Kristopher Buckle’s Vanity Collection Volume 2

I am a sucker for a good makeup kit. I really am. I love them in sample size and I love them in full sized. Makeup, skin care, hair care, I love them all.

I know that sounded a bit like a beauty themed Dr. Seuss book, but it happens to be true. Also this post is in no way sponsored. The links are affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission if you use them when purchasing, but I bought these products on my own and all my opinions will be honest ones.

I think kits and collections are a great way to try out a brand. For those who regularly read these posts you will no doubt have heard that the Kristopher Buckle Cashmere slip lipstick in Bardot is one of my all time favorite lipsticks. The formula is smooth, but not drying and the color is perfect for everyday wear. It’s one of those lipsticks that is so comfortable you forget you are wearing it. while I have gotten that with liquid lips before, I find it really rare in a more traditional lipstick type formula.

But as much as I liked the lipstick, I hadn’t tried anything else by the brand.

So when I saw that the Kristopher Buckle kits were 35% off, I pounced.

Incidentally the sale runs through July 31st if you are interested in taking advantage of them. It is an affiliated link so using them earns me a small fee which helps support this site, but if that bothers you, just go to the site and use the code independently. It isn’t tied to me or my site and I make no money off of it. (code: EXCLUSIVE35)

Affiliate Exclusive | 35% Off Vanity Kits

My kit came in the mail just a few minutes ago and I will be adding these items to my makeup bag for next week, so I haven’t used them yet, I was just so excited they arrived. It seems like everything is taking forever to arrive these days.

Some days I feel like I am stalking the postman.

This came very quickly. I ordered it three days ago and was sort of kicking myself for not ordering earlier. Mostly because there are several other kits included in the sale and if I liked these products enough I was thinking of stocking up. Not only are they 35% off, making this particular kit $18.85 instead of the normal $28, but they have free shipping going right now. They do have various kits and collections in the sale. They have one that is just lipsticks I believe as well. I was very much eying that one but I really wanted to try out the foundation.

In addition I wanted to let you know about the sale as well so you could snap up items you wanted. Cause I like to share.

So what was in my Vanity Collection Volume 2?

The first item is the Triplicity Perfecting Foundation stick (retail $22). It is supposed to be a soft, blendable formula. I’m sure you all know how much I love trying out new foundations by now. And I really do like stick formulas. This one is a really good size too. Hopefully it contains a lot of good product as well.

Next is the graphic gel eyeliner. If I am going to use a pencil instead of a liquid, I do tend to like gel formulas. They tend to pull less at the thin skin as well as glide on easier. I can’t wait to see if this one is up to snuff. I have to say the design of the tip looks interesting. I am resisting opening it and testing it immediately as I want my first impression to come when I use it, but it is really hard to resist.

There was a cashmere slip lipstick in this box as well. It is in the shade Casting Call (retail $14). I’ve mentioned my love of the formula above. I’m hoping this maintains the fabulocity with a different color. I have to say though I almost went with the Vanity Collection 1 box instead of the 2 because in the first kit they include the Cashmere Lip in Bardot and I know that is a shade I will use up until it is empty and I wouldn’t mind having a back up. Admittedly, I’m probably going to be buying a back up anyway.

However, this collection came with a mascara and a setting powder, two of my standard must haves. The mascara is the Grand Opening Volumizing Mascara and the Powder is a translucent setting powder (retail $24). I have to say, while I haven’t opened the powder, I did tip it on it’s side to see how much product is inside. I have to say I am impressed. Often the loose powders that come in kits tend to look only about half full. This is a seriously full container.

I’ll need to add a few things to fill out the makeup bag for next week, but I really like that the kit covers all of the basics. I am looking forward to seeing if all of the products are as good as the lipstick.

All in all I think the set (even at full price) is a really good deal. All of the products are full sized and would cost me far more than $28 if I purchased them separately.

I couldn’t find the eyeliner or the mascara listed separately on the site, but if you add up the cost of the other three elements you get $60, so I think it’s a good deal, especially for 35% off. Incidentally, they also have a sale on eyeshadow palettes (30% off, code PALETTE).

All of these items are going to be added to the upcoming Makeup bag so I’ll hold off on first impressions, but I just had to share what came in my Kristopher Buckle Vanity Collection Volume 2. Let me know if you’ve picked up any of these collections and what you think of them (or any of his products really. I haven’t seen many reviews for them, which considering how fantastic the cashmere lip is, is a crying shame). And if you go to the site (even if it isn’t through my links) don’t forget to use the code(s) to take advantage of the sale. Happy shopping.

Kristofer Buckle