The Daily: December 6th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. It is a cold dreary and drizzly day here where I am. The temperatures have plummeted and rain is predicted throughout the day. Possibly even into tomorrow. While I don’t actually mind walking in the rain, this is the cold nasty sort of rain that makes my bones ache. And as the temperature shift has already got my nose sniffiling, I think I am going to give the walking trail a pass.

In addition, I am pretty sure that with yesterday’s rain paired with todays, the trail is flooded. While I may tempt walking in the rain, I am not wading through flood waters of unknown depth.

And so it is indoor workouts in the sunroom today. Even if the sunroom is not so sunny. The weights and yoga mats are still there so I am good to go. Actually this morning was good for stretching, even if I did have to sniff a lot while I did the work out. Everything was fine until I was asked to lean forward.

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Not a good move with a runny nose.

But I got some movement in and can get some work in ahead of the upcoming holidays which is nice. Because I am not going out today.

Actually I’m not putting makeup on today either. Part of that is because of my stuffy nose. Any makeup I put on my face will either be rubbed off by the tissue or run when I punch my eyes shut for a sneeze. However one of the main reason that I am not putting anything on today is that my skin looks and feels really nice.

No makeup, no filters. Just feeling like showing off good skin today.

This pic is me without any makeup. I know, my eyes are a bit on the puffy side. That really can’t be helped. Although I will be putting some Klorane Soothing Eye patches on soon in an attempt to do a little depuffing. And today’s sheet mask for later this afternoon will be the Vitamasque Hydrate with Blue Agave.

But at the moment I am just really happy with my skin. I’m still using the trial sized travel products and as they run out I’m going to have to figure out which ones are really pulling their weight so that I can try them out in the full size. But I will get to that on Friday (the products are still the same ones listed on Last Friday’s Skincare line up, if you are curious).

I just liked my skin enough that today I felt like showing it off, puffy eyes and all.

But for now it is back to work for me. I’m hoping to get far enough ahead so that I can take off extra time for the holiday and take advantage of any good weather that may appear. My plan is to work extra hard on the bad weather days to make up for me sneaking off outside when the weather is nice. It hardly ever balances out, but hope does spring eternal. And so back to work I go. I hope the rest of your Monday is simply fabulous.