Advent Calendar: Day 3

Day 3: Iconic London Triple Threat Mascara

Are you ready for voluminous, long and lifted lashes giving an intense, dramatic look that lasts all day? An ultra-black, stunning, weightless formula that volumizes, lengthens and lifts lashes all day and well into the night for a dramatic fluttery look. The easy-to-handle slim brush gets right to the root of your lashes for an instant smouldering, fuller lash line, whilst the dense bristles separate and coat lashes evenly with deep-black, intense fullness and length – the best alternative to false lashes.

Iconic London

I am always up for a good mascara. I tend to lean into the volumizing but a little lengthening never goes amiss. I have never been a false lash kind of person. No matter how light they are I always feel like i am half asleep when wearing them. In addition I never get them on straight. And don’t think it is lack of practice. I don’t draw my brows in straight and I’ve don that for years before finally caving and using the oh so fabulous stencil I use now.

I know I am never going to be a false lash person but I do like the look and if a mascara can take me there, I am all for it. Plus I never keep a mascara past six weeks so I am always looking for new product to rotate in. I have a few I am using up before the year ends so I may just keep it until I have sent a few tubes on their way. I do like knowing I have a full sized mascara waiting h=in the wings though. And While I have tried several products from Iconic London, I haven’t tried their mascara. Won’t that be fun?

Advent Calendar: Day 1

Each year I try to get a different advent calendar. I know the thing seems to be to get the advent calendar and to go through all of the boxes in one sitting. I have done posts like this, but to be honest, i just don’t like them. I really enjoy getting an advent calendar and having a little treat each day. I know part of the posts are to let you know what is in the advent Calendar so you can decide what is in them and whether it is worth picking up for yourself. Honestly when i watch or read those sorts of posts my thoughts kind of blur.

This year I went with the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar. I ordered it in September and shipping is best not talked about. The only thing I can say is that Look Fantastic did keep me well informed of the delays. I believe I received a total of 18 e-mails on the subject. But it arrived in good condition and before December 1st. I chose this one for several reasons. The first was that when I looked at the contents list before I purchased it way back in September, I saw two full sized items on the list that made it worth it. They were a full size of the Christophe Robin Sea Salt Scalp scrub (retail $53) which I routinely order anyway and will always use. The second item was and ESPA Moisturizer (retail $75.60). While I have used many items from ESPA and have always found them fantastic (especially for an at home Spa Day, I always order from them for my birthday at home spa treat for myself) I have never tried a moisturizer and would love to do so.

Those two items have a value of $128.60 and one of them I was already going to purchase anyway. The full price of the Calendar was $120. At the time I used a 20% off code and then I was able to use Glossy Box Glossie Credit earned from reviewing the monthly products in the Glossy Box (they put up the surveys each month and you get $0.40 of credit per review and can use them at either Glossy Box of Look Fantastic.) At the time this Advent Calendar went up for sale I had a little over $60 worth of credit So all told I ended up paying around $40 for this Advent Calendar. As even when the Christophe Robin Scrub is on deep discount the cost is only lowered to around $36 (incidentally it is still currently on sale on the Christophe Robin site for $37.10) It made this Advent Calendar incredibly worth it for me. It meant I purchased the item I was going to buy anyway at a discount and then got a bunch of other stuff with it over the month of December. (it is a 25 day advent calendar)

So since I know that going into the calendar I can just enjoy the items as they appear each day. Which is how I like to enjoy my advent calendars to begin with.

While this was a bit longer of an intro than I planned, these posts will be pretty short. I will talk about the item as it comes out of it’s drawer each day, but it isn’t a review. I will review the items when i use them. I’m sure some of the items will be passed on as well. But hopefully it will just be good Advent Fun.

So let’s Begin…

Day 1: Rituals Ayurveda Mini Diffuser

A mini variant of our current The Ritual of Ayurveda fragrance sticks, specially created for small rooms in your house. A natural and stylish way to fragrance your home. Enjoy the gentle fragrance of ancient Ayurvedic ingredients Almond Oil and Indian Rose for a relaxing effect on body and soul. Will last for two to three weeks. . .

While this is a mini diffuser I honestly wouldn’t want a larger one. This is just the right size for pretty much any of the rooms in my house. It stands about seven inches tall without the sticks and is about as big around as a half dollar. The glass base is ridged amber colored glass. It is well sealed and no scent escapes so I will have to see how I feel about the scent when i open it. I am actually looking forward to it as most of the Rituals scents I really like. I al hoping it leans more towards almond than rose, but either way i am planning to put it in the sunroom. Right now there are flowerless houseplants and my small greenhouse (empty at the moment) in the sunroom and while it is a lovely sunny room it smells a little cold because of the stone floor times when I sit in there to read. I’m hoping a scent like this will warm the space up. Either way I am well pleased with this day one treat.

This Rituals Mini Diffuser is on sale at the Look Fantastic website. Currently it is on sale for $17.20 but it is usually priced at around $21.50 if you are interested in it.

Unboxing the August 2022 Look Fantastic Box

My August Look Fantastic Box has arrived. Oh and before I forget Look Fantastic is having a 25% off Labor Day sale. They have a really good on-line store that I tend to use a lot when shopping. Also their waitlist for the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar just opened up. Signing up to the waitlist doesn’t obligate you to buy it just sends you information about release dates. They always sell out fast so if you are interested in this one getting on the waitlist to find out when sales starts really helps out.

But back to the August box. This is one of those boxes that I always find interesting. It is a UK based subscription box that costs $19 per month (you can get it for less with an annual subscription, which I have. So my price is $16 and I never regret getting the box for that price). what I like about this box is that many of the samples are from UK brands and often I find products I didn’t know about.

Oddly I have had the best luck with hair care products from this box. I was introduced to both Christophe Robin and Percy & Reed through this box and both have become standard brands for me with products that I use and reorder. (The Christophe Robin Sea Salt Scrub and the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm – which is actually on sale on the Look Fantastic Site and where I tend to pick it up – are two of my always stock products now. I highly recommend both.)

love that color

This month there are two hair care products in the box. One a shampoo and the other a conditioner. The Shampoo was actually last month’s spoiler product. It is the Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo. A few Months back we received a styling Cream from this brand. It is a full sized styling cream so I have not tried it yet as I am trying to clear out some of my sample sized hair care products at the moment. This is a deluxe sample sized shampoo, though so it might be tested sooner rather than later. It is a brand I hadn’t heard of prior to receiving it in this box so I am glad I have both products to try out. It lets me get a better feel for the brand.

the foil packet and the trial size I already owned

The conditioner is a foil packet. It is another brand I have really only tried through Look Fantastic as well, Philip Kingsley. I absolutely adore their Bond Builder (the ends of my hair will often get a little dry and not so fab looking and just a little bit on the ends worked wonders). This Foil packet is for the Elasticiser. It is a deep conditioning treatment. I have this same product in a deluxe sized tube. The tube contains half of the amount of product as the foil packet. (40 mL as opposed to 20) As the tube will have about two uses worth of product in it,. I am not upset about the packet at all. I may put it in an empty container just so I don’t have to try and fiddle with the foil pack with wet hands, but i am excited to try out the deep conditioning treatment. Plus thus far I have liked everything I have tried from the Philip Kingsley Brand. They seem to work reliably well with my hair.

In this month’s box is a Jade Green Gua Sha from Glov. I have quite a few of these in various materials from a multitude of subscription boxes. This one is pretty and feels both good and substantial in the hand. With Gua Sha’s they seem like a strange little tool, but they actually do some good work. The trick is that you have to use it consistently to see any results. I will generally use them for a couple of weeks and then I’ll start slacking off or forgetting and all the previous effort will go down the drain. There is a relaxing ritual to it if you can get in the habit. Do I need another one? no. Will I pass this on to someone else? Probably. But it is a nice quality tool to get in the subscription box so i am not mad at it.

The next item is also a skincare item and it is the Allies of Skin 35% Vitamin C Perfecting Serum. (As this is a serum that retails for$139 it more than pays for the box, currently this is on sale at Lovely Skin for 20% off if you are interested). I think I might have tried something from the brand before, at least the name has a familiar ring to it. I do like vitamin c serums and I love that it is in a glass bottle with a pump. Vitamin c tends to loose efficacy the longer it is exposed to both sun and air so the pump means i am not opening and closing the bottle all of the time. And the solid orange color of the glass bottle protects it from sunlight. I look forward to giving this a try. especially as it is a full sized item.

The last two items are makeup items. this does tend to be a skin and hair care heavy subscription but there is usually one make up item in each box. Or at least that is how the past few boxes have been. this one has two. The first is a full sixed Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Cookies and Cream.

I actually got this exact same stick in an Allure Box a while ago (March 2022) and it is fantastic. One is a bronzy shimmer and one is a more silvery shimmer and it is really great to pear with an all matte palette or even a single matte. I tend to use it with my single shadows. I’ll grab a single matte shadow for a quick look and pair it with this shadow stick. The swatches are from the stick I already have in use. As this one is a repeat I will be passing it on. It is a really great product though and one I really like.

and finally I have The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Honest. It is a trial size and it is a little on the pink side for me, but i am still thrilled with it. I have several palettes from The Balm and I love their shadow formula.

For a long time Their Bahama Mama Bronzer was my go to as well. I have however never tried out any of their lippies. and you know how much I love finding new lip products. So even though it is a little pinker of a shade than I prefer I will be trying it out and seeing how I like the formula.

And that was my Look Fantastic Box for August. The products I like and it was certainly worth what i paid for it. My only issue is the booklet that comes with it. It is a 19 page booklet. Two of the pages are details about products. This month they gave descriptions about thee of the products, one of which I did not receive. one of the pages is about next month’s spoiler. It is the Ren Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic, which i am quite excited for. The rest of the pamphlet has good information. There is a spread about using the Gua Sha and lots of good ingredient information. I just wish they had broken out more of the products in the box. Even if there are variations, the booklet is large enough to break out more of the items.

As far as complaints go though, that is a small one. This month featured brands and products I am looking forward to trying out so over all I am happy about what I received, even if I have to look up the items elsewhere.

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Unboxing the Look Fantastic Beauty Box for June 2022

Ah yes the June Subscription boxes have started to arrive. I really shouldn’t be surprised, as most of them usually hit around mid month. Yet every month I start wondering when they will arrive and then they all seem to come at once. The first of the beauty subscriptions this month is the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. It is a $19 per month subscription if you go month to month, but the cost lowers if you subscribe for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. You still pay monthly, which I love, but you pay less. I am on the annual plan so my box costs$16. I have always found this box worth the cost. Currently you can get your first box for $11 (just follow the link below and if you miss Junes, they almost always have a new monthly code up on their site each month for a different discount)

This box comes with a pamphlet and sometimes if there are a lot of variations they don’t always list all of the products. I don’t know if there weren’t any variations this month, but all of the products I received are broken out in the pamphlet, which I really like. I know I can look them up, but I really like having the information right there.

Are you ready to see what is inside this month’s box?

The first item is from a brand I love. It is Nuxe. I am personally in love with their Insta-masques. they have different varieties for different skincare needs and all are fabulous. Oh and if you are interested, Nuxe is currently running their 50% off friends and family sale so now is definitely the time to stock up. This month there is a 100 mL bottle of their Very Rose Micellular water.

Since I love micellular waters as cleansers in the summer I went ahead and opened this one and took a sniff. In the bottle it has a light rose water scent, very light. When tipped out onto the hands the scent fades very quickly. I was a little scared of the Very Rose name, but with a scent this light I don’t think it will be much of a problem.

The second item in the box is also from a brand I love, but not an item that i have used before from the brand. The brand is Eyeko and the box has a clear brow gel. I love that it is clear because anytime i get a tinted brow gel it seems to come out way too dark for me. I love using clear brow gel with a brow pencil rather than going for a tinted brow gel. I may have to try this with today’s makeup. I love Eyeko’s eyeliners and mascaras so it is nice to see something new from the brand.

The third item is from Bubble t. We have had many items from bubble T in the past. I personally love their strawberry rhubarb custard bath fizzy. Admittedly the scent made me want custard. I haven’t tried their body scrub though and this month we received a 100 mL tube of their Watermelon Body Scrub. While towards the end of the summer I am sure I will be saying ‘no more watermelon’, I do like watermelon products in the summertime. i think they smell fresh and summery. By August though I’ll be ready to put them away. I doubt this will last that long though as i am out of body scrub so i can roll this right into the shower. I love when things get timed like that.

One of the items I am a little less sure about is the Lottie London Power foil Golden Hour. It is a loose powder gold eyeshadow. In general I don’t have the best luck with loose powder eyeshadows. Nine times out of ten i will end up spilling more than I use. And just opening this one caused a bit of a glitter cascade. Still I do like gold glitter so I might give it a go and see how it works out for me. And the gold does have a bit of a bronzy look to it and you know I have a hard time resisting the bronzes. Who knows, perhaps this will turn out to be the loose pigment for me.

The last two items in my box I had not heard of before. I really enjoy the mix of new products from brands I love and products I think look interesting from brands I’ve never heard of. The first of these items is Disciple What Spot Dots. They are basically those little dot’s you put over emerging blemishes. These have Salicylic acid which always works wonders at drying out my blemishes and in the summer it is the swear and over production of grease spots that causes most of my spots so I am sure I will have the chance to test it out soon enough.

And finally we have the Gatineau Radiance Gommage. I know from using the Skin and Co Face Gommage that gommage is basically an exfoliation scrub. I do love a good exfoliator and I have never heard of Gatineau before. I actually just finished my ESPA exfoliating scrub so this too is perfectly timed.

I have to say that over all this Look Fantastic Box works well for me. It is skincare heavy, but that is sort of what Look Fantastic is known for and the skincare items they included are all ones I want to try out. They also had two make up items, both of which interest me so that will be fun to play with. I really like that they included information about all of their products this month.

Was this box worth it? I think it was. All of the items are ones I will use and I feel that I got good value for the cost of the box. As for next month, the spoiler is in the back of the booklet. It is a Hyaluronic Hydra Powder from By Terry. I am very excited. Not only is it skincare infused makeup, which I kind of like, but the only thing that i have ever tried from By Terry are the rose scented/flavored lip glosses. They feel fantastic on the lips but taste like you are sucking on perfume. I’m hoping the powder has the same excellent quality without the perfume taste. As it isn’t a lip product, that shouldn’t be a problem. And I am definitely looking forward to trying it out next month. For now, The June 2022 Look Fantastic Beauty box was a pretty good one and I plan on putting each item to the test. I can’t wait to see how they perform.

Unboxing the February 2022 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

I always love when the Look Fantastic Box shows up on my doorstep. I think it is because the only spoiler I ever see is in the back of the previous month’s pamphlet as their Sneak Peak. And then I forget what i saw so everything is a surprise. Plus I often get items and brands I’ve never heard of mixed in with familiar favorites. Incidentally in the back of the February’s pamphlet is March’s sneak peak. It is the Sachajuan Volume Styling Cream (125 ML). I’ve heard of the brand but never tried any of their hair care products, so that should be fun.

This month there was a hair mask from Paradox in the Look fantastic box. It is the Paradox Repair Game Changer Hair mask. I have tried a hair mask from this brand before and I really enjoyed it, so I am looking forward to trying this mask out and hope it works as well as the last one. It is in a metal tin and I couldn’t help but open it. The tin is quite full, which is always a ood sign. I’ll have to look into ingredients before I try it out but do you know what it smells like? It smells like those natural deodorant creams. I find that a little strange, but also an excuse to go on an ingredient investigation so that might be fun as well.

original on left and this months version on the right

The second item I had to double check because of the packaging. It is the Dr. Botanicals Lemon Repair cream. I’ve gotten this before in a different subscription box (I think it was Birchbox) and I loved it. Then I found a store near me (walgreens) that sold it and I picked up another travel sized tube for my purse. this has the rainbow colors rather than the yellow tube but is it exactly the same cream so I am thrilled. The tube from my purse is almost empty so it is nice to have a replacement.

Funny thing is that I used to put my least favorite hand creams in my purse so if I was away from home and needed hand cream I would go ahead and use them up because there was no alternative. Now with hand sanitizer drying my hands out at every turn I am putting my favorite hand creams in my purse because I know I will need to reach for them. Not the only switch up in my world but a slightly amusing one nonetheless.

Moving along this month there is a Balance Me Vitamin C Eye serum in this month’s box. Balance me and I have scent issues. The products are always fantastic though, the scents are just too strong and almost always remind me of industrial floor polish. Occasionally furniture polish. Which kind of makes the sample sized versions good for me. I can use them and then about the time I can’t take the scent any more, the product is gone and I have moved on. I don’t think I’ve tried the eye cream so that will be a nice change.

he BYBI Clarity Cleanse is completely new to me. I have not heard of the brand and clearly not tried the product. I am always up for finding new cleansers though. It is one of those categories I will always use. No matter what else happens during the day, I will always wash my face in the morning and again at night. More than any other product in my skincare line up, I like having an array or products that I know I can pick up because they will work for me. I like having both drug store and high end brands that I know I can consistently reach for. Because if i run out of cleanser I may order one of my favorites on line, but I will also run out and pick one up from the store to hold me until the order arrives. Since I know nothing about this brand I suspect it isn’t going to be one I can just run out and pick up. And of course since I haven’t tried it, I don’t yet know if I’ll want to. But I like trying new cleansers. I do have to add I had a hard time finding this one. There were other BYBI products listed but I couldn’t find the clarity cleanser anywhere. I will have to look further.

There is one makeup item in my Look Fantastic box this month. This box does tend to be a little heavy on the skin care but usually there are a couple of makeup items. This month’s makeup item is one I already own. It is a travel size of the Lottie London Ombre Blush. It is an interesting product. Because it is ombre there are color variations across the pan. The darker sections of the blush work fantastically for me. The lighter shades are too bright pink. While this does work well in a larger pan. It isn’t very good in a small trial size like this because no matter how carefully you dip into the pan you will get multiple shades on the brush. The pigmentation and blendability are great and I would consider getting a full size of the darker shade (if it is offered). Since I already have this blush I will be passing it on, but I don’t mind it.

Glov is a frequent brand to this box and this month there is a packet of two reusable makeup remover pads. They are small heart shaped cut outs that feel quite soft. I am always looking for reusable products so I will happily give them a try to see how they perform. Some Glov products I have really liked and others I just can’t stand so it will be interesting to see which category these fall into.

And finally we have item number seven in this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box. And it kind of amuses me. This is the Pixi Glow Tonic exfoliating toner. I have tried this toner before and really liked it. what amuses me is that after I used up the bottle I purchased I went back to the store to restock and they were out. In fact they have been consistently out of this product every time I go. This and the Clarity Toner are my two favorite Pixi products and the two I would continually repurchase. Unfortunately both are almost always out of stock whenever I go to purchase them. And now a subscription box sends me a small (15ML) sized bottle. It feels a bit like they are taunting me.

We know you like this, but you can’t have a full sized bottle, oh no. But you can have the small one, just don’t try to repurchase.

I’m sure they aren’t intentionally taunting me, but as I again looked for the toner this weekend and came up short, it just feels that way. I am happy to have it though. It is a good product and once I finish trying out the sample toner I’ve got going now, I will use this up. I just find it amusing. And yes I know I can order the toner. But it has been gone from the store so many times that i am now determined to buy it at the store here. Just once. Then I’ll probably order it. I do have other toners so it isn’t a major thing. Its really just me being stubborn.

So there you have my February Look Fantastic box in all it’s unboxed glory. And you unintentionally got a peek at a little piece of my internal crazy. Sorry about that. And I don’t really think that Pixi and Target are deliberately hiding toners from me. Or taunting me with samples in subscription products that I can’t find because the racks are always empty. Since I tend to go shopping at the same time each week, I know it probably is a timing issue. There is no collusion.

I’m like 87% sure anyway.

This month was a pretty good box for me. There were a couple of products I love and a couple that I want to try. There is one I will pass on and the rest will be put to use here. With th seven items it feels like the box was overflowing this month. I will say that I wasn’t too thrilled with the booklet that came with the box. While there was a picture showing all the variation items, they only broke out their favorite four. So there was less information about the products that i received than usual. I think they might have had more variation items than usual so that’s why they chose it. They did include heaps of other information about skincare routines and even a Valentines Day Book club, but I would have liked a little more info on the products I actually received. It is a minor complaint as far as these things go though and I’ll just end up looking up items before i use them. Otherwise, great box.

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La Roche-Posay- ACD

Unboxing the January 2022 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic has been one of my favorite beauty boxes for a while now. It consistently gives me a good mix of items. I receive brands I like and love as well as brands I have never heard of. They tend to lean into the skincare side rather than the makeup side, but they also include body and hair care items. Most of the time the items are deluxe sample sized products but they like to throw in a couple of full sized items in now and again as well. The price of the box is $19. I go with an annual subscription. It still charges monthly but the cost is lowered to $16 ($17.56 with tax). And for me, it is always worth it.

This month was a little interesting. The theme is Wellness is the Way and as always the box comes with a booklet detailing the products and giving you insight into the featured ingredients as well as giving a spoiler for the following month’s box. It is actually a really great way to find out about some of the ingredients in the products you are using. It isn’t all inclusive but it does provide great information and is an excellent way to ease into finding about more about the things you use.

And knowing the February spoiler is nice as well. In February 2022 all boxes will include a Pixi Glow Tonic. It the Exfoliating Toner. In my opinion it is the best of the Pixi Toners. It is certainly my favorite. Oddly though it is really hard to find. All of the stores near me love to carry the Rose toners, but this Glow Tonic is usually missing. I don’t know if everyone loves it as much as I do and just empties the shelf before I get there, but I am happy there will be one sent to me next month.

However, while all the usual information is in the booklet, not all of the products that arrived in my box were listed in the pamphlet. They list four products and leave the other two as mystery items. Let’s look at the four items listed first.

The first item in my Look Fantastic box this month was the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It is a 10mL sized spray and it is designed to help you sleep. I’ve tried this before and something in it made me sneeze my head off. On the other hand, my mother adores this. In fact anything This Works, I generally just send her way. the only thing from the brand i kept was the hand sanitizer. Which was a great moisturizing formula but so strongly scented that it needs to be used in an open area. I’m not upset about getting this. It is a good product, just not for me and I know my mother will use every drop.

The second Items in the box is the Bloom and Blossom Hands Up Anti-aging hand cream. It is a sample size. the perfect size to keep in a purse actually. I have tried the Bloom and Blossom lip balm which also came in a Look Fantastic box and I didn’t like it. I ended up talking to my cousin about it and she agreed it was not a good lip balm, but she absolutely adores their hand creams. So I’m happy to get a chance to actually try the hand cream. I have my fingers crossed that I like it more than I did the lip balm.

Next up we have a variation item. In the box you could get either an AHAVA Mineral Shampoo or a Mineral Conditioner. I have the conditioner, which I am actually quite excited by. their hand cream is fantastic and while their skincare isn’t quite for me, I have never tried any hair care products from them. I honestly didn’t know they made hair care products. So this is extra exciting.

The fourth item listed in the pamphlet is the Skin Chemist Rose Quartz Lip Plumper. At first the rose had me a little concerned as rose and lips aren’t always the best of friends, but the rose in this seems to apply to only the color and the fact that it has a slight pink tint when applied. It has a very peppermint-y scent which I am all in favor of. I have never heard of the brand nor tried anything from them so I look forward to giving them a try.

And now we go off into the wild blue yonder of mystery items. Neither of these two items are listed in the pamphlet. One is full sized and one is a deluxe sample. The full size (at least from what I can figure out) is the Bubble T Lavender T body wash. I have tried bath salts and bath fizzies from Bubble T and liked them both so I am looking forward to giving the body wash a try. Through the sealed cap the scent of lavender with a slight hint of lemon comes through. I’m going to leave it sealed until I use it, but Bubble T seems to favor strong scents. What I can smell of it though the seam seems nice though.

And finally we have the Polaar Eternal Snow Youthful promise cream. I find it kind of amusing that they have put this into my Look Fantastic box this month as IPSY also chose this item for me this month. I haven’t gotten my IPSY box yet, but I double checked the site and it is a full size of the same cream. Which is kind of nice. Thus far i have tried the Polaar sunscreen, and night cream. I enjoyed them both actually. I have another moisturizer from Polaar in my samples bin as well. Since I know I have a full size of this coming, I may give the Sample size a try first to see if I like it or If I should pass on the full size. It is kind of nice being able to try it without opening the full size. Although as I’ve liked all of the other Polaar Products I’ve tried I’m sure I will like the Eternal snow as well.

I don’t know if Look Fantastic is planning to keep this surprise option or not. I think it may just be for January. Or they could be trying something new. When it comes to Look Fantastic I am an enthusiastic consumer, not an insider so I can only guess. I can say that this month’s box has kept me as an enthusiastic subscriber. It is a great mix of the familiar and the new and while I may be passing on the pillow spray, it is going to someone who will love it. All the other items will soon be tested and tried by me, perhaps making it onto my favorite’s list.

The October 2021 Look Fantastic Beauty Box unboxing

That’s right, the subscription boxes are starting to come in. Can the middle of the month be too far behind? Look Fantastic is a UK based subscription box that costs $19 per month if you are on a month to month subscription. I have an annual subscription so my box is $16. I always find the box worth it actually. As it comes from the UK often times it has brands that I’ve either never heard of or don’t see all that often. Look Fantastic also has a shop that is always running specials and deals on various products. So even if you don’t subscribe, it is well worth popping over to the site to see what’s on sale.

This month’s theme is Treat yourself: Time for your Monthly R&R. The first item I gravitated towards was the Rituals product. what can I say, the golden color called to me. I have received a lot of bath products from Rituals in subscription boxes, in fact one is still in my shower as we speak. They always smell luxurious and leave my skin feeling pampered. This isn’t a bath product though. This month Look Fantastic sent a body cream. The scent is orange and cedar which I think sounds interesting. Normally i am not a fan of getting body creams since I have so many of them, but as I have never tried a Rituals body Cream i have to say i am curious. I have high hopes for this one. It is the Ritual of Mehr. As I just finished a body lotion, this one is going straight to the shower to use post bath. I’ll let you know how it works out.

The second item I was even happier to see. Ecooking is one of those brands I don’t think we hear enough about. It is really good skincare that tends to fly under the radar. If you ever see their foot cream, snap it up. You won’t be sorry. It’s scent is a bit strong but it can take down the toughest of calluses. This month there is a gentle cleansing gel in the box. it is a really good sized pump. The pamphlet doesn’t say if this is a full size or not but it is 125 ml which is much larger than a sample size. If it isn’t a full size then it is at least a deluxe or travel size. I am very much looking forward to giving it a go.

The third item this month is the Filorga Oxygen glow Creme. It is a sample size of their moisturizer. I am always happy to try out a new moisturizer. I have an eye cream from Filorga waiting for trial, but I haven’t actually tried it yet. So even though i have seen the brand (and actually have products from them) I haven’t tried them out yet.

Dr. Botanicals had been making appearances in subscription boxes lately and quite honestly I am not upset about seeing another product from them. The ones I’ve tried have performed really well and over all it is a pretty affordable brand. I am always happy to discover affordable brands that work really well. This month we have the Turmeric Mask. I think I’ve used a moisturizer and a hand cream but not a mask. Both the Pomegranate moisturizer and the Lemon hand cream made it onto my list of repeat purchases so we will see if the Turmeric makes the cut as well.

There were two hair products in this months box, rounding out the products. One is the Philip Kingsley Bond Builder. It is a split end remedy. Philip Kingsley is one of those brands that is kind of pricy, but always sort of leaves me ambivalent. The Leave in conditioner works well enough to use if it is around, but not well enough to actually purchase over other products. Perhaps this Bond Builder will be one of their better products and lean me towards them a bit more. I haven’t tried it and I am always looking for ways to improve the health of my hair.

I will certainly get a lot of use out of the Vintage Cosmetics scrunchies. The yellow is a bit bright for me, but the material is soft and not likely to pull and the elastic underneath feels strong enough to hold my hair in place. Plus this summer I had issues with the elastic bands tangling in my hair so I tended to wear the scrunchies I had more than the bands. Many of the scrunchies did not survive the summer. So it is nice to have some replacements.

So that was my October Look Fantastic Box. Was it worth the price? Absolutely. Look fantastic has always tended to be skincare heavy and the theme is kind of skincare based anyway so i can’t be upset about the lack of makeup. Makeup isn’t really Look Fantastic’s strong suit. Some times they do hit it out of the park with the makeup though. Just not this month and not very often. To be honest, Look Fantastic is where I have found some super fabulous hair care products and brands that I didn’t know existed. Hair and skincare are where this box shines. And this month, I think they did pretty good. I definitely got my $16 worth.

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Look Fantastic January 2021 Unboxing

I am always happy to see my Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrive on my doorstep.  It always has products I will use and usually at least one item that I get super excited about. Look Fantastic is a UK based subscription box so these days I just feel like cheering when it manages to leave one country and enter another one.  At the moment that feels like a magical effort all on its own. And this month it made the journey with what appears to be a little less difficulty than December.

I am so happy it is here.

So Look Fantastic is a Beauty box that has 5-6 products for $19 per month.  The items are mostly deluxe sample sized products with a few full sized ones thrown in on occasion. I really like that they include a large number of high end luxury brands in the box.  I am a big believer in the try before you buy, especially when it comes to pricy items and I have found many items in this box that I might have passed over because I didn’t want to commit to a full size until I knew I liked the product. There have also been high end brands that I saw and thought I wanted but after I tried it, decided it wasn’t for me.  There is a benefit in that as well.  In addition, because this is a UK based subscription box often the products are not ones I am extremely familiar with.

And now that we all now what this box is about, lets dive in and see what came in the January box.

The first item I pulled out of my box looked like a face mask.  However it is not.  It is the StarSkin Hollywood Hand Model Hand Mask Gloves. I have used Star Skin before.  I currently have a couple of their masks sitting in my masking drawer. 

I have tried many sheet masks and even a few foot masks, but I have never tried a hand mask.   I have to say I am kind of excited by this.  I’ve been using cuticle oil and hand cream to combat the effects of extra washing and near compulsive hand sanitizer usage, but a hand mask sounds like it could really help. 

I may add this to my Face mask Friday this week. This week I am going hard on the Vichy Mineral Face mask because I used a cleanser that dried out my skin badly and I am doing damage control and this is one of the best hydrating masks I’ve tried.  It might be nice to add a little hand mask to hydrate my hands as I repair my dried out skin.

But that is for Friday. 

The second item I took out of my January Look Fantastic box was actually the spoiler for last month.  Each month they put the spoiler for one of the following month’s products in the booklet that comes with it. 

The booklet, incidentally, is like a mini magazine and I always find some piece of useful information inside. The item in this box was the SVR Hydraliane Intense Moisturizing Cream. I’ll admit, I have never heard of the brand before so it will be a completely new experience to try it out.  But it is a really large size to try out so that is nice. I’m actually deliberately not looking anything up about it at the moment so that I have no bias when I start to use it. I don’t want my expectations tempered by what I might read online.  I like going in with a blank slate with a brand whenever possible so other people’s opinions won’t affect my own.

The next product out of the box comes from a brand I have heard of and not gotten around to trying out. The Brand is Grow Gorgeous and the product is the Balance Overnight Mask. I am always happy to try a new night mask.  I have a lot of moisturizers that fall into the gel and water cream category and I find that while nice in the day time, my skin craves deeper moisture at night. I am currently finishing up a night cream at the moment but as soon as it is done I will rotate this into the mix.

In this box there was a Verso Eye Cream.  Eye cream seems to be a popular item at the moment.  I have actually tried this eye cream before.  It is quite pricy and while it works okay, it isn’t my favorite eye cream.  It isn’t a bad eye cream, but there are several products I’ve tried that I like better. So I am going to put this in a care package to my mother so she can try the brand and see if it suits her.

The next two items are makeup related.  The first is the SO ECO  complexion sponge.  I have to say this comes at a really good time for me.  I am currently using the Huda Beauty Basic B makeup sponge.  It has one flat side that I have really come to love, as well as being composed of  a density I like.  It is however showing a bit of wear.  Trading it out now and again with another sponge will hopefully make it last longer. 

The density of this one is very similar to the Huda Beauty one, but it doesn’t have that flat edge I like.  I know other makeup sponges have the flat edge but the ones I tried had a different density. And as it turns out the feel of the sponge as a whole outweighs my love of the flat edge.  So I will use this, even as I reorder my Huda Beauty.

And finally the last item is a lipstick.  A Matte Me liquid lipstick from Sleek to be exact. There were multiple shades available and the one I was sent was Hellacious which is kind of a burnt umber shade. I actually really like the shade. The swatch (below) shows up a bit more orange than the product does in real life. I have one other Matte Me Lippie but it is a very bright pink that doesn’t suit me at all (In fact it looks like my lips lost a fight with a vacuum when i wear it.) so I haven’t gotten around to trying it.  With a shade I would wear I can do more of a test to see if I like the feel and use of the product.  As anyone who reads my posts on a regular basis knows, I am always willing to try a new lip product.

All in all I am really happy with this month’s box.  Everything in it is a product I will use, some I’ve heard of but never gotten around to trying, others are a complete mystery.  It is a nice mix of items.  Look Fantastic usually leans more to the skin care side of things, but I am happy there were two makeup related items included as well.  Speaking of which, the spoiler for next month is a makeup item.  It is the Illamasqua Beyond the Veil Primer. It is a mini one.  I’ve used the minis of this product before and actually have a full size in my dressing table.  Actually, I chose it as my primer for this week’s makeup bag.  So I will be talking about it this Friday when I do the weekly Makeup Bag Post if you are interested in hearing more about my opinions of it.

I really enjoy this box and I really enjoy the Look Fantastic Online shop.  They have new deals running every month and I find it is a great way to pick up some of my favorite things for just a little bit less. They have a few really great sales on now actually. I’ll list them down below so you can click on the ones that might appeal to you.

These Look Fantastic sales run from January 19th – 25th

Sitewide 15% off with the code EXCLUSIVE15.

25% off French Skincare Favorites with code FRENCH25 (Brands included: Filorga, NUXE, Embryolisse, Talika, Darphin, & Bioderma)

25% off Retinol (no code needed: Brands included: NIP + FAB, Zelens, Pixi, Elizabeth Arden, REN, Skin Doctors, SVR Laboratories, PCA SKIN, NEOSTRATA, Jurlique & more!)

25% off TriPollar products with the code TRI25

25% off Perricone MD with the code PMD25

25% off Sarah Chapman with the code SC25

25% off Shea Moisture with the code Shea15

25% off Candles and Diffusers with the code CALM25 (Brands included: NEOM, this works, Rituals, Sanctuary, OSKIA, Aromatherapy, Cowshed & more!)

Look Fantastic Beauty Box December 2020 Unboxing

This month my Look Fantastic Box had a journey.  It was the first subscription box to send e-mail notification that it was on its way and is the second to last box to arrive. (IPSY still hasn’t come in and in fact seems to be settling permanently in Atlanta.) Look Fantastic is a British based subscription box so it had to make it through the UK’s lockdown, escape the country, make it through customs, escape New York and compete with Christmas deliveries for space in the delivery van. 

I felt like cheering when it managed to arrive at my house, and arrive completely unscathed I might add. The box was in no way dented and every item was in good working order.

But enough of the shipping saga!

Look Fantastic is, as I said  UK based subscription box. It is a $19 per month subscription and thus far I have always gotten value for my money.  Currently, you can get even more value for the money.  They are still running their Black Friday sale and if you sign up for a 12 month subscription (which knocks your monthly box cost down to $16 per month) you get your first month for only $1.  They have already sold out of the December boxes so your first box would be the January Restoration Edition Box. The January sneak peek is for the SVR Hydraline Rich Intense Moisturizing Cream. I have never tried the brand out before, but I have heard good things and am looking forward to trying it out myself.

But while you are trying to decide whether or not to go for the subscription, let’s talk about the December box.

My first item out of the box was the spoiler for last month. It is the Avant Pro Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch.  It is essentially a Hyaluronic Acid based eye cream.  Avant is a very pricy brand and while I don’t think this is a full sized tube (the full size comes in a jar) it is eye cream and a little drop is all you actually need to use.  My tube is full to the brim and will no doubt last a really long time once I open it to start using it.  The Avant products I have tried before have all been really good so I am looking forward to giving this a go as well.

My next item is from a brand I have heard good things about, but never tried.  In this month’s box I received the Medik8  Hydr8 Serum.  Again it includes my good buddy, Hyaluronic Acid, so I am very excited to give it a try.  It was a variation in the box this month. 

The other option you could have received was from Ren.  It was the Atlantic Kelp Body Lotion.  While ren is a brand I would like to try more from, I am currently well stocked on hand and body lotion and am very happy with the selection sent to me.

The Balm also made an appearance in the December Look Fantastic box. While this box is heavily weighted towards skin care, they do add some makeup items.  The Balm’s Petal to the Metal eyeshadow came in various shades.  The one I got was a golden coppery sort of shade so you know I was happy. While I have used quite a few products from The Balm, I have never tried any of their cream shadows.  I’ve only used the powder ones, so I am pleased that I not only got a shade I adore, but it is in a formula I have yet to try out.

Also in the makeup category is the Jecca Blac Champagne Glow Drops. It is a cream highlighter and if the package looks familiar it is because I did receive a Jecca Blac Highlighter sometime this summer.  It was either from Look Fantastic or Glossy Box.  I can’t remember which. 

However, the shade of that one was rose gold.  I really liked the formula  so I know I’ll like this formula and it is nice to have it in a different shade.  I know it claims that you can add it all over your skin, but I ended up using the rose gold as a highlighter.  Perhaps this one will work better all over, or perhaps it too will just be used as a highlighter.  Either way I am happy to have it.

From Brushworks there was a double ended brush.  One looks flat and designed for packing shimmers on the lids and the other is flat and angled for using shadow like eyeliner or working under the eye.  I have never tried Brushworks brushes before, although I think they were the company that made the Jade Roller that came in a box this summer. I passed that one on to my mom so I’m not entirely certain. I do know I haven’t tried their brushes before so I am happy to give them a try. 

I am working to find the brushes I like and separate them out from the brushes I just use because they are there (which is why I am adding more tool talk posts this coming year).  I will say that while I am happy to try out a new brand of brushes, I am never a fan of double ended brushes.  I store my brushes in glass jars, usually candle containers that have been repurposed. So I either end up using only one end of the brush or I make a mess with it in the container as product gets all over the handles of the other brushes when I put it back in the jar.  But we shall see.

This leads us to the final product in my box this month.  According to the extensive pamphlet that comes with the box each month, my final product should have either been a Percy& Reed Hair Spray or a Sukin Pink Clay Mask.  I love clay masks and after trying out and falling head over heels in love with the Wonder Balm from Percy & Reed I would have been happy to try out another product from them.  Instead, I received a BellaPierre Color correcting Palette.  It has three cream shades for correcting. And looks to be quite nice.  I’m guessing it was a last minute substitution.  I don’t mind the substitution as I have been thinking about trying some color correcting and don’t mind having products to play with.

However, color correcting is not my strong suit so a little information would have been nice.  One of the things I really like about Look Fantastic is the brochure that comes in the box.  It has write ups about the products as well as blurbs about how to use them.  As this was a last minute edition, there was no blub.  The only color correction I have tried was with a Dragun Beauty orange color corrector for under the eyes that made me look as though I was slowly turning into an Oompa Loompa. No matter how I blended, the orange was just too much for my skin.  These look like they will be more suitable for my skin tone and possibly usable for me.  I will just have to look them up before I actually try to use them so that I use them correctly.

All in all, even with the product substitution, I was very pleased with my box this month. While I feared for its safe travels, it did arrive safe and sound.  As they have always been on time before I am more than willing to concede that this month was not the month to try and judge anyone on shipping capabilities.  And like I said they have always been really good with shipping prior. I can’t wait to see what the January Restoration Edition Box has in store. I’m sure it will be fantastic, just as I am sure I will be keeping my Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscription well into 2021.

A Cozy Nest: The Bed and Bath Round up

The holidays can be a stressful time and quite frankly there is nothing like having a nice sanctuary to retreat to when things get a little tense. For me the best way to relax is with a nice long soak in the tub. 

And yes I take my piratical rubber ducky into the tub with me.

His name is Herman.

Herman the Pirate duck.

And he may or may not have his own theme song.

I’ll never tell.

Okay, I probably will.

As I am very scent oriented, part of my bath time experience relates to scent.  My two current favorites in the scented Bath Salt department are the Bubble T Earl Gray Bath Tea that came in a Look Fantastic box a while ago and the Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt Dream away with Valerian and hops.

I know some of you are looking at the Bubble t and are thinking, Wait, I distinctly remember you saying you didn’t like Earl Gray Tea.  I don’t.  Me and Bergamot do not get along. Especially when it sneaks into a beverage. But this Bubble T does not smell of bergamot.  You want to know what it does smell like? 

Black Friday Sale! Up to 75% off + extra 10% Code RAKUTENX10

Southern sweet tea with lemon. 

I know weird right?

It felt a little strange to be soaking in a bath of it at first.  But then I settled back and let the salts work their magic.  The scent grew on me and I began to feel less like the slice of lemon floating in a glass of sweet tea.  Part of it was the fact that my skin became fabulously soft.  So  I decided I was quite happy with it and would definitely order it in a larger bag to keep around.

I also keep my Kniepps on hand.  The Dream away is perfect after a long and stressful day. The bath salts do turn the water an unnatural shade of blue which took a little while to get used to, but once I realized it didn’t stain the tub I was fine with the color. It was like being in an overly dyed swimming pool. 

You may have noticed my extra Kneipp packet.  That is the mineral bath salt Ancient sea salt.  It is designed for sensitive skin and has no color or scent added to it.  It has been a long term favorite as the scent of it doesn’t clash with any other body products I am using.  Mostly because it has no scent.  It still leaves my skin soft and soothed.  Because it is for sensitive skin I’ve also found that if I’ve picked up some skin irritation I can soak in this and it really souths the skin down.  There is something that grows in my yard that kept causing a slight rash on my skin anytime crushed stems hit my skin.  It was some sort of weed that I was pulling this year.  It isn’t any poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac as I checked those and it isn’t a major itcy rash just something that causes a minor irritation.  This Mineral bath salt really helped out.

There are two liquid body washes that I will always repurchase.  One is Molton Brown and the other is Pecksniffs.  The Molton Brown is currently the dregs of a Coastal Cypress trial size. It is a travel size that I have been using slowly.  I’ve been using up other products around it to make it last longer.  I Like the Coastal Cypress but I think that when I place my Molton Brown Order this year I will be going back to my Rose and Rhubarb. I have been eyeing the limited edition Muddled Plum as well for a more holiday scent so I suspect that one will be landing in my cart a well. It is the description that gets me…

A celebratory fragrance featuring rich notes of oak-aged rum, saffron and plum in an opulent bath and shower gel.

Top notes of orange, saffron and elemi. A heart of plum, davana and oak-aged rum. A base of sandalwood, benzoin and musk.

Seriously, how delicious does that sound? I can definitely picture that a being a scent to surround myself with during the holidays. Just because it is a quieter holiday season with no traveling doesn’t mean it can’t be festive. I just have to be festive at home, that’s all. And as I don’t have to worry about my Aunt’s sensitivity to scent this year as zoom calls don’t have smell-o-vision I can be as scent tastic as I want.Oh, I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me until now.

I think I might have found a small silver lining. No self scent policing this holiday. I know it is a thin silver lining, and I would happily sacrifice it, but I will take the lining I can get at the moment. And so we move on.

I am still contemplating the large holiday pack they sell at Molton Brown as well so that I can try out a bunch of scents and not just default to my favorite all of the time. It is a really tempting purchase with enough travel sized bottles to last a while and truely let me experiment with their scents.

Of course the Molton Brown Advent Calendar is also extremely tempting.  I always mean to try their other products like shampoo and body lotion but still end up sliding into shower gel each time. The advent calendar would be a good way to adjust my trial. It is one that I am going to make sure I have all of my holiday purchases complete and then will probably circle back to pick up if I can. I am a big fan of the brand, at least as far as body wash goes. The wash is great as it lathers well and rinses off clean. The scents are always nice, but not overpowering or overly perfumy and the scent fades into the background of your skin instead of dominating every other scent you put on. (with body lotion if nothing else)

The Pecksniff’s shower gel formula is another one I like.  We are currently using the Lavender and white tea which is slightly floral, but leans more towards tea so that when my baby doesn’t want to use his bar soap he can still use it without smelling like a flower shop. This is one of those things I generally pick up and have in the cabinet. It is something both my baby doll and I will use if each of our regular products runs low and it always looks nice for guests. This one was actually picked up in anticipation of easter company who did not get the chance to use it, so we are trying to use it up.

While I lean towards Molton Brown, My babydoll mostly uses the Cedar Citrus soap from Dr. Squatch.  He is a really big fan.  It is actually kind of funny because he claims he doesn’t need any ‘fancy man’ soaps but as soon as his bar of soap starts shrinking to a less than practical size he starts looking around and wondering where the new bar is. 

The fact that there are always some spare bars of Ivory soap in the closet makes no difference.  He now sighs heavily when his ‘fancy man’ soap is gone.  Not that Dr. Squatch is super fancy. It is cut into no nonsense blocks and wrapped in brown paper. Luckily, they have a simple reorder system.  Now that I know how long it takes him to get through a bar I just have delivery as an automatic subscription. The subscription gets you a 15% off and free shipping so it is a really good deal as well as being easy peasy. no leaving the house and no sad faced baby doll.

In case you are interested they also have starter bundles. The one we originally tried out was the three pack with the wooden soap saver. It is a very good deal and a good way to try the brand. It is how I got my baby doll to try them and pick a scent he liked. They also have others with more grooming supplies. I just like to easy my baby doll into change slowly. He generally only changes brands when what he uses becomes discontinued.

Before we leave the bath/shower, I have to give a shout out to Daily Concepts.  I received this little daily bath scrubber in a subscription box and at first I thought ‘Okay, I’ll give it a try’.  Now I love it.  It has a strap across the back to slide easily onto either hand with no issues.  It takes soap well and foams up like a sponge yet exfoliates your skin gently while you wash.  I have used it every day since I got it (Which is also why I did not take a close up photo of it.  I don’t mind sharing, but it isn’t an appealing sight. It is pictured in the larger photo above where you are kept at a decent distance). I will however be ordering a replacement as it is getting a bit worn.  In fact I will be ordering several as my babydoll seemed interested in my new ‘washcloth’.  So I will get an extra one and see how he likes it. Maybe it will join the ‘Fancy man’ soap in his list of acceptable non basic products.

Although, to me they seem quite basic.

But I am not a manly man from Montana.

For now we must leave Herman the Pirate duck to dry out by the side of the tub.

We recently replaced out towels with new ones from The Cozy Life. At first I didn’t think I was going to like them because I like really fluffy towels, but oh my, was I wrong.  I wrapped one around me as I got out of the tub and then I blinked and looked down.  It pulled every drop of excess water away so fast it felt like magic. And the towels look really good.  I could probably have done without the tassels, but otherwise they are fantastic.

towel close up

Once dry I break out the body lotion.  At the moment my top body lotion is the Cake Milk Made Totally to die for Indulgent body Milk cream.  I know it is quite a name.  It is also quite a body lotion.  I am a big fan and will be buying this again.  I have a few more body lotion products in my collection to work through and then I will be ordering the full sized tube.

Also on my upcoming order list is a new Sleep mask. Mine from Whisper Silk has seen a few too many nights of use. I’m thinking of getting one in the Mulberry silk instead of the black this time. As we are moving into the bedroom, I can tell you that there will be a few changes coming there.  A set of candles has been ordered  we went with three candles from the Paddywax Edgar Allen Poe Library collection.  I picked up one of the small ones in the tin as a trial during the summer and it passed my Babydoll’s sniff test. Incidentally those tins last quite a while. I used them for a large chunk of the spring and summer as my face mask candle. It is a mix of sweet and spicy with some earthy back notes.  Or as my baby describes it “not Stinky”. You can find it in either their library collection or the Spice scented section (or just click the link).

But from my baby, ‘not stinky’ is high praise indeed.  I ordered three of them for the bedroom as I liked the smoked glass and label as well as the scent.  There were fancier candles available that I liked, but these suited the room.

While I will be getting a replacement eye mask from Whisper silk when I went to order a new silk pillow case from Lilly Silk I noticed they had a pillow case and sleep mask as a combo for buy one get one 40% off.  They have a huge sale going on right now actually, up to 80% off some items.  And so I ordered the set.  I figured I could give their masks a try and get my pillowcase.  Plus if I like the sleep mask I can have two to trade out and thus make them last longer. While I would love to get a set of silk sheets because I love sleeping on them, alas my baby hates them.  For him it is linen or nothing.  So we ordered a new set of linen sheets because we decided on a holiday refresh since we weren’t going anywhere for the holidays and this felt like something nice that we could do for ourselves.  I will be using a new silk pillowcase.  He has agreed to have an extra pillow clad in a matching case as long as I let him sleep on his linen one. I know it sounds a little extra, but I have noticed my hair gets less wild and static-y with the silk pillowcase. I would settle for the sleep mask but if I can get a combo deal, I’m going to the pillowcase/eye mask combo.

Funny, these are the sorts of negotiations no one explains will be part of your life when you grow up and get married.

Still at our house we are restocking the bathroom favorites and refreshing the bed and bath for the holidays.  Our new towels are already in place, Our sheets will arrive in the next week or so with the candles, pillow cases and sleep masks not far behind.   I think because we have been spending so much time in the house, the typical holiday refresh, which usually involves holiday scented candles and not much else because we are driving all over the country for the holidays, just didn’t cut it. We’ve been replacing worn out items and generally sprucing up our interior. Next on the list for replaceable items are the hand towels.  They have seen a lot of use in the past few months and are really showing it.  I have yet to look into replacing them, mostly because my baby doll wore a hole in his favorite towel and I noticed the sheets we use the most were wearing thin in spots and so I took care of them first.  Now, bed fluffed and newly adorned, I will seek out hand towels. With me luck.