The Daily: April 21st, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I am feeling much less panicked today. Yesterday I went through files and programs and systems and I think everything is fixed. I also did a grand photo purge. After I did it I of course panicked thinking that I might have actually deleted several photos that I wanted to keep. Thuis far I don’t think I have, so I am feeling cautiously optimistic. Whatever kept shutting my computer down yesterday also appears to have been fixed. In truth though I am not sure what I did that actually fixed the problem. I found several issues needing to be addressed and decided to fix as many as possible. Who knows maybe it was the combination of issues that was the problem in the first place.

No matter, I am in a better mood and my computer is no longer crashing.

Yes the happy dance was done.

Hands were in the air and I think I startled one of my neighbors walking their dog.

In addition to not having computer issues today, I also met with a trainer at the gym. That’s right I sat down with an actual professional and he helped set up an actual workout program for me to follow. Like a real one. I am hoping that this new system will get me off of my plateau and send me deep into Weight loss Valley. Do you want to know the best part? I went ahead and books a follow up visit for 6 weeks from now. So I can just concentrate on following the system and then after six weeks of following the program and seeing how my body reacts I can have the program adjusted if need be.

I know most of you are thinking, ‘Um yeah Mimsy, that’s what a personal trainer does.’

You say that like you think I’ve ever worked with a personal trainer. My system is generally to go to the gym use the machines I know how to operate for the length of time that I have available to me and then make up the rest with walking on the walking trail. I am the Queen of cobbled together work out programs. I use things I’ve picked up from Fitness articles, You tube and I even have a couple mental hold overs from an old Richard Simmons Video in my head.

This was the first time a professional (other than my doctor) has ever been involved in my weight loss system. Incidentally i go to Planet Fitness in case you are wondering and with my membership the meetings with a trainer something I can sign up for like I would sign up for a class. I think it will be really good for me. I was kind of nervous talking to a professional. Most of the people in my gym are either elderly and recuperating from surgery or already fit and just trying to whittle off a few pounds. so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a very positive experience for me and I have to say I am now kind of excited to get started. Also since I will be checking back in in six weeks there is an extra accountability there. Someone will actually be looking at me and asking directly how I did.

Admittedly since it was late afternoon by the time he finished going over everything with me I wasn’t able to actually start today. As it is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Set up I will be walking tomorrow and then starting the entire program on Friday. To be honest, I kind of like the thought of starting something on a Friday. So often I restart things on Mondays it is nice to have them already in motion when Monday rolls around. Plus I have a little more time on Fridays to kind of figure out how long the work out will take. Over all I am generally excited. I will leave this plateau!

Today’s look:

Primer: Benefit Porefessional Pore filling Primer

Foundation: Ciate Extraordinary Foundation

Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Blush: Ciate Marbled Light

Powder: Ciate Extraordinary Translucent setting powder

Eyeshadow: Subculture by ABH

Mascara Ciate London Triple Shot XXL mascara

Lips: Elf Sheer Slick in Black Cherry

I know, I had planned to test out the Pixi Primer all week, but when I went to look at my skin after using the Pixi Primer i couldn’t remember how the Ciate London Extraordinary Foundation looked with a matte primer. On Monday afternoon I was very shiny and I needed to know if it was the glow of the primer or the foundation causing the shine. It was the primer. The Ciate London Foundation is performing wonderfully today with no shiny oil spots coming through. I really need to figure out where I can put this foundation so I remember to reach for it more. I really like it but the tube is too long to stand up in the drawer so it lays flat and gets buried. I may have to do some repositioning.

I ended up reaching for several Ciate Products. I am actually a really big fan of Ciate London. I tend to save the Watermelon Primer for the summer time because of its consistency and coverage but everything else I use year round. I actually want to get several more of the Marbled light blushes. The one makeup item I haven’t tried from them is their bronzer and that is on my list to pick up. Today i used the Too Faced which I really do like.

I especially wanted to use the Ciate Triple Shot XXL Mascara today because I am sending the Ciate Wonderwand Mascara to the empties bin. I wanted to compare the two while I still had them both fresh in my mind. The Triple shot is really good with length but of the two I think I really prefer the fullness of the Wonderwand. It gives me a little bit more of what i like in mascaras. Both are good but i think when i go to order mascara I will be ordering the Wonderwand. And hopefully picking up the bronzer as well. Actually once I do pick up a bronzer I may actually have en entire face of Ciate products. may have to make a day of it.

Incidentally Ciate London is having a big sale on right now. If you are interested in any of their products you might want to check them out. (It’s also why I was trying to figure out which mascara I liked now. ) The foundation is normally $34 and is now on sale for $17 and the blush, usually $26 is currently $13. The links will take you to those items, both used today but the sale is site wide so you can poke around a bit and find all sorts of deals. I hope that helps if you are looking to stock up. Great makeup is fantastic to have and even better when it is on sale.

The Subculture palette was out and I do love using it so I used it again. It really is a good palette. I don’t care what the rest of the world says, I like it. and I will probably use each shadow down to pan. except maybe the yellow. I don’t tend to reach for yellow much.

Finally I used the Elf Sheer Stick in Black Cherry. It gives my lips just a slight wash of color , but fabulous shine and hydration. I have already used mine enough that half of the product is gone. I really like the Sheer slicks, especially when I have either gone heavy on the eyeshadow or want a no makeup makeup look.It is very much worth picking up.

So that was me today. Makeup with no real issues, predominantly from Ciate and a fabulous meeting with a trainer to set up an actual workout schedule. All in all not a bad day. It did eat into some of my work time though so I will be spending the rest of the afternoon with my overly full e-mail box but I am okay with the trade off. I just have to remember that as the new system doesn’t start until Friday that it won’t affect Friday Morning’s weigh in. Sometimes my brain jumps from have a plan to expecting results even though implementation has not begun. I know it isn’t logical, but that is sometimes what happens. This week I am going to try to remember not to do that. though. At least that is the plan. So back to work for me.