The Skincare Lineup: July 29th, 2022

Good morning my darlings, it is time for my favorite post of the week, the skincare post. while I do like doing the individual reviews of items there is just something I really enjoy about talking about the products when they are in motion. Or maybe it’s because I get to talk about a lot of them at once in a way that would make anyone I was actually talking to who didn’t love skin care glaze over and not politely while looking for exits. Regardless, it is my favorite post. So let’s dive in.

Cleanser: Tatcha Soft Cream Cleanser

Toner: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner

EyeCream: Verso Eye Cream Extra Nourish #5

Daytime Serum: Sulwhasoo First Care

Night Serum: Kiehl’s Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle reducing Night Serum.

Moisturizer: Augustinus Bader The Light Cream

Lip Mask: Tatcha kissu Lip mask

Okay last week I was working with some sample sized products. Some of them ran out and were replaced, others hung on for just one more week. The Tatcha Cleanser sample had enough for two weeks worth of night and day cleaning. I really like this cleanser so I was happy to use it for another week. The tube is alas empty now so I am am a little sad. But I know I will pick it up again. This isn’t my first go round with this cleanser and it won’t me my last. what I love about it, is that it is a slightly thicker consistency. I can wet my face then apply the cleanser to the skin like a really thick moisturizer. I can see exactly where the cleanser is so I know all of my skin is covered. Plus with the thicker consistency less product is needed so the product’s use can be extended. Then water is added, the cleanser massaged into lather and rinsed away. The clean is fantastic and my skin feels nourished as well as cleaned and not stripped. It is a really good cleanser and I have to say I really like the light scent of it. It is the scent of Tatcha skincare. Their primers too have it. I am not entirely certain what that scent is, but all their products seem to have it so I think of it as the Tatcha scent. It is light though so it isn’t overpowering.

This week’s toner is new. I thought I had another sample sized toner in my collection, but if I do, I couldn’t find it. As toners aren’t often sent in most subscriptions (the way cleansers are, I have a boatload of those to work through actually) so they don’t accumulate as fast. Admittedly now that I have said this, I will probably receive a host of toners. It seems to go that way doesn’t it? I was excited to try this toner actually. There are a few products from First Aid Beauty that I absolutely love (Like their Ultra Repair Moisturizer, which was perfect for winter dry skin, hydrating but non-pore clogging). While this is from the same Ultra repair line that has done well for me in the past, especially in the winter, I have also never had an oat based toner before. Most of the toners I tend to lean into are Witch Hazel based. I have more or less always used them and so I gravitate towards what I know. I was surprised to find this was a white liquid.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised it is after all made with oats, but it did take me by surprise. I was very impressed with how it performed though. Oat based products are very soothing on the skin and this is no different. I did have a l few stress related blemishes I was taking down this week and this really did help the reddened irritations surrounding hem to be less irritated without drying out the skin. I really liked it this week and am looking forward to using it longer.

The Verso Eye Cream was new to me as well. It is a sample. This was it’s first week of use but as the sample tube wasn’t very full it looks quite spent. There is enough product to get me through a second week, mostly because when you use eye cream you use so little of it. I have never tried a Verso product I didn’t like and this was no exception. It is a great product. I just wish there was more in the tube so I could use it longer. It is fast absorbing, not greasy, plumps the fine lines and doesn’t clog the pores, what more could i ask besides more product in the tube?

the Sulwhasoo First care looks like it will stain but it won’t the color disappears

The Sulwhasoo First Care Serum is in a sample size that too has now been emptied. It is not the first time I have used this serum and not the last. It is a great serum and I have used several samples as well as a full sized bottle. The full sized bottle is really pretty too actually. I know looks don’t matter, but the serum inside is fantastic so i don’t mind that I like the look of the bottle. It also fits really well in the hand and I enjoy picking it up. So that is a little extra benefit. The serum can look a little odd at first, It is a golden color that looks like it might darken the skin, but it doesn’t it absorbs fast leaving no tint behind.

The Keihl’s night serum is doing well also. It is a full sized bottle so it will be around a bit longer. It is a good retinol and it hasn’t productid any sun sensitivity. Usually in the summertime, even though I use retinol type products at night, they can make me sun sensitive the following day. So in the summer time i tend to switch to bakuchiol products since they are retinol like but don’t have the same sun sensitivity. I like them because of that, but I always find I get better results with a retinol. So I am pleased this one hasn’t cause issues this summer. And if it hasn’t caused issues this summer I think I am in the clear.

The Augustine Bader was sent to me by Influenster. I have had issues with the Rich cream so i tested this on my arm for three days before moving to my face. I had no issues with it. The cream is a light weight water cream and is great for day time use. I noticed last week that I thought I was going to have to roll in a night mask a few nights a week. I didn’t get around to it, and I will definitely be adding one in this week. This is a good day cream, but it just isn’t enough for night time use without a back up every couple of days. The tube kind of drives me a little batty though. I looks cool but it get knocked over really easily and it can only stand one way, upside down. the bottom is rounded. I don’t think i would mind as much if the writing was swapped around, but because I don’t think about it, especially in the morning, I tend to first try to put it down with the writing facing up which doesn’t work. I do like the shape and the pump. If it was a little wider in the base for stability or maybe a little shorter it would not get knocked over so easily but that is a packaging issue. The product itself is a really good day cream.

Which brings us to the Kissu Mask from Tatcha. What can I say, I love it. I only need a light swipe of product to hydrate my lips and keep them healthy and so this little jar will last a really long time. I also plan to use every drop of it so you will be hearing about it for a while. It is great to absorb in over night, but a lighter coat in the morning will help the lips hydrate before lipstick is added. If you have a drier lip product whose color you like, it is a great trick to help out your lips. Apply a thin coat of the mask about fifteen minutes before you apply your lip products. Most will absorb in but wipe off the last of what remains and then apply the lip product. It lets the lippies dry down as intended but keeps your lips from drying out.

But that is me for the week. The emptied sample sizes will be replaced. I am not sure if they will be replaced by full sized products or sample ones this time around. I was looking at my cleansers and while I still have a handful of samples, I have a lot of full sized cleansers I need to work through, so i might go full size. I also have a package that just came in from a brand. If there is a serum in there it may be rotated in. We shall see. Actually I shall see tonight given that I’ll need to replace them tonight for my nightly routine. But you my darlings will have to wait and see what appears in next week’s exciting skincare line up. Stay turned and have a great Friday.

The Skincare Line Up: July 15th, 2022

I know what you are thinking. “Um, Mimsy, aren’t you missing a few products there?” Well yes, yes I am. This week was the final push to get my current book done and out. Literally everything else in my world took a back seat to this. Skincare was simplified to just a few elements as well.

Makeup Remover: Makeup Eraser

Cleanser: Clove and Hallow Cloud Powder Gentle Waterless Cleanser

Moisturizer (Day) Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream

Night Cream/Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

That’s it. I used the Clove and Hallow to wash my face. It is a fantastic cleanser and very gentle on the skin. Plus as it is a powder, you really only need a little of it. The big trick though is to tilt the bottle slowly. As the product level drops, the powder will hit the holes with force if you just upend it and then you have a powder explosion. It is easy to clean up as it just rinses off, but it does waste a bit of product and this isn’t a product I want to waste.

For day cream I used the Korres. I really like it and I think that the salicylic acid that is in the moisturizer has helped keep my pores from clogging as I am reaching the sweaty time of the season where clogged pores seem to multiply. Right now they are less than usual which I appreciate.

The whipped formula of the Kiehls has been nice at night. I don’t know why the light blue color of the cream amuses me, but it does every time i open the jar. The jar is almost empty though so last week may be my last with it. It is a good cream and I would certainly use it again. The scent is lightly medicinal but it provides just the right amount of night time moisture.

And yeah that was my skincare for this week. It was pared down to just the basics. Makeup came off with the Makeup eraser and I used a cleanser and moisturizers. Will I keep this paired down routine? No. I will start rolling products back in. But when I didn’t have any time to spare this week, this was a great set of products to work with.

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Weekly Skincare: July 8th, 2022

Ah the weekly skincare line up.

Makeup Remover: Nuxe Very Rose 3-in 1 Soothing Micellar Water

Cleanser: Clove and Hallow Cloud Powder Gentle Waterless Cleanser

Serum: Vitabrid C 12 Wrinkle Serum

Eye Cream: Symbiosis London Tightening and Resplendent Eye Mask

Moisturizer (Day) Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream

Night Cream/Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

Retinol: Kiehl’s Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle Reducing Night Serum

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

this is going to be a very boring line up this week. The only change is that I took the toner out of rotation. Everything else remained the same. And the thing is, all of these products are working well for me. Not a single one is giving me issues. That’s what I meant by boring.

They are all working well for me and each one of these I would purchase and use again. I know that doesn’t make for a fantastically dramatic post, but it is an accurate one. The issue I’ve had this week has been my birthday sugar intake finally catching up with my skin. I had several break outs which are now on the end. I think the Korres Poreless skin cream is helping with that. it is not only designed for oily skin and I am at my oiliest right now, but it does have some salicylic acid in it. Which is interesting. I have to watch salicylic acid. Too much and i get dry flaky patches. Thus far there are no dry and flaky patches. But my blemishes are fading back rather well. So for me this may just be the right amount.

For me my blemishes mostly consist of clogged pores, usually in the under eye area along the orbital bone. I don’t get a lot of break outs unless I have a blast of sugar. On most days I don’t eat a lot of sugar. I indulge at Christmas, Easter (although the Peeps were a bit much for me this year), my birthday and Halloween. These are generally the times when I can’t resist sugar and end up with mass break outs because of it. (I know i shouldn’t but I figure four times a year isn’t that bad).

the birthday breakouts aren’t bad this year and I think the Korres is definitely helping. It also helps that nothing else is pore clogging. The Symbiosis eye cream isn’t clogging my pores either. In fact everything is working really well. Because I am dealing with break outs and things are working well, I didn’t roll in another toner when I took out my previous one. I just didn’t want to add in another product until my skin settled down. I should be fine by Monday though and a toner will reappear. and then slowly things will start shifting.

Today however is a boring old everything is working as it should and I am really happy with the products I am using. As thunder is cracking overhead, I am just getting my drama somewhere other than my skincare routine. And personally, I am okay with that.

Korres Greek Natural Beauty

The Skincare line up: July 1st, 2022

The Line up for the week of June 27th – July 1st, 2022

Let’s just jump right in shall we?

Makeup Remover: Nuxe Very Rose 3-in 1 Soothing Micellar Water

Cleanser: Clove and Hallow Cloud Powder Gentle Waterless Cleanser

Toner: Aavrani Balancing Restoring toning serum

Serum: Vitabrid C 12 Wrinkle Serum

Eye Cream: Symbiosis London Tightening and Resplendent Eye Mask

Moisturizer (Day) Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream

Night Cream/Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

Retinol: Kiehl’s Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle Reducing Night Serum

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

The Nuxe actually felt really good on my skin this week. We started the week off with cooler weather so I didn’t monitor when I walked as much but by Wednesday the sun and heat were back and I still wasn’t paying much attention. I ended up getting a little too much sun and the Nuxe Micellar water not only cleansed the makeup residue, it really helped soothe the too much sun skin. While the sunblock kept the skin from burning it was the wrong time of day to walk and I knew it (I just did it anyway.)

The Clove and Hallow is just fantastic. It is gentle and effective and because it is a powder it really requires so little product for each wash making it really cost effective as well.

I am still less enthused by the Aavrani. Each time i look at it I think, wow what a pretty blue glass bottle. and then it somewhat disappoints. It isn’t a bad product, but it isn’t really fabulous either. And as I can get really good toners in many places for much less as well as many better serums, it makes me less than enthused by this toning serum. I don’t mind paying extra for good skin care, but the trick is, it has to be good skincare. This is okay skincare.

The Vitabrid and the Symbiosis have definitely earned their place on my skincare shelf. They are both cream products and lightweight. They absorb quickly and don’t clog any pores. I am enjoying using them and hope that as I am approaching the 30 day mark with them results will soon be more noticeable. My skin really drinks in both of them.

This week I rolled in the Korres as a day cream. I did this because as the heat and humidity are rising I am starting to feel much more oily and this is one of the few creams I have that is designed for oily skin (as I tend to only really need it in the heat of summer as a day cream, which it is most definitely the heat of summer now). And yes it is in a pretty (and fully recyclable- actually the packaging is recyclable too which I like) green glass jar. I’ve only had a couple of days use out of it but i think that it is going to be the perfect weight of moisturizer for day time use right now. I don’t think I could use it during much of the rest of the year, but for right now it works for me.

The Kiehl’s night cream is also working for me, but I have noticed I need to use a little less than I was using. I don’t know if that is because of the weather changes or because I changed out my day time moisturizer. It may be a little of both. It is is something that I will be monitoring moving forward.

And I am still loving the Tatcha Kissu Lip mask. Just a little is all my lips need. The scent is light but I likeit. I kind of wish it had a little of a stronger scent because I like it, but I am okay with it the way it is and it works really well. Oh Tatcha does still have their Friends and family sale going on right now (use code FF2022 for 20% off. I actually used the code to order a few products that will hopefully be here tomorrow. Plus thee were three samples with my order so I get to try a couple of other products to see if I like them (and possibly want to order them) So I sense a foil packet try out soon. But for now I am relatively happy with my line up. There are some favorites and some so so products, but nothing major wrong,. which is how I like my skincare.


The Skincare Line Up: June 24th, 2022

The Skincare Line up June 24th, 2022

This week there wasn’t a lot of change from the week before. I did finish my trial of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Fluid, but I decided to keep it in the line up this week because I was sent a serum from BzzAgent to review and I figured keeping things steady while i started incorporating the new serum was a good idea. once I’m certain about the serum, I will adjust the day cream. Maybe. I really like the Embryolisse so I’m not really in a rush to shift it out of the line up. And even if I do shift it out, I will still use it as a body lotion. The only reason I am contemplating shifting it to the side is because I have several moisturizers lined up and ready for testing and I am curious about them. But that is a problem for another day. For now, let’s look at how this week’s skincare performed.

Makeup Remover: Nuxe Very Rose 3-in 1 Soothing Micellar Water

Cleanser: Clove and Hallow Cloud Powder Gentle Waterless Cleanser

Toner: Aavrani Balancing Restoring toning serum

Serum: Vitabrid C 12 Wrinkle Serum

Eye Cream: Symbiosis London Tightening and Resplendent Eye Mask

Moisturizer (Day) Embryolisse Lait Creme Fluid Moisturizer

Night Cream/Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

Retinol: Kiehl’s Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle Reducing Night Serum

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

Okay with the Nuxe, I do use a wet Makeup Eraser on my face before I use the Micellar water. I like getting the makeup off my face before I get down to skincare ingredients. the the reusable toner pads can clear up the last little bits of makeup and then give my skin the benefit of the ingredients in the product. if I don’t use the Makeup eraser first, I end up suing several toner pads because the first one just gunks up and I feel like i have wasted product.

In getting rid of the last dregs of makeup I feel that the Nuxe works well. I’ve also noticed that if i have spent a lot of time outside, my skin really enjoys the soothing nature of the Nuxe before i go into my cleanser. My cleanser is a gentle one but I like the soothing nature of the Micellar water. It does have a rose scent so if you are sensitive be aware. It it fairly light though and fades pretty quickly.

This Clove and Hallow Cloud cleanser is fantastic. Light fresh Mango powder scent (which is lightly vanilla-ish) and only one little shake of powder is all you need to cleanse everything. It foams well, rinses clean and when I am done my skin feels clean and ready to accept the incoming products.

I started the Aavrani last week and I was unsure if it was a serum or a toner. I’m pretty sure it is a toner. It has a few serum like properties, but it feels like a toner. To be honest, while I love the blue glass bottle aside from the pretty packaging it feels like a pretty basic toner. Perhaps the longer I use it, this will feel increasingly special, but at the moment it is a pretty bottle with a basic toner. It works as a toner, but it isn’t all that memorable.

The Vitabrid I am liking more and more though. I was a bit on the fence at first, but the more i use it the more I like it. It is a creamy serum that absorbs well and that my skin really seems to like. I haven’t seen any fine lines or wrinkle magically disappear yet, but my skin does feel and look good after applying the serum. It feels healthy and I can always get behind healthy skin.

The Symbiosis eye mask is still new but it seems to be working well as an eye cream. It is still early days yet, but it absorbs well and I’ve had no increase in pore clogging in the area around my eyes (my under eye area is really prone to that for some reason and always has been so not adding to the clogs is the first thing I look for in an eye cream). it is doing well and I am hopeful. I am aslo willing to continue using it to see how it performs long term.

The Embryolisse I love. Which isn’t a shocker. The Concentre is fantastic when my skin is winter dry, the sensitive worked for me over the spring and the Fluide version is perfect for summer day wear. If I use it at night as well, I need to roll in a night mask about twice a week, but other than that it is fine.

Because BzzAgent sent the Kiehls Cloud Cream I just started using it as a night cream and keeping the Fluide from Embryolisse for day time use. This combo has worked really well. The Keihl’s cloud cream has a whipped texture so it is packed with moisture but absorbs very quickly. It has a slightly medicinal scent to it, but I think most of Keihl’s products have a similar sort of scent. I actually kind of like it.

BzzAgent also sent the Kiehl’s Retinol Serum. Last night was my first night with it, so no results yet, but it absorbs well and had no stinging or redness with it. t is still early in the day, but i did have to go out into the garden and water the plants and then I had to take the trash out for pick up so I have been in the sun. And even though it is early the sun is out and it is now 90 outside. It wasn’t a lot of time outside, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of sun sensitivity. I have had some retinols where I felt like a vampire as soon as I stepped out side (it burns, it burns…) This did not have that. I hope that continues because our summer sun is no joke. It is an interesting serum. The retinol came separately and I had to mix it. I’ll post a first use on Monday to show the details but it was an interesting process and an interesting concept. For now it feels nice asn has yet to make me feel like I need to flee the sun.

And the tatcha Kissu lip mask, remains top rate. My lips are soft and nourished without a sun baked chapped bit in sight.

And so my darlings this is my skincare line up for the week. Over all it was a good week. A few products starting at the gate while a few are winding up their use. A few are worth purchasing and a couple aren’t but there were no majorly dramatic irritations or issues. And while drama is fun to read about, it is less fun when your skin is the stage. Hopefully you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. And then we’ll all see what happens as time passes. Have a great Friday, and if you are going out, don’t forget your sunscreen (I am finishing up my Neutrogena Beach Defense Spray at the moment and when it is done. I will start adding in a new sunscreen to the skincare line up for testing.)

The Skincare Lineup: June 17th, 2022

Oh my darlings it is time for changes. Several items that I was using last week are no more and others have been replaced. As only the night cream differs from day and night time use, I went ahead and put them all together for one list instead of breaking apart the day time and the night time list this week. Next week there will be a bit more differentiation, but as I was replacing so many things at the same time, I wanted to go a little more slowly with the routine and not create upset. Shall we take a look?

Makeup Remover: Nuxe Very Rose 3-in 1 Soothing Micellar Water

Cleanser: Clove and Hallow Cloud Powder Gentle Waterless Cleanser

Toner: Aavrani Balancing Restoring toning serum

Serum: Vitabrid C 12 Wrinkle Serum

Eye Cream: Symbiosis London Tightening and Resplendent Eye Mask

Moisturizer (Day) Embryolisse Lait Creme Fluid Moisturizer

Night Cream/Moisturizer: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

Why don’t we start at the top. I finished out my current makeup remover and this Nuxe micellar water came in a subscription box. I opened it to see just how Rose scented it was so I figured I might as well roll it into the line up since it was open. Plus I really like Nuxe products. They always work so well for my skin. While I sniffed it originally and it had a barely there rose scent, it is a little stronger when you go to apply it. With makeup removal what I normally do is wet my Makeup Eraser (they are incidentally having a Birthday sale right now the code INVITEONLY will get you $9 off), and wipe off my makeup. Once the first layer is gone, i go in with products. The Nuxe took off all but the barest whisper of what was left and then the Clove and Hallow Cleanser knocked out the last bit.

I know, a lot of people don’t see the point of having two cleansers, but I like to make sure every scrap of makeup is removed AND my actual skin gets the benefit of the cleansers. I find for me this is the best way to keep blemishes and clogged pores down. With just one cleanser i will actually reach my toner stage and find I have traces of makeup still on the toner pad. With this method, I have a clean toner pad so I know it is my skin that the products are actually going into and not a protectively polished makeup layer.

It works for me.

Foir it’s first few days of use i have to say the Nuxe is working well. I like the French Skincare rose scent which is still quite mild and dissipates quickly. I’m sure i;ll have more to say once i’ve used it longer.

The Clove and Hallow I have been using for a while and really enjoy. It is gentle enough that I can use it mid day if I am just too sweaty to stand leaving my skin unwashed. It has a great mango powder scent (which has that slight vanilla scent mangos get). It is a powder so i add the water I want to adjust the consistency. It also means there is a lot of product in the jar. It has been over a month of use for this cleanser and I am not even half way down. One dash of powder is all you need. Plus it is in a reusable jar so I can recycle it in the house until the glass jar no longer is of use her, which as it is is shaped like a spice jar and will probably be filled with red pepper flakes once empty and cleaned out means it will be used for a long time to come. I grow the peppers and always need ajar for the flakes so this jar will be reused for quite a while before it ever goes to recycling. Which is part of it’s design. If you are into good, hardworking products that are also clean and sustainable, I highly suggest checking the brand out. But I do love this cleanser. And will be using it for a while more.

The Aavari toner I took out last night to use as I finished my Elemis (the Elemis will be repurchased by the way, it was fantastic). So I used this toner once last night and once this morning. Use wise I am still learning. Scent wise it is very Tea Tree Oil forward. There is a hint of chamomile. I’ll be honest, neither tea tree oil nor chamomile are my favorite scents. The scents aren’t oppressive though, or at least not to the point where I don’t want to use it. That may be a factor later on, but for now it is fine. I love the blue glass bottle (shallow of me, I know but there it is). I dislike the name because it is confusing. It is a toning serum according to the website and the description reads like a toner. I haven’t decided if it is a toner trying too hard to be a serum or a serum that is trying too hard to be a toner. It is going to take a few more uses before I figure that out, but I suspect it is going to be good at one of those things but not both.

The vitabrid serum is a hold over from last week and I am gaining a fondness for it. My skin drinks it in and looks a little more pump right after I apply it. it is a creamy serum and i wasn’t too certain of it at first but it is growing on me. It also reminds me why I shouldn’t make snap judgements on skincare and let them settle in and take time to show what they can do. I think this was the end of the third week and I am starting to see that it is doing something nice. i am happy to keep using it.

My eye cream ran out and so since the Symbiosis was new I decided to roll it into the line up. I know that while I often get fabulous results from inexpensive skincare cost isn’t everything. However this is a $93 eye mask. For me here is the deal with price and skincare. I don’t mind paying more for products that work. Well i don’t like it, but if the results are amazing I can justify the cost in most cases. If I use a less expensive product and it works I am always pleasantly surprised and often become a bit of a devotee. For example the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre is only $29 and for dry skin moisture and pre makeup application I will sing it’s praises until the cows come home, and since I don’t have cows that will be a while. If it is inexpensive and didn’t work then i will think “what did you expect,” I think it is because of the ‘you get what you pay for’ mentality of several older family members.

With expensive products I automatically expect more. If you are going to charge $93 for an eye mask it had better be fantastic, especially since I have tried several really good eye creams that cost less than that. An example is the Lancome Genifique Andvanced Eye Cream. It is $68 and worth every single cent of the cost. It has actually become the eye cream to beat in my world. In rating eye creams regardless of the cost, you are as good as, better than or not as good as the Lancome Advanced. (and no I am not an affiliate, i wouldn’t mind being, but I am not. it is just good eye cream) So I don’t know yet what the Symbiosis can do, but I have high expectations and will be watching it closely. I will say in a few days of use, it absorbs well without being greasy. Time will tell if it does more. And yes, I took pictures for comparison.

Speaking of Embryolisse, the current moisturizer is the Lair Creme Fluide. My trial is actually coming to an end with this and I will have the full review up next week hopefully. It is a really good moisturizer and a perfect day time summer weight formula. I did find that a couple of times a week I needed an extra night mask.

My Night mask isn’t in this week’s line up right now because Bzz Agent sent a Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Omega Rich Cloud Cream for me to try out and review. So i set the night mask to the side for the moment and started using it at night (with the Embryolisse still as a day time cream)

The pairing worked well and i haven’t felt the need to add a night mask. While I love the dark blue glass of the jar, I have to say I am tickled by the light blue cream inside. i don’t know why but I wasn’t expecting the blue. I think because of cloud in the name i expected fluffy white. it is fluffy, but it is pale blue. It is a whipped formula and melts into the skin , well… like a cloud. It has a slightly medicinal scent to it. I don’t mind it, I just can’t place it. It also has squalene which i like and do well with. In general I either do well with Kiehl’s products or I can’t stand them after one use. I’ve had four of five nights with this and still like it. Generally if that happens with Kiehls then I end up liking the product more and more with each use. With this brand that just seems to be the way. I seems to be going into the liking it more and more range, which is always nice to see. I will keep you posted as I continue to use it.

And finally there is the Kissu lip mask. I really like it. it is light weight and absorbs into the lips throughout the night leaving them soft and plump by morning. It looks virtually unused after two weeks of use because to use I just barely skate my finger across the surface. So little product is needed that this mask will last a really long time. And I for one am glad. I have really enjoyed it this far and hope to keep enjoying it.

And so my darlings that has been my skincare line up for this week. A lot of changes but as products ran out they were needed. Because of the timing I was able to roll in a lot of the newly arrived products which makes me happy. I know a lot of this was a brief first use, but as I get more comfortable using them and start putting them through their paces, I will be able to share more about them with you. Until then, have a great Friday and I will return later this afternoon with the Friday Face mask and a brief relaxing interlude. See you then.

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Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser Review

Kiehl’s cleanser

This Thanksgiving, my travel bag contained a tube of Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser.  I remember trying this product before and the only thing I could remember was that I didn’t hate it. So I was happy to put it into my travel kit, not only because I was pretty sure I didn’t hate it, but because it gave me a chance to try it out again and decide why it is that I don’t hate it.

It turns out, that I kind of like it.

First of all, the basics.

The cleanser comes in a plastic squeeze tube and a five ounce tube retails for $23. According to their website the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser should be used twice daily (morning and night). On the product information page:

Detoxify and exfoliate skin with our deep pore facial cleanser. Formulated with ingredients sourced from the mouth of the Amazon River, this daily exfoliating face wash helps remove dirt and oil while visibly minimizing pores. Gentle and non-stripping, our deep cleanser for pores leaves skin soft, fresh and healthy-looking. Gently removes oil, dirt and toxins while helping to minimize pores, Exfoliates and softens with a non-stripping foaming formula, Formulated with Amazonian White Clay, sourced from the mouth of the Amazon River, For oily skin and normal skin.

The product does not have any added scents to it, which I like in a cleanser, and when you take off the cap it smells like clay.  It has the same clay scent that most clay infused face masks have and truthfully, that is what it looks like when you squeeze it into your hand. It reminds me more of a mask than a cleanser. It also feels a bit like a mask when you apply it to your skin.  I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t actually a face mask. 

The cleanser feels very mask like on the skin.

The product is slightly cool and somewhat gritty to the touch.  It does have particles included in the product that are designed for exfoliation.  While it is noticeably gritty, it is not overly harsh on the skin.  I did not feel like I was doing a massive exfoliation when I used this product. That was the part I was most nervous about actually as cleansers are meant to be used twice a day.  If it were a harsh exfoliator that would do some real damage.  This is actually just enough.

I did not use it to take off my make-up, I used a cleansing balm for that, partially because of habit and partially because I didn’t want to use it on my eyes and to scrub off mascara.  The cleansing balm takes the make-up away and then the regular cleanser removes whatever is left behind.  Since this doesn’t claim to remove make-up I didn’t feel I needed to test it for that purpose.  I will say though that it did take off all of the residue left behind and made my skin feel  super clean and polished.

Did it match their claims?

Gentle exfoliation? Yes.

Minimizing pores? Not really, at least not that I could tell in the length of time I used the product.

Removes oil, dirt and toxins? Yes.  I could tell that my face was getting a really good clean.  I had a couple of spots coming out because I tend to break out when I travel (regardless of products used or not used) and I have to say this cleanser gently scrubbed the oil away and kind of dried the pimples out so they disappeared faster.

Did it strip my skin? No.

Over all it is a really good product.  I don’t think that I would continue to use it every day, but I think I will keep it for days when I am on the oiler side or am feeling pimples under the skin waiting to erupt.  I think that is when this product really shines.  I just don’t think my skin is oily enough to use this product daily. When they claim that it is for normal to oily skin, they are being flat out honest.  I think that if you have dry skin you should avoid it and that the oilier you are, the more you will like it. Because it goes on like a mask, I might actually consider using it in combination with another cleanser. This could be used on my oily t-zone and then another product on the rest of my face. Because of its mask like consistency, I think you can actually get away with using it that way since it is clearly not going to run, it is thick enough to stay in place.

So my final review is that it is a good product, and one I might consider buying again but not one I will use every day, just on my acne prone ones or when I need a light exfoliation. Because of its effectiveness though, it has earned a spot on my skin care shelf.

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