The Daily: November 3rd, 2020

I know I am a little bit early today but I decided that this afternoon was so beautiful I was just going to indulge in a nice long bike ride. They extended my walking tail so there is a really nice bike trail that runs several miles. And I just got new tires for my bike so i am set to go.

And I am posting my daily post early because of it.

I am feeling pretty good today, I have to say. Last night I dyed my hair. I know it sounds super vain but I felt significantly less blah once I did. It’s not much of a change just a slight bit darker to get rid of some of the grays popping up here and there. I really felt the pick me up of having my hair done, even though it was just me doing it. I think because I have been the one trimming my hair for most of this year and doing simple things to keep it healthy that it felt really good doing something kind of big. It wasn’t as good as a full out salon visit, but it was really nice.

kind of a mess at the moment but I love the color and the gray coverage

I went with the Color and Co by L’Oreal. Mostly because I really liked the L’Oreal box dye when I tried it back in March so I figured this would be a step up, even if it wasn’t a salon. Which it was. I got to choose my custom color and it was super easy to figure out. It was also super easy to apply at home. It was about double what I would spend on a box dye, but so much better and so worth it. If you are interested there is a link below and a $5 off code (I get nothing if you use the code, it is just their standard deal for new users). I was really pleased with it.

I also figured with the stress of the election it would be nice to do something nice for myself as well. Because we all know that no matter how the election turns out, tomorrow morning is going to be bonkers. It is just that sort of election. Everyone keeps saying it is a once in a life time sort of election and ‘one for the history books’ and I really hope so. I personally never want to go through another election this stressful.

But I did my voting and I hope you did too, regardless of what candidate you chose to back. It is just very important that everyone’s voice be heard and that the decision be made by the many instead of the few. Or at least the many before it gets to be funneled to the few of the electoral college.

Regardless, tomorrow is going to be bonkers regardless of the results. So me and my freshly dyed hair are going on a nice bike ride this afternoon. I suspect I will be glued to the news all day tomorrow. So I am going to enjoy today. I hope you have a good afternoon and do something fabulous for yourself.

Color & Co: Personalized Custom Hair Color

The Daily: November 2nd, 2020

The Monday after the autumn time change is always a strange one for me. I wake up feeling rested because I feel as though I had an extra hour of sleep so I start off feeling good and actually somewhat awake as i start my day. Then as time passess I begin to feel off kilter, as though I am late for everything I planned to do and have to hurry to catch up.

Which makes me early for a few things in the morning.

And then i self correct, which ends up making me late for everything in the afternoon. It happens every year. Oddly enough in the spring i am just tired and grouchy for a week until my body adjusts. I also mutter about the government stealing an hour of my precious sleep for no good reason. Then my body adjusts and I’m fine.

In the fall though I just have a week of feeling like I am either too early or too late for whatever I am doing. In case you arewondering, this may affect the timing of some of my posts this week. They will still all be posted, but the times may vary a little from the norm.

It will all even back out next week.

But getting up earlier meant that I managed to get my twenty minute work out in before starting work this morning, which was nice. For the last few weeks I haven’t been getting it in. Especially in the morning. Getting up in the dark made me somewhat disinclined to wake up with the alarm so there wasn’t a lot of time in the mornings. I tried shoehorning it into the afternoons with varying degrees of success, but I do better if i can just do it in the morning before I have too much time to think about it.

I find it better if I trick myself into working out before I am fully awake and caffeinated enough to form arguments against it. I will say that is one thing that was easier when I was going to the gym. Because I was paying for the gym I felt obligated to go so that I wasn’t just wasting my money on a decorative gym membership tag for my keychain. It is much easier to skip the home workouts, and I do need to start adding them in on a more routine basis. The walking is fine, but I need both the walking and the strength training to balance my workouts.

And so I trick myself into doing the workouts before I am fully awake and then reward myself. My current reward is a bottle of the Hint water I have stashed in the laundry room. While I use my soda stream water throughout the day, I occasionally need the incentive of a flavored beverage. I happen to really like Hint. It is just enough flavor that I feel like I’m getting a treat. My all time favorite is the Blackberry, but I am starting to warm to the Watermelon flavor.

I’m hoping that I can use the time change to jump start my first of the morning yoga/strength work outs. Blended with trickery and bribery, my two favorite workout companions, I managed it today, here’s hoping I can keep it up.


The Daily: October 26th, 2020

Don’t you love those days when the weather man tells you there will be no rain but the clouds remain low and the air feels saturated? Technically he is right, there is no rain, but the air feels damp enough to wring and there are swarms of midges in the shadows.

I went on my walk today, but it was like swimming with my clothes on. Not a pleasant feeling. But I got my walk in. There was leftover pound cake this weekend but at least the lion’s share went to my baby doll. He claimed that he was jumping on it so that I would not be inflicted with the calories, but I’m pretty sure it was an excuse.

But I still appreciate it.

Since starting to diet I don’t bake nearly as much as I used to and generally I just bake sandwich bread instead of cakes and sweets. As a consolation I told my baby doll I would make cinnamon rolls for thanksgiving morning since we aren’t going anywhere this year. He has been ticking off the days like a count down.Homemade cinnamon rolls are one of his weaknesses. Mine too if I am honest. They are really hard to resist when straight from the oven and newly covered with icing. which is why I have to be careful with them. Last year I made them for his birthday morning (Early January) and I haven’t made them since so it is time.

Despite the high humidity today, cooler weather has started easing in and the heavier comfort foods are starting to look awfully tempting. I have always had a problem eating salads in the winter. Not only do cold salads not seem appealing, but I grew up with gardeners, like hard core gardeners and there comes a point where a salad in the winter just seems wrong as something in the back of my brain says ‘this should not be here’.

I know we live in a time where virtually any food could be gotten at virtually any time, but butter lettuce in the winter seems wrong. So the last of the salad is being eaten this week and next week we move into the winter diet. Spaghetti squash, Acorn and delicata squashes will all abound.Three bean salad will arrive and Soups will dominate the culinary landscape. I love soups and broths over the winter months.

Next weekend I will be making my first bulk batch of soup and dividing it into individual lunch sized portions. Most of it will go into the freezer to be taken out as needed. This is the last week of the warm weather diet though (Mostly because we still have salad greens in the fridge to use up, and then we are off to the warm and filling, yet surprisingly low cal winter fare. Normally we would have started this at the end of September, but it is just now getting to be cold enough to think about making a cauldron of soup. But for now I am off to the showers. I tried to use the dry shampoo to get through the rest of the day, but alas, the dry shampoo is just not cutting it. I did a quick rinse down when I returned but it was just not enough, so full shower, here I come. Then later tonight we continue out pre halloween week of films with Nosferatu. deliciously spooky.


The Daily: September 1st, 2020

Good Afternoon my darlings and welcome to my trainwreck of a Tuesday. I know some of you are wondering why there was only one review posted and this is why. This morning I posted my first review and then went to check my bank account as several things post on the first and I like to make sure things go through.

I know, I’m paranoid like that, but if I know when scheduled bills are posting I like to check to make sure they did in fact go through and there weren’t any hiccups. Trust me I’ve caught a few.

Today however everything went through well except that I noticed something odd. Several checks went through that I didn’t write. The fact that I haven’t written a physical check in about a decade was my first clue. The second was that I had never even heard of the company, let alone authorized the funds (and they were substantial. I always remember when I give companies large sums of money.)

So I picked up the phone and dialed my bank. That’s where the fun began. Numbers were changed, accounts deleted, investigations launched. The up shot is it is being dealt with (my bank has been fantastic about this actually). However my day was spent cleaning up a mess I was not expecting instead of doing what I planned.

So my second post of the day was skipped (i’ll sneak it in later in the week). Meetings were also postponed and my angst level was pretty high. I’m not sure if angst burns calories or not but if it does I am golden.

There is a dark amusement though. Because into every messed up situation a ray of black humor must shine.

While am am still able to pay my bills, because I caught it before they posted more checks (lets here it for paranoid checking!) the money they took is not available to me until the bank works through the issues and puts it back into the account. Which could take up to ten days. It is also the money I put aside for the Labor Day sales. And, if you’ve been following along in my posts, this is one of the first years I made a conscious effort to research and make a list of things I wanted to pick up during the Labor day sales.

What is the old saying? If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.

I somehow didn’t realize that applied to skin care as well. Silly me.

So this week I’m going to live vicariously through you. I’ll post all the sales I know about and hope that all of you out there are taking advantage of them. Except for the LLC that invaded my bank account. There are no skin care benefits for them. Only shame and my bank’s fraud charges. Although I’m not counting on the shame.

And now I am going on a long walk until my skin is sweating off my bones and account numbers stop dancing in my head. I’m considering it the healthier alternative to gobbling down the bag of pretzels in the pantry. And don’t worry, I have coated myself in several layers of sunscreen and have a large bottle of water by my side. Tomorrow the headache will have faded and normal posting resumed. Now there is walking and tonight there will be research into voodoo dolls.

Workout Waffle: August 17th, 2020

Okay so this is less of a waffle and more of a posting of a plan. During the early part of my weight loss, I depended on routine to help see me through. Part of that routine involved the gym and a set number activities on an established circuit of machines. Barring that, I have been drifting a bit. So I’m establishing a new weekly routine. A checklist if you will. Now I will say that the checklist is deliberately optimistic. I am well aware that it is likely I will not complete all of these activities each day, but I want a checklist that is aspirational. Sure this week I may only have one day where I complete every activity on the list. But the following week, I may have two.

Or I could end up doing them all each day and find out that I need to add more intensity to the system. I’ve been drifting since March and need at least something to keep me focused. So posted below is my list for the week. I’ll check in Friday and let you know how many things I managed to check off and how I actually feel about this checklist after a week.

As a note, the walks and their length tend to be weather dependent. So I may need some substitutions for rain. It is supposed to be dry this week so fingers crossed. I will add replacements if I get rained out.

Checklist: Week of August 17th-21st


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on strength training (hand weights)
  • Long walk in the morning
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on strength training (hand weights)
  • Long walk in the morning
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening

Workout Waffle: August 11th, 2020

Yesterday for the first time in two weeks I managed to go on a walk on our walking trail. I was welcomed back by the speedwalking alder man who nodded at me as he quick stepped past and the siberian husky who is required to go on three walks per day despite the heat as his owners help him recover from a leg injury. They both (and the dog’s owner) kept their distance bu the dog got thouroughly wiggly at the sight of me so I know my absence was noted.

I took my walk slow as I figured my tender ankle might balk once I reached the furthest point from home. No medical knowledge there, just Murphy’s Law at work, really. Its the one law I’ve always been able to count on. So I took it at a slow amble, which also helped me in the heat. It made the walk longer but I didn’t feel like a completely melted pile of goo like the wicked witch after Dorothy doused her. I was only half melted like a plastic happy meal toy in a too hot car.

I have to say though, hot as it was, I really enjoyed just walking around outside. It was nice. Even with the mask.

During my little break from walking, I looked over my notes for August to sort of compare them to my current August. Last year, July was a little cooler than this July has been so I was able to walk regularly outside for longer before the heat made the gym a much more attractive prospect. At the moment the gym isn’t an option, and won’t be for a while. I touch far too many machines when I am there for me to feel comfortable there even if the machines are now spaced apart.

So in addition to walking earlier and trying to get some calories burned before the heat rises, I will be looking at establishing my own indoor workout routine/system as I anticipate the arrival of the dog days. I’ll still be using some You tube workouts but I want to get more of a system with the weights I do have so I have sort of a check list to work through. At the gym I always had a set pattern planned before I went in. At home I tend to drift a little and I think I’ve been skimping on some of my workouts. (I can only justify so much because of the ankle) Mostly it is me drifting. So I’m writing up a checklist this week so I can burn the appropriate number of calories.

I don’t know if it will help any of you out there, but once I set it up I can post it and then let you know how closely I stick to it. I think it is going to be a bit of trial and error on my part. But it should be fun-ish in a psycho sort of way. Plus, it will be nice to feel like I have a goal again (outside of work) I feel I’ve been drifting a lot lately as days sort of run into each other. As we approach fall I feel like As summer ends I need to get my ducks in a row. Perhaps it is my inner start of school year bell chiming. Either way, a schedule will soon be posted and the drifting will stop.

And yes I realize this post was sort of drifty too.

Home Fitness: Let the Weights begin!

a set of five pound weights

Before I get started I have to say an apology to the world of yoga. I always knew it was exercise, but I thought it secondary to the gym. I have to say this morning when I got up, I could feel yesterday’s short bout of yoga. First of all I congratulated myself on taking it slow when getting started and easing myself into the new routine instead of dashing headlong into a full hour long workout.

I may have worked in the gym, but yoga is different. It feels easier when you are doing it somehow yet when you aren’t looking manages to kick your butt. It talks about breathing and calming stress while making you sweat.

It’s a sneaky sort of exercise.

I have to say I respect that.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s post I completed the Fifteen Minute Morning Yoga Routine from SarahBethYoga yesterday as my first stay at home fitness venture. I liked and repeated it this morning. Although I was a bit sore this morning, the routine loosened me up and made me feel better about doing other workouts.

Which was good because it was Tuesday and time for Weights. Yeah my weight options pretty much include the hand weights you see pictured above and a five lbs weight ball that I am pretty sure is buried somewhere in my closet.

So for today’s starting workout I walked a couple of laps between bursts of rain around my neighborhood. I used a large golf umbrella and my yellow rubber rain boots instead of my sneakers. My arches aren’t entirely happy with me but I found a set of Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts that I could tuck into the boots should they be necessary tomorrow. It’s not ideal, but we still have flooding. So I’ll take the sore feet.

Added to this was my hand weight workout. The specific one I tried today was called Workout with 5 Pound Weights – Home Workout with Dumbbells by Jessica Valant Pilates It is about ten minutes long, which I thought was good for a first workout with weights. It only uses the weights as the necessary equipment and was easy to follow along. There was no point where I was lost or confused and most importantly I could do all of the exercises. A few towards the end weren’t as stellar as the presenter’s versions, but I did them.

I also might have said a few not so nice things about people who actually seem to enjoy working out with weights, but I don’t think the people on the television heard me.

I hate weight day. I’ll be honest, I know it is important and I know I need to do it, hence the reason I schedule it, but I hate it.If I could get away with just walking I would. But I can’t. And since I can’t this was a good beginner workout for me to do. And as much as I complain about it, I will be doing it again on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will be trying a yoga fitness ball routine and will hopefully manage to neither explode the ball nor propel myself into a wall. At least if I do knock myself out on the wall, I know I won’t be home alone. Starting tomorrow my darling dearest will be working from home. He is not the sort of person to whom working at home comes naturally. He is very much a work is work and home is home and never should the two meet.

I’m sure there will be some adjustments.

As well as someone to make sure I don’t brain myself on the wall. Once I have the yoga ball routine I will be set for a week or so. It (or a routine I like) will be for Monday, Wednesday and Friday while I go for the weights on Tuesday and Thursday and then continue with the fifteen minute wake up as my initial morning stretch during week days. Hopefully the weather will clear up and I will then get to exchange my rain boots for sneakers and I will have some semblance of a set routine. Then if I get bored, I can branch out. I have no idea how long the world will be upended, and personally despite random predictions, I don’t think anyone else knows either. I suspect howeve it will last long enough for my new routine to become routine and need shaking up.

But this week is about set up. Next week will be about monitoring and adjusting. Today we worry about our own sanity, tomorrow we worry about the world’s collective sanity. As my Gran used to say, “Everything in it’s own time.”

I’m not entirely sure she meant pandemics, but I’m gonna run with it.

For those looking to start their own home fitness routine I’m going to post a few links below you might find useful in gearing up. (Hanesbrands Inc.)

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