Mid week Masking with the Vitamasque Ruby Recharge Mind and Restore Skin

In my masking drawer there is a box where I keep my sheet masks. I will be honest, I prefer regular masks over sheet masks. Partially because of all the waste from packaging and partly because I don’t tend to use the same sheet mask consistently enough to see results, where as with a jar of mask there is generally enough product for multiple uses and there is a better chance of seeing results.

There are of course some sheet masks that I love. Occasionally there will be one that I love as much as the jarred masks, and you now how much I liver non-sheet masks.

A while back i made an effort to whittle down my sheet mask collection. i worked pretty hard at it and got the masks to a reasonable level (in other words the box could be closed). However there are several sheet masks that I would like to try out as well as a few that I tried and loved that I want to repurchase and I refuse to let myself purchase any sheet masks until I have cleared out the box.

bare face pre masking

Oh yes I gave myself an ultimatum. And so the Mid week masking with sheet mask returns. My goal is to clear them out before the Black Friday Sales go up. If I don’t manage to make it to that goal (which I might not, realistically) I want to make sure this box is empty by New Years so i can start fresh. Also because I can’t remember how long some of these masks have been in this box and I want to use them up.

I know, long intro, so let’s look at today’s sheet mask. It is the Ruby Recharge mind and Restore Skin Sheet mask from Vitamasques. I have tried masks from this brand before and they are usually pretty good. I can’t remember if i have tried the Ruby mask but my mind can always use a recharge.

Opening the packet the scent of rose washes over me. I know I should have been clued in by the red package and ruby name but recharge and restore aren’t words I associate with rose. I like some rose scents and dislike others. This one is okay but it is intensely rose. If you are not a fan of rose scented things then you are going to automatically want to avoid this mask. It is very rosy.

the mask is folded into a little square and it is very juicy. It is also made of a cotton type material that I both love and get annoyed by. I love the material because it feels soft against the skin and adheres to the contours of the face. It is a pleasure to wear actually. It is just a pain to unfold. The cloth wants to stick to itself and as soon as you get one edge unfolded another part will have gotten stuck. The best way I have found to deal with this material is to stretch out the main portion and put it on your face. Then when it is stuck to your face and more or less anchored into place you can work on unfolding the edges so you are covered.

post mask

It is the only way to put this mask on without spending a lot of time trying to get it unfolded. Once on my face I did have to wash my hands as there was serum all over them. The serum however wasn’t dripping from the mask as I feared. I have had some juicy masks do that on me before and I was glad not to face that again.

And then I sat for 15 minutes.

when I went to remove the mask, It hadn’t really dried at all. I peeled the wet cloth off, which was very easy and I threw it away. There was excess serum on my skin and I patted it in and there wasn’t too much.

My skin felt very hydrated and while the serum of the mask was somewhat sticky while it was damp, as it dried my skin wasn’t sticky at all. There is just that momentary wet stickiness to deal with. The rose scent lasted until the mask was removed and disposed of. I like the way my skin feels after this mask. Would I purchase this particular mask again? Probably not.

While it was a good mask, it wasn’t good enough to make me accept the heavy rose scent. I don’t mid rose but this was a lot of it ad it lingers. Anything that heavily perfumed makes me want to wash my face. which would make the mask pointless as I would be washing off the remaining masking goodness. I do like the serum, I like the cloth, I just can’t take the scent. As much as I probably wouldn’t repurchase this mask because of the scent, I would look into other Vitamasques masks because of the way it performed. I would just hope that they aren’t all rose scented and it is just the Ruby one.

Perfume Review: LaVanilla Vanilla Coconut

That’s right with my nose working once again we delve into the perfume reviews. This one is a little bit interesting actually. This is Lavanilla Vanilla and Coconut scented perfume.

Lavanilla is termed the Healthy fragrance and one of the reasons is that they use sugar cane alcohol because it is less irritating on the skin, and in fact helps soften the skin while maintaining antiseptic properties. At least this is the claim ion the brand website. But what of the perfume itself?

Paradise Found coconut vanilla perfume. Young coconut blends with Tahitian tiare flower and warm Madagascar vanilla for an utterly addictive island escape scent. 

As far as perfume descriptions go, it isn’t all that descriptive. I will say when I first sprayed it on my wrist I could only smell vanilla. I thought I was going to o through this trial smelling like a bakery. There are worse things of course, but I suspected that would just make me crave sweets.

Interestingly enough after that inital burst of vanilla, a slightly floral scent arose that brought with it coconut. Together the two balanced into a less bakery sweet scent when blended with the vanilla.

The two scents seemed to have tamed the vanilla and lead it out of the cullinary realm and back into the perfume world. I am guessing the floral notes come from the tiare flower. It is a soft floral that isn’t overwhelming and isn’t cloying. There is a slightly soapy scent to it that I think might be from the floral as well. It smells like the sort of flower you would put in a glass vase a hotel lobby rather than something you would grow in the garden. The vanilla and coconut are present and perhaps that is what keeps the floral from becoming overpowering. Both are, on their own, strong scents. They blend well together and do give a tropical feel to the fragrance without leaning too heavily into the coconut.

The scent does tend to create a cloud around you rather than sticking close to the skin. it isn’t a strong enough scent that it would go down the hall well before you took the first step to warn people of your imminent arrival however if you are working in a cubicle next to someone who is scent sensitive, they will notice.

For me this does feel like a day time scent. It also feels very summery. It does not feel like something that would work out in an office. It is the kind of scent that wants to be out doors. And given that it does like to create a bit of a cloud, perhaps that is where it is best worn. It would certainly get you noticed in the elevator.

For the first hour of wear, the scent was always noticeable. After that it did fade a bit. After four hours it was mostly gone. this is something to wear for an afternoon out with friends. It will be gone before dinner time.

Trying out the Outre by use me 2.5 Instant Repair mask with CBD

I love hair masks. I try to control my love by only using them once a week unless the hair need is great. we are entering the season of cooler weather and in this season I tend to reach for repair masks. The reason is that this is also the reason that i reach for my hair dryer and hot styling tools as well. In the summer it is simply too hot to blow dry my hair, and as I tend to wear it up and tied back I find it pointless to bother with a blow out even on a cool setting. In addition throughout most of the summer, I sweat on walks, occasionally nod to neighbors and spend the bulk of my time at the desk.

There may be the occasional barbeque but nothing that comes close to the social outings of the fall and winter. Once the weather really breaks there will be an end of the heat barbeque and then the indoor gatherings will begin. These always seem to be a little less casual than the gatherings by the grill and I tend to do more with my hair as a result.

This Outre Instant Repair Mask actually pairs with the Outra Shampoo and Conditioner I have waiting in the wings. I will save some f the mask to try on my once a week making while i am using that shampoo and conditioner, but I wanted to get a feel for it on it’s own.

According to the product page this mask…

Instantly restore moisture and hydration, improve hair elasticity and strength, and protect hair with this CBD infused Instant Repair Mask. Use after your hair color or highlighting service to instantly repair damage. May also be used to remedy a dry itchy scalp.

Outre by use me

I now that CBD infused products have come a long way from where they began but whenever I open a CBD based product, I expect a certain scent. You know the scent it is the earthy CBD scent. This doesn’t have it. I opened the jar and an entirely different scent slipped out. It is sweet and it is slightly floral but also slightly candy-esque. The candy is like the old fashioned orange candies my grandmother always kept around. You know the hard candies that always stuck together to make one mass. She liked the orange kind and that is sort of what it smells like with an odd floral note making it not entirely candy like.

Looking over the ingredient list I think the citric acid accounts for the orange candy scent although the coconut oil might play a role in that. I think the rest is just down to parfum/fragrance which is pretty high on the ingredients list.

Aqua (Water/Eau), Glycerin, Dimethicone, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Proppanediol, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Fragrance/Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, Stearamidopropyl Dimedthylamine, Cannabis Sativa Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Cinnamidoprpyltrimonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, Limonene

Ingredients list

I’m guessing that is so that it doesn’t have the traditional CBD scent. But scent is one thing, use is another. I washed my hair and used the Outre mask in place of conditioner. The mask applies like a thick conditioner. It has the same consistency as a slightly thicker conditioner and I was able to comb it through my wet hair well. The instructions say you can leave this on for anywhere from five to thirty minutes.

My first use I went for five. The pictures are from that use. with a five minute sit time, the mask worked really well for me. My hair was shiny, not weighed down and felt soft and nourished. Ten minutes on my hair the following week was too much time on my hair. my hair still felt and looked nice, but the following day I noticed my hair getting greasier far faster than usual. As this didn’t happen the previous week and there was no noticeable difference to my routine, I suspected it was the extra time. The week after I went back to five minutes and I did not have the grease problem.

My conclusion was that five minutes was long enough to let this mask sit on my hair. My hair does tend to lean towards the oily side though. I suspect if you had really dry hair then you could leave it on longer and have better results. For m, this is actually good news. While my hair does tend to be a bit oily, in the winter, because of central heating, more time indoors and hot styling tool usage, my hair tends to be much dryer. While I did use this mask three times, I will be saving the rest of it. I not only want to try it with the shampoo and conditioner from the line, but i want to try it on my hair when my hair has become a bit more seasonally dry. I expect that then I will be able to leave it on a little longer and have the same results that i can get now with the shorter time.

To be honest, this is not my favorite hair mask. It is good, but it isn’t fantastic. The results met expectations, they didn’t exceed them. However with the timing it might redeem itself a little bit. I usually have hair products that I use in the summer and different products that I use in the winter. To have one that worked decently year round would be a reason for me to repurchase this mask. Right now as it stands the mask is okay but not exceptional. I will definitely use the rest of the mask in the jar and if it came my way again via a subscription box I would use it again. It isn’t something i would go out of my way to repurchase however. If it is able to transition and work well regardless of the season, that might change and I might be more inclined to repurchase. So for the final result, I will have to wait a few months and get back to you. As for now, I will say it is a good solid mask but nothing spectacular. It does however smell very nice in the jar.

Testing out the Beekman 1802 Cleansing Wipes

As I have mentioned before I have been trying out a lot of the Beekman 1802 products because I signed up for their quarterly subscription box. I loved getting the box as it is beautiful and everything looked lovely, but the box is only worth getting if I also like using the pretty, pretty products.

I will admit that the Beekman 1802 Facial Cleansing wipes weren’t my favorite item in the box. It isn’t that I don’t like cleansing wipes. I do. they are really convenient and great to have around. They are a very useful product to have around. However they are single use products and I have been trying to use fewer single use products.

slight texture to the cloth

I am a little relived though as these are 100% biodegradable. It makes the guilt less, but I am still trying to keep the habit of reusable.

It was actually difficult for me to ween myself off using facial cleansing wipes because they are a great convenience product. So I am torn about having them here. I like them but i don’t want to get back into the habit of using them. But they are here and so I will be using them. This pack is the unscented variety. The link will take you to the page where all of their various facial wipes are located and you can see the scents (including unscented) that are available.

I’ll admit the Honeyed Grapefruit is calling to me. I am trying to resist.

But more people should use grapefruit as a scent. I’m just saying.

These cleansing wipes have no scent. which is nice for general use. While I am using this for my makeup I did also use one to get what I think was jam off of a small child’s hands when i was asked to watch him for a moment. His mother said it was fine. There was no cleansing without permission. She didn’t notice he was sticky until the emergency pass over and these were designed for sensitive skin, unlike the soap that we currently had in the bathroom.

worked well for removing makeup

We’ll call that a victory for cleansing wipes.

Actually, I really enjoyed these wipes. The pack has 100 in them so they will last a while. The cloths were damp but not overly saturated. They are slightly textured do they were better able to remove makeup. And of course, they are convenient.

I did have to do a double cleanse. I went for my tube of cleanser after using this to remove the makeup, but it did do a good job of removing the bulk of the makeup without leaving any excess cleansing formula or stickiness behind.

And to be honest, while I am attracted to the scents on the website, I am happy with the unscented. The unscented worked out well for these. It makes them more multipurpose and so I feel more comfortable using them for things other than removing my makeup. (Like sticky fingers). The biodegradable makes me feel less guilty about the single use product.

While I will never go out and purchase these Facial Cleansing Wipes from Beekman 1802 and i really hope they aren’t a routine item in the subscription box, I am okay with using this one pack.it is a good product, it just happens to be one that I will not routinely buy.

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Trying out the Patchology Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels

By now I think everyone knows that I love eye masks in pretty much every form. They are one of my favorite skincare items. well, the good ones are anyway. For me a good eye mask will provide much needed moisture or some sort of beneficial serum to the under eye area. It may make me feel more awake, but above all almost all of the eye masks that fall into my use again category help me with some depuffing during allergy season.

Now I know you’ve been in the stores and seen various eye masks and realize that none of them say recommended for allergy relief on them. That’s because it never seems to be what they intended. I think it is a combination of the fact that they are cool against the skin and providing skin enhancing benefits through their serums that helps out my under eyes. Some of them specifically mention depuffing while others don’t. I am getting ready to start a longer trial with a box of Depology Hydrogel under eye patches but before then I wanted to try out the last untried single eye gel pack in my box of single use masks.

The box isn’t empty but the other ones in there I have tried before. I tried clearing them out and by the time I emptied the box more came in through subscriptions. I will never complain about that because I always use them, but this was the one I hadn’t tried out.

So this is the Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gel from Patchology. While I have a single use set, a set of thirty will cost $50. So about $1.66 per set of eye gels, if you want to break it down that way. which isn’t too bad. The name Patchology is familiar to me, but I can’t honestly say I have tried any other products from them. If I have I don’t remember them. So this is a first use product for the brand for me as well.

According to the website…

still connected

Puffiness. Fatigue. Dryness. Enter the fast fix for tired eyes, featuring Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. Look like you got your full 8 hours every day. REVIVE IN FIVE Refresh in an instant. Eye Revive FlashPatch® 5 Minute Hydrogels feature our highly advanced HydraSurge5™ Moisture System. More effective than topical creams or serums, this patch technology accelerates the delivery of essential ingredients Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. And the Hydrogels stay put—so you get these ingredients where you need them most. Cooling. Smoothing. Refreshing. Your just-woke-up-like-this suddenly looks a whole lot brighter.

So these eye gels are specifically designed to depuff and to do so in five minutes. Now while I will wear eye masks throughout the day while working at my desk over lunch or if I feel like I am in a mid afternoon slump. I decided to try these out first thing in the morning. I washed my face patted everything dry and then opened the packet. I decided to wait for the rest of my skincare until later so that I could see what this set of eye gels did on their own. Then I wore them for five minutes while I set the coffee on to brew and got my clothes out for the day. I think i ended up with about a seven minute wear time instead of a five but I don’t think that should affect to much.

First off the eye gels were very juicy when they came out of the pack. The plastic holder was a bit on the slick side. The eye gels were still connected to each other which I haven’t had in a really long time. Actually I can’t remember a set where the gels were attached to each other. There might have been but I don’t recall them. I pulled them apart and they did separate without the use of scissors but I was worried that I was going to tear them. I managed it without incident and then put them on.

They went on easily and stayed in place for the length of time I wore them. they were wet enough that I thought they might slide or leak serum down my cheeks (which i have had happen before). These did neither. They were comfortable to wear and easy to forget about while I passed the wear time.

Back in the bathroom I removed them. The before and after pictures are below.

before on left, after on right

To be honest, I can see a definite improvement. It isn’t huge, but it is certainly there. Some of the allergy related puffiness is gone. (The ragweed is in the wind where I live and everything has a fine yellow dust over it). Oddly, I think there might have been more of an improvement if I wore the patches for a little bit longer. They were still wet when i removed them although they were significantly drier than when I put them on so i know the serum either evaporated or absorbed. even though these are bulled as five minute eye gels, I think if I had worn them the standard fifteen I would have seen much more depuffing. I will say that this single use of the Flash Patch Rejuvenating Eye Gels does make me want to pick up at least one more set to try for the fifteen minutes to see if I am right. I could easily see these Flashpatch Rejuvenating eye Gels from Patchology in a longer use trial with a full sized container. As for now i will say that they did exactly what they said they were going to do. And for me, that’s a win.


Let’s Talk Ginger – The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo to be precise

This sample sized Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo from the Body Shop came in a subscription box a while back. It came without an accompanying conditioner, which for me, meant that it sort of got shifted to the bottom of the hair care drawer until I found a conditioner to test it with.

And then, quite honestly I forgot about it. As I am on a mission to clear out all of the sample sized products I have let linger in the drawer while I go on to do longer hair care tests, I dug out this bottle and took it to the shower.

According to the product page…

Our Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo gently washes away loose flakes and helps soothe scalps. If you live in fear of loose flakes, this is the best shampoo for dry scalps and smells pleasantly – well, gingery.

This shampoo has serious hype, but it works hard to earn it. We nabbed that gnarly, twisted root to formulate our bestselling anti-dandruff shampoo, whipping it up with a little birch bark extract, white willow bark extract and a dash of honey from Ethiopia.

The Body Shop

Since it had no accompanying conditioner and about three washes worth of product, I decided to test it first on it’s own (with a leave in conditioner standing by in case i got out of the shower and was a mess.) and then with a conditioner whose effects I knew.

Uncapped this shampoo has a gingery scent to it. It is spicy and has none of the sweet notes that are sometimes added to ginger. I think those are mostly when companies are going for gingerbread type holiday scents and since that is where I usually get ginger in bathing products, I expected the sweetness. It wasn’t there and I really enjoyed it. It is unabashedly Ginger.

It is not an overwhelming scent. It intensifies in water but the scent fades back as you rinse the suds out of the hair. It foams well and rinses clean.

For the first wash I did not use conditioner. The picture is after the first no conditioner wash. In the shower my hair felt clean but also nourished and I didn’t miss the conditioner. I let my hair air dry and then combed it out. I did nothing else to it. My hair was both clean and manageable without a conditioner.

I found this quite impressive as there aren’t a lot of shampoos I have tried that can work on my hair without back up. I did have two more uses of product in the bottle though and so on subsequent washes I used them. It was very interesting. On the second wash I found that my hair was still nicer than i would normally expect it to be without conditioner, however I did need to apply a leave in conditioner. Even though I am trying out several leave in conditioner products, for this trial i went with one I know and love, the Christophe Robin Daily Leave in Conditioner. I have yet to write up my review for it, but it is one that I routinely use. (I can’t use it daily as they suggest but I use it on damp hair post shower).

The addition of a small amount of leave in conditioner was perfect with that second wash and on the third wash, I again used the same amount of leave in conditioner and my hair was fine. My only explanation is that as this is a scalp cleansing shampoo that when i used it the first time, I had enough product build up on my scalp that it’s removal had enough of a conditioning effect that I didn’t need anything additional.

The product page itself recommends following with a conditioner. I haven’t tried the matching conditioner, but I would recommend either a light conditioner with this shampoo or a leave in conditioner applied post shower. It needs a little help but nothing heavy. I was very impressed by this shampoo and its effects. My hair looked healthy and shiny and felt really soft and manageable. I don’t use a lot of products from The Body Shop. Most of the items i have tried have been makeup items and I didn’t always have the best luck with them. I had great luck with this Ginger Scalp care shampoo and not only would I purchase this again I would consider looking into more products in their hair care line.

A different sort of Line up for the Skin: September 22nd, 2022

if you are looking at the picture above and thinking, that seems like there are some duplicates, you aren’t wrong. in the above photo I have the products I have been using and I also have the products that will be going with me when I leave tomorrow morning. Tonight i will use the products going with me and if there are no issues they will be packed and taken for two weeks at my mother’s house. Currently in rotation Are…

Cleanser: Avant Blue Volcanic Stone Purifying and Antioxidizing Cleansing Gel

Toner: Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner from First Aid Beauty

Serum: 35% Vitamin C Perfecting Serum from Allies of Skin

Eye cream: Kat Burki Nutrient C Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Volition Yaupon Tea Glow Awakening Moisturizer

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

while there is probably over a week’s worth of cleanser in the Avant, there probably isn’t two weeks worth and I don’t want to pack two cleansers. So I will be taking the Alpha H Balancing cleanser with me. I wanted to try it out and I have two other Alpha H products to try so they will be going with me. One I know I like (the Liquid Gold Toner) and one I haven’t tried. But I will get to that below.

The FAB toner won’t be going with me because there is very little product left and it is a big bottle. As the Alpha H toner can only be used every other day, I have added in the travel sized bottle of the Byroe Toning essence. I’ve use it before and it is both a fantastic toner and a great essence. I will use it on the days I am not using the exfoliating toner.

I did pack a physical exfoliator as I really like exfoliating once a week. I am taking a travel size of the ESPA Refining Skin Polish because I have used it before and absolutely love it. I am sticking with the allies of skin serum since it has a locking pump and I am keeping the Volition moisturizer in the travel line up. This week i did use the Elemis Super Food Midnight Facial a few nights and it really worked well with the volition to give my skin the moisture it needed so i will be keeping them paired up for the trip. As I felt I had enough glass bottles and jars I traded out the eye cream for a tube of the Alpha H eye cream. It not only goes along with the other AlphaH products but it is a smaller tube.

Over all I was rather pleased with the products I used this week and I am happy with the ones going with me on the trip. While I am gone, there will be no skincare updates so tonight I will make sure there are no skincare reactions and then I will report back on the skincare in motion once I return from my trip.

Traveling with me are…

Cleanser: Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera

Toner: Alpha H Liquid Gold and Byroe Bitter Greens Toning Essence

Serum: 35% Vitamin C Perfecting Serum from Allies of Skin

Eye cream: Alpha H Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Volition Yaupon Tea Glow Awakening Moisturizer

Night Mask: Elemis Superfood Midnight Facial

Exfoliator: ESPA Refining Skin Polish

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

And so my darlings, those are the products I will be taking with me. I look forward to putting them to the test and reporting back about how well they worked and how well they traveled. I also can’t wait to tell you all about it when I return. Until then…

Weekly Weight: 218.6 lbs

I know lat week was the official pre travel weigh in but i wanted to get one last weigh in before I travel so that i know what I started with. there won’t be any official stats as this is just a for my own information before i go post.

I will say that it is a high note to start the travel on. Last Friday, the last official weigh in I was 219.2 lbs. This week I am leaving at 218.6 lbs. Given the stress, the interruptions to any form of fitness or regularly scheduled, well anything for the last few weeks, this feels like a miracle quite honestly. Whether it is divine blessing or a bonus prize for all the stress I don’t care. i am going to take it and be happy with it for the moment. Once I finish my morning posts, I will begin my packing extravaganza.

It is a strange packing. I am not only packing for travel but packing to take care of my mom as she heals. I asked if there was anything she wanted and I have several old movies that she would like me to bring down, there are also a few stores she asked me to pick up some things from as I head down. So there will be the normal personal packing as well as the since you are coming down and the entertain someone post surgery packing list to get through.

To be honest it is actually a relief to be able to gather and pack. We will load the car first thing in the morning but after a few weeks of simply making lists and preparing to pack, actual packing feels like a relief as crazy as it will no doubt be. And so after the skin care line up, the packing will commence.

A schedule of necessity will take over for the next few weeks and then when i return I can actually once again attempt to get back into my own schedule. My hope is that by then the weather will have turned, the cooler weather clothing can emerge and the walks can become longer and a lot more fun.

But for now, we settle things, then we pack.

The Daily: September 21st, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Today is a day filled with last minute things. I am spending it wrapping up the last of my contracts that need to be done before I leave for my Mom’s house. Tomorrow I’ll do a last minute tidy before I begin my packing.

I have no expectations of it staying tidy while I am gone, but i will feel better if I leave the house clean. And so I thought today you might like to see what makeup I am taking with me. As I will only be using the makeup I take with me while I am gone, there won’t be any daily posts until I return (there will be regular reviews up). So I thought it would be nice to share what I am going to be using for the next two weeks.

I am actually taking a train case (mostly because I wanted to put my skincare and makeup in one easy to use case). Also since I will be going for two weeks instead of just for a holiday I am taking more full sized products rather than the travel and sample sizes that I usually travel with.

The train case is an old Caboodles one. I’ve had it for years and it does look a little rough around the edges from travel and there are stains inside. What I do like about it is that the case is easy to wipe down. There are actually far fewer stains than there could have been, I’ve just had this for nearly a decade and it has seen a lot of use. It is a well travelled case. Plus for the first two years it was where I kept all of my makeup. In addition to wipeable interior, this one also has metal corners which has also kept it going for a long time. The link will take you to the Caboodles site (Mine is the Medium train case) if you are interested.

But as with most things it is what is inside that counts. While i will go through the skincare tomorrow let’s take a look at the makeup now.

Primer: Tatcha The Silk Primer

Foundation: Yensa Skin on Skin BC Foundation

Powder/Bronzer/Blush/Highlight: Pur 4-in-1 perfecting powder palette

Brows: iMethod Beauty Eyebrow Stamp Kit

Eyeshadow: Naked Honey Palette from Urban Decay and Viseart Petit Pro Deux

Mascaras: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag and Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Magnet Mascara

Lips: Guerlain Velvet Longwear lip in Black Red, MAC Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath, So Juicy Plumping Gloss from Colourpop, Stay Glossy Lip Gloss from Rimmel London and Yensa Super 8 lip oil.

First I chose the Tatcha primer because it is my favorite. I know it will work and it is easy to use. While there are many primers that I really enjoy this one is my long term favorite and the one I will always repurchase. It blurs pores beautifully and works well both with my skin and under pretty much any product I pair it with. And when traveling a primer that isn’t going to cause problems is for the best. This isn’t the time to try something new.

The Yensa Foundation is also one of my top foundations. The BC foundation is just so beautiful on the skin. I tlooklike my skin but better. Even though I rotate through foundations, I have managed to use up an entire Yensa BC foundation this year. This is actually my second one of the year and I have enough product to get me through the two weeks and maybe a little to spare in this second one. I have already ordered a replacement, which should arrive while I am gone so I will have a fresh one ready for me when I return.

The Pur palette I am taking with me because it is an easy face palette to use and will travel well. I tend to travel with it a lot, mostly because it is a hard plastic case and won’t break but also because it is just easy. Pur is one of those hit or miss brands for me. There aren’t a lot of products I like from them but this palette I really do love using. For me it is one of their few hits.

The Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette I adore. It has all of the browns and golds and bronzes that ,my little heart loves to use. and the shadows work well. For me it is a fantastic everyday palette. I added the Viseart petite palette because it has some fabulously pigmented shades that are easy to work with and I thought that at some point I might want to take a break form the browns and having a few colors on hand might be a good idea.

I am taking two mascaras with me as well. The ABH Lash Brag which is very volumizing and the Benefit They’re Real Magnet which is extremely lengthening. They work well together and alone and are in my list of top mascaras. This Lash Brag has been open long enough that both product wise and time wise it won’t be coming back from this trip. I only keep mascaras a max of six months and this is nearing that time limit. the tube is also starting to feel close to empty. So I will take it and finish it up. The Benefit is new and has yet to be opened. And yes I do have a replacement ABH waiting to be opened when I return.

The brows I don’t want to think about so I am using the stencil and pomade from iMethod Beauty. While the stencils will remain in my makeup kit, I think I will run out of brow pomade during this trip or very soon after. while the stencils are fabulous the pomade is good mostly because it is the right shade for me. I may or may not replace the pomade with the iMethod pomade but I remain in love with these stencils.

And now the lips. You knew I wasn’t going to choose just one lipstick didn’t you. And In all fairness I should confess that there is a lip scrub and my Tatcha Kissu lip mask already in with my skincare. But I did think about my lip products. There is the lip plumping gloss. The Rimmel lip gloss has just a light shade that is just my lips but better. The MAC is my go to neutral. I almost always travel with a lip oil and the Yensa Super 8 is my favorite. This one is half way empty already. I have lost count of how many times I have repurchased it. And for a bold lip I am bringing the Guerlain lipstick.. Plus that is in a reusable case with a mirror which is always handy.

Of course my baby doll pointed out that it is heavy enough that it could also be used for self defense if needed. The case is a substantial and reusable metal case. It is quite fabulous and to be fair it is somewhat heavy. Not that I plan to throw it at anyone.

And so my darlings, these are the products I have chosen to take with me for my two weeks at my mother’s house. I think they pretty much cover any contingency that I might face. Into the train case it will go, along with the skincare (packed last minute). This is the makeup I will be wearing for the next two weeks and quite honestly I am very pleased with my selections. But now it is back to work for the final push to clear off the desk before I go. Have a great afternoon everyone.

Blowin’ Smoke with Colourpop

I saw this palette come out a while ago and I was intrigued. I loved the tonal variation of the shades and I put it on my list to pick up later. Well later finally arrived and i ordered it. I have used Colourpop shadows before. I generally find the shadows to be decently pigmented but not over the top with the pigmentation so they ae buildable rather than just a blast of color you are stuck with once you apply. they usually blend well and while they do fade a little throughout they day they are not too powdery if you tap your brush off before application.

I have not tried the Super Shock Shadows so they may perform differently. This is just how I feel about their palettes. And to be fair that is exactly how this palette performed. The shadows worked as expected. They were a little powdery but if i tapped the brush off before application then I didn’t get a lot of fall out. They were pigmented but not overly so and while they did fade a bit by the end of a long day, they, for the most part stayed in place. They blended well and i enjoyed them.

top row L to R

I know this doesn’t sound like much of a review, but Colourpop is so well known that I’m sure a lot of you already know how they perform so I paired it down to the basics for those who have never tried their shadows. What I mostly wanted to talk about today was Colorpop Palettes in general.

When they first came out, I have friends who decided to collect all the palettes they made. This wasn’t as silly as it sounds. They were (and still are) affordable palettes and in the beginning they weren’t coming out with them as rapidly as they seem to be now. Or perhaps that is me. I don’t recall them coming out that rapidly at any rate.

second row L to r

At the time I was living in a much smaller place and had very limited space. In fact at that point in time I had one Urban Decay Palette for everyday use and one Chantecaille Single Shadow. i used both down to pan actually. By the time I had enough space to think about building a collection there were so many Colourpop shadows that it seemed overwhelming. I think that pretty much everyone I knew who was going the collecting route abandoned that plan a long time ago for space reasons if nothing else.

third row L to R

For me Colourpop is a brand i turn to when i am looking for something to fill in the gaps of my collection. Which it is actually perfectly set up to do. Realize you have no greens and want to try some green toned looks? Colorpop has you covered. Looking for golds, blues or purples? Yup they have that too. They are good shadows and the way they seem to curate their palettes means that it is easy to pick up a selection in a color range you are looking for, They have mixed palette too, but for me their color collections are their strong suits.

The full shade variation

For me black shadows have been a bit of a disappointment in many of the palettes I have that include one. Given that Colourpop is always reliable with their shadows, i thought that this Blowin Smoke palette would work. It also gave me a selection of grays that i like as well. And as expected they work well. i had none of the powdery-ness or streakiness that a lot of black shadows can give. While the color variation isn’t that great, there is a clear variation between the shades allowing for subtle transitions. I was a little disappointed that the black with sparkles was less shimmery than expected ((bottom right Shade Night Dreams) and I would have liked Ignite (middle row far right) to have a slightly deeper purple tone when applied, bit otherwise I am very happy with this palette. it fills a gap in my collection, color wise and for me that makes it well worth the price.

Am I going to start collecting Colourpop Palettes? No. But I will keep an eye out for palettes that fill in gaps in my collection. As many of my palettes lean towards the neutral everyday tones, I’m sure there are plenty of gaps where Colourpop palettes can fill in. Fir me, this was the one i was most drawn to and I am very pleased with my purchase. Blowin’ Smoke may not be an everyday palette, but it is one that I will reach for consistently in the future.