The Daily: November 30th, 2020

I think whatever attempt fall made towards proclaiming itself has been complete. Today the rain is tinged with ice and snow is predicted by night fall. Winter has arrived. There was no walking. And I did not get up early enough to do my morning workout either. I heard the ice hissing against the windows, snuggled down into the covers and hit the snooze button as many times as I actually could get away with.

Today coffee has been my friend.

Partially because of the lack of sleep last night, but mostly because everyone in the world is trying to make up for the lost time during last week’s holidays. I think it also reminded people that more time off will be coming at the end of December and so they are trying to get ahead.

It seems like everyone goes through this every year. Everything chugs along. “Oh yeah it was nice to have a day off for labor day,” and then things resume. Then it’s “Oh I’m so pleased that there was a day off for Veteran’s day, it feels like we haven’t had any down time in a while.’

Then Thanksgiving arrives.

And when it arrives it tends to arrive like my grandfather. Seemingly nice and quiet until you realize that one of his bags of luggage is actually a set of great highland pipes that he will use to serenade the dawn, terrifying your neighbors into believing your familial traditions include skinning cats. (at least until he was warmed up and an actual tune was begun)

I’m still not sure how that became a tradition, I just know that in the years that he visited for holidays (any holiday, not just thanksgiving) we baked cookies, used calligraphy to write notes for the neighbors and gave out complementary earplugs to let them know Tommy Mac would be in town.

That’s right, we apologized in advance.

Cause we knew.

While he has since passed on (and I like to think he is still playing the pipes instead of a harp and possibly traumatizing those with harps should Sunday School imagery hold true), it is almost like at Thanksgiving everyone still hears the echoing cry and realizes that any plans for the end of the year now have a countdown attached. As a consequence of this realization I have spent most of the day in long calls and now have an inbox filled with various contracts. Thank heavens for e-signing as my printer ran out of ink around 11 am and I was not in the mood to run out and pick more up.

Although I will need to do so soon. So I’ll be studying the weather and looking for a day without rain, sleet or snow and trying to condense all my running around into that time frame.

While my exercise today mostly involved talking, the occasional trip to the coffee pot, followed by the inevitable visit to the restroom later on, I did manage to stay on track for my calories today. I always get very nervous after thanksgiving because all of the super rich family recipes come out. This year though there was no extra snacking, just the meal and it’s leftovers. I’m hoping that didn’t do my diet in. If it did of course, I’ll make up for it. The holiday is only a once a year minor set back and not something that really worries me. It isn’t as if i’m going to have such a large meal every night moving forward. So I enjoyed it (within reason), accept whatever results come and continue moving forward. Plus in my family, Thanksgiving is the big food holiday. Christmas and New Years were always drinks, dips and canapes.

We tend to lean more towards cocktail parties and lots of small gatherings rather than large feasts once we pass Thanksgiving. Of course in my family finger food is an art form and celebratory cocktails a competition, so there are plenty of calories. Although this year, the parties will be over zoom which will help the calorie count. I’m just waiting for someone to put together a fancy looking cocktail to show off that looks spectacular, but isn’t really drinkable due to some sort of dry ice, electricity fueled toxic chemical concoction. while taste is usually the deciding factor in who wins the cocktail crown for the year, I’m betting this year there will be rules about toxic additives used only for show. Mostly because my brother was already talking about dry ice and a black light while my cousin was contemplating the liquid in a glow stick during our holiday chat.

But that is an argument for another day. For now, I enjoyed the largess of the holiday table and am back on watching my calories, even if I am slow in getting back to my workouts. It’s usually just the first snow that makes me want to hibernate. After that I accept that winter is here and just get on with things. I hope whatever you did over the weekend (whether it was a holiday for you or not) you had a grand one and are easing your own way back into the work week.