Mother’s Day Gifts: The Art of Tea Sampler Set

Today we are continuing with our Mother’s day (or any holiday really) gift ideas but we are taking a bit of a break from bath, body and skin care products. Admittedly this Art of Tea Sampler set is still in the realm of self care.

Growing up my mother was always an early riser. She would get up before anyone else simply so she could brew a cup of tea and sit out on the back porch. There she would sit composing her thoughts, planning her day and enjoying the morning before everyone else was up and demanding her attention. She claimed that having that small time to herself helped prepared her for the day and when she missed it the entire day felt rushed and off balanced.

While she would switch to Earl Gray when we all sat down to breakfast (and for her tea needs throughout the day) the morning cup was varied and she liked to experiment with all different varieties.

This is why one of the items on my list of potential gifts is The Art of Tea’s Sampler pack. They have a six and a nine pack version. The teas come in a beautifully rich, leatherette box with an assortment of delicious teas packaged in eco-friendly teabag sachets.

the individual sampler pack

This set includes 6 teabags of each of the following popular teas and tisanes*: English Breakfast, Green Pomegranate, Mint Green Tea, Earl Grey Crème, Happy, Orchid Oolong, Dark Chocolate Peppermint, Egyptian Chamomile, Sencha Green.

I’ve purchased individual packages of the Earl Gray Creme and the Orchid Oolong for her and she has loved them both so I think this would be an excellent selection for her, or any tea lover to try out.

the matcha set

They actually have many fantastic looking gift sets for tea lovers, including a tea of the month club. The Art of Tea has a small sampler box if you are uncertain how well some of the teas might be received. Taste can be very subjective. My mother has a group of friends who all get together for tea and if there is something she isn’t fond of, she puts it into the trade pile so she and her friends can switch and swap. I did once get the Individual sampler box do see if these sorts of teas were the sort she liked. It contains one sachet of the different teas in the sampler box ($20). She loved it so I now just periodically pick up a bag that I think she will like from The Art of Tea’s website.

They have a wide array of tea themed products from mugs and filter bags to ceremonial matcha sets and canister sets along with a wide array of sampler sets so that you can pick up just the right product for your favorite tea lover. You can check out their gift sets here but don’t forget to visit their home page to see what seasonal and limited time treats they have available. If your mother, or anyone in your life loves tea, this is a great site to bookmark and return to through out the year.

Mothers Day – Zents Gift Sets

Best Sellers Gift Set

Hello my darlings. Mother’s day is one of those days designed for pampering. It is easy to fall into the trap of getting the same gift year after year, so from now until the end of the month I am going to be posting a few ideas to get you inspired and thinking about a few things I’ve found. If you are thinking about an at home spa experience, Zents is a great brand to look into and right now they have a new Best Seller’s Gift set available.

Set contains: ORE EAU DE TOILETTE (Gentle Uplifting Aroma, 1.69 oz / 50 ml0, EARTH LOTION (Shea Butter Lotion, 6 fl oz / 180 ml), MANDARIN SHAMPOO (Balancing Shampoo, 10 fl oz / 300 ml and SUN BATH TRUFFLE (set includes 2 truffles – Silky Soft Body Treat, 2 oz / 57 g each)

I was first introduced to Zents through their Bath Truffles. My Aunt went to a Spa featuring them and was so impressed she picked up products for everyone. I think i found three of the Bath Truffles in my Christmas stocking that year. And it is easy to see why she liked them. they are among my favorite and the ones that i compare other bath products to. In addition to the Shea Butter softening, they have the Epsom salts that soothe away muscle aches. They are both luxurious and excellent after a strenuous work out.

I am not surprised to see two of them in the Best Seller’s gift basket. In fact I would be shocked if they weren’t there to be honest. I would also be shocked if the Mandarin Balancing Shampoo was not in the basket. I tried this (along with the Water Conditioner) and absolutely loved it. You can read my full review here. I was amazed at how little product I needed to make my hair clean and fabulous. The scent is lightly orange (as the name Mandarin implies) but it is a gentle citrus scent that fades as the bubbles wash down the drain. The soft scents are something that Zents is known for. All of their products are designed for people who are sensitive to scent so they tend towards the lighter side.

One of their Eau De Toiletes, Ore is in the Gift set as well. I sampled the Ore scent when I worked my way through Eau De Toilette Samples collection. I highly recommend that to anyone who wants to try out their scents. In the case of Zents it is extra informative as they feature collections of the same scent.

I have not tried out their earth body cream, but did love their earth scent. While I think this Gift Set is a lovely option for mothers day Zents offers a variety of Gift Sets and Duos that would also make spectacular gifts. This link will take you to their selection. There is a little something for just about everyone.

While the Best Sellers Gift set provides a variety of scents it is very easy to choose the one you love and go from there. Last year I sent a set of the Petal Bath Truffles to my mother for her Birthday and she absolutely adored them. Regardless of what you choose, you can’t go wrong with the Zent’s products. They are pampering and luxurious. It is a great way to get a spa feel at home.

And if you use the code ZENTSMOM you can even get 20% off your purchase.

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