Unboxing the September 2022 Look Fantastic Box

Look Fantastic is a $19 per month beauty box based in the UK. With an annual subscription you can shave a few dollars off the price and still pay on a monthly basis instead of paying for the entire year at once. This is what I do. I have had this subscription for several years now and while some months in a subscription box are always better than others, I have never been disappointed by this box. They also have an annual advent calendar which always sells out fast. For subscribers the calendar is on sale now and for non subscribers it will go on sale October 1st. It sells out every year. Usually I miss it but this year I actually jumped on it when it was up for pre release so I will be getting that this year.

I like to only get one advent calendar for myself each year. Occasionally I will cave and get a second smaller one. But the issue is there are so many really great ones out there that i often debate which one I want to pick up and then find the Look Fantastic one has sold out. This year i decided to just go ahead with it because the spoilers looked good so I made the decision early.

But that won’t come until November. However soon they will be available for all so if you are thinking about it, those are the dates.

But back to this month’s box. Recently Look Fantastic has been playing around with the layout of the brochure they put in the box. They have always had articles about various topics. They actually have one about Collagen this month that I am looking forward to reading. They articles break down popular ingredients and other skincare and beauty themed issues. The articles on skincare topics are fantastic if you are just getting into skincare and trying to get a handle on a very large and complex range of products and ingredients. And as September is Skincare Awareness month it is all about skincare. Which I like.

However they don’t really break out the products in the pamphlet any more which I’m not too crazy about. they have one page showing what was in the box with the one variation item and that’s it. No info about them. Which I sort of miss. They do have the spoiler for the October box though and it is very exciting, well at least to me. In the October box you will receive either a Ritual of Sakura candle (25 g) or The Ritual of Sakura room spray (50 mL) The Sakura line is Rituals cherry blossom scent and I loved the body wash from that line and am looking forward to either the candle or the room spray. Actually after trying out the body wash I thought about buying the room spray simply because how fantastic the bathroom smelled after my shower. I would be happy with either one actually.

This Month’s Look Fantastic I was looking forward to mostly because of the spoiler from last month too actually. It was the Ren Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic. It is a toner from a clean skincare brand. It is 100 mL so it is a travel size (the full size is 250 mL). It is a good sized broduct and basically you use it like a toner. I have used it before and really enjoyed it. I am thrilled to have another bottle here.

The next two items are a set of shampoo and conditioner. The set does count as two of the items in the box but i am okay with that as I would rather have the paired set of shampoo and conditioner. Especially since it is a brand I have not heard of before. It is Bleach London and it is the Reincarnation Shampoo and conditioner set. They are 75 mL each so that is plenty for several washes and will give me a good idea of how the product performs. It is an nourishing and restoring set and as we edge into cooler months my hair will need more nourishing products. (the central heat tends to dry my hair out a bit over the winter) so for me this is a good product to try as we head into the fall.

Next we have an eye mask set from Elemis. These are the Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Eye masks to be specific. I love Elemis and have tried loads of products from them. I don’t think I have actually tried out any of their eye masks. Which is strange when I think about it as I really love Eye masks. So I look forward to giving this a go.

The next item is also a very timely product. It is the Nail HQ cuticle oil. This was actually the one variation in the box. If you didn’t get this one then you would have gotten the Solar Oil nail and Cuticle oil from Essentials. I’ve never tried either brand but they are both full size and they both are the same size. I’m sure there are some differences, but I don’t know what they are. I am happy to have a cuticle oil in right now. The gardening season is coming to an end and no matter how much i wear my gloves my hands always get dried out and messed up a bit by the time the garden is ready for winter. During the summer I tend to forget the oil and just use heavy duty hand lotion. I went to get my cuticle oil left over from last year this weekend and found I didn’t secure the lid tightly enough and it leaked out slowly over the summer and I needed a new one. So for me this is extra fab.

And finally we have the Disciple Dreamy Skin Retinyl Night Oil. It is a small bottle but with oils it really only takes a few drops. According to the label it reduces pigmentation, lines and pore size. If it does even half of that i will be thrilled with it. It is also listed as vegan and cruelty free which I like as well. I’m guessing retinyl is some how related to retinol. I’m not sure and will look into it prior to trying it on my skin. I’ll have to look into that and get back to you. Retinyl wasn’t one of the ingredients broken down in the pamphlet.

And so that was my look fantastic box. It was a mix of products from brands I know and love as well as a few new surprises to try out. It was skincare heavy, but Look Fantastic does tend to be skincare heavy in general and as it is a skincare awareness month box, I wouldn’t expect it to be anything but skincare heavy. Personally I love trying out new skincare and finding what works for my skin, not just in terms of products but in terms of ingredients. So I am very pleased with this month’s box and am actually looking forward to trying everything in it.

Unboxing the July 2022 Look Fantastic Box

That’s right, the subscription boxes keep coming. It is that time. There will be a bit of a break after this as the rest ship a bit later. This month’s Look Fantastic is called the Sunshine Edit. And I have to tell you right off the bat, as soon as I opened it a lovely summery scent wafted up from under the tissue paper. But before we get to that, a few of the basics. This is a $19 per month subscription but you can lower the cost by subscribing for longer. I have an annual membership but still pay monthly. My fee is $16 per box. while some months are always going to be better than others, I have never regretted keeping this subscription or going to annual. It is always worth the $19 but feels like a steal at $16.

So what is inside this month’s box?

I’ll admit the first thing I went for when I peeled back the tissue paper was the item that smelled so lovely. It is the Foamie Papaya Body Bar. It is a Papaya and Oat Milk bar of soap that has a ribbon on it to hang in your shower. I love the scent of papaya.

Oddly I love the smell more than I like the taste. The taste is a bit strong for me and ends up tasting a little on the perfume side. But I love the scent and am thrilled to have it in soap form. I also love that it has oat milk in it. My baby doll gets skin irritations from his allergies and oat milk based soaps really help him with taming that so this will be well used and possibly fought over.

The second item I took out of the box is the spoiler from last month as well as the only makeup item in this month’s box. It is it BY Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder. It is a travel sized powder. I am perfectly fine with the size since I don’t know much about the brand. I am glad they send something from By Terry that wasn’t the rose oil lip gloss which I’ve gotten a couple of times in boxes. (it’s the only thing I’ve tried from them. That was a very intense rose. I have seen this powder in the Dermstore and really wanted to try it out but was worried everything the brand had would come with that overly intense rose scent. I am happy this doesn’t smell like rose. I did open the powder. It is very finely milled and sent up a dust cloud when opened. It will be interesting to see how it performs.

Item number three was the Minetan After Sun Gel. I am actually really pleased by this. I thought Minetan only did sun-less tanning products. It is nice to know they have an after sun gel. It is something that soothes skin after too much sun and cools sunburns. As one of it’s chief ingredients is Aloe Vera which I use to treat sunburns, I have high hopes this will be good. I have worked hard not to get sunburns this year, but post sun soothing is always handy to have around, even without the burn.

A full sized Scalp Scrub from Umberto Giannini was in the box this month. I have never heard of Umberto Giannini before as a brand, but I do love scalp scrubs. I recently finished the Christophe Robin Sea Salt scalp scrub and will soon be restocking. I’ve bought that several times and will buy it again. It will be nice to try a different scalp scrub though. This one has pictures of pineapples on the front so perhaps it will be more tropical and fit well with the papaya soap.

Next, we have the Mio Future Proof Body Butter. Which I can’t lie did make me tear up a little. I received a tube of their shower gel in a subscription box a few years back and not only did I like it, but as my brother was looking for a new body wash and loved the scent of oranges I ordered a tube for him and have added it to his Christmas stocking each year since since he really liked it. I have not tried their body butter but look forward to giving it a go even though at the moment I am starting to get a stockpile of body butters. At least this one is travel sized and can be used up fairly quickly. Soon we will see if it is as good as their body wash.

The last Item in my box this month was an either or product. You could either receive a Cetaphil Gentle skin Cleanser or a Beauty Pro Clay Sheet mask. I got the Clay sheet mask and I am pretty happy about it actually. I know, I’m not the biggest fan of sheet masks, but I have used a couple of clay sheet masks and I enjoyed them a lot. So I am hoping this is a good one. And yes they are basically peel off clay masks. And you know how I love clay masks.

If you are interested in getting this box and are a new subscriber then you can get your first box for just $16 (use code HELLO) They almost always have a discount code each month posted on the page so if you decide that this box isn’t for you but then a few month’s later see one that is more your style you can usually find the code there. Right now their on line store is also having a 25% of sale with code LFSALE. Oh and the spoiler for next month is the Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense which is described as a super charged Hyaluronic acid serum. and I am all for hyaluronic acid. Plus while August will be brutal heat wise here, soon after we may head into cooler temps and then I will need the extra moisture products. So it will be nice to have something like that on hand.

And that my darlings was my July Look Fantastic box and for me this month was pretty fantastic.

Unboxing the Look Fantastic Beauty Box for June 2022

Ah yes the June Subscription boxes have started to arrive. I really shouldn’t be surprised, as most of them usually hit around mid month. Yet every month I start wondering when they will arrive and then they all seem to come at once. The first of the beauty subscriptions this month is the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. It is a $19 per month subscription if you go month to month, but the cost lowers if you subscribe for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. You still pay monthly, which I love, but you pay less. I am on the annual plan so my box costs$16. I have always found this box worth the cost. Currently you can get your first box for $11 (just follow the link below and if you miss Junes, they almost always have a new monthly code up on their site each month for a different discount)

This box comes with a pamphlet and sometimes if there are a lot of variations they don’t always list all of the products. I don’t know if there weren’t any variations this month, but all of the products I received are broken out in the pamphlet, which I really like. I know I can look them up, but I really like having the information right there.

Are you ready to see what is inside this month’s box?

The first item is from a brand I love. It is Nuxe. I am personally in love with their Insta-masques. they have different varieties for different skincare needs and all are fabulous. Oh and if you are interested, Nuxe is currently running their 50% off friends and family sale so now is definitely the time to stock up. This month there is a 100 mL bottle of their Very Rose Micellular water.

Since I love micellular waters as cleansers in the summer I went ahead and opened this one and took a sniff. In the bottle it has a light rose water scent, very light. When tipped out onto the hands the scent fades very quickly. I was a little scared of the Very Rose name, but with a scent this light I don’t think it will be much of a problem.

The second item in the box is also from a brand I love, but not an item that i have used before from the brand. The brand is Eyeko and the box has a clear brow gel. I love that it is clear because anytime i get a tinted brow gel it seems to come out way too dark for me. I love using clear brow gel with a brow pencil rather than going for a tinted brow gel. I may have to try this with today’s makeup. I love Eyeko’s eyeliners and mascaras so it is nice to see something new from the brand.

The third item is from Bubble t. We have had many items from bubble T in the past. I personally love their strawberry rhubarb custard bath fizzy. Admittedly the scent made me want custard. I haven’t tried their body scrub though and this month we received a 100 mL tube of their Watermelon Body Scrub. While towards the end of the summer I am sure I will be saying ‘no more watermelon’, I do like watermelon products in the summertime. i think they smell fresh and summery. By August though I’ll be ready to put them away. I doubt this will last that long though as i am out of body scrub so i can roll this right into the shower. I love when things get timed like that.

One of the items I am a little less sure about is the Lottie London Power foil Golden Hour. It is a loose powder gold eyeshadow. In general I don’t have the best luck with loose powder eyeshadows. Nine times out of ten i will end up spilling more than I use. And just opening this one caused a bit of a glitter cascade. Still I do like gold glitter so I might give it a go and see how it works out for me. And the gold does have a bit of a bronzy look to it and you know I have a hard time resisting the bronzes. Who knows, perhaps this will turn out to be the loose pigment for me.

The last two items in my box I had not heard of before. I really enjoy the mix of new products from brands I love and products I think look interesting from brands I’ve never heard of. The first of these items is Disciple What Spot Dots. They are basically those little dot’s you put over emerging blemishes. These have Salicylic acid which always works wonders at drying out my blemishes and in the summer it is the swear and over production of grease spots that causes most of my spots so I am sure I will have the chance to test it out soon enough.

And finally we have the Gatineau Radiance Gommage. I know from using the Skin and Co Face Gommage that gommage is basically an exfoliation scrub. I do love a good exfoliator and I have never heard of Gatineau before. I actually just finished my ESPA exfoliating scrub so this too is perfectly timed.

I have to say that over all this Look Fantastic Box works well for me. It is skincare heavy, but that is sort of what Look Fantastic is known for and the skincare items they included are all ones I want to try out. They also had two make up items, both of which interest me so that will be fun to play with. I really like that they included information about all of their products this month.

Was this box worth it? I think it was. All of the items are ones I will use and I feel that I got good value for the cost of the box. As for next month, the spoiler is in the back of the booklet. It is a Hyaluronic Hydra Powder from By Terry. I am very excited. Not only is it skincare infused makeup, which I kind of like, but the only thing that i have ever tried from By Terry are the rose scented/flavored lip glosses. They feel fantastic on the lips but taste like you are sucking on perfume. I’m hoping the powder has the same excellent quality without the perfume taste. As it isn’t a lip product, that shouldn’t be a problem. And I am definitely looking forward to trying it out next month. For now, The June 2022 Look Fantastic Beauty box was a pretty good one and I plan on putting each item to the test. I can’t wait to see how they perform.

Unboxing the Look Fantastic Beauty Box for May 2022

This is one of my favorite times of year for the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. This Beauty Box is $19 if you are on a month to month plan but the rate is lowered if you subscribe for a longer commitment. You still pay month to month, but you just commit to the subscription length. With my subscription it is $17 per month and it is always worth it.

In May each year they have the start of summer bag. They send out the subscription not in a cardboard box, but in a bag. This year’s bag is clear plastic and shaped like an old school shaving kit with a loop on one end so you can hang it up out of the way if you’d like. The zipper moves easily without sticking and the plastic looks sturdy. I am certain I will end up getting a lot of use out of this over the summer.

But while the bag is nice, it is what is inside that counts. This month there was no pamphlet with my box and no QR code to scan either so I am flying blind on many of these items. The first item however was out spoiler from last month. It is the Rituals Ritual of Karma Shimmering Body Oil. According to the website this oil is used to…

Reveal your inner sparkle with this body shimmer oil from The Ritual of Karma. Containing tiny shimmering mineral particles, the oil nourishes while leaving a satin finish and illuminating sun-kissed skin. The delicately sweet aroma of holy lotus and White Tea softens and scents, and the tan activator complex promotes a longer-lasting tan.


It smells lovely and when I applied a little to my skin I ended up more of a golden hued shimmer than a glittery shine so I am actually looking forward to using this over the summer with the warm weather clothing. I was worried it would look glittery, but it doesn’t.

The second Item is one I have seen before. I have the exact same sized tube from a different beauty box and a third smaller size from yet another one. It is the Paradox Repair 3-in-1 Conditioner, hair mask and finishing cream. I actually scheduled to start using the smaller of my samples of this product to see how I liked it. (I’m finishing up the Kendra Hair treatment at the moment). So soon i should know if this is worth stock piling or if the extra samples will be sent to other homes. But as I always love a good hair mask and go through them fairly quickly, especially once the summer sun started baking my hair, I am okay with having another sample of the Paradox mask. I’ll feel even better about it if i use it and like it, so for now judgement is reserved.

There is one makeup item this month and it is a Ciate London Highlighter. It is in the shade Starburst. I am actually quite pleased with this. I generally enjoy Ciate products. There are a few not to my taste but for the most part I love them. I had the Confetti highlighter and really enjoyed it but then I dropped something on it and because it was pressed beads instead of a pan of product once a few beads came loose the entire thing cracked up and disintegrated. I think a highlighter was the one thing i needed to have a full face of Ciate. I know it sounds strange but i get an odd thrill when I can do an entire face with one brand. I don’t know why, but I just do. And this is a golden toned highlighter which i love. So i am looking forward to trying this out.

Moving on we have a Bondi Sands Daily Moisturizing Face SPF 50+ Fragrance free sunscreen. Because what would a summer themed box be without sunscreen? I know they will crop up for the next few months and I am always happy to have sample sizes of sunscreen. I tend to be a bit picky with my sunscreen. There are just so many that I just don’t like. I’ll wear them if needed because it is better than not having sunscreen, but I do like to try out formulas. This far nothing has beaten the Volition Prismatic sunscreen in my fabulous to wear on a daily basis sunscreen, but I love trying new ones. And I have heard (and tried) the Bondi sands self- tanners so it is nice to see a sun protection product from them. And 50+ protection is perfect for gardening.

I have also heard of the next brand but i have to confess I am not that familiar. The brand is Skin Chemists and the Product is The Rose and Lavender Intensive Night therapy eye serum. The product I tried from them was a Rose scented lip oil or maybe a balm. I can’t remember but it was for the lips, it was rose infused and it tasted like perfume. I tried it and couldn’t take the rose. I am not opening this up, because the clock on skincare starts ticking as soon as you do and I have other eye products to work through first, but I am hoping that it is not as rose-tastic as the lip balm because i can always use a good eye serum for night time repair. So I am pleased that I get to try out something from the brand and because I am applying it no where near my mouth taste won’t be an issue. When I went on the Real Chemist’s website, I found several items from the Youth Series but I couldn’t find this exact serum. I don’t know if it is new or at least new packaging, or if it is older packaging. It is one of the drawbacks to not having the actual pamphlet. I am sure they are saving on waste which is appreciated but I would have liked at least a QR code to scan so that I could easily find the products. It will become more important as I try the eye serum. Then I’ll want to look into all of the details, and if I like it possibly look at purchasing a new bottle. This is just a little more difficult without the pamphlet.

And finally we come to the last item in this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box and it is the Gruum Klar Purifying Facial Cleanser. I it a plastic free cleansing bar with activated charcoal and lemongrass. I have never heard of the brand before but the cleansing bar smells amazing. It is a fresh lemongrass scent. I love the scent of lemon grass. I actually grow it in a pot every year not just for cooking purposes but because I love the scent of it after it has been sitting in the sun for the day. The pot sits on my back porch and it is a fantastic scent to have surrounding you at the end of a long summer’s day when you sit in the shade and unwind with a cool drink. Especially if you use the lemon grass in the drink.

But that is another story.

In general I am not a huge fan of cleansing bars. The only one I’ve ever really liked has been the Erno Lazlo Black Cleansing bar. That one I actually love. I am willing to give this one a try though, partially because it is here and partially because I just love the scent from the cleansing bar. Plus I do like activated charcoal in my skincare. Plus it is a brand I know nothing about, so that is also fun.

Over all I am quite pleased with this month’s Look Fantastic Box. Most of these items I might not have picked out for myself, partially because I had never heard of them. However now that they are hear, all of them will get a good try out. Actually i am kind of looking forward to trying out these products. Especially the cleansing bar. I think that might be because of the scent. It really does smell absolutely fantastic. And in addition, I also have a fabulous new plastic travel bag. I love these bags for not only transporting shampoo and body wash without risking them spilling over other products, but for beach use (goggles and sunscreen) and my favorite, putting a wet wash cloth and a few ice cubes inside when working in the garden.

It is fantastic when you just need a little cool pick me up when working in the sun. I meant to use last year’s summer bag for travel, but it ended up being a garden bag and was a life saver last year. As this is a long bag instead of a small square one it might have a chance of being saved for travel instead of garden use, but we’ll have to see how that shakes out. It is a welcome addition to my word though. The only drawback this month, for me, was the lack of information that a pamphlet would have provided (either a physical pamphlet or a digital one). That was my only minor complaint, and as I will end up looking up each product in greater detail as I start to use it, it is a minor one. Otherwise, i quite enjoyed May’s Look Fantastic.

US Subscribe 1-month to Lookfantastic’s Beauty Box for only $19 (worth over $40)

Unboxing the March 2022 Look Fantastic Box

Guess what arrived on my doorstep? That’s right it is the March Look Fantastic Box. I was somewhat surprised as I generally don’t look for this box to arrive until the date has double digits. I know today is March 9th, so it was close, very close. Still I generally look for it around the fourteenth. I really enjoy this box. It does tend to be a bit skincare heavy, but a lot of the brands included are items I have either never tried or have limited experience with. Part of that is because it is a UK based subscription box. This is a $19 per month subscription, but the cost is lower if you sign up for a longer period. I went annual with this one because I enjoy it so much and my cost is $17 per month. I still pay monthly which means I don’t have to come up with an entire year’s worth of payments at one time, which is really nice.

This month’s theme is empowerment and I believe all of the products were chosen from email founded brands. The first item out of my box this month is the Emma Hardie Facial Oil. There are two identical bottles in my Look Fantastic box and I’m not sure if that was intentional or an accident. what is interesting is that I have a still sealed full size bottle of this exact same oil. I use facial oils more slowly than I use other products in my skincare collection and I am a bit on the picky side with them. i have tried lots of oils I don’t like and a few that I adore. I am still branching out with them What I like is that I can try one of the small bottles and if I like it move on to opening and using the full size. And if I don’t I can pass along the full size unopened. Even though I have that oil in my collection I know virtually nothing about the brand so this will also give me an excuse to investigate. Over all, a pretty good way to start.

The second item I took from the look Fantastic box was the spoiler in last month’s pamphlet. It is the Sachajuan Styling Cream. Until I saw it in last month’s pamphlet I had never heard of the band in any capacity so it is completely new to me. I am always willing to try new hair products.

Next up is the Starskin Dream Kiss Plumping and Hydrating Lip mask. I have heard of Starskin in fact last week I used an eye mask. While the eye mask wasn’t really to my taste I do have another Starskin eye mask to try out. Perhaps I will pair it with the lip mask next week. I’ve tried lip masks in sheet form before but none of them have been plumping. I am kind of curious as to how that will work since every lips sheet mask I have tried has been much bigger than my lips in general. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

And I have to say that is one of the things I love about subscription boxes in general. Since i found the eyemask okay but not fabulous, if I saw this lip mask advertised I would be curious but probably pass it by, talking myself out of purchasing it. Now I get to try it and assuage my curiosity. And that’s not a bad thing.

The next item is a brand that I was introduced to by Look Fantastic and I always get excited whenever I see it appear in my box. And that brand is ESPA. Every product I have tried from the brand has been fantastic. We’ve had a couple of their items in the box and they are the sort of products that bring the spa home. And thus far every item I’ve tried in a subscription box, I’ve ended up purchasing in a full size. It is just a good brand.

This month there is an ESPA refining Skin Polish. And we all know I love a good exfoliator. I am getting ready to start a month long mask trial with a mask from the brand Bl’eau that also has exfoliating properties so I am going to have to set it to the side for now, but I am always thrilled to get ESPA in any subscription box.

The two remaining items in the March Look Fantastic are makeup related, one is a makeup brush and the other a lipstick. The brush is from a brand called Luvia and it is a detail shader. (When I went to look for a link I found the brand but not the exact brush which is odd. The link will take you to the look fantastic set of Luvia brushes) I frequently use this style of brush so having another one is not a bad thing. The bristles are soft and the brush feels like it will be of pretty good quality. I won’t know how I lie it until I use it, but I am always happy to have another brush. Especially since I realized the other day that I seriously need to sit down and remove some of the a little too well loved brushes from my collection. Several of my favorites have spent a little too much time as my favorites and are now edging into retirement. So it is extra nice to have a new one to try out.

And finally we have a lipstick from Wet’ n Wild. It is from the megalast collection and I really enjoy the formula. It does last a long time for a bullet style lipstick and it feels very comfortable to wear. This shade is Sand Storm which is a really nice looking neutral that I think I’ll be able to wear without having it wash my lips out.

Over all I am really pleased with my March Look Fantastic box. All of the items are ones I will use, with a couple of really exciting ones included. I love the mix of brands I am familiar with and the one I know nothing about and I really like the empowerment theme for the month. Usually I would say it bothers me that they only break out four of the included items in the pamphlet. This is a recent thing and not one I am a fan of. However this month the two things they didn’t break out were the wet ‘n wild lipstick and the shading brush so it wasn’t a problem. Last month thee was an item that I wanted more information on that they didn’t include in their top four and it was a bit frustrating. This month it wasn’t an issue. We’ll see how it goes next month.

And speaking of next month, there is a teaser for next month’s box. Next month is the Hyaluronic Replenish Lip Balm from the brand Avant. Avant is a rather pricy brand. In general I like their products. The last lip product they scent I had issues with because it was rose flavored and tasted like sucking on a perfume bottle. It worked well, just tasted bad, I’m pleased to see this lip balm is not rose scented. The price listed is in pounds, but using my handy dandy pounds to USD converter I find this lip balm is worth $73.39 (56 Pounds) which may be the most expensive lip balm I have ever seen. I can’t wait to see how that performs. But that is for April. For that we have to wait.

Look Fantastic December 2021 Beauty Box Unboxing

Oh yes, my darlings, it is the week of unboxing. while this usually does happen in a month, all of the subscriptions arriving at the same time, it seems especially fun to me that it is happening the week before Christmas. It’s like extra presents. That I bought myself.

But it is fun to unbox them.

Look Fantastic is one that I especially enjoy. This month I have to say I didn’t see any spoilers, mostly because it was so crazy that I didn’t even have time to think about looking, let along go and actually look. So let’s see what surprises we have in store this month shall we?

The first item is from Elemis. Do I have to say I love Elemis? I feel I say it pretty much every time it appears in the box. Or in my weekly skincare line up. They are just a good reliable (if somewhat pricy) brand. This month we have the Pro Collagen Energizing Marine Cleanser (currently this is on sale at Lovely Skin should you be interested in picking it up for less than the usual price.) Oddly enough I just finished up a moisturizer from this line. I took it home with me at thanksgiving. It was a fantastic day cream. I hope that I will like this cleanser as much as I liked the day cream. If so, I will be very happy.

The second item in this months box was the Starskin VIP Revitalizing Luxury Gold Foil Eye Masks. I’ve tried Starskin products before and liked them and I absolutely adore eye masks. I don’t know if I’ve tried foil masks before. But I am willing to give them a go. Hopefully they will turn out well and I will have another brand of eye masks to think about adding to my collection. I go through a lot of eye masks.

While Look Fantastic does tend to lean heavily into skin care, there were two makeup items in this month’s box. The first is a blush from Lottie London. I am actually really pleased to get this product actually. A while ago I received a Lottie London Bronzer in a subscription box. It performed really well, but the artificial coconut scent of the product made me want to avoid it. I wanted to try something else from the brand to see if all of their products were so heavily scented or if it was just that particular one. And if the non-scented products worked as well as the scented one. I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I did take a second to sniff the blush and there was no scent. The color is a bit bright but hopefully that will be able to be blended into something more wearable for me.

The second makeup item I am also thrilled to receive. It is the Spotlight stick highlighting crayon from Eyeko. Eyeko is generally my go to brand when I do wear eyeliner. When I wore it regularly, Eyeko was really the only eyeliner I used. I wear eyeliner a lot less and since I tend to think of the brand as only fabulous eyeliner I don’t think of them that often. I would love to find more products from them that I do like, if only to stop thinking of them as the eyeliner company.

The last two items in the box are both in the category of tools. At least that is how I would classify them. The first is the Hollywood Browzer, which is a dermaplanning tool. I actually use the ones from Favy and I have been loving them actually. I am happy to try out a different brand though and see how they compare. It is a tool I use and am happy to try out.

The final tool is a Satin Sleeping mask from Glov. I actually sleep with a sleeping mask every night. I am an extremely light sleeper and changes in light as cars go by the house actually wake me up. So for me a sleep mask is essential if I am to get any sleep at all. Not all masks are created equal though. In general I prefer an adjustable strap on my sleeping masks. I also tend to go with silk over satin, just because I prefer the feel. However I do have a couple of satin ones. I have several other Glov products so I am familiar with the brand and happy to give them a try. And it is always nice to have an extra of an essential item floating around.

It’s one of the reasons I have two pairs of ThinOptics Reading glasses floating around. Some things you can streamline, other times it is best to have duplicates. Reading glasses and sleep masks always fall into the multiples category.

Look Fantastic is one of my favorite boxes. As with all boxes they have their good months and their not so great ones. Sometimes it isn’t a matter of good or bad, but of what i can use and what I’m going to pass along. This month I’ll use everything and that, quite honestly makes it a win for me.

The October 2021 Look Fantastic Beauty Box unboxing

That’s right, the subscription boxes are starting to come in. Can the middle of the month be too far behind? Look Fantastic is a UK based subscription box that costs $19 per month if you are on a month to month subscription. I have an annual subscription so my box is $16. I always find the box worth it actually. As it comes from the UK often times it has brands that I’ve either never heard of or don’t see all that often. Look Fantastic also has a shop that is always running specials and deals on various products. So even if you don’t subscribe, it is well worth popping over to the site to see what’s on sale.

This month’s theme is Treat yourself: Time for your Monthly R&R. The first item I gravitated towards was the Rituals product. what can I say, the golden color called to me. I have received a lot of bath products from Rituals in subscription boxes, in fact one is still in my shower as we speak. They always smell luxurious and leave my skin feeling pampered. This isn’t a bath product though. This month Look Fantastic sent a body cream. The scent is orange and cedar which I think sounds interesting. Normally i am not a fan of getting body creams since I have so many of them, but as I have never tried a Rituals body Cream i have to say i am curious. I have high hopes for this one. It is the Ritual of Mehr. As I just finished a body lotion, this one is going straight to the shower to use post bath. I’ll let you know how it works out.

The second item I was even happier to see. Ecooking is one of those brands I don’t think we hear enough about. It is really good skincare that tends to fly under the radar. If you ever see their foot cream, snap it up. You won’t be sorry. It’s scent is a bit strong but it can take down the toughest of calluses. This month there is a gentle cleansing gel in the box. it is a really good sized pump. The pamphlet doesn’t say if this is a full size or not but it is 125 ml which is much larger than a sample size. If it isn’t a full size then it is at least a deluxe or travel size. I am very much looking forward to giving it a go.

The third item this month is the Filorga Oxygen glow Creme. It is a sample size of their moisturizer. I am always happy to try out a new moisturizer. I have an eye cream from Filorga waiting for trial, but I haven’t actually tried it yet. So even though i have seen the brand (and actually have products from them) I haven’t tried them out yet.

Dr. Botanicals had been making appearances in subscription boxes lately and quite honestly I am not upset about seeing another product from them. The ones I’ve tried have performed really well and over all it is a pretty affordable brand. I am always happy to discover affordable brands that work really well. This month we have the Turmeric Mask. I think I’ve used a moisturizer and a hand cream but not a mask. Both the Pomegranate moisturizer and the Lemon hand cream made it onto my list of repeat purchases so we will see if the Turmeric makes the cut as well.

There were two hair products in this months box, rounding out the products. One is the Philip Kingsley Bond Builder. It is a split end remedy. Philip Kingsley is one of those brands that is kind of pricy, but always sort of leaves me ambivalent. The Leave in conditioner works well enough to use if it is around, but not well enough to actually purchase over other products. Perhaps this Bond Builder will be one of their better products and lean me towards them a bit more. I haven’t tried it and I am always looking for ways to improve the health of my hair.

I will certainly get a lot of use out of the Vintage Cosmetics scrunchies. The yellow is a bit bright for me, but the material is soft and not likely to pull and the elastic underneath feels strong enough to hold my hair in place. Plus this summer I had issues with the elastic bands tangling in my hair so I tended to wear the scrunchies I had more than the bands. Many of the scrunchies did not survive the summer. So it is nice to have some replacements.

So that was my October Look Fantastic Box. Was it worth the price? Absolutely. Look fantastic has always tended to be skincare heavy and the theme is kind of skincare based anyway so i can’t be upset about the lack of makeup. Makeup isn’t really Look Fantastic’s strong suit. Some times they do hit it out of the park with the makeup though. Just not this month and not very often. To be honest, Look Fantastic is where I have found some super fabulous hair care products and brands that I didn’t know existed. Hair and skincare are where this box shines. And this month, I think they did pretty good. I definitely got my $16 worth.

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Look Fantastic Beauty Box July 2021 Unboxing

I have to admit, I was very concerned for my Look Fantastic Box this month. I came back from my short walk yesterday to find it by the door.  It looked as though it had been stomped on.  Usually my Look Fantastic Boxes are in quite good shape considering their long and arduous journey.  Look Fantastic is a beauty box based in the UK.  If you are on a month to month plan the box is $19.  They have three month, six months and annual plans, each one going down in cost the longer you are subscribed.  The 12 month plan is $16 per month which is what I have and I always find it well worth the $16. 

If you are looking to try it out you can get your first box at a discount to see if you like it.  Just use the code LF10 for 10% off your first box.

Nothing was actually damaged.  The box was a little crushed because it was the travel bag this time and not the hard cardboard box, so the edges crumpled a little but the products were fine.

This month the theme is Wanderlust and to complement the theme the products come in a reusable travel bag.  It is a sort of leather look plastic with one side having a clear window.  It is the perfect size for putting into a suitcase.  They usually do one of these summer style bags each year.  Last year it was an aqua color and had two clear sides.  That one I didn’t travel with (mostly because I didn’t travel, but it was perfect as a garden tool.  I put a wet wash cloth and a few ice cubes in the bag and took it with me when I worked in the garden.  It was perfect for keeping cool while I worked and it didn’t leak.  The bag still looks and works great actually.  It is a bit on the dirty side from its time in the garden but I have been using it this year as well as last year and will continue to use it for quite some time to come. 

This year’s bag is white and looks more like something I will keep for traveling. But it is what is inside the bag that counts.  So let’s take a look at the products. 

The first item in the bag is the Grow Gorgeous Intelligent Haircare Defense Anti-pollution leave in Spray.  According to the pamphlet, it is supposed to shield your hair from heat damage, colour fade and external aggressors.  Grow Gorgeous is one of those brands I didn’t really know about until I started getting this box and it is rapidly rising in my estimation.  I have an overnight hair mask from them that I absolutely love and I recently picked up a set of Shampoo and conditioner to try from them during The Skinstore’s Grow Gorgeous sale.  Also this morning when I looked at Boxy Add ons they had a different set of shampoo and conditioner from the brand that I picked up at 50% off so I can try that as well.  I am almost finished with my Zents shampoo and conditioner (although I will definitely be repurchasing those) and I wanted something new to try.

But I would never have tried this brand without this subscription box.  I think that is one of the benefits of getting a box from outside the country.  But It is clearly not the only item in the box.  The second item I pulled from the box is the Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturizer. 

Anyone who reads this regularly knows that I am a huge fan of Elemis products.  I am thrilled that I get to try one from the Superfood line that I haven’t tried.  My only issue is that in the booklet the product described it the Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter, which I was actually really looking forward to trying.  The packages of the sample sizes look exactly the same, but they sent me a different one.  I will still use it and see how it works out, but I kind of would have preferred the cleansing butter.

The next item in the box this month was a small tube of the Illamasqua Beyond Liquid Highlighter in OMG.  Some of you may find that familiar if you read my daily posts where I list out the makeup I used that day and my thoughts on it.  The Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in the shade OMG is one of my go to products. It is a beautiful highlighter that can be used to create a stunning gleam or blended into a soft glow.  I haven’t tried the liquid form of this highlighter but look forward to comparing the two. Incidentally if you are shopping Illamasqua products you can get 25% off from new orders on their website with the code ILLANEW25

The fourth item in the July box is the Mine Tan Body Skin Cucumber gradual tan. It is a face and body spray with a gradual tanner and a refreshing scent.  To be honest most of my body gets far too much sun as it is, and doesn’t need the help.  However, I generally wear jeans and pants so my legs are ghost pale. 

In fact, I am pretty sure they can be seen from space. I could probably signal aliens by putting on a pair of shorts and lying in the grass in the backyard.  While it normally doesn’t bother me, as the summer progresses the skin color difference between my legs and upper body is very noticeable when I do wear skirts and dresses so I have been looking for products to address this.  I have a couple in the line up and I think this might work well.  I am not certain how far I’ll get with the small spray bottle, but it should be enough for at least some preliminary thoughts.

Moving on to item number six there is a Revlon Lipstick. It is full sized. It has been a while since I have tried any makeup products from Revlon and I am always happy to see a new lipstick (as my dressing table can surely attest).  I don’t mind that there is a drug store product in her as I like having a few products that if I like I can run out and pick up rather than order on line.  And as I haven’t tried a Revlon Formula in a while it might be nice to see if I like it so that there is another brand I can just pick up a color I like on impulse when I am shopping.

Finally, there is a Starskin VIP 7 second Luxury all day mask. It looks like something you slip over your fingers and rub across your face rather than a sheet mask you apply over the skin in, well, a sheet. It is supposed to refresh and rehydrate your complexion.  I will have to look into it a bit more before I use it to find out what it is actually supposed to do.  I might actually set up a Friday masking day for a Friday full of odd masks.  I have one for the hands from Starskin as well which might go into that category.  I’ll have to take a look at the details and see what can be done.

But for now that is my July 2021 Wanderlust themed box.  While there was a minor snafu with the Elemis Product, everything in here is something I want to give a try and am interested in using.  All Subscription boxes have high and low months, this in my opinion was a definite high and I can’t wait to test out the products inside. With Look Fantastic I really like that all of the samples are of a size large enough to give me a good idea of how the product will perform. I like that there are some of my favorite brands mixed in with brands I’ve never tried. I also like that there are often things I would never think to pick up on my own. Like the Starskin VIP Finger mask thing. I know that if I saw it in a store or flicked past it on-line I would be interested but probably wouldn’t buy it. Now I get to try it and see if it is worth buying.

This is definitely a subscription I will be hanging on to, especially knowing that next month’s spoiler is a Ciate London Blush.  Currently the Ciate London blush I have is one of my favorites so having a new one in a different color is very exciting.  I am also trying to decide if I want to try and pick up the August Limited edition box Look Fantastic is putting out.  It is a LookFantastic X Omorovicza box.  I’ve tried a couple of products from the brand before and they were absolutely fantastic.  They were quite pricey though.  It would be fantastic to be able to try several more products before committing to buying the full sized ones. 

They also have a limited edition box partnered with Revolution this August.  All of their limited editions sell out super fast so if either of those appeal to you keep your eyes peeled for release dates and pounce as soon as you are able.  There have been several in the past that I just managed to miss. Fingers crossed that this time I can manage to catch the Omorovicza box.

Even if I don’t I am pleased with this month’s Look Fantastic Box and looking forward to seeing what August brings.

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