Is Cashmere slip as soft as it’s name?

Kristofer Buckle Cashmere Slip lipstick in Bardot (and yes I repainted my nails right after this picture was taken)

Oh my darlings, I am in love. I know I talk about lipstick a lot. I use it to control my urge to snack and I delight in trying new shades.  I will confess I am more of a liquid lipstick kind of girl, usually. With a few notable exceptions.

Bardot by Kristopher Buckle is a notable exception.

I picked it up because I thought the shade looked nice and because it is supposed to be long lasting.   It is both.

The full name is Cashmere slip long lasting lipstick in the shade Bardot (retail $14).

The Description…

Full impact color. Cashmere Slip® is a creamy, richly pigmented lipstick that delivers bold color for up to 8 hours. Easy to apply, this luxurious formula glides on smooth and wears comfortably.

one swipe, seriously

I will say the color is very pigmented and it glides on as smoothly as the cashmere it is named for.  In the swatch picture to the right, I only did one swipe across my hand to get that color. I wore it for a seven hour stretch without any noticeable diminishment of color so I suspect it would go the full eight hours without an issue.

Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Fearless. Be Anything. Shop now at!

I find the thinner stick shape of it easier to apply where I want it than many of the bullet style lipsticks. I really like the way it felt on my lips.  It practically melted in so that I felt like I wasn’t actually wearing any lipstick instead of leaving a waxy feel to the lips. The waxy feel is why I tend to lean more towards liquid lips in general. This did not have that problem at all.

The shade Bardot is a perfect neutral color and I think it is one I will definitely be reaching for as my go to neutral. I was a little disappointed that there are only six shades in the line, but I have my fingers crossed that at some point they will expand the line.  For now, I am just going to enjoy the one, all-purpose neutral.

Kristofer Buckle

Disney Lipstick Review

Evil Queen, Hades, and Dr. Facilier

That’s right, today I return to one of my favorite loves, lipstick. Magical lipstick, it is both my anti-snacking device and often my mood indicator. Feeling tired and schlumpy? Time for untinted lip balm. Feeling sassy? Well, hello intense pigments. How are you doing?

It is a much more reliable gauge than a mood ring let me tell you.

This is especially exciting for me because I put a moratorium on buying lipsticks for a while. I felt I had enough and was risking spilling over into the far too much category. and when you get there, the chance that some of them will go bad before you can use them up arises. and that is a sad, sad death for a lipstick.

So I told myself to avoid buying lipsticks until I cleared out some space by using things up. Which I did. First, I concentrated on using up as many of the small sample sized lip products as I could. Then I used the lipsticks and liquid lips that were already starting to look a little low. A few lipsticks were already close to being nubs and I had a couple where it was actual work for the lip wand to actually reach the product. Once those were finished up and a sad parting of the ways occurred there was a lot of extra room.

Sadly there were two liquid lips that smelled off and just didn’t make it. Admittedly I think I had them for several years past their expiration date.

The end result?

Evil Queen

Space in my lipstick container and three new lipsticks. The three, as you can probably guess, come from the Disney Villains Collection from Colourpop. They retail for $8 each. For the record I have no affiliation with the brand. I just saw the lipsticks, wanted the lipsticks and bought the lipsticks.

I confess I love colourpop’s liquid lipsticks, but this is my first go round with their traditional bullet style lipsticks and I was impressed before I even applied them. Not only is the packaging great, but the tube of lipstick feels rather substantial in the hand. Given the price point I expected a thinner, lighter weight and lets just say it, cheaper plastic. It is not. The tube feels luxurious in the hand despite being at a similar price point as many drug store lipsticks.

But packaging is one thing, it is the product that counts, no?

me with evil Queen, and yup, I finally got a haircut

The first one I tried was the Evil Queen lipstick. Truth be told, it was the reason I went looking at the collection in the first place. While I may be more of a berry toned girl, my baby loves red lipstick. Or as he likes to call it, lipstick colored lipstick. The problem is that most reds are a little too orange-y for me. so I have periodically been questing. This red is a red with blue undertones and on me it is a true red. So the color right away, I liked. The formula for this (and all three to be honest) is creamy and applies smoothly, but not heavily. The only draw back for me is that even after blotting, the red tends to leave lip prints. I wore it for several hours and while it didn’t fade away, it never truly dried down enough to stop leaving marks. Oddly enough though, it didn’t smear on my lips. While I love this one I think I will wear it when I am going out but not planning to eat or drink during the outing. It wears well, but I really don’t like leaving a trail of lip prints.


Surprisingly, that was not a problem with the other two lipsticks. Hades went on as smoothly as the Evil Queen and felt just as creamy. But after a quick blot and a few minutes to settle, the formula stayed put and didn’t leave lipstick all over my coffee mug. It is a lovely nude shade that is perfect for when I want to go crazy with the eyeshadow and don’t want my lips competing for attention. Not the most exciting, but terribly useful for my collection.

Me with the neutral Hades lip

The third lipstick, Dr. Facilier, while not my favorite villain, is actually my favorite lipstick of the trio. It is a muted mauve shade that can be worn pretty much every day in my opinion. It is a good day to day shade, not to bright for office hours and not to bland for going out after work. It is the no worries shade which for me at least is really hard to find.Like the other two it applied smooth and creamy on the lips and didn’t feel heavy or waxy or sticky. while it had more color than the Hades neutral, it too stayed put after a quick blot.

not my favorite villain, but maybe my new favorite lipstick, Dr. Facilier

If my trio is anything to go by then it is just the red formula that has the lip print trail issue. which is good to know because with the success of these three I think I might want to look into more of colourpop’s lipstick line. Do the princesses live up to the villains? In life rarely so, it always seemed to me that villains act and heros merely react and far too many princesses are just victims of circumstance and moved through the story like a package. but that’s another issue all together. I will probably also be trying their non-disney lipsticks at some point to see if the regular formula stacks up.

Me with the Dr. Facilier lip, please ignore the wet hair, I took the pic in a hurry before I forgot. sigh. Not my best but I love the lip.

But that will have to wait. For now I have three new lipsticks in my collection, all of which I will use. I still have several older to use up so for now, I will curb my addiction once again and use what I have and what drops into my life from subscription boxes before making another purchase.

Unless I find one I just can’t resist. As sad, but almost inevitable possibility. But at least for now, my love of lipsticks is temporarily sated.