgot about this Illamasqua Colour veil? I had it stored with my eyebrow gels for some reason (I think I saw the size of the container and just stored it next to the ABH for size reasons. I have the color Frission and it is the perfect barely there dusky pink tone on my skin. It blends so well and even though I like being able to use a light hand with it, it is buildable. When I went to get the link for this page I saw this blusher also used as an eye shadow. I haven’t tried that yet, but as my trial of the Nubian is ending I may give that a shot tomorrow. I love it as a blusher.

The ciate London powder is also a favorite. I am trying to use up this deluze sample sized jar since it has been open a while and I am getting down to a really low amount. I actually have a full sized unopened and waiting in the drawer for when this ends, but I want to clear out some of my open powders so the Ciate will be making a few appearances in the upcoming daily posts. I figure if i use it up and at least one of my other really low setting powders I can open up a fresh one soon.

The fethisheyes mascara is also here to get used up but unlike the Ciate once it is used up, it will not return. It is a nice mascara and if it showed up in a subscription box I would use it, but as I have other mascaras that are just as good if not better, I’m not going to repurchase it.

The wander Beauty highlighter is one of my favorites and I will happily continue to use it. I love the way it blends into just a soft glow rather than just a bright swipe of silver. You can leave it as a bright stripe but my preference is blended.

And finally we reach the lips. I do reach for this palette quite a lot. I don’t tend to use it for the daily posts though because I think elf stopped carrying it. I know you can still pick it up at Walmart and Target, but I could never find it on the elf site, which is usually not a good thing. the link just takes you to the Elf Lips page. I can see why these lip palettes aren’t all that popular. They are products you use at home and not easily tucked into a purse. So it is difficult to refresh your lipstick while you are out. However i really like the formula and I love the ease with which I can blend colors. Today’s lips are actually a mix of three shades. the formula feels good on the lips. They don’t really dry down, so they do leave lip prints. However recently, I haven’t been eating while in public and I rarely remember to touch up my lipstick in public. I think part of that is a lessening of bathroom time in public. Generally i am out and about in short bursts and I’ve gotten into the habit of using the restroom before I leave and then not using it again until I return home so I don’t look in the mirror and thus don’t see my lipstick needs refreshing. So even though i can see why it isn’t a best seller, I really do like it and love playing around with blending the shades to create exactly what I want.

And so that my darlings is todays look and how I feel about it. I had several favorites, one ending test and a couple of products I want to use up. Plus I have a new test for the blusher I really enjoy. I’m not sure how well it will work as shadow given my skin tone but it should be fun to try. Maybe I could pair it with one of my liquid shimmers I tend to forget about as well. something to think about. But for now, it is back to work for me in an effort to get ahead of my Tuesday absence. Wish me luck.

The Daily: March 30th, 2021

The flood waters have receded. Well, mostly. There were a couple of dicy patches with thick squishy mud that almost sucked my sneakers off my feet, but over all the creeks have returned to their beds and the walking trail is once again open.

It was very nice to once again walk in the sunshine. My plan was to try out the treadmills at the gym should the trail not be open but I am glad that I don’t have to actually drive to the gym today and can just walk down to the trail and go on my walk. Tomorrow of course is a gym day. So I’ll be scheduling in the driving. At the moment gym days require walking up a half hour earlier to kind of make my schedule balance. Its working without too much disruption so far and i think I can adjust to the slightly earlier wake up three times a week. It gets me to the gym, avoids the most people and doesn’t throw my schedule off.

The only thing is that I’ve never been a morning person and right now it is early enough in the spring that waking up a half hour earlier means it is still dark when i get up. Not loving that part, but everything else seems to be doing okay.

I had my first dentist appointment in a while and it was an interesting experience. For a while they weren’t scheduling anything, then they had a system and a backlog of patients so I was overdue for a visit. It was a little strange. In the exam room my dentist has removed all framed prints and dental advertisements. There are no brochures for extra services or really anything that could in anyway become contaminated with anything. Anything that remains is coated in disposable plastic and then of course there are the masks and the gloves.

You can see the nails where pictures once were so it sort of looks like they were the victims of art theft. Beyond that everything went well. I went to my appointment sans makeup actually. I picked up a new foundation ( well new to me, I’m not sure how long it has been on the market) that i want to try. It is the No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation with SPF 15. I figured wearing it to the dentist’s on it’s first day out of the box was a bit too cruel of a test for it.

Besides any face products worn at the dentist tend to get destroyed. Sure I would be able to hide the destruction behind a mask when I left the office, but I figure why put everyone through that.

So no makeup today. I will start in on the new foundation tomorrow and wear it every day until next Thursday (April 8th) when I will write up a full review. I figure that will give me enough of a feel for the product. Tonight I will be playing around a bit more with the Ciate London Eye Luster Liquid Shadow. But beyond that, my skin gets a fresh face to the world. Or at lest the world that is encapsulated by the walking trail and the dentist’s office. It’s a small sliver of the world, but it is all that I am visiting today. I might however get in a second walk this afternoon to make up for several days in a row being unable to walk outside. In addition I am making Carrot Cake for Easter and I adore carrot cake. So getting in a little extra walking time before the carrot cake arrives is not a bad thing.

The Daily: March 29th, 2021

Today has been a bit of a head down and get things done kind of day. The park and walking trail near my house is still flooded, and probably will be for the next few days as it doesn’t look like the rain is going to be wrapping up anytime soon. Sotoday when I went to the gym I did spend some time on the tread mill.

while on the treadmill, I listen to my music, but my eyes can’t help but take in the large line of televisions in front of me. Somehow I always end up using the treadmill in front of one of the infomercial televisions. It has been a while since I’ve used the treadmill at the gym (since I took that year long break from the gym) and the commercials really don’t change. And I always end up thinking that I might actually need a countertop rotisserie.

I don’t. But I always leave the gym thinking…maybe…

So I suppose that means the commercials work. Or at least partially work since I always think about them, but never buy because i know I don’t need. Even if I do love rotisserie chicken.

It is yummy.

But that is not the point, the point is that I managed to get my workout in despite the flooding of the park. I feel really good about that as I was a complete lump all weekend. I have to say I very much enjoyed being a lump. It was quite nice. I think the only productive thing I did was try and wiggle around my scheduling so I can add the gym time in without destroying the whole work day and then having to spend extra time working late. I think I have a system that will work.

At least it worked today. Hopefully it will work for the rest of the week and beyond. I’ve got my fingers crossed on that one. well i suppose I did two things. I also trimmed my bangs. As always i went a bit short on them and now am really wanting them to grow out again. Don’t worry a stylist is on my list of people to see soon. The trim also reminds me I need to set aside some time to deal with those eyebrows.

The look

Primer: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer

Foundation Wander Beauty Nude Illusions Liquid foundation

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs Hi-Fi Instamarc Filter

Powder: Elf HD loose setting powder and No 7 Perfect Light Pressed powder

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur in Mauve Sunrise

Highlighter: Nomad Cosmetics Illuminated Highlighting powder in Stockholm

Eyeshadow: Cargo Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette and Ciate London eye luster in Cupid

Mascara: Ciate Wonderwand Mascara

Lips Wet ‘n Wild in Cinnamon spice

This was an interesting mix of products.  Some like the Marc Jacobs I have loved for a long time and some like the Wet’n Wild Megalast lipstick and the Clarins Instant Smooth Primer are new favorites that I find myself reaching for more and more often. I have to say I really like the mega last lipstick. It is slightly drying so I usually add a lip balm over it, but the color really lasts.

The Wander Beauty Nude Illusions Foundation I don’t reach for a whole lot.  For one thing it is one shade too light for me.  However, that is workable and it is a good enough foundation that I am more than willing to work with it.  What generally stops me from reaching for it is the doe foot applicator.  It is so tightly in the tube in an effort to keep the product fresh that when it is pulled out, droplets of foundation spray out with the doe foot.  I am forever getting drops of foundation everywhere.  Sometimes it is on the dressing table and sometimes it is on whatever shirt I am wearing so I have to change clothes before I can leave again. It is the one thing that keeps me from reaching for the foundation a lot more.  Still once the foundation is on, it looks great and it wears well.  So I will use it, I just have to make an effort, and remember a drop cloth.

The Cargo Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette is one I also almost never reach for.  The shadows are good, but it is kind of boring.  The black works really well without streaking or going patchy and the gray in the center is fantastically pigmented.  These are the two shadows that made me keep it during my last declutter.  Today I reached for it mostly because I wanted to test out the Ciate Eye luster which is a liquid eyeshadow. 

I don’t have a lot of experience with liquid eyeshadows so perhaps I was doing something wrong with this one.  It applied well with the want but there was no blending of any sort.  If I tried touching it with a fingertip to blend, it stuck to my finger and pulled off of the eyelid. If I blinked when it was still wet then I ended up with streaks.  I really like the color though and I like how it looked when I did get it to sort of work.  I think I am going to have to play around with it a bit to figure out how I feel about it, but it is definitely not a product you can just pick up and use with no issues.  At least I can’t.  I am going to need to find a tutorial. I’ll have to play around with it and get back to you.

In contrast the Ciate Wonderwand Mascara performed easily and flawlessly.  I really like this mascara and am sad that my sample sized tube is almost empty.  Since there is so little left, I may just go ahead and use it all week to see if I can just use it up.  The mascara is one I will buy again, but I have several others I want to try as well.  I need to use up the ones I’ve got open and then rotate in some of the new items before I place an order, but rest assured at some point a full size of this mascara will be mine.

I was also very impressed by the Nomad Cosmetics Highlighter.  I knew I love their eyeshadow formula but I always forget about the highlighters.  I will definitely have to reach for the two that I have more often. It was an interesting collection of products today and I have to say I really like being able to choose my products on a daily basis. There will be a few I will use repeatedly as I try out the new products but I really like seeing how I feel about the day before I decide what to put on my face.

I do actually have a new foundation coming though. I was in Target and picked up the No 7 Lift and Luminate Serum Foundation to try out. I’ll be starting with that tomorrow and wearing it all week and into next week to get a feel for it and then next week I’ll be writing up the review. So you guys get to see my wear test as I work through it. I know I wasn’t going to purchase any more foundations for a while but then I looked at my foundation drawer and realized that most of the foundations I have are really tinted moisturizers. While great for everyday wear at my desk I really wanted to look at more actual foundations. And so I picked up the No. 7. Their powder is one of my favorite formulas so now I think it is time to give their foundation a try. So stay tuned.


The Daily: February 23rd, 2021

Do you know what I love about February? As soon as you start planning around the weather, it changes. On Sunday the weekly weather report announced that we had 90-100% chance of rain every day this week. Monday, we had off and on rain and the morning when I woke up it was bright and sunny and the weather report said that there is no chance of rain until Friday.

I’m not entirely certain I believe him.

But it does give me a bit of a walking window. And since i already have the new batteries in the Wii (both board and remote) I played Mario Kart with my baby doll last night. The hardest part was resisting the urge to load up on snacks. It is a game that tends to be sponsored by both Funyuns and THC in equal parts.With an occasional side nod to Twizzlers. Going for snacks once the music starts playing feels automatic.

I might stick to the Wii Bowling in the future. It’s an arm workout and better for my waistline.

But today, I stuck to my calories, did my morning exercises and went on a walk so I feel pretty good. I really am liking the shorter workouts daily rather than the longer ones. I’d like to gradually increase the daily workouts, but i think the daily ones are easier for me to make a habit than the every other day ones. Get up do my exercises and then move on with my day seems like a habit i can maintain. Once the habit is there, I’ll start lengthening them a little at a time and then maybe change some of my work outs with the ones put together by professionals. Although I have to say, I really like just having a list of exercises to get through rather than an instructor. I just don’t deal well with bright and shiny people in the morning.

I need a surly irate fitness instructor with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth, a voice heavy with mockery when they say such motivational things like – “It’s ten more crunches, you big baby, just finish them up so we can all move on with our day.”

Now that is a work out video I’d pay good money for. Where does that work out stream? I’ll sign up. Surely not all fitness instructors are super perky. I’m willing to compromise on the cigarette. They don’t have to be a smoker, they just have to mock. That’s the kind of work out video I’d make if i was going to make one. It’d call it – Just get your butt moving.

In case you are wondering, this is also why I stick to just listening exercises in my workout posts.

But I digress. Thus far I’ve managed to stick to my walks and if the weather holds I might be able to keep it aup all week. If the rains come I have a back up plan. I like having a back up plan.

Workout Plan: Week 3

This week’s work out plan is a little simpler than the last few weeks. What I want to try is a daily schedule. The goal is to build a routine. I generally find that once I make something a habit that I don’t have to think about it is harder to talk myself out of doing something. I had that with the gym, so this is my attempt to Below is this week’s plan.

Walking 45 minutes: Daily (weather permitting – We are expecting a lot of rain in our area this week so it might not amount to much)

Wii Fit Workout: 30 minutes per day on days when I can’t walk due to inclement weather

Daily exercises this week:

30 squats

50 crunches

20 lunges per leg

20 side punches each side

10 Pushups

I figure five basic exercises that I don’t have to think about and can easily count might be the best way to build the daily habit. In all honesty the only one I am concerned about is the push ups. I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually did an actual push up. I’ll have to keep you posted on how that turns out. But that will be in my daily posts this week.

yoga gear

The Daily: February 3rd, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings! The sun is shining and it is bone achingly cold, but i am over all having a good day. This morning I got up early enough to get in my morning workout without a problem and sometime in the night something cleared (or popped as he puts it) in my babydoll’s sinuses so he felt much better today and not like he wanted to curl up in a ball and drwon himself in buckets of tea.

Which made my day roll much more smoothly. I know I haven’t been posting which workouts I am doing but the truth is I’ve sort of started making them up on my own. I’ve just been making a list of workouts that will target what i want to work on that day and then setting a timer rather than doing an established workout. I started setting the workouts up on Sundays so the week doesn’t catch me off guard. To stay on track I’ll post the upcoming week’s schedule on Sunday in case anyone wants to follow along.

Oh and speaking of extra posts, I will be adding more Valentine’s day themed posts along with the regular ones as everyone starts getting ready for the 14th. I’ll still be doing my regular posts, just adding those in as well.

Over all it has been a pretty quiet day. I got my workout in this morning and I’ve managed to keep my calories in check today. In a few minutes I am going to bundle up and go for my afternoon walk and then tonight we are having sushi bowls. As long as I don’t go overboard on the rice or soy sauce i should be fine. And I get yummy yummy salmon. Over all, a pretty good day for Mimsy. I hope your Wednesday is going just as well. And now my darlings I am off to brave the cold for my walk. I figure it is the warmest part of the day and I have a short window before the sun sinks low enough for the temperatures to drop (and more importantly the wind rise) to get a walk in. Wish me luck.

The Daily: January 21st, 2021

Somedays there is just random amusement to be found. I believe in an earlier daily post this week I mentioned that my BoxyCharm Ad on was marked by Fedex as delivered (on Tuesday) and that it had not in fact been delivered. If not, then that is what happened.

So today I was on the phone with Fedex asking about what to do and they again insisted that it was in fact delivered on Tuesday. As we were speaking, low and behold a Fedex vehicle pulls up to my hose and delivers the package in question. In response, the man on the phone said “See I told you it was delivered.”

And then he asked me to take a survey regarding his performance.

I find just a little dark humor in that.

And in case you were wondering, I did give him a positive review as he was trying to be helpful. My guess is that either it was delivered to the wrong address and someone flagged down the vehicle or it was checked off by accident and not actually delivered.

Either way the Butter London Teddy Boy Palette has arrived. I suspect it will be in next week’s Makeup bag. So if you want to hear about it stay tuned.

On a home fitness note, this morning’s rain made getting up not exactly my happy time, but I did it. I was planning to walk this morning but the rain knocked that plan out. I just couldn’t face a perky work out instructor so I set a timer and ran through all the exercises I could before the timer ran out.

There were lunges and arm circles. There was marching in place and side bends. Actually the marching in place was my standard for when I needed a moment to think about another exercise. If one didn’t occur to me right away I did some high stepping in place for thirty seconds while I thought of another exercise. It worked out pretty well actually. I moved the entire time and was sweaty and out of breath when I cooled down.

I’m marking that as a win.

My calories are in check today and tonight we are having sushi bowls. As long as I limit my rice intake, I should be on track. I’ll also have to monitor my soy sauce to make sure I don’t go into salt overload. Other than that, I’m doing pretty good despite the overcast day and intermittent rain.