Look Fantastic Beauty Box December 2020 Unboxing

This month my Look Fantastic Box had a journey.  It was the first subscription box to send e-mail notification that it was on its way and is the second to last box to arrive. (IPSY still hasn’t come in and in fact seems to be settling permanently in Atlanta.) Look Fantastic is a British based subscription box so it had to make it through the UK’s lockdown, escape the country, make it through customs, escape New York and compete with Christmas deliveries for space in the delivery van. 

I felt like cheering when it managed to arrive at my house, and arrive completely unscathed I might add. The box was in no way dented and every item was in good working order.

But enough of the shipping saga!

Look Fantastic is, as I said  UK based subscription box. It is a $19 per month subscription and thus far I have always gotten value for my money.  Currently, you can get even more value for the money.  They are still running their Black Friday sale and if you sign up for a 12 month subscription (which knocks your monthly box cost down to $16 per month) you get your first month for only $1.  They have already sold out of the December boxes so your first box would be the January Restoration Edition Box. The January sneak peek is for the SVR Hydraline Rich Intense Moisturizing Cream. I have never tried the brand out before, but I have heard good things and am looking forward to trying it out myself.

But while you are trying to decide whether or not to go for the subscription, let’s talk about the December box.

My first item out of the box was the spoiler for last month. It is the Avant Pro Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch.  It is essentially a Hyaluronic Acid based eye cream.  Avant is a very pricy brand and while I don’t think this is a full sized tube (the full size comes in a jar) it is eye cream and a little drop is all you actually need to use.  My tube is full to the brim and will no doubt last a really long time once I open it to start using it.  The Avant products I have tried before have all been really good so I am looking forward to giving this a go as well.

My next item is from a brand I have heard good things about, but never tried.  In this month’s box I received the Medik8  Hydr8 Serum.  Again it includes my good buddy, Hyaluronic Acid, so I am very excited to give it a try.  It was a variation in the box this month. 

The other option you could have received was from Ren.  It was the Atlantic Kelp Body Lotion.  While ren is a brand I would like to try more from, I am currently well stocked on hand and body lotion and am very happy with the selection sent to me.

The Balm also made an appearance in the December Look Fantastic box. While this box is heavily weighted towards skin care, they do add some makeup items.  The Balm’s Petal to the Metal eyeshadow came in various shades.  The one I got was a golden coppery sort of shade so you know I was happy. While I have used quite a few products from The Balm, I have never tried any of their cream shadows.  I’ve only used the powder ones, so I am pleased that I not only got a shade I adore, but it is in a formula I have yet to try out.

Also in the makeup category is the Jecca Blac Champagne Glow Drops. It is a cream highlighter and if the package looks familiar it is because I did receive a Jecca Blac Highlighter sometime this summer.  It was either from Look Fantastic or Glossy Box.  I can’t remember which. 

However, the shade of that one was rose gold.  I really liked the formula  so I know I’ll like this formula and it is nice to have it in a different shade.  I know it claims that you can add it all over your skin, but I ended up using the rose gold as a highlighter.  Perhaps this one will work better all over, or perhaps it too will just be used as a highlighter.  Either way I am happy to have it.

From Brushworks there was a double ended brush.  One looks flat and designed for packing shimmers on the lids and the other is flat and angled for using shadow like eyeliner or working under the eye.  I have never tried Brushworks brushes before, although I think they were the company that made the Jade Roller that came in a box this summer. I passed that one on to my mom so I’m not entirely certain. I do know I haven’t tried their brushes before so I am happy to give them a try. 

I am working to find the brushes I like and separate them out from the brushes I just use because they are there (which is why I am adding more tool talk posts this coming year).  I will say that while I am happy to try out a new brand of brushes, I am never a fan of double ended brushes.  I store my brushes in glass jars, usually candle containers that have been repurposed. So I either end up using only one end of the brush or I make a mess with it in the container as product gets all over the handles of the other brushes when I put it back in the jar.  But we shall see.

This leads us to the final product in my box this month.  According to the extensive pamphlet that comes with the box each month, my final product should have either been a Percy& Reed Hair Spray or a Sukin Pink Clay Mask.  I love clay masks and after trying out and falling head over heels in love with the Wonder Balm from Percy & Reed I would have been happy to try out another product from them.  Instead, I received a BellaPierre Color correcting Palette.  It has three cream shades for correcting. And looks to be quite nice.  I’m guessing it was a last minute substitution.  I don’t mind the substitution as I have been thinking about trying some color correcting and don’t mind having products to play with.

However, color correcting is not my strong suit so a little information would have been nice.  One of the things I really like about Look Fantastic is the brochure that comes in the box.  It has write ups about the products as well as blurbs about how to use them.  As this was a last minute edition, there was no blub.  The only color correction I have tried was with a Dragun Beauty orange color corrector for under the eyes that made me look as though I was slowly turning into an Oompa Loompa. No matter how I blended, the orange was just too much for my skin.  These look like they will be more suitable for my skin tone and possibly usable for me.  I will just have to look them up before I actually try to use them so that I use them correctly.

All in all, even with the product substitution, I was very pleased with my box this month. While I feared for its safe travels, it did arrive safe and sound.  As they have always been on time before I am more than willing to concede that this month was not the month to try and judge anyone on shipping capabilities.  And like I said they have always been really good with shipping prior. I can’t wait to see what the January Restoration Edition Box has in store. I’m sure it will be fantastic, just as I am sure I will be keeping my Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscription well into 2021.