The Daily: January 25th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday. The sun is shining here and I have to admit, I skipped my planned morning workout to go on a longer walk. It was 50 degrees and sunny.

I regret nothing.

I did come home to a full e-mail in box and several text messages so it was sort of a trade off on time, but truthfully, I regret nothing. There were too many days last week where I didn’t leave the house for me to feel bad about extra walking time. There was a little extra time spent in conversation with my neighbor’s daughter.

My neighbor Agnes has some form of dementia and so her kids and a nurse take turns staying with her and her daughter came in today and found that all of the notes reminding her Agnes not to go out of the house on her own were taken down. Agnes folded them and made them into a paper chain. They were folded quite intricately. Apparently this has been going on a while. The family puts up nots, Agnes leaves them for a day or two then takes them all down and folds them into a paper chain and then the family puts up more notes.

Its like some form of non-verbal protest against the restrictions. Or at least that is what the son (who is a psychiatrist) thinks. Agnes’ daughter just wanted to check with me to see if she had been actually going out or if it was just the taking down of the notes. Mostly because when Agnes leaves the house she seems to just come over to our house.

Despite the note removal, Agnes hasn’t left the house and I text the family every time she does so it is just the notes. And a quite elaborate paper chain. Its the sort of paper chain that my mother used to make with gum wrappers when she was a child. It was actually kind of impressive.

Today’s Look:

Primer: LYS Secure Skin Gripping Serum Primer

Foundation: KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It Powder Foundation

Bronzer: LYS No Limits Matte Bronzer

Blush: Ciate London Marbled Light Blush

Highlighter: About Face Light Lock Fluid Highlight

Eyeshadow: Formula Z So pretty Palette

Mascara: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Lips: Mac Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath

Okay I am still testing out this primer and today, I used it with the KVD Powder Foundation. i really like this foundation as normally it is quick and easy to use. It blends beautifully. Today, it ended up patchy because the primer gripped it in strange ways. It went from a foundation that was easy peasy to apply to one that was a struggle. This far this is the only formula that I’ve tried that has this issue. (and the KVD has never had this issue before). I think this primer just doesn’t work well with powder foundations.

Today I also decided to use the LYS bronzer. It is okay. It is a large pan which is nice and the packaging is pretty. The formula is buildable but can also blend away to nothing if you aren’t careful with it. It is a bronzer I will use since I have it, but not one I reach for often and not one I would repurchase.

The marbled light blush from Ciate is a product I love, reach for a lot and would happily repurchase. However when i went onto their site I noticed that it wasn’t there. I am really hoping they just need to restock it. The above link will take you to their illuminating blush, which is also nice. I have it and use it, but I do prefer the marbled light.

lots of fall out, I had to clean up more after this photo was taken

I took out the About Face Highlighter today mostly because it was in the drawer with the LYS Bronzer. This is another product i don’t tend to reach for often and I need to actually keep it out to give it more of a trial. It is a liquid highlighter and the container is large and over built. It is pretty but it takes up a lot of space for a 0.5 oz bottle of product. Today I put it on and it looked a little more greasy than illuminating. so I put a little bit of powder over it and it more or less disappeared. At that point though I had already spent enough time getting the primer and foundation to get along that I didn’t really want to spend more time on the highlighter. I think when it came in I tried it once but never played around with it. I might do some playing and see what happens. At the moment, I like the packaging but am not so thrilled with the product.

Today I went again for the Formula Z palette. Today though, I only went for the mattes. Mostly because I couldn’t find my eyelid primer. I’m going to try to locate it tonight. Then I’ll play around more with the glitters. Because these glitters need some help to sty in place. the setting spray did it’s best by by the end of the day I had bronzed glitter contours down the sides of my nose. While an interesting look, not really what i was going for. So I played around with the mattes today. There are only two. One almost perfectly matches my skin tone and the other is a dark brown. I applied the dark brown and then blended with the lighter skin matching shade.

They are both powdery and I have both colors in better, easy to blend formulas. This got there in the end, but it was more of an effort then I wanted to put into what basically amounts to a one and done shadow look. If I end up keeping this palette, it is going to be because I like the glitters and don’t have that many in my collection. I’m not keeping it for the mattes.

The Eyeko Black magic I am keeping. While I prefer the formula of the Lash Alert from Eyeko it is still a good formula and I am still happy to use it. And honestly it was a relief to just swipe it on after the make up issues of the day. The MAC lipstick was also a treat. I appreciated the mascara and lips causing no issues whatsoever. Plus this is one of my favorite neutral lipsticks. It goes well with my skin tone without completely washing out my lips into my face. And MAC always has a great formula. They were my first love in lipsticks and remain dear to my heart.

So that was my makeup look today. It was more of a struggle than my daily makeup is. Usually if I have this much trouble it is because I am trying something fancy i saw on a tutorial. And generally making a mess of it. Normally my every day looks don’t take a lot of time. This took a lot of time. And still came out looking like an everyday office look. If I take this much time with my makeup, I want it to look spectacular. Not bad, wasn’t worth this kind of effort. But some days are like that my darlings. I just like to keep them to a minimum. Hopefully that means my meetings later this afternoon will go smoothly. One can only hope. And now that I know to avoid powder foundations with this primer, I’m sure tomorrow will be a brighter day. At least as far as makeup application goes. Happy Tuesday!

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The Daily: December 7th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today, my nose is a little less runny and the sneezing is thankfully less. Which means that it is actually just the up and down weather and not an actual cold. Saturday the temps were in the upper sixties to low seventies (I know far too warm for this time of year) but it was warm air pushed in front of a rain storm. The rains came and it is now in the thirties. Such changes always make my nose feel somewhat offended. Hopefully the temps will settle down and we won’t have such major shifts for a while.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’m not counting on it though.

Even though the sun has actually started to peek through the clouds, the air is raw and damp and large portions of the walking trail are flooded, so workouts today were again in the sunroom. This time with an actual bit of sun included. I have to say the hand weights and yoga mat from Prosource Fit were a great investment. (they still have a 60% off sale going on right now). I’m not comfortable at the gym right now and sometimes weather prevents the walking trail from being used. I like having the back up of the weights and yoga inside the I can still move a bit even if I don’t get my full work out in.

while I will never really be a gym sort of person, I’ve incorporated daily exercise into my routine for so long at this point that if I don’t at least get a little bit in each day I feel really off balance and twitchy. So it was You Tube Yoga and some workouts with weights today.

This afternoon’s sheet mask is going to be the I’m Lavender Mask Sheet from Tony Moly. I think I’ve used their Hemp mask before but I don’t recall using the lavender one so this will be a fun one to try. Hopefully it will be both hydrating and soothing without being overly floral. I don’t like when sheet masks are overly floral. They tend to make me feel like I should wash my face after, which sort of defeats the purpose of the mask serum in the first place. So we will see how that goes. I’ll let you know on the end of month masking recap.

For now, let’s talk makeup.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Figs and Rouge Blurring Primer

Foundation: KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It Powder Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush: Rodial Blush Drops

Eyeshadow: Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Palette

Mascara: Roen Lash Cake Black

Lips: MAC Love me Lipstick in Bated Breath

Glasses: ThinOptics

I forgot to take my reading glasses off when taking the pics. Personally, I love these readers. they are so light weight that they make no dent in the makeup and are super easy to wear. Also the case clips onto the back of my cell phone so I always have them with me. They are the MVP of my work life at the moment. Oh and if you think you may need readers but don’t know the strength, ThinOptics now has a Clarity kit so you can easily find out. My eyes have always been bad so glasses and readers have been a part of my life for a long time. And having readers I like to wear makes me squint less, so it helps with the fine lines around my eyes almost as much as the eye cream. After all not helping them to form is better than fighting the ones already there.

The primer and foundation I’ve been using for over a week now and I will be posting my full reviews on Thursday. The short version is that the primer is good at blurring and the foundation is more full coverage than I would have given powder credit for. In addition it doesn’t look all that powdery when on. Admittedly I used more cream products with it and skipped powder itself most of the time when using it, which helped.

The we have the blush drops. I like cream blushes. well, I like some cream brushes. I’m just not sure i like this one. when the drops are first placed on the skin I thought, that is a bit bright. then I blended it in and thought, where did it go. I added a little more and when blended it looked better. Of course today I think my entire face looks a bit on the pink side, but I’m not sure that is the blush. I certainly didn’t apply it on my nose. I think that might be due to the sneezing.

With the blush, it is a light pigment on the skin that easily blends away. I think I might want to try it with a BB cream to see if it lends itself more to a more natural look. In addition to the color, I am not entirely certain I like the texture of it against my skin. It is a heavier weight than some of my other cream blushes. I may actually swap it out for a different cream blush tomorrow so I can do more of a comparison, but to me it feels a little heavier on the skin. I may play around with it a bit more, but at the moment it isn’t looking like a top product for me,.

The storybook Cosmetics palette I always enjoy using, as long as I stay away with the blues. It is the rosier tones in this palette that I really like. The shades can be a bit powdery so tap off your brush before applying. They do blend well without becoming muddy. However they also tend to fade a but by the end of the day. You will still know you have eyeshadow on after eight hors of wear but it won’t be nearly as vibrant.

It you are interested in the palette, when I went to grab a link for reference I say that it is on sale. Usually it is $55 but right now it is $15. I think several of their other palettes are on sale as well. It is good eyeshadow, just remember to tap your brush and not to expect it to last for a full 12 hours. It’s big drawback is it’s size which is why I have it out as a decorative element rather than in the drawer. It simply takes up a lot of space. The book design is cute though. So at least it looks nice out.

The Roen mascara is a good basic mascara. It works well, but there is nothing spectacular about it. I will happily use this until it is done, but once gone I will see no real reason to repurchase it.

And finally we reach the lips. MAC is a long time favorite for the lips (although there aren’t a liot of their other products I really gravitate towards). This is a great color for me and feels very comfortable to wear. It is one I will continue to use and one that I will certainly replace when it is gone.

So that my darlings was today’s makeup look, the good, the bad, the indifferent. Well maybe indecisive would be a better descriptor than indifferent. either way there are products I love and products I will just use for now.

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The Daily: December 2nd, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. We have reached Thursday and quite honestly that feels like a bit of an accomplishment. While the world went a little mad yesterday, today it seems everyone realized they went a little mad and are now taking a breather.

Which is kind of nice because I now have heaps of work to get done before the month/year ends.

But that is okay, I was expecting that. Somehow I never quite expect the first of December mayhem. And honestly, it usually isn’t this bad. In addition to everything else I do a lot of technical writing and I think that a lot of companies are rewriting their policies and procedures to more permanently incorporate some work from home systems.

Which I suppose is smart.

Even if they all decided to do the update at the same time.

So maybe it is more of a trend then just smarts.

Regardless, after yesterday’s freak out the world is calmer, busy, but calmer. And I managed to get a longer walk in today to make up for yesterday’s lack. So it all worked out.

Today, being the second of the month, I got to go in and make my selections for my Glam Bag Plus. I have to say this is one of the first months in a while where I have nothing negative to say about the selections. I was actually quite impressed. I also got an add-on this month. They had the Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate in the add ons and I just couldn’t resist putting it into my box. They had it for $18 instead of the full price (and it is a pretty pricy product). It is also something I’ve used before and absolutely loved. (It wasn’t one of the selections, but it does ship with the box). They actually had a lot of add ons this time around that looked interesting. I think they sort of rolled a lot of their holiday stock into the add ins. Either way, i was more impressed with IPSY today than I have been for a while. And I am really looking forward to Decembers Bag.

But the bag will have to wait.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Figs & Rouge Blurring Primer

Foundation: KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It Powder Foundation

Bronzer/Blush/Highlight/Eyeshadow: Glam on the Go Palette from Amuse

Mascara: Anastasia Beverly Hills black mascara

Lips: AOA Wonder Matte Lipstick (shade 2039- Venus)

I have heard about Shop Miss A for a while now and I’ll admit, I was skeptical of $1 makeup. I know, sometimes good things don’t cost a lot. But sometimes you get what you pay for. so I steered away. Then I realized they had some skin care tools that I really liked. Incidentally if you are looking for inexpensive silicone masking brushes, I recommend checking them out. Nearly everything on their site is $1. A few items might be slightly higher, but there are very few.

I am actually giving several face masks and masking sets to family for Christmas this year so I decided to pick up a bunch of the masking brushes so I could add them as stocking stuffers for the people getting masks. While i was there I picked up a few makeup items to try. while I did pick up some foundation, I am still trying out the KVD Lock It foundation, so I’ll be trying that later on. I just couldn’t resist the all in one Glam on the go palette. And since technically there are four eyeshadows in it, the palette sort of went with the quad theme I’ve had going on recently.

First the three non Miss A items. The Figs& Rouge Primer i am sort of on the fence about. It has a thin consistencey and does a decent job of blurring but there is something about the scent that I am not too crazy about. And it is a strong scent. I’m going to keep using it for the trial but the scent might end up making it a non-repurchase item.

The foundation is the KVD powder foundation and I am starting to get the hang of the powder foundation. This one wears really well and provides more coverage than I thought it would. It also doesn’t look powdery which is nice.

The ABH Mascara is nice. it lengthens and does a fair bit of volumizing. Mine looks a little messy today which I didn’t realize until I looked at the pictures. After applying the mascara I sneezed. But I thought it was dry enough not to cause issues. There was a little transfer, which I didn’t realize. It is a good mascara and I would use it again.

The rest of the items came from Shop Miss A. The Palette contains everything but the lipstick. Amuse seems to be a Miss A brand. The products in this palette are not very pigmented. I like that it is pretty much an all inclusive palette (and a $1 palette at that). The products did work well and stayed in place once applied, but none of them, from bronzer to shadow, is very pigmented.

I think this palette would be a decent one to travel with if you were tight on space, and I probably will do so at some point as I always seem to be short on space. I also think this would be an excellent palette to give to someone who is just starting to get into makeup. the shades are buildable, but not highly pigmented. So if you (or whoever you buy it for) is nervous about clown like blush or overly heavy eye makeup, this might be a good place to start to learn application techniques. While the palette is normally only $1, at the moment they are having a sale and I ended up paying only $0.88 for it. It works well and even though the shadows aren’t highly pigmented, they aren’t patchy, so it is well worth the money I spent. I would probably buy this palette again and I will certainly use it again as well. It is also really nice to have something with so many products in it that I can grab quickly.

The AOA lipstick is also a Miss A brand. It is slightly more pink than it looked on the site, so that is something to keep in mind. The scent of the lippie is slightly plasticky, but the scent fades quickly. It applies smoothly and dries down really well. It doesn’t dry down completely so there is still a little stickiness to the lips, but it dries enough to not leave lip prints everywhere, which is nice. After several hours it does start to get a little dry and crumbly around the edges and it looks worn down, but even after lunch i was still wearing lipstick. I refreshed it and was good to go. I was actually kind of impressed. I would definitely consider getting more colors. This one was slightly more pink than expected, but still within the range I thought it would be and in the end I like how it looks when on.

the Palette may not end up being a go to product, but it is nice to have and nice to know I can slip it easily into a purse for a nearly complete look if need be. I was very impressed by the lippie and will be getting more shades to add to my collection. I know I probably don’t need more lipsticks, but we both know, I’m gonna order some anyway. I may call it my celebration treat for getting the last of my Christmas gifts sent off to their respective locations. Surely that s cause to celebrate.

For now though, I am relatively happy with the way today’s makeup turned out. I will however be correcting the mascara smears. and then I’ll get back to work.