Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser Review

Kiehl’s cleanser

This Thanksgiving, my travel bag contained a tube of Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser.  I remember trying this product before and the only thing I could remember was that I didn’t hate it. So I was happy to put it into my travel kit, not only because I was pretty sure I didn’t hate it, but because it gave me a chance to try it out again and decide why it is that I don’t hate it.

It turns out, that I kind of like it.

First of all, the basics.

The cleanser comes in a plastic squeeze tube and a five ounce tube retails for $23. According to their website the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser should be used twice daily (morning and night). On the product information page:

Detoxify and exfoliate skin with our deep pore facial cleanser. Formulated with ingredients sourced from the mouth of the Amazon River, this daily exfoliating face wash helps remove dirt and oil while visibly minimizing pores. Gentle and non-stripping, our deep cleanser for pores leaves skin soft, fresh and healthy-looking. Gently removes oil, dirt and toxins while helping to minimize pores, Exfoliates and softens with a non-stripping foaming formula, Formulated with Amazonian White Clay, sourced from the mouth of the Amazon River, For oily skin and normal skin.

The product does not have any added scents to it, which I like in a cleanser, and when you take off the cap it smells like clay.  It has the same clay scent that most clay infused face masks have and truthfully, that is what it looks like when you squeeze it into your hand. It reminds me more of a mask than a cleanser. It also feels a bit like a mask when you apply it to your skin.  I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t actually a face mask. 

The cleanser feels very mask like on the skin.

The product is slightly cool and somewhat gritty to the touch.  It does have particles included in the product that are designed for exfoliation.  While it is noticeably gritty, it is not overly harsh on the skin.  I did not feel like I was doing a massive exfoliation when I used this product. That was the part I was most nervous about actually as cleansers are meant to be used twice a day.  If it were a harsh exfoliator that would do some real damage.  This is actually just enough.

I did not use it to take off my make-up, I used a cleansing balm for that, partially because of habit and partially because I didn’t want to use it on my eyes and to scrub off mascara.  The cleansing balm takes the make-up away and then the regular cleanser removes whatever is left behind.  Since this doesn’t claim to remove make-up I didn’t feel I needed to test it for that purpose.  I will say though that it did take off all of the residue left behind and made my skin feel  super clean and polished.

Did it match their claims?

Gentle exfoliation? Yes.

Minimizing pores? Not really, at least not that I could tell in the length of time I used the product.

Removes oil, dirt and toxins? Yes.  I could tell that my face was getting a really good clean.  I had a couple of spots coming out because I tend to break out when I travel (regardless of products used or not used) and I have to say this cleanser gently scrubbed the oil away and kind of dried the pimples out so they disappeared faster.

Did it strip my skin? No.

Over all it is a really good product.  I don’t think that I would continue to use it every day, but I think I will keep it for days when I am on the oiler side or am feeling pimples under the skin waiting to erupt.  I think that is when this product really shines.  I just don’t think my skin is oily enough to use this product daily. When they claim that it is for normal to oily skin, they are being flat out honest.  I think that if you have dry skin you should avoid it and that the oilier you are, the more you will like it. Because it goes on like a mask, I might actually consider using it in combination with another cleanser. This could be used on my oily t-zone and then another product on the rest of my face. Because of its mask like consistency, I think you can actually get away with using it that way since it is clearly not going to run, it is thick enough to stay in place.

So my final review is that it is a good product, and one I might consider buying again but not one I will use every day, just on my acne prone ones or when I need a light exfoliation. Because of its effectiveness though, it has earned a spot on my skin care shelf.

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