The Daily: November 17th, 2020

Oh my darlings what a day today has been. It started off normal and then I was asked to ride to my Babydoll’s rescue. Yes I was the knight in shining lip gloss to his damsel in distress. He got a flat tire on a particularly nasty stretch of road. while he had the spare doughnut in the trunk it was old and he didn’t trust it so I drove out, helped him change it and then shadowed him in to the shop.

I was amazed at the amount of business the auto shop near us is doing. People who haven’t had to drive in a while were taking car of little repairs that they let slide during daily use. Some vehicles had issues from sitting to long idle. For everyone else things just either wore out or it was just that time of year.

The shop was on a side of town we hadn’t been on in a while so we left his keys and went abrowsing. We were also reminded why none of the stores in that section of town were ones that we hadn’t visited in a while. There was nothing either of us wanted other than lunch. Unfortunately he just got back from his doctors and his cholesterol is way up because he had been sneaking through drive thrus whenever he feels I have inflicted too many vegetables into his world.

So we delayed lunch until returning home. Which is good because the fried chicken place I really like is the only place that I wanted to go out there and I do not need mid day fried chicken. So I had a late lunch salad and bean burgers. The fact that it is bean burgers makes my baby feel like he is still getting a treat so all is good.

Well he needed two new tires and all is good. And no one got hit on the nasty strip of road. So Bonus.

Today’s walk included walking around to kill time across town but not much else. But i think my calories are still in control so over all, the day has ended well. Tonight we are planning our pared down thanksgiving feast. Since neither of is is a huge fan of turkey (and we still have a lamb shoulder in the freezer from the easter feast that wasn’t) we are going to have a lamb roast instead. My baby doll is still hoping for two pies but I think I can manage to convince him that we only need one if I put the chocolate mousse pie at Christmas. I think because he grew up with two brothers and every member of his family has a massive sweet tooth (where as I lean more savory) he has visions of having an entire pie all to himself dancing in his head. Which as i generally only have one piece he will have most of one all to himself even if I make one pie. And at least he will make the sacrifice of the second pie while eating a burger (sort of). I’m pretty sure I’ll get talked into making at least one batch of cookies in between thanksgiving and Christmas to make up for the lack of a second pie. But I can work with that. Especially since I plan to make freezer cookies. It’s where you make a dough, roll it into a tube, freeze it and only slice off the few you want to bake at that moment and then stick it back in the freezer. One or two cookies are nice but this way I’m not stuck facing down a couple of dozen when I go to refill my coffee during the morning. If they are there I tend to pick one up each time I pass. this way, no pick up.

well I’m off to see if I can catch up on a couple of things before I call it a day. It was a very up and down day, but I think in the end it turned out all right. I just may have to hustle on paperwork tomorrow.