Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag Plus for June 2022

In a lovely turn of events about the time I finished writing up my thoughts on the Boxy Charm Premium Box for June, my IPSY Glam Bag Plus arrived. As I mentioned in the Boxycharm unboxing, I am evaluating both subscriptions and trying to figure out if I need both.

The IPSY Glam Bag Plus subscription is $28. With taxes it comes to $30.73. However this month there was a message sent out from IPSY…

we will be adding a $1.99 handling fee to monthly Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus shipments, starting with July shipments. We will also update the quarterly Glam Bag X price to $58 with an added $1.99 handling fee, starting with August shipments. – IPSY e-mail sent to subscribers June 9th, 2022

The Glam Bag X (Quarterly subscription was $55 ($60.36 with tax) in case you were wondering. Boxycharm added the same $1.99 S&H to their Pop Up shop items as well so I was sort of expecting something like that and to be fair the extra cost doesn’t bother me that much. Slipping the raised Glam Bag X fees in there at the same time is a little sneaky, but I am guessing they thought if they did the extra fee now and then in two months raised the price of Glam Bag X people would have been even more upset. So I can see the logic.

what bothers me most are the items in this month’s Glam Bag. Now i d want to be clear. The items themselves I actually really like and am happy to have. What bothers me is that all but one have been in Boxycharm. It is what prompted me to seriously consider if I needed both memberships. So let’s look at the items shall we?

There are five items in the Glam Bag Plus, two that they choose and then three that are selected from a group of options. The first item they chose for me was the Saturday Skin Rub a Dub peeling gel. It is a good product and I have used it before. I will happily use it again. I believe it was a Boxycharm item three months ago.

The second item that IPSY chose for me is the Ciate London Dewy Skin Primer. I received this in of of my boxy’s a few months back. I’ve been testing it off and on and am actually on the fence as to whether or not I like it. It is dewy look. If you are going for that look then it is fabulous. For me it might be a bit too dewy. But that will be decided later.

Now we get to the items that I chose. The first is a Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette . It is the Ayana palette and different from the palette that I received in Boxy this month. I love the formula of the shadows and I love the shades. And to be honest I have no problem with the same types and brands being in each box as long as the items are different. In this case, it is a different range of shadows so I am happy with it.

The second item I chose was the Vike Makeup Melt. I also received this in a previous Boxy. This link will take you to my full review if you are interested actually. I enjoyed the product and am happy to have another bottle as my first is about half empty. It works well and is quick and easy to use. It was also the only item in that categories choice selection that I wanted.

And now we come to the final item I chose and this one I have not actually seen in a Boxycharm Box. (It is however for sale in the Boxy pop up store) The other items in this selection category I did see there so I decided to choose the Lovita Never lost Necklace. It is a little gold charm imprinted with a compass design. The Charm is of good quality but the chain feels a little bit cheap. I’ll probably end up putting it on a different chain. I am actually quite pleased with the charm though and might choose the jewelry options more in the future.

To be fair i am pleased with all of my items and I look forward to using them, with the possible exception of the primer. The issue I have is simply one of repetition. If I am going to get exactly the same items from each subscription, why keep both subscriptions? Especially when the items in the bag or box are often for sale in either IPSY add ons or Boxy pop up. Would it not be better to pick one subscription and then just use the money that I saved by not having the subscription to pick up the extra items i might want from the store of the subscription I keep? Or to try out a completely different subscription service?

Thee is also the possibility of skipping months. Perhaps I might try skipping the months between the Glam Bag X months and only getting the quarterly bags. That too is a possibility. This month could also have been a fluke and next month completely different products might appear. I generally start evaluating my subscription list in November/December. I think I will probably keep both subscriptions until then, but monitor the items as well as which of their shops I actually use. This month I did pick up a few items from IPSY’s add ons where I did not from Boxy. It is going to be an interesting situation to monitor. For now though, I do like the items I have received and I look forward to using the,. There are no surprises which is a bit disappointing, but they are good products.

If anyone else is going through this sort of decision, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can drop them in the comments or simply send me a message. For me it is watch and wait, but I suspect things will change in the new year.

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The IPSY Glam Bag Plus for March has arrived

I think this one may be even more surprising than getting the Look Fantastic early. Lately the IPSY seems to be arriving later and later in the month. Of course that could be my tracking number based perception. I’ve noticed that I’ll check the tracking number and nothing will happen, it will still be listed as on it’s way to the post office for about a week and then it will change to Out for Delivery. It’s like they have decided it is some mysterious journey I don’t need to know about. I’m thinking they might possibly have routed the mail through Narnia and just not told anyone.

Be that as it may, the Ipsy Glam Bag plus is a $28 per month subscription. It comes with five full sized products and a drawstring bag. It used to actually come with a makeup bag. I have kept a few of the draw string bags for use when traveling. I put undergarments in them to keep them orderly in the luggage. The others I pass along. Honestly getting them kind of annoys me and reminds me that I’m not getting a makeup bag so I sort of wish they wouldn’t bother with the drawstring bag. I will say this is better material than many they have sent in the past, so it will probably be kept. But that’s all I have to say about the bag.

With the five items Ipsy chooses two of them and then lets you choose the other three. It is not a large selection where you just choose three it is broken down into three categories and you choose one item from each. Last month was a fantastic choice. This month, not so much. However let’s start first with the two items that Ipsy chose for me.

The first is SeoulKleen Probiotics Balancing Cleanser. In general I like cleansers. I have never heard of this brand and I like trying new brands. However I had two cleansers in last months bag so having them choose a cleanser for me this month is a bit annoying. I am still interested in trying it so I’m not complaining, I am just slightly annoyed at the product type being chosen for me this month.

The second item chosen for me did make me smile thought. It is the Vitabrid C 12 Wrinkle Serum. We’ve seen a lot of Vitabrid products recently and some are better than others. The reason I found it amusing is because there is no tip toing around the name. It is not a fine line eraser, or a skin plumper although I’m sure it does both, It is a straight up wrinkle serum. Which, let’s face it, is what those fine lines really are. So thumbs up for telling it like it is.

The first of the items I chose was the Volition Yaupon Glow Awakening Moisturizer. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even look at the other items in that choice category. They could have been fabulous or horrific and I couldn’t tell you. I saw the volition moisturizer and said ‘Mine’ even as I clicked to select it. I love Volition products. Their sunscreen is hands down the best I’ve tried. I adore their Snow mushroom serum and love their celery green clean moisturizer. I can’t wait to try this product out. Admittedly I actually will have to because I’m in the middle of a skin care trial, but I am really happy to have it in line and waiting.

The second category had the Defiance eye shadow Palette by Karmela Cosmetics. I have never heard of the brand and it was the only product in the selection I found interesting, so I chose it. The colors look nice and it look s like an everyday wearable palette that really does suit me so I am not mad at it. I just am a little annoyed that it was the only thing in that selection slot that appealed to me or that IPSY hadn’t already sent me in the past. I know supply lines are still messed up so I am willing to cut them a little slack. And I do like the look of the eyeshadow palette.

It was the third category that kind of bothered me. It wasn’t good. I chose the About Face Light Lock lip gloss because I do like the about face lip paint. This packaging feels a lot cheaper than the lip paints and a lot more generic. I know it is designed to match the highlighter bottle but some how the packaging feels less luxe and more like it is a Too Faced Knock off. It smells vaguely minty but it isn’t strong in scent. And the color is a light pink that sheers out to nothing but shine and stickiness. I will give it a fair wear shot though so perhaps I will like it better once I forget that it was the only item in that category that I didn’t already have from an earlier IPSY

This was a strange month for me. With the exception of the lip gloss I really did like the products I received. It was slightly annoying to have another cleanser as I just received two from IPSY last month and it will be at least a few months before I get around to trying this product and the selection wasn’t optimal. There were a lot of repeats in the system At the same time I did get a moisturizer that I am thrilled by, a serum I know I will use and an eyeshadow palette I am curious to try. The products I ended up with I like, it was just the selection that got under my skin. I know it sounds like I am complaining for nothing, but with the items I was offered as a selection it felt like they were making my choice for me and just pretending that I got a choice.

‘You can choose anything from this list but only one item is something you haven’t gotten before,’ Even though I like the item I ended up with, it felt like my choice was already made. I’m hoping this was just a one off month and that next month the selection will be broader and an actual selection. We shall see. For now I have to rank IPSY as seventy percent fabulous and thirty percent irritation this month. Its still good, I just want to lower the irritation factor a bit.

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IPSY Glam Bag Plus Unboxing, December 2021

IPSY, Oh IPSY. This month I was very much looking forward to my Glam Bag plus. On choice day I looked over the products they chose and for the first time in a long time there were products in each category of choice that I wanted, so I was really happy with the selection of products. And then my bag arrived with a product missing. So I now have to go through their IPSY Care system.

It’s not a major deal as I’m sure it will be settled one way or another, but it is always annoying to have to go through the care Bots and convince them to leave a message for a person who will hopefully later get back to you.

The product missing this month was the Aceology Brightening Treatment mask. I’ve tried the trial size of this mask and really liked it so I was looking forward to having the full size. Hopefully they will still have it in stock and send it along.

Despite this disappointment I am still pretty happy with my box this month.

The first item I pulled out of the box was the Shaina B Miami Nights eyeshadow Palette. This is definitely a me palette. It has rosy tones and it has the addition of a stunning silver shade. In general I like Shaina B eyeshadows so I am very much looking forward to playing around with this palette.

The second item I pulled out of my bag was another makeup item and it was the Rodial Glass Primer. I am always happy to give a new primer a try. Rodial is a hit or miss brand with me but what I do like from them I really like so hopefully this will fall into that category. Either way I am happy to give it a try and it was nice to see two makeup items in this month’s box.

The third item is a set of nail polishes from Complex culture. They are called Thrive and dream. One is a kind of mid-century modern green and the other is a green toned gold. Since Complex Culture is an IPSY owned brand we have seen several products from them before, but I haven’t tried their nail polishes. I actually chose this set because they aren’t colors I have in my collection. The Gold I have a version of but it is an extremely old nail polish from Revlon that I just can’t give up. If this gold performs well and is similar in tone to the ancient Revlon one I might be able to convince myself to let it go. So here’s hoping.

This month I also received the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer. I have not tried this moisturizer (and always love trying new moisturizers) I have also always had good luck with Kate Somerville. I really love the Exfoliator and in fact it was an add on this month so I have it as well. And the Cleanser from the same line was available in the Boxy Charm Drop shop (which I think is still open if you are shopping) this month so I have that coming as well. Sometime soon I may have A Kate Somerville heavy skincare line up. Which I may not have really planned, but I can’t say I am mad about.

So that was my IPSY Glam Bag Plus for December. Am I still annoyed by the missing mask? Yes. And am I still happy with the bag this month? Yes. This was a very good month. I will use every item and I am in fact looking forward to using every item that was in my bag. The only reason that the missing item was such a bummer was that I was looking forward to using it as well. All in all though, this was a very good Ipsy Month. And I am sure that at some point the missing item will be sent my way. And then I will have another mask to use.

Unboxing the June 2021 IPSY Glam Bag Plus

I know the last few months I have been pretty hard on IPSY, but the truth is they have been one of my favorite subscriptions for a long time. In general they are pretty good, which is why when they fall, it feels like they fall hard. IPSY is a beauty subscription with several tiers. They have a Glam Bag tier for $12 per month, a Glam Bag Plus Tier for $25 per month and a quarterly Glam Bag X that comes out, well, quarterly and costs $55.

This is the $25 per month Glam Bag Plus. With this tier you receive five full sized items. Two are chosen for you and three you get to choose from a slate of selections. Each choice has several options so it isn’t a blank slate choice, but there are five or so items in each selection category you can choose from to fill out your bag.

The subscription does come with a drawstring bag. the design is cute but really, I could do without the drawstring bags. I keep the ones I like so that when I travel i can keep undergarments in them rather than just chucking the undies in the suitcase, but other than that, I really prefer the makeup bags we used to get and always find the drawstring bags a disappointment.

I think part of the reason that I was upset with IPSY for the last couple of months is that my selection items were mostly items I already received in previous bags or flat out didn’t want. And they seemed to be paying no attention to my profile. This month there were many new selection items up that I had not seen before so choice was actually a choice which was nice. I didn’t just choose the one item I liked or didn’t have. In addition they seem to be paying attention to my actual profile.

So what did I receive? We’ll start with the items they chose for me.

The first of these items was the Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask (retail $69). We all know I love masks and I do try to use more regular face masks than sheet masks. I am still whittling down my collection of sheet masks but at the moment I am not buying any. I had to put my Facetory subscription on hold because I wanted to whittle down my collection actually. Although their Masking Monday’s usually get me as they put several masks on sale for $1 each Monday.

Most of the time I can ignore them but occasionally they put one that I know I love on sale so I end up stocking up. Which I can’t say I actually feel bad about. I’m whittling down the stack of masks that i acquired through subscription boxes and are just so so, but keeping the ones I really like on hand. Or at least that is the plan.

Regardless I am happy to give the Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask a try.

The second item they chose for me was the Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream with Sandalwood. It is supposed to fight against split ends. I don’t have a retail price for this as I was supposed to receive an AHAVA moisturizer so that is what is listed in my Glam Bag Plus page of items. I can’t say I am mad at it though. AHAVA is always hit or miss with me, but since my mother loves them the way I love Elemis I usually just pass the products on to her unopened.

I have been trying out several Christophe Robin products lately and they are growing on me, so I am pleased to see how this works. While I have needed to cut my hair for a while as it has grown longer than I like, I almost never cut my hair in the summer (even when i have a stylist). My hair is pretty thick so I just keep it tied up for most of the summer and then have a cut in the Autumn once the heat breaks and I can wear it down again.

Admittedly usually that is when i sort have a shock at how much my hair grew over the summer. I think it is going to be quite shocking at the end of this summer. However having an extra product designed to protect the ends is very timely. I find the sandalwood scent an interesting idea though as I tend to think of the scent as warming and therefore belonging to the cooler months. I am trying to use up a few opened products first so I haven’t opened to take a sniff. Perhaps he scent will not be an issue.

I am still happy to see a product that is anti-breakage and anti-split ends (and from a brand I like) in my bag this month.

And now we enter the realm of choice. The first item in the choice section is the Viseart Petit PRO Deux (retail $39). I’ll admit I didn’t really look at what other options there were in this category, I just snapped up the Viseart Palette. It is a small travel palette that looks just adorable. The only reason I haven’t bought this on my own is that I always look at it and think that it is too expensive for such a small palette.

I actually have a regular Viseart Mattes palette and I absolutely love the formula of the shadows. They are highly pigmented and really easy to blend. I haven’t tried the formula for their shimmers yet so I am looking forward to that. But I have been eyeing the Viseart palettes for a long time and was thrilled to see it here. I know for some it was a choice a while back, but it wasn’t for me.

The next item I selected during choice was the REALHER Power Wear Probiotic Foundation in I Am Divine (retail $36). RealHer is a brand that I am really coming to enjoy. The three pan glow getter face palette I use a lot. I really enjoyed their mascara and eyebrow pencil. And when I remember to use them, their lip pencil formulas are really nice as well. I can’t wait to see what their foundation formula is like. I think I may have gotten a shade too light for the summertime, but I may try it out today and see if I can use tinted powders to darken it up, just so I can get a feel for the formula. As I have enjoyed pretty much every other product I’ve tried from the brand, I have high hopes for the foundation.

And finally the last choice I made was to select the WE ARE FLUIDE Otherworldly Palette (retail $18) from the selection. This one was a choice that I had to think about. There were a couple of other items that looked interesting and I already had an eyeshadow palette in my bag, but this palette looked like it had several colors I don’t have in my collection.

I keep trying to add more color to my eyeshadow palettes, but the last few colorful palettes I tried, I really didn’t care for. Since this had colors I didn’t own, I figured why not? Hopefully the formula works out because I would like to have something other than neutrals around for when I feel like playing around with color. I know I am mostly a neutrals person, but I do like to have options on the few days I am not.

I know, occasionally I am a contrary soul.

So that was my IPSY Glam bag Plus for the Month of June. I have to ay, I was really pleased with it. The selection of items was nice, the variety was nice and the items chosen went along with my profile. And while skincare will always be my first love, for a while it felt like subscription boxes were drowning us in it. I am happy to see makeup items returning to the beauty boxes. All in all I was thrilled with this month’s IPSY Glam Bag Plus and am really looking forward to seeing what appears in July.

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IPSY Glam Bag Plus September 2019 Review

IPSY Glam Bag Plus September 2019

For those who don’t know or remember, IPSY Glam Bag Plus is a $25 per month subscription in which you get five full sized products to try each month.  Next month they are also adding a makeup bag to each order as well. For more official information, please check out ipsy.com.

Now for this month’s bag.  It was an interesting mix for me.  Two of the products weren’t my favorite, but the other three were fabulous.  So We’ll cover the not so great first.  For that we will start with the APTO SKINCARE Pomegranate Mask. (retail $36)

Now first things first, I love pomegranate in pretty much anything. The only thing I’ve tried from this brand before was a spirulina mask which I didn’t like too much. It was sticky and left a residue on my skin.  But lots of companies have a few products I don’t like and a couple I love so I was willing to try it again. So the claims:

This mask contains powerful antioxidants, like pomegranate and green tea, to restore your skin’s ability to repair itself. Azelaic acid gently removes dead skin cells to promote cell turnover, which helps create a brighter complexion. Redness? This soothing mask will calm redness and inflammation, including rosacea and overexposure to the sun. It’s made with ethically-sourced, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients.

On the back of the bottle it says to leave for a total of ten minutes then wash off.  I applied a layer of product to my face and felt a tingling almost immediately.  Usually that is a good thing.  It makes me feel like it is working. At about the five minute mark my face felt hot, really really hot.  Like burning hot.  The words chemical burn floated through my brain and I washed the mask off immediately.  While my skin was very pink, it was not burned. After a couple of hours the pink faded and I will admit my skin felt nice and soft.

While it does fulfill its claims of a brighter completion and worked well in the end, it was not a comfortable product for me to use.  I don’t know if I have a sensitivity to the Azelaic acid they use or what since that was the only ingredient I was unfamiliar with in the list. I think I am going to pass this on to someone with hopefully less of a sensitivity.

Despite looking very red in this photo in real life it came out with orange undertones, everything else about this lipstick was fabulous.

Next up was the ILLAMASQUA Antimatter Lipstick in Midnight. (retail $27) I really like Illamasqua products so I had high hopes for this lipstick.  On the screen it looked like a true red and I have been searching for a true deep red lipstick for a while.  The formula for this one is lovely, the color is just too much in the orange shade for me. The shade was literally the only thing that was wrong for me.  Otherwise it matches all of the  claims it is a:

…semi-matte, semi-satin lipstick gives you the best of both worlds—creamy texture with full coverage.It’s long-wearing and non-drying for a comfortable wear all day long. Your lips will thank you for the added boost of conditioning moisture. Midnight is a true red made for evening adventures, but great for when you want a daytime power lip.

Except for the orange tone, it was a great product that met every one of its claims. So the quest continues.

The next item in my Ipsy Plus box made me very happy.  I saw it and my inner teenager started to giggle with delighted anticipation. This was the NOMAD COSMETICS Berlin Underground Intense Eyeshadow Palette.(retail $37) I’ll list the claims first:

I am super pumped to play around with this palette.

This palette was inspired by Berlin’s rebellious 90s counterculture and all its grunge, punk, and techno nightlife. There are 15(!) shades in a mix of metallic, matte, and duo-chrome finishes. The pigmentation is off the charts, so you get a serious color payoff. No caking or flaking. Hemp Seed Oil helps nourishes lids and keeps your look fresh all day (or night) long.

I love the color scheme of this palette. It fits with the colors I worked back in high school and I absolutely adored the punk skulls pressed into some of the powders and I could not wait to use them. They are a mix of finishes like they claim, some of the shadows are easier to work with than others.  I am going to have to play around with it a bit longer before I post a full review, but I will post a full review of this palette separately (probably sometime next week).  For the Ipspt Glam Bag plus review, I will keep it short and simply say that I really enjoyed seeing this palette in my box.

The next item in the box was the CIATÉ LONDON Extraordinary Translucent Powder.  (retail $22). It is a really finely milled powder and doesn’t give me a white cast when I use it as a finishing powder.  I’ve had a tiny samply sent to me before and I used every bit of it.  I am pleased to see a full sized version and I plan to use every powdery bit of it as well.

The cleanser is a surprising purplish color which was a little odd for a face wash, but I kind of like.

Finally, there is the GLAMGLOW TROPICALCLEANSE™ Daily Exfoliating Cleanser.  (retail $34).While I love their masks, the last cleanser I tried from them was hard to wash off.  This was great.  You only need a little to wash your face, the exfoliator bits aren’t too harsh for the skin and can not only be used daily but rinse clean away with relative ease.  I really like this cleanser and will be using it completely.

Three out of the five products included were absolute winners for me.  The other two were good products, just not for me.  I will pass them on to others who will enjoy them more.  Over all the value of this box was $156.  Not bad for a $25 box. In my opinion it was certainly worth the price. I for one can’t wait to see what they come up with next month.

IPSY Glam Bag Plus August 2019 Review

IPSY Glam Bag Plus August 2019

This was an interesting box this month.  It turned out to be one of those months where I could do almost a complete face from the box.  So I did.  First of all, the details.  The IPSY Glam Bag plus is a $25 per month beauty box subscription.  Inside you get five full sixed products.  The value of this month’s products came to $128.50 according to the card, so you certainly get good value for the money.  So let’s jump in.

We’ll start from the ground up with the foundation. The first product is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer™ with SPF 50+ in the shade Medium (retail $39.50).I’ve mentioned it before, I am leery of dual purpose products as I feel they still generally only perform one of their functions properly.  Truthfully, that holds true for this product as well.  It is a full coverage foundation.  I don’t think it’s a great moisturizer.  I personally like the moisturizers and cleansers from the IT brand.  I’m not 100% sold on this product. You will see my first picture of me with a freshly washed face, nothing on the skin ready for moisturizer and beyond. Then if you continue down you will see me with just the foundation on.  I apologize for the serial killer facial expression.  The foundation was doing a little bit of settling in the lines so I was trying not to create more lines by smiling.

No makeup here folks, just clean skin

Oh, and as we go through, ignore the under eyes, I suffer from chronic insomnia so the night before I tossed and turned until 4 am and then gave up sleep as an unattainable goal and started my day early.  No amount of any product was going to eliminate the baggage.

I wasn’t thrilled with the settling in the lines, but it is a decent full coverage foundation and lasts all day.  The settling did not get worse at all throughout the day so I may give it another shot.  I think I would use a primer next time with it and get better results.  I didn’t this time because I was still treating it partially as a moisturizer, but I think that would eliminate the issue.

Just the foundation, ignore the serial killer expression

While I did use my own setting powder and concealer (I also use my concealer as eye primer for shadow), The Balm Cosmetics In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2 Palette (retail $32) which came in the box this month handled almost everything else. I have tried single shadows from The Balm before and loved them and I have friends who swear by their bronzer so I was super excited to get this palette.  I also like that it wasn’t just shadow.  I used the blush, bronzer and highlighter as well as the eyeshadows.  I went for a very low key look. Not having to look for other products made the getting ready process super quick. My only issue was with the blush.  My brush was a little bigger than the palette wanted me to use and so I inadvertently blended two blushes.  Not terrible, but something to watch out for.  There was a little fallout from the shadows, but nothing major and I was easily able to sweep it away. I think that this palette is going to be my standard go to for a while in regards to everyday looks.

The Balm palette, there is a mirror on the top of the palette which I tucked under

While there was no lip product in the box this month I used the Huda Beauty lip liner that came in my regular IPSY bag this month and then applied a clear gloss over it.  Next time, I would skip the liner and just go with the gloss as it is more suitable for the understated look I was doing.  I just thought it might be fun to show it.  I actually replaced it with a calmer shade before leaving the house.

Full face from the box

Next in the bag this moth was the AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask (retail $33).  Now we all know, I love masks.  The only thing I’d tried from them before was their hand cream.  My mother ADORES their hand cream. I think it is good hand cream but the scent is just kind of basic. This mask has the same kind of smell so I was automatically thinking it would be so so (It smells like a cream that you would use on your face, I don’t know what other terms to use to describe it).  I would say that it is just okay if you are looking for a 20 minute face mask.  It is decently hydrating but not something I got terribly excited about. However, since the description says it can be used overnightI tried it as a night mask.  This is where this product shines.  Forget using it as a regular mask and just put a layer on your skin before going to bed.  When I wasn’t my face the next morning my skin was soft and hydrated.  It may actually be my favorite night mask.

Also included in my box this month was the Suva Beauty Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops in Trust Fund (retail $26). This product is nice, goes on smoothly has a nice golden glow (which I actually prefer to the more silvery ones) and is not to in your face with the highlight. (In other words I wasn’t singing ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ in my head after I saw myself in the mirror, admittedly I don’t but highlighter on the end of my nose either. I understand the logic, I just really hate that trend.) I wasn’t thrilled with the liquid drops though as I think I wasted more product on my hand then I actually applied to my face. (I put it on the back of my hand and then applied it with a finger to my face.  And yes I was singing the theme from ‘Goldfinger’ as I did it.  Or as much of the lyrics as I can remember.) I like it and I’ll use it, but I really do prefer pressed powder highlighters. Aside from the personal preference, it is a good product.

Three coats to go opaque

Finally we come to a product I was very excited to see.  It was the Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie (retail $18).  I got one of these nail polishes in another box a while ago and I love it. It really is chip resistant and lasts a really long time. I wasn’t too thrilled with the semi-sheer color so I applied multiple layers (three in this pick) to get a solid color. I think in the future I may put this as a wash over a deeper color that I want to tone down. It is a bit on the pricy side, but it is a good polish. The bottle is also beautiful enough that I want to display it rather than chuck it into the drawer where I keep my other nail polish.

Over all I really liked this month’s Glam Bag Plus.  I had a lot of fun with the products (and isn’t that really what make-up is for?) and I found both an excellent everyday palette and a new favorite night cream.  All in all, not too shabby. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next month.

IPSY Glam Bag Plus July 2019 review

IPSY Glam Bag Plus July 2019

My Ipsy Glam Bag Plus arrived (it was delayed because I used some points to add a couple of things to the box).  For those who don’t know the IPSY Glam Bag Plus is $25/month, there are various add on’s you can choose (up to three).  These products are discounted with full sized items costing $12 and sample sizes costing $3.  I really like that they are a set price.  I actually got a Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette as an add on which I will be reviewing separately once I get a chance to play with it.  My weekend away took over most of Friday and Monday so I have been playing catch up all week and haven’t gotten more than a chance to gaze at it longingly and speculate.  The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus (like regular Ipsy) charges your account on the 1st and ships between the 6th and the 10th each month.

So on to the products.

First up is  the HUDA BEAUTY 3D Highlighter Palette in Pink Sands. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly intimidated by this product.  It seems to believe I have way more skills than I actually possess. It looks a bit more professional than I actually get. I like that inside the lid of the package they have the order of the products and a little blurb about what they are used for. I also like the fact that each of the squares of product are good sized.  They look to be about the same size as they would be if I ordered them separately which makes me feel like I am getting a good value. While I will use the product, I doubt I will be using them all at the same time. My looks are just not that sophisticated. Three of the products are powder formulas and one is cream.  The powders are fantastic and I will be using them routinely.  Not so fond of the cream based one, but that is more of a personal preference.  Me and cream based face products don’t really get along.  I can manage eyeshadows but blushes, bronzers and highlighters just mean I will very shortly look like I escaped a circus. In the end I am very pleased with this product and really glad it is in my selection.

HUDA Beauty Highlighter Palette

Next up we have the PURLISSE Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer.  I like the thought of a priming moisturizer, especially in the summer when products tend to do better with fewer layers. I tested the product and it seemed to work well for one time use.  As with this sort of thing, I need to try it consistently for a little while so I will have to report back later my opinions on it.  I recently received the Ipsy skin care bag so I am currently trying those products.  As they are sample sized, they should run out next week and I will let you know my opinions about them in a later post, then begin my trial of the Purlisse.  Since I still have my sheet masks I may to a week or two of just Purlisse skin care to see what happens. But that is another post. I can say that any other Purlisse product I’ve tried has been a winner so I am optimistic.

Next out of the box was Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn from THRIVE CAUSEMETICS. Their claim:

This curling, lengthening mascara formula does exactly what it says—a single swipe made our skimpy lashes look like extensions.

And I have to say it works really well.  My lashes were long and thick when using them and I will use this product until it is gone.  I can’t say that I’d buy it as I currently am working my way through a boatload of mascaras and as new ones come in regularly I haven’t actually had to buy mascara in years, despite using it every day. I can’t see that changing anytime soon.  But it is a good product. Admittedly the Orchid Stem Cell Complex™ claim on the packaging makes me feel like I am part of a science experiment.

But there are worse things.

 Next, we have PIXI BY PETRA Glow Mist. I have to say I am not a huge fan of the dewy look.  Especially in the summer time.  No matter how light weight, it makes me feel like I am greasy. It does have a nice smell though and I put it in the fridge to keep it cool and spray it on my face and neck when I come in from working in the garden.  It smells nice and works great for an instant refreshing cool down.  Just make sure you label it as ‘not food’. 

I know you wouldn’t think that would be an issue, but the other day I had to explain it was not some sort of spray on vinaigrette and then had to do a side by side comparison between the mister and my reusable homemade salad dressing bottle. (Which incidentally had homemade Caesar dressing in it and has a pour spout instead of a mist spray. It does have a green top though which seems to be where the confusion lay.) End result, the mister now has a strip of masking tape on it with the words ‘not food’ printed on it with a sharpie.

Live and learn, huh?

The final thing in this month’s box was the NAKED COSMETICS 4-Piece Pigment Set.  I can honestly say I have never looked at a makeup product before and said ‘this is going to cause issues’ right away. 

Until now. 

Usually I wait a bit before making that sort of statement as I like to give products a fair chance first. I have never used loose pigments before and I can so see this making a huge mess.  I’ve blocked out some time this weekend to play around with them though, so maybe I’ll get the hang of it.  The colors look nice and if I can work with them I will be thrilled. With a finger dip they came out well.  I will have to see how well I can play with them before I make a judgement call on these though. I like the mix and match idea and the fact that you can blend the powders together to make your own shade.  I can just see me getting into trouble with this. So again, I’ll have to get back to you with an opinion on this product.

All in all, it was a pretty good month.  In the Ipsy vs. Boxy I want to say Boxy edged ahead by just a little bit.  Mostly that is because while both had good products, the ones that came in the Boxy Charm July box are ones I will reach for more consistently. But it was close. Which, in my opinion, is a very good thing.

June 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Review

June 2019 IPSY Glam Bag Plus in all its unboxed glory

My Ipsy glam bag plus arrived and I have to say, this was a good month. I also need to say that this is not a paid advertisement in anyway as I bought the box myself and am not affiliated or sponsored in anyway with any of the below products. My opinions are my own.

The details: Ipsy glam bag plus is a $25 a month subscription offered by Ipsy.  You get 4-5 full sized products delivered to you each month. Previously you had to be on a waiting list, but I think now you just have to be a member getting the regular glam bag.  The regular glam bag is a $10 a month subscription and has 5 deluxe samples in a cute little makeup bag.  When you move to the glam bag plus you can decide whether to keep the $10 glam bag or just have the $25 so the end result would be just the $25 a month or $35 a month if you keep both. You can find out by clicking the link.

And now onto the review.

The first thing I pulled out of my bag was the GENERATION CLAYUrban Defence Purifying Pink Clay Mask ($39).  And no that is not a typo, at least not on my part. Even though my fingers itch to turn defence into defense, on the package it is written with a c so either it is an Australian spelling or the company chose this spelling for reasons that escape me. Neither of which has any relevance on the product.  I have tried the purple clay mask from them an absolutely loved it.  It came in a deluxe sample tube from the regular ipsy bag a while back and I really wished it was larger.  Now I have a full sized jar to use. So I guess someone was listening.  (I wonder if now is the right time to tell the universe I want a pony…)

While I do in general like masks as I like the 10-20 minute time out they more or less force you to take while they do their thing, since I’ve been working out, I really like the clay based masks. On Friday afternoon once I’ve completed my last workout of the day, cooled down and taken a quick shower, I like to use a mask to completely clean out the pores and treat myself to a mini reward for making it through the week and not ditching the workouts.

Although I ought to confess I tried this mask on as soon as the box was opened, because I couldn’t resist. The pink was just as good as the purple and I look forward to using the entire jar. Well done, GENERATION CLAY, spelling issue forgotten.

The second item in my box was a set of F.A.R.A.H brushes ($50).  A 5-piece eye perfecting set to be exact.  The brushes were in good condition and had a decent variety for everyday use.  No bristles were loose and they looked sturdy.  I put them to use very quickly as the box also contained an eyeshadow palette and they did really well.  I suspect I will get a lot of use out of them.

TETRIS™ X IPSY Game On Eyeshadow Palette ($24) was in this box and I have to say I was on the fence about this product at first.  I saw the spoilers on the ipsy site so I knew it was coming my way and looked for details. Typically with eye shadow palettes I like to look for the ways other people use the shadow. While I like eye shadow, even though I am drawn to the bold and glitter, my daily look tends towards the neutral. Watching others use the palette helps guide me away from clown or super villain territory, especially if there is a blue involved. If left alone with blue eye shadow (especially the darker shades) I tend to look like I belong to the cast of villains featured on the Adam West Era of Batman. The Ipsy site does have videos showing products in use so I was hopeful. My hopes were dashed as the video more or less featured tall looking women who seemed to be constantly spinning around for some reason.  I was left with the impression that they were wearing the eyeshadow and that attending this party would make me very dizzy. However palette in hand I bravely took up my new brushes and began to play. While not the most saturated of colors, they were very buildable and despite the one bright blue which I will use sparingly (lest Gotham worry) the others I can see myself reaching for a lot. There was very little fall out and the pigments went on smoothly.  I look forward to playing with this palette throughout the month, possibly even the blue.

Item number four in my box was the TRÈSTIQUEMatte Color + Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux & Grenache Balm ($25).  The color is fabulous and works well for me. And you know how I love lipstick. The balm at the end of the tube is great with just a hint of color and I foresee much use from both of them.  Also I really like the magnetic cap for the lip crayon. Two thumbs up for this product.

And now finally we come to the last item in the box and the one I was most excited about. In the box was a full sized SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream ($65). I have never tried anything by Sunday Riley. I have friends who swear by the brand and other friends who can’t stand it. I am glad to have a full sized product to try as I can never really tell with the sample sized skin care products if they are actually doing anything. So while I did my initial try out of the product I will be using it as recommended and will post a more detailed review in about two weeks. I have to say, my initial impressions were good. When opening the product it was full to the brim with product and smelled like a creamsicle. I am a very scent oriented person so this made me rather happy to try out the product. I used the cream before bed last night and it absorbed well into the skin.As it is tagged for both Am and PM use, I used it again this morning. With my daily workouts, summertime heat and the nearly overwhelming humidity, this product will be well tested by the time I am done with it.

Review to follow in a few weeks.

That was everything in the box and I have to say I was impressed. It is a selection I like and will in fact use. I get to try out a skin care product that interested me, play with a new set of eyeshadows, got a new set of brushes, a fabulous new face mask, and added to my lipstick collection. Not a bad haul. For those doing the math My $25 box came with a listed value of $203 worth of products. Not a bad return on investment. Way to go Ipsy. More months like this and I will be a very happy camper.

(The values listed are based on the prices in the pamphlet that came with the box and were double checked on the various product sites.)

For more official info try: https://www.ipsy.com/