One month of the Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser from Missha

It is the end of the month and I am wrapping up several month long product trials. With the Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser it is a bittersweet wrap up. While I enjoy the thought of trying out new products, this is truly a cleanser that will be missed for several reasons. It was a very good cleanser.

But before we get into that, let’s look at the product claims from the website…

2-in-1 foaming cleanser and soothing clay mask to relieve the skin of redness and irritation as well as reduce the skin’s production of excess sebum and oils. Made with double-fermented artemisia (mugwort) extract harvested from a mineral-rich environment. Recommended for: sensitive/irritated/acne skin.

Missha Skincare

Okay, while I have used this mostly as a cleanser I did try it out as a mask. I liked it, but I realized that I liked it more as a cleanser. The thing with the masking element though is that it was very helpful when i was using it as a cleanser.

cleanser going on

I now, it sounds strange but bear with me. First of all, this cleanser is thick and almost mask like in texture when you dispense it into your hand. It also has this wonderful light, herbal scent that just smells clean and fresh. With the masking texture, I always knew exactly where I was applying my cleanser. There was no guessing if I missed a spot. Which I know sounds odd, but I am not my best in the mornings and sometimes will wear a night mask. i have occasionally missed washing off parts of my night mask only to find the non rinsed off mask peeling off in little strips (and making me think my skin was peeling) So this was an added benefit for me.

foams with water

The best part was the Artemisia that is in the pack foam cleanser paired with the masking capacity. Last summer I found out that my skin really likes Artemisia especially after too much sun. while the sun hasn’t been as much of an issue during this trial, (often disappearing for weeks on end), cold blustery winds have been a bit on the damaging side. On those days where I start my night time skincare ritual and realize that I spent a little more time in the wind than my skin was comfortable with, this cleanser became a secret weapon. I could apply it and then give it a minute or two to sit on my skin (I removed my makeup prior) and the Artemisia would soothe away any wind burn I had. Then I rinsed off the cleanser and continued with my routine. The next morning it was like the wind burn had never occurred.

rinses clean

By using this soothing cleanser and employing the mask function I was able to correct the damage when the irritation was small and not have it become an issue. while I wouldn’t use this as a face mask in the normal sense (not because it doesn’t work, but because it is much more useful elsewhere) I loved that I could let the cleanser sit like a mask so that my skin could get more benefits from the ingredients.

And you may be wondering how the thick green cleanser washed off. It washed off beautifully. I applied it to damp skin and if I washed it off right away or let it sit for a few minutes, it made no difference. The mask faded into white bubbles and rinsed off cleanly, leaving smooth, soothed and refreshed skin behind. I absolutely loved using it and I think I will be getting another tube just to have it on hand for the summer. The Artemisia Essence i used last summer has become a staple, but I think that this cleanser may come in handy. I never actually plan to get too much sun,. but between gardening and the walking trail, there is always that one day where a little soothing sensitivity is a good thing. At the moment Missha is having a sale. This cleanser (long with the rest of their products) are 20% off with the code Hello20.

While I think this cleanser is well worth stocking up on at full price I am never upset by a discount. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin this might be a cleanser you want to look into. It is actually designed for sensitive and acne prone skin. While it is a great daily cleanser, it really shines when my skin has minor issues. It helps clear them up before those minor issues can become major ones. I imagine if you have continuing issues this would work even better for you.

As for me, I have enough product left in this tube for this week and possibly into a little of next week. I am also going to be taking advantage of their sale and picking up at least one tube for emergency summer use. I was very impressed with this cleanser and while I enjoy trying out new products, the next cleanser I try, has a lot to live up to.

A twist on the typical Friday Face Mask

If you’ve been reading my skincare line up lately, you may recognize the product pictured above. It is the Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser. I have been singing it’s praises for a couple of weeks now. Incidentally, Missha has a sale starting today and running through April 3rd. You can can get an extra 20% brightening skin care up to 60% off with the code HELLO20.

It is a fantastic cleanser. It goes on in a thick green paste that lets you know exactly where you put your cleanser so no spot is missed. It has a refreshingly clean herbal scent to it, roams beautifully and rinses off clean without stripping.

So what is this Time Revolution cleanser doing in a face mask post?

clean skin prior to mask

It is a dual purpose product. That’s right it is both a cleanser and a mask, thus explaining the thick green formula. well maybe not the green, it could still be a green cleanser, but the thickness is very much reminiscent of a face mask.

But what does Missha have to say about this product?

The Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser is a…

 2-in-1 foaming cleanser and soothing clay mask to relieve the skin of redness and irritation as well as reduce the skin’s production of excess sebum and oils. Made with double-fermented artemisia (mugwort) extract harvested from a mineral-rich environment.

mask on

when used as a cleanser, this mask is applied over damp skin and then massaged in before being rinsed off. As a mask, it is put onto dry skin, given a minute to settle in and then washed off. Even though it has a clay mask consistency (because it is a clay mask, It’s cleanser properties means that it doesn’t dry down and need to be chipped off. The mask recommendations say that you should let it sit for a minute before washing it off. I timed it for five minutes to see how it worked.

mask after five minutes

The first thing I noticed was the coolness of a clay mask. It felt good on my skin and the clean herbal scent of the mask smelled good. I was happy to wear it for five minutes. To rinse it off I splashed water on my face and rubbed a little with my hands. There was a little more rubbing involved then when I use it as a cleanser because it both sat longer and was applied in a thicker layer than when i use it as a cleanser. Still it foamed up and rinsed off clean. My skin feels clean and not stripped at all.

mask off

this past summer I used the essence from the Artemisia line and I found that in addition to being a fantastic essence, the essence worked well to sooth skin that spent a little too much time in the sun or was suffering from any other irritation. it was gentle and soothing. I actually picked up a second bottle of that and put it in the medicine cabinet for my babydoll to use. (he thinks skin care is ‘girly’ but if I put it in the medicine cabinet he will use it as ‘a topical medicine’ and he had very sensitive skin so getting him to reach for it on a regular basis is a plus).

The soothing elements come from the artemisia (mugwort). So it is no surprise that this cleanser/mask has them as well. I did notice that I ended up using twice as much product when I used it as a mask as I do when I use it as a cleanser. I like the deep clean and skin soothing elements that this brings to my face when used as a mask, however I like it as a cleanser more. I think that I would have a standard use of cleanser for this product and then turn it into a mask on the days when my skin was irritated or broken out or if I felt I needed a deep clean. I think anytime I wear full coverage makeup I would apply the cleanser and let it sit for a few minutes before continuing the cleansing process and in the summer time after too much time in the sun (more of a gardening issue than a sunbathing one) I would happily let this cleanser sit on my skin in a masking capacity.

I would not keep this cleanser with my other masks, but I would occasionally use it as a mask and deep cleaning treatment. I really like that dual nature of it. My standard use will remain as a cleanser, but I love having that option. And having that option, makes me love this Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser just a little bit more. I think that if you are looking for a deep clean or have sensitive/acne prone skin this might be a cleanser/mask you would want to look into.

The Skincare Line Up: March 11th, 2022

It is time now for my favorite post of the week…SKINCARE! I know, I get obnoxious with it, but I just love talking about skincare. And I try to confine as much of it as I can so that i don’t drive the people around me bonkers. Admittedly my babydoll calls my love of skincare a latent mad scientist gene, but there are worse things I suppose. Growing up though the only makeup or skin care he ever saw was at his grandmother’s. His mother’s space was strictly off limits to him and his brothers. So he refers to al skin care products as Cold Cream. But that is another story.

I planned to start seperating my skin care into day time and night time use but that didn’t quite happen. I had a little left of my Grace and Stella serum so I shifted it to night time use and brought in a serum sample to use in the day time figuring I would allow my skin to get used to the new serum in the day before rolling in a new one at night. There wasn’t all that much serum in the sample so it ran out pretty much the same fay the Grace and Stella ran out and so I picked out the Nue Co’s The Pill All in One serum to replace it. I’ll get into details below, but that is why there are three serums listed and why I went with One list instead of breaking it down for the day and night this week. So….

Cleanser: Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser from Missha (20% off with code FEB20)

Makeup Remover: Vike Makeup Melt Paired with a Makeup Eraser

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Toner: Buttah AHA/BHA Rosewater toner

Serum: Grace and Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Codex Antu Brightening serum and The Nue Co’s The Pill

Facial Oil: Byroe Fig Renewal oil

Eye Cream: MZ Skin Sooth and Smooth eye cream

Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in berry

Okay starting with the cleanser, it is fabulous. My plan last week was to try out the masking function of this cleanser, but thee were technical difficulties (with the site not the cleanser). I will be trying it out this afternoon to see how it performs as a mask. As a cleanser though it is top rate.I am really enjoying it. I think my skin just really reacts well to Artemisia (mugwort) which I found out using the essence this summer but it turns out it works well for me as a cleanser. the weather yo-yoed this week and I was stuffy, The cleanser actually soothed my skin and my eyes were not as puffy as usual. (I also extended my cleansing time so I might technically have partially used it as a mask in my cleansing routine because letting the cleanser sit on my skin really helped with the allergy depuff., But I will officially try it as a mask later today.

The Vike is good as a makeup remover. I just need to hold my breath when I spray so I don’t inhale, don’t lick my lips until after I’ve washed my face and remember not to overdo the spray. And the longer it sits on the skin the more it does take off. I think I still prefer cleansing balms, but for a quick and easy application this is a good product.

The buttah toner is almost completely empty. I will use what is left either tonight or tomorrow morning and the container will be empty. It is a nice product, but it isn’t noticeably fabulous. I would use it again if it happened to show up at my house via subscription box, but i wouldn’t go out and purchase it on my own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it simply isn’t a stand out.

The MZ sooth and Smooth is stating to show some improvement in my fine lines. It is still early days yet. It has been less than a month which is generally the minimum a product takes to show effectiveness. It is a god sized jar for an eye cream so it will last more than a month, which is god because it is a rather expensive eye cream. I’d hate for something that pricy to show no results and run out in a month. But I think I am starting to see results and it will last longer than a month so we are at so far so good.

I like putting the Byroe oil on the fine lines around my mouth. I think it is helping the fine lines, but I know it is also helping with some of the chapping around my mouth as well. i know it is sily, but I tend to remember to put on lip masks, but i tend to apply them Like I apply lipstick and follow the contuurs of my lips. So my lips will get some hydrating love but the edges of my lips will still get dry and sore. I know I should just apply my lip mask in a wider area but when I do, I ten find myself wiping off the excess with my finger. So the oil helps. So does the Laneige, which I love.

The serums are actually a quick run down despite there being three of them. The Grace and Stella finished out and I miss it already. It is a great fast absorbing Hyaluronic Acid based serum and my skin loved it. It is on the to buy list for certain. The Codex serum seemed nice but there really wasn’t enough product in the container for me to say anything other than, this didn’t irritate my skin and the scent was vaguely lemony in a non industrial cleaner kind of way. It was actually a nice light fresh lemon scent. I didn’t really get much of a feel for the product but I wouldn’t mind trying it out in a larger size at some point.

As for the Nue. It is a light weight cream that has no real scent to it. I like the dark bottle and the pump. It takes a minute to absorb into the skin, and it is slightly sticky to the touch. beyond that I haven’t used it enough yet to really determine how I feel about it.

And then we come to the moisturizer. This Lait-Creme Concentre was sent to me by the brand for the purpose of review. I posted a first use post on Monday and I will use this for the next thirty days. Embryolisse sent two other moisturizers from the line so I will be testing them out and comparing them to this once i am finished. The link in this paragraph will take you to my first use post. Thus far I am liking the moisturizer. I think this is the most moisturizing of the line, which is why I am using it now when my skin is still winter dry. I have found I need about half of the product in the morning that I do at night. I suspect that when the weather warms up, this might end up being more of a night cream than a day one for my skin type. However right now that level of moisture is perfect for me.

This is the type of cream that needs to warm up before it absorbs. I put it in my hand, rub my hands together and then put it on my face. With that I avoid the temporary white cast and it absorbs faster. What i have found is that it does need a minute to settle in. when I first applied it, my skin looked a little shiny and greasy. Then I went, put on the coffee pot and walked back to my bathroom and the shiny/greasiness had gone and my skin absorbed the moisturizer. the same thing happened at night, minus the coffee. It just takes a minute to settle in and all is well. I am also finding that I like the scent more as I use it. This is a face cream scented face cream. The scent is very nostalgic for me as my mom and grandmother both used this moisturizer when I was little. So the scent is, for me, the scent of face cream. I kinda dig it actually.

And with that we set off into another week of skincare. As the Nue Co settles in I’ll see about splitting the night from the day, once I decide if the Nue Co is a day or night time product. If it is then I have a couple of vitamin c serums I might use for the night time. They tend to make me a little sun sensitive so i like using them at night. of course at the moment it is storming enough to make me think Ark building might be something I should look into so the sun is less of a worry than usual. Still, it never hurts to be careful.

And that is the weekly line up. I’ll be back this afternoon with my Friday Face mask. Until then, I hope you have a fabulous Friday.

Lait-Crème Concentré

The Skincare Line Up: February 25th, 2022

Okay deep breath in, deep breath out. Last week’s skincare line up was an exercise in panic. The moisturizer went down and it took everything down with it. While I rotated several new products in the one I focused on was the one causing problems. You’ve heard the phrase the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Well in this case the squeaky wheel caused the grease. But my skin has calmed down and resumed it’s normal every day moisturized level. Still while there was less of a freak out I only changed out the moisturizer and kept every thing steady so there is only one list and no break out between day and night this week. Next week there will be an expansion, but I wanted some smooth sailing first. Items like the makeup remover and overnight lip mask were used pretty much only in the evenings, but I still figured I’d stick with one list this week. So let’s get a look at the line up.

Cleanser: Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser from Missha (20% off with code FEB20)

Makeup Remover: Vike Makeup Melt Paired with a Makeup Eraser

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Toner: Buttah AHA/BHA Rosewater toner

Serum: Grace and Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Facial Oil: Byroe Fig Renewal oil

Eye Cream: MZ Skin Sooth and Smooth eye cream

Moisturizer: Hey Honey Relax Propolis and Honey Soothing Moisturizer

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in berry

Okay now that one product isn’t taking over, let’s take a look at what we have. First up is the Missha cleanser. It still feels a little strange to use something that looks like a green clay mask as a cleanser, but I can’t argue with the results. My skin is clean, and soothed by the cleanser. I learned this past summer that Artemisia calms my skin down really well after too much sun. Apparently it works well after a score of breakouts as well. I am loving this cleanser.

The link above will take you to the full Vike Product review. It is a good makeup remover although it took some getting used to the spray. it is a fine mist of a spray, it is just the act of spraying makeup remover into my face. I think it might be the word Melt in the name. It makes me think of the scene in Indiana Jones and the lost ark where the black hat bad guys face melts off. All that happened is it took of my makeup, but still. It did need a little help from my makeup eraser especially with the mascara, but it does a good job removing makeup.

Which left my toner pads relatively clean. I am currently using the Buttah rosewater toner. The big relief is that it doesn’t smell of in your face rose. I haven’t used it long enough to see any skincare benefits, but it seems to be an okay toner thus far. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and it appears to take off the last dregs of makeup. we’ll see how it performs moving forward, but thus far i have no complaints.

The 111Skin Essence I love and have been loving for a while now. I will continue using it until it is either empty or another essence pops up that I need to try out. Right now I like it and am very happy using it. It does make my entire line up feel fancier just by the high end spa scent too, which isn’t a bad thing.

I am beginning to think the Grace and Stella bottle is magic. It is a small bottle but it is emptying so slowly that it almost as though fairies come and renew it in the night. Only three drops are needed and you all know I love hyaluronic acid in my skincare. This is a fantastic serum and I will use every last drop in this bottle.

The Byroe Fig essence I am using on the fine lines around my mouth. One drop is enough so it will be around a while. It smells of figs and is a dry oil so it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. I think it is actually doing some nice things for the lines around my mouth, namely making sure there are fewer of them. I also tried this oil on my cuticles this week. The oild hydrates the cuticele beds well and leaves less of a greasy residue then most cuticle oils. For nw though I am going to keep it for my face.

The MZ Skin Sooth and Smooth eye cream feels really lovely on the skin. It is a thick cream and very little is used with each application. It is too soon to tell if it is helping the lines, but I am watching. I am also monitoring the clogged pores that sometimes follow in the wake of thick eye creams. There are a few but at the moment I am not sure if they are a moisturizer debacle hold over or the fauly of the eye cream. I will monitor them to find out.

To replace my moisturizer this week I went with the Hey Honey Relax moisturizer. It is soothing and I have never had a problem with Hey Honey. Some of their products I might have decided weren’t for me, but they never caused me issue. This is a sample size of the moisturizer and I am already wishing it was full sized. My skin feels soft and nourished without any heavy greasiness and the moisturizer smells like honey. Not in a heavy cloying way, but in a sweet and bright way. I am really enjoying this sample. I do have several samples of different Hey Honey Moisturizers and I may roll the next one in just to test it. I suspect I will purchase one of them in the near future i just want to see which one I actually prefer. I will say this Relax will be hard to beat. it is really nice and soothing as well as hydrating.

And finally the Laneige just keeps chugging along. It is a fantastic sleeping mask and I am happy to continue using it to give my lips overnight moisturizing.

And that is the list of products currently working in my skincare line up. it was a pretty good line up this week. The two stars belong to the Missha Cleanser and the Hey Honey Moisturizer, but there really weren’t any problem children this week, which is a very nice thing to say. I really needed a week of everything working as it should. And I do have to say a big thanks to the Herbal Dynamics Cacao and Chamomile Clearing mask I used after my skin freak out. It was one of the products that really helped set my skin back to clear.

First Use of the Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser

Oh my darlings, I know this summer Time Revolution came to my rescue with the Artemisia essence. It is from the brand Missha and was not only a great toner, but one of those products that really helped my skin out when I spent too much time in the sun. And let’s face it, last summer I spent too much time in the sun. It has also been great on wind damaged skin as well. we gat a lot of cold harsh wind in the winter and my babydoll spends a portion of his day outside for work so he often has windburn on his cheeks. I put a bottle of the essence in his medicine cabinet and he has been using it regularly for that and loves it.

(Incidentally the Essence is on sale at the moment. Usually $55 it is 30% off and listed at $38.50, but you can also get a further 20% off your whole order with the code FEB20. Knowing I will go through a bottle this summer, I went ahead and stocked up.)

So when I saw that Missha had a cleanser from the same line, I knew I had to give it a try. According to the product page the Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser is…

 2-in-1 foaming cleanser and soothing clay mask to relieve the skin of redness and irritation as well as reduce the skin’s production of excess sebum and oils. Made with double-fermented artemisia (mugwort) extract harvested from a mineral-rich environment.

Recommended for: sensitive/irritated/acne skin.


And let me tell you at the moment my skin is quite irritated. I tried a moisturizer that was far too hydrating and my skin broke out. Also I’ve been spending more time with a mask on, which isn’t helping.

Now being the keep observers, you may notice that this doesn’t sound like your ordinary cleanser. The word mask is in there. So I looked at recommended usage.

As a foam cleanser: Put an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand and massgae it gently into the skin then rinse with lukewarm water.

As a clay pack: Put an appropriate amount on dry hands. Spread evenly on your face avoiding the eye and mouth area. Let it dry for a minute. Rinse off in lukewarm water while massaging your face gently.

Missha (how to use section)

Now this post is only about this product as a cleanser. I will use it as a mask, but for my first use I used it as a cleanser, mostly because I picked it up as a cleanser. First, I have to talk about the scent. It is slightly herbal-ly floral. That is my best description. It kind of smells like it should be a health food. The scent is pretty mild and fades quickly. It smells nice while it lasts. All green and healthy. The cleanser is green too.

cleanser applied

Even though it says mask, I was not expecting it to look so much like a clay mask. In my surprise I put way too much product in my hand. I think I need about half of what is pictured here in order to cleanse my face. I wet my face down as I would with any cleanser, then applied the Time Revolution Cleanser. I found myself applying it like a mask, just due to the consistency of the product. It has a mask like texture to it. However when I wet my hands and added more water to my face, the mask foamed up and rinsed off cleanly. there was no sort of mask removing scrubbing needed. It foamed and rinsed off like a normal cleanser.

foams and rinses right off

I was actually quite pleased with my first use. The product didn’t irritate any of my breakouts, rinsed away cleanly with no residue left behind and my skin felt clean, soft and nourished. I already know from the essence that my skin reacts really well to Artemisia and I think that the artemisia did help bring down some of my irritation. Time and repeated use will let me know if this Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser is a product that I will purchase as routinely as I pick up the essence, but for a first test it really performed well. Of course I still have to test it out as a mask. Won’t that be fun?