September 2020 Look Fantastic Beauty Box: The Birthday Box

Happy Birthday to Look Fantastic!September marks their sith’s year in operation and they adjusted the look of their box to suit. Personally I love the gold lettering. For those who don’t know Look Fantastic is a monthly Beauty Box that costs $19 per month. It is based in the UK and one tat I really like. Sometimes I get brands that I know and love, while other times I learn about brands I’ve never heard of, even if they are quite popular elsewhere.

The box is made of sturdy cardboard and the items inside are wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker so it is always like unwrapping a present when it arrives. I also like that the outside mailer, once you peel off the international customs plastic bit, is fully recyclable. And by that I mean it is the kind of cardboard that would not only go into the recycling bin, but that I can tear up and add to my personal compost bin.

Which I do.

The interior box I use for storage.

One thing I also love about Look Fantastic is their on-line store. It is really large and carries a host of brands at varying price points in bath and body, skin care and makeup. They carry NYX Cosmetics, Pixi products, Elemis, Erno Laszlo, Caudalie, and Molton Brown. It is not limited to a few items or a once a month shopping it is an actual on-line store and they generally have weekly sales. For example starting today (9/9) and running through September 14th you can get 25% off award winning skin care. It is a really long list of brands on the sale list including brands like 111Skin, AHAVA, Dermelect Cosmeceuticals and e cooking. And starting tomorrow you can get 15% off sitewide with the code CELEBRATE. Given that you don’t need a code for the 25% off the select skin care items you could probably combine the two and get yourself a really good deal. There is also a 25% + 10% off Molton Brown, ReFa & more going on starting today as well, just use code SALEX10  

But enough about the company, lets get on to the box. The first Item I pulled out of the Birthday box was the spoiler for last month. Each month they tease you with one item for the upcoming box on the pamphlet included in the box. This month the product was a 15 mL tube of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. I was very excited by this because I have never had a bad product from Elemis. From their cleansers, to the exfoliating toner pads to the make up remover balm, it has all be fantastic.

I am still kicking myself for not stocking up on the Elemis oils when they were offered by BoxyCharm a while ago. I actually finished my Elemis Cleansing Balm in August and already miss it. So I was very happy to get another Elemis product to try.

The next item I picked up is from Illamasqua. I received the mini OMG Highlighter. I have primers, lip liners and a couple of lipsticks from Illamasqua and they are all very nice. I’ve never tried one of their powder products before so I am looking forward to giving it a go. I am deliberately not swatching it so that I can get a first impression next week when I add it to my makeup bag.

It looks to be a lovely gold shimmer though and I tend to lean more towards gold tones so I’m happy. In the September box subscribers could either get the Illamasqua highlighter or the Mary-Lou Manizer from the Balm. I’ve tried the Mary-Lou-Manizer before and it is a great product. I would have been happy with it, but I am glad I get to try the one I’ve never used.

I have to admit that my swatching restraint did not extend to the Diego Dalla Parma Mini lip pencil in the shade Antique pink. I never heard of the brand and I wanted to know if antique pink was going to be a Barbie pink (of which I’m not really a fan) so I swatched it. The formula is quite creamy and very pigmented. It is also a kind of dusky rose shade that is one of my favorites. While I did swatch it, I did not put it on my lips, I will reserve that for next week’s makeup bag as well. But I am pleased with how well it swatched on the hand.

The next item I took out of the Birthday Box was another squeezie tube and it was from the brand ESPA. I have heard of the brand and I know it is a well respected skincare company. By which I mean one of my cousins periodically gushes about them. I think they started out as a spa and then started selling their products if I’m not mistaken. I’ll look into more information about them before trying and reviewing the product.

The specific product that I received was the Pink Hair and Scalp Mud. (The other option was the ESPA Micellar Water Cleanser). The Scalp mud is a deep conditioning treatment for your hair and scalp. Given that I am not going out as much, I am trying to do as much recovery work on my hair as possible (not as much heat styling and many more hair and scalp treatments), this is a great product for me to receive right now. Plus pampering my hair with treatments is sort of my way of apologizing for any past mistreatments and my not so great hair cutting skills. My hair may no longer have layers, but it also has no split ends.

The next two items are both tools and both full sized. The first is a Luxie shading brush (thr 209 if you are keeping track). I have quite a few Luxie brushes. They are a good quality and last a long time. I also tend to use shading brushes a lot so having an extra one on hand is not a bad thing for me.

The second tool is the Brushworks Jade Roller. I know lots of people rave about the stone rollers as a way of pushing serums into the skin. Personally I find either a PMD Wand or one of the Fereo vibrating tools much better for that (especially the mini one.)

I do have a quartz roller though and I love using it for depuffing. I keep mine in the fridge and on mornings when allergens have taken me down I roll it on my face, starting at the neck and working my way up to the eyes.

It really helps bring down the puffiness from allergies. It is also fantastic on a really hot day. I love rolling it on the neck just under the ears, working up to behind the ears. I find that cools me down super quickly when I am overheated. I’ve been using it a lot this summer. Quite frankly it is better than any cooling sprays I’ve found. Just remember to keep it washed. I am very happy to have a second roller in the house as they are useful and it would be nice to have a second to trade out when the first warms up.

The final item in my Look Fantastic Box this month was something I at first took to be a magnet. It is not, it is one of those buttons you attached to the back of your phone to make it easier to hold. As my phone case has a built in metal loop, I won’t be using it, but my mom really likes them so I will be passing it on to her in the goodie box I am compiling for her.

Since I inherited skin from my father’s side, she and I have almost opposite skin concerns and different coloring so any product or makeup that I can’t use generally she can and visa versa so I save all the things I get in subscription boxes but know I won’t use for her. I was supposed to give it to her at Easter but we didn’t get together and we may be doing separate Thanksgivings as well this year so I may be mailing it soon.

So my quest for bubble wrap is soon to begin.

But that is another story. For now, this was my September Look Fantastic Box. I was very happy with their Birthday edit and if you are looking to join, I don’t think they’ve sold out of this month’s box yet. They frequently sell out around mid to late month because they are such a good deal. I received products I really like, a few from companies on my favorites list and a few from ones I’ve never heard of and all of which I am eager to try out. This month was a very good month.

Oh and for those interested, this month is also when the Look Fantastic Advent Calendars are available for pre order. They sell out super fast so even though it is September and still really skin meltingly hot, if you are interested in picking this one up you are going to want to get on the list early. (if it is a gift think of it as being proactive in your holiday shopping. whenever I do that it always makes me feel rather virtuous and grown up. Admittedly all pre-planning makes me feel that way, especially when it is successful.)

They are a little pricey, but utterly amazing and so completely worth the price. I received one as a present before and it was wonderful. It was from my babydoll and it was also somewhat tortuous. He holds a firm belief that advent calendars should be opened only one day at a time, never all at once. Mostly because if he opens them all at once he eats all of the chocolate in one sitting. While I was excited by the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar he was disappointed as it didn’t have chocolate.

So I got him a fancy chocolate one and then made him only open one a day. which he found quite a torture as well, so at least we were even.

While there was some makeup in the advent calendar, it is predominantly skin care based. There are some body care items as well I believe Molton Brown is in this year’s calendar. You know how much I love their shower gel.

To sum up, another great Beauty Box from Look Fantastic and Advent Calendars are now available for pre-sale. And a big Happy Birthday to Look Fantastic. I’m sure this will be their best year yet.