Fill in the Blanc (Therapy) with the Friday Face mask

Ah the Friday face mask.  Fifteen minutes of calm, quiet reflection at the end of the work week.  And boy did this week keep me hopping.  I think everyone who has been putting things off realized that now is the time to strike. 

Admittedly, I think they started last week and just continues this week. Unlike last week, I actually have the time for my Friday face mask and so I am saving my remaining portions of the three minute flash mask from Ursa Major for another time.

Todays mask is a sheet mask that came to me from my Face tory subscription.  I do the four pack of face masks (although ever couple of months they send an extra fifth mask as a bonus) called the Four-ever fresh subscription.  They have other subscriptions with more products, some regular skin care rather than sheet masks.  While I want to try out other products from them right now the Four-ever tier really suits me well.  It is $8.90 each month and it is super easy to skip a month if you are awash with sheet masks.  With a click of a button you can turn the monthly subscription into an every other month or even a once every six months if you want. I love it’s flexibility, as well as the fact that I get to try all sorts of different sheet masks.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

Today they have a great deal going on their masks actually 40% off their large sets of sheet masks (the 19, 20, and 21 mask sets). Its an excellent deal for anyone you know with a masking habit, or who just wants to try out some new sheet masks. Or you can split them out and use them as stocking stuffers. This year i think everyone on my list got a couple of sheet masks.

Today’s is from Blanc Therapy.  I’ve tried several of their masks before (Facetory has a bunch of them suiting several skin needs).  It is actually one of the better sheet mask companies and I really enjoy the texture of the masks as well as the serums.  Today’s is Vitamin C infused as you could probably tell from the citrus image on the front.  I’m not entirely certain if it is a lemon or an orange.  As the mask smells very lemony, I think I’ll go with lemon.

I really like the texture of this mask.  It isn’t as bio cellulose as the actual bio cellulose masks, but it has a texture that leans in that direction. It is more pliable than many other masks and really adheres to the skin well for the masking session. It is very juicy when you put it on so you will have to wipe off your hands, but as juicy as it is, as all the masks from this company are really, I haven’t had any problems with dripping once it is on the face.

And for once I don’t look like a strange sort of masked bank robber in the proto. I do sort of look like I had a strange skin experiment go awry though. And I took the photo before I adjusted the mask so it wasn’t covering my lip. in case you are wondering about the facial expression. While I like the serum it is for outside use only and I didn’t want to have it drip inside.

lots of post mask serum

As usual when applying it I begin to wonder if my face is smaller than everyone else’s, but there isn’t too much extra material. and the excess is only an issue around the mouth.

So after applying my very lemony scented mask, I lay down with my ear buds and turned on my i-pod. Today’s afternoon of zen was brought to me by The Offspring. I have an eternal fondness for the song Beheaded.

So I zoned out to music for fifteen minutes and returned to the bathroom to remove the mask. There was no drying down for this mask after fifteen minutes.  As you can tell from the photo, there was a lot of serum left on my skin.  I rubbed what I could in, but my skin drank in as much as it could and I wiped off the excess. 

Over all this is kind of what happens with the Blanc Therapy masks.  Nothing drips but oh my darlings are they juicy.  I don’t mind that.  I feel like the mask is holding all of the serum against my skin in an effort to let me absorb as mucyh as is possible.  I would rather than then have the serum run out.  As long as it doesn’t drip.  I hate having to wipe drips off my neck while trying to zone out during my mask. It’s kind of a pet peeve.

before on the left and after on the right, not much difference in a one use mask, but mys skin felt great

Once the exess serum was taken away and my skin left to try for a moment, I think that my skin looked brighter than before the mask (although not by a lot, it was a one time mask not a series of them).  I think if I were to follow up regularly with this mask I would see some definite brightening of the skin.  My skin also felt soft and hydrated, both of which are very good things.

Over all, I was very pleased with this mask.  I believe this is the third Blanc Therapy mask I’ve tried and I liked the other two just as much a this one.  It is definitely a sheet mask company that I am putting on my reorder list.  As Facetory also sells the masks it is super easy to order the ones I like.  Plus they have one dollar deals each Monday and the masks I like routinely go on sale then.  It’s one of the reasons I keep a list of my favorites.  Some months I’ll add one or two masks to the list, others I won’t add any.  But it is fun to try them and it is a great way to try a lot of different brands so I can figure out which ones I really like. To be honest I have been very surprised by some of the ones I really did like.

But now my moment of masking is over.  I have a new name for the reorder list and several calls to make before I can call an end to my work day.  I hope you have a great rest of the Friday and an excellent weekend.