A different sort of Eye mask

Today I feel like I am some sort of strange Batman Villain. I’m not sure what sort of character I would be, but I am fairly certain I’m not on the side of Batman. I feel like I ought to do some thwarting.

Today in my quest to work through the single eye masks in my collection to see which are depuffing champs suitable for the thick of allergy season I pulled the Smoothing Coconut Bio-cellulose eye mask. The brand is KGlo. Pretty much everything on the mask package is in Korean. I’m sure there were details in the pamphlet of whatever subscription box this came in but it is long gone. When I went to look it up I found it on a website called Faces and this was the description…

K-GLO® Smoothing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask is made of naturally fermented coconut juice and formulated with top skincare ingredients and traditional Korean skincare wisdom to revitalize and deliver a nutritive boost to the skin.


It is a pretty basic description.

eye holes fold over instead of coming out

The eyemask is white bio-cellulose material. While there are plenty of benefits to the material, I often have a hard time getting face masks made from this material to stick to the skin properly. The paper can be just a little too stiff. And this is no exception. As you can see this eye mask is not the set of two fat comma shapes that you put on your eyes. This is a full on eye mask. Personally I am not entirely certain what benefit my eyebrows will be getting and the fact that the stiff paper goes across my nose means that it is having a harder time adhering to the skin.

Hello, I’m here to thwart you today Batman. The mask sticks more to my cheeks and eyebrows than under eyes

In addition the eye holes aren’t empty, there is a flap to fold down. In theory it provides extra contact under the eyes, but the paper is now extra stiff and adhering less so it is a bit of a fail.

The mask smells like coconut water. Not coconuts, just the water, which in my opinion is a much nicer smell. It is clean but somehow slightly floral at the same time. There is plenty of serum but it isn’t drippy. After a moment or two the mask starts to feel really cool and I am certain that any puffiness my eyes were feeling will be gone. It actually feels a bit icy against the skin, which is nice.

The problem is there are points of iciness where the mask is adhering well and the rest of the area covered isn’t getting the same treatment. At the moment my eyebrows feel blasted with cold but under my eyes have just two points of contact.

I think the idea for this mask is fun and perhaps if the bridge of my nose had a lower profile this would work better, but over all, despite the nice cooling, because it isn’t adhering well and giving me the nice cooling where it is needed, I think this is a use the mask, have fun with it and let it go kind of product. I enjoyed it, and I would have no problem using it again if it showed up in my world, but i am not going to go looking for it. this K glo Smoothing Coconut bio-cellulose mask is not for me.

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