Nails: Art Deco Miami

This is going to be a little bit different for one of my nail posts, simply because this is a new to me brand of polish. I know I have far too many nail polishes and I am going through them to clear out the duplicates, but I did see this trio of nail polishes on IPSY and had to pick them up because I was curious about the brand.

They are from Deco Miami and I thought the bottles looked nice. Plus the shades were shades of Green Purple and Red that i didn’t have in my collection so I figured why not. For the first try out I went with the green. It is a dark green and is actually named Bad Reputation.

the bottle looks pretty although the lid is definitely a metal look plastic. I will admit that I am not always the neatest when polishing my nails. My plan is usually to paint my nails, let them dry fully and then let the shower that night help me tidy up the edges. However even with that, I am fairly competent with the nail polish brush.

This polish was interesting. It has a really long handle as you can see, but a really short brush. It is obvious why given the shape of the bottle, but the really shore brush made it a little bit harder to apply so I was messier than usual with my application.

While i know that a top coat is essential for keeping the polish looking fresh throughout the week, as I had not tried this polish before I wanted to give it a bit of a trial on it’s own before seeing how it worked with a top coat.

The polish took two coats to apply before it looked solid. I probably should have added a third coat, but I generally test with two a that is my standard. I generally find if I have to add more than two coats and then put a top coat on then it is just going to be too thick and I will pick at it. I think next time though, I will try three coasts as this seems to need it.

It also needs a top coat. I painted my nails on Sunday and after two days without a top coat it looks like a week’s worth of wear. In fact i will be taking it off tonight. I will be trying another shade from the brand to see how I like it. But I can’t take this beat up polish longer than today.

I do like the depth of color. I think that it will always be messy to apply because of the shape of the brush, but it is workable. I think it needs three coats for color coverage and it definitely needs a protective top coat. I don’t have this color so I think it is worth playing around with. i still have the other two colors in the trio to try, but at the moment I am not so certain I would purchase additional polishes from Deco Miami.

Nails: Expressie and Sally Hanson Gel

You know I do my nails at home about once a week and to be honest, my nail polish collection has become a bit much. I will pick up a nail polish pretty much anywhere I go. I have some that are drugstore polishes, some I picked up at TJMAXX, and some I have ordered. I have nail polishes in pretty much every price range, along with assorted other nail products (press ons, gels etc). There are also polishes I have picked up due to subscription boxes.

All of which means I have repeat shades. So I decided to work my way through the nail polishes trying every one that is in my collection to see if it needs to stay in my collection.

This week I chose to start with the Expressie shade Misfit right in (270). Some of you might know this, others might recognize the Essie part of the name. This is a line from the Essie brand that is quick dry. And it is a really quick dry formula. It is a great nail polish to reach for in a hurry. This color was done with one coat and by the time i was finished polishing the last nail, the first nail was dry.

There have been days where this has really been helpful. Especially in the summer. Gardening tends to beat up my nails and occasionally I don’t realize this until I have to go somewhere so I do a quick polish and it looks really good.

The trick though is that while it will look good for a day, if you want it to last the week you need a top coat. It does chip pretty fast without the top coat. And while my top coat is not quick dry, the fact that the Expressie dries so fast means that I can apply the top coat fairly fast.

And then I have to wait for it to dry.

My current favorite Top Coat is the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat (101). I have used this for a while now. I think this might be my second bottle of this top coat actually. It just works well with everything. It gives a really good shine and gel like finish to the nails and it makes even the polish likely to chip fast last longer than it would on it’s own. With this top coat I will get a week of use out of this Expressie polish. And since I really like this color, I am happy to keep it around longer.

Weekly Nails: Smith and Cult

I love painting my nails. Don’t get me wrong I do like having other people give me manicures and hand massages, but there is something about surveying a row of colors at home and deciding that today, this is what suits me. And then applying it.

As a result though, I have accumulated a lot of nail polishes. Some are from pricy brands, others picked up on a whim at the grocery store or because there was a sale. Some are new acquisitions and others I have had for a while. I think I also have some repeat colors.

And so a plan has formed. I plan to go through my nail polishes one week at a time. Since I tend to paint my nails each week, I will basically just post about what I am wearing that week. And as I rotate through the polishes I will see what I want to keep and what needs to either be sent to a new home or (if it has outlived its usefulness), thrown away.

Today I went with two Smith and Cult Nail polishes. I know the brand makes other things but to be honest I have only tried their nail polishes. And so I tend to think of the brand as a Nail Polish Brand.

The bottles look so lovely sitting on the shelf actually. I have several and i really like to see them all lines up. The heavy gold cap is decorative. It pulls off and there is a more manageable handle for the brush when you apply your polish.

Today I layered two of the polishes. The first was a solid color in a kind of fern green. It is named Bitter Cashmere Daydream. I used two coats to get the polish to a fully opaque finish. If left on it’s own I would put a clear top coat. Otherwise around three days in it would start to wear off of the tips of my nails. It is a minor wearing away as this is a pretty long lasting polish. But the top coat keeps it looking nice all week.

Instead of topping it with a clear coat I went for the sparkle of a second Smith and Cult Polish. This is called Take Fountain. What I like about this is that while it is filled with light reflecting sparkles it is not the chunky glitter. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good chunky glitter, but often times it is hard to get off and it can be a bit much for everyday use.

This sparkly polish has smaller bits that just catch the light as you shift your fingers around. There is a slight pinkish tone to the gloss in which the particles are suspended. While it doesn’t alter the color of this polish too much, I have noticed that when I wear it with pink/red tones it can soften them up just a little bit. It helps to tone down really intense pinks just a smidge.

Over all I am quite pleased with this week’s selection and to be honest even though this is my way of doing a nail polish clear out, I am really rather excited about working my way through the polishes.

For me, this was a great way to begin.

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The Daily: December 15th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today is going to be a short post. I started my day with a nice long walk, which proved quite fortuitous as I doubt I will get the chance for an afternoon one. So I at least have my calories on track. I thought today was going to be a nice and quiet day. I had a lot of work to do, but after Monday craziness I thought I would be okay to do it.

Apparently I was wrong.

Agnes’s daughter dropped by with a plate of cookies. Agnes is my neighbor with Alzheimer’s. Her daughter wanted to thank me for helping out when Agnes goes wandering. She has done that only a couple of times this year. I end up calling her kids and then having strange conversations with her in the back yard. I actually kind of enjoy the conversations. They are completely bonkers and I can see how a constant stream would wear on a person, but Agnes just doesn’t leave the house much anymore so for me they are only occasional things.

But now I have a nice plate of sugar cookies.

I also have some chocolate fudge that My babydoll is going to love. It was from another neighbor. We looked after their dog when they had to deal with a family emergency one weekend.

I thought that was very nice. Although the polite conversations took a bit of time. I then got to watch dueling delivery vehicles in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood does not have very wide streets so when a FedEx or UPS vehicle goes down the street it drives down the center of the lane and pretty much takes up the whole street. We had FedEx, UPS, DHL and a garbage truck all trying to use the same set of streets at the same time. It was interesting to watch everyone negotiate for space. There was a lot of backing up, parking and walking on the part of the drivers. I actually got several packages today as things have started to arrive. For me next week is going to be the big delivery week.

I thought In the absence of makeup today I’d share a few of the goodies that arrived.

The glasses are not a new arrival, they are fairly recent though. They are my reading glasses from ThinOptics. I absolutely adore them actually. I just took them off when I took the picture and they were in the frame. Thinoptics is still having a sale though if you ae interested (35% off sitewide).

The box is the Time Revolution essence from Missha, they too are having a sale (40% off sitewide with an extra 20% for today’s miracle deal if you find anything interesting about this brand, today is probably your best day to go for it. The miracle deal changes daily so that extra 20% is just for today.) and so I stocked up on my favorite essence. This is the one I am holding back for my use once i finish my open essence (which will be a while) the second bottle I snuck into the medicine cabinet for my baby doll to use. I know it isn’t medicine but if it is there he will use it to soothe wind and sunburned skin. If it is with my skincare he won’t. Somehow it becomes something else when it with my skincare. He will use it from the medicine cabinet though, so I put a bottle there.

I have finally worked my way through a large chunk of my sample body lotion collection. Okay i also added several to stockings this year as well. So I ordered a full size of the Korres Body Butter. I really love the formula. I also like that it has the green scent of the fig tree rather than the jammy fruitiness of the actual figs. Sometimes with sweet smelling body lotion it makes me feel sticky just by the scent. This one doesn’t. It just gives me soft skin. Plus it is also nice to have a full sized body lotion again. I was using so many sample tubes just to use them up that I had a different body lotion every other shower. It’s nice to be able to just stick with one for a while.

The timer I got from Amazon, mostly because I needed a new timer. I do timed writings every morning and my old chicken timer was starting to stick. So now I have anew one which I think is quite adorable.

And finally in today’s collection of randomly arriving packages I have a Sparitual Gold nail polish. I really like sparitual nail polish, and quite a few of them are on sale at the moment. I also picked up a dry body brush from them that is quite excellent. Its about a year old now and still looks and works fabulously. this nail polish is a gold top coat that you can put over other colors. I have a couple of them but the ones I have are all silver based and I wanted one in gold for the holidays. I’m going to put it over a dark green for Christmas and I’m thinking about over a dark blue for New Years. I haven’t decided on that one yet. But there is still plenty of time.

And speaking of time, I can feel it slipping away from me. So it is back to work for me. with luck tomorrow life will be back to an regular work day. One can dream right?

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Using the Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

Do you know the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish often makes me feel slightly insane.

While this brand is available on-line, it is primarily found, at least by me, in Target. While I have been a big Target shopper for years, this year it has become one of my main in person shopping venues. It is actually located in the same shopping complex as my grocery store so this past year it was easier to hit both Target and the grocery store in one big excursion rather than run all over town. So I have expanded my Target purchases to include anything I didn’t get at the grocery store or forgot to order on-line.

I’d like to say that this was a new to me brand that I found this year and been trying out, but honestly, Sinful Colors has been getting to me for years.

I have had several of their nail polishes in the past and their colors are fantastic. That is what draws me in every time. They look fantastic in the bottle. Each time I apply them on my nails, two coats gives me the perfect color. In fact, it always looks almost exactly like what it does in the bottle on your nails when you first apply it.

I know that sounds strange, but I have had a lot of polishes that don’t quite look the same as in the bottle. Typically from brands I no longer purchase from, but still, not all polishes look the same on the fingertips as they do in the bottle. This one does.

One of my absolute favorites is Ruby Glisten.  I couldn’t find it on line, but it was still on the store shelves near me last week. I checked when i couldn’t find it on-line.

Two coats give me the perfect deep red with an understated glittery shimmer that isn’t actually glitter. It is a part of the nail polish and in my opinion absolutely stunning.  To be honest any color I have ever tried from Sinful Colors has been absolutely stunning.

The problem is that as soon as you apply it and let it dry, the clock starts ticking.

I have yet to be able to keep this nail polish on my nails more than 24 hours without it chipping.  I have tried top coats from a variety of brands to try and protect the color, but quite frankly nothing helps. In the photo here, this is what my nails looked like after about 48 hours.

Typically my nail polish lasts about a week before I have to replace it.  At least in the winter time.  Once spring gardening season starts all bets are off on the length of a good polish as it suddenly becomes weed-pulling contingent.

Over time many of Sinful Colors have come and gone from my nail polish collection.  This one I keep holding onto because of the color.  I think that if I end up keeping it, then I am just going to have to admit that it is a special event polish.  It is a polish that is meant to be put on the day of an event and worn to that event.  It will be stunning there and look fabulous, but like Cinderella’s pumpkin turned coach, it isn’t going last past the end of the ball. Trying to make to do so is just going to cause insanity.

Let’s get Digital (Nails) With Sally

Recently I have been absolutely loving this <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>Miracle Gel from Sally Hansen. In itself it doesn’t look like much when painted onto bare nails. It gives them a subtle sheen, which is nice but not all that spectacular. Oe the top of matte nail polishes however, This color really sings.

Two of my favorite matte nail polishes are the Smith & Cult Doe My Dear and the OPI Nail Lacquer Not so Bora Bora-ing Pink. Both are really nice polishes on their own. They are actually the ones I tend to wear the most frequently if I am honest. The pink is is s a sort of dusty rose with a bit of a shine to it instead of being flat matte and the Smith & Cult is just a very understated shade that goes well with everything.

I have generally noticed that with each I can get about a week’s worth of nail color out of them before they start to chip. I’ve been experimenting with different top coats to see if I could extend the life of the polish. As I’ve experimented, I’ve learned that not all top coats are created equal.

Originally I picked this up thinking it was a pastel blue with some sheen. I did not realize it was clear with an iridescence to it. I was looking for a clear coat in the <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>Miracle Gel formula to try out, but that section of the rack was empty. Given how this performed I can see why.

OPI Alone

Once I realized that this was a coat that I could put over another polish I began playing around. First i tried it over the <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>OPI Not so Bora Bora-ing Pink. The pink undertones in the <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>Let’s Get Digital Miracle Gel from Sally Hansen match well with the pink base coat and add a nice depth to the polish.

I don’t know if these pictures quite do it justice.

(as a warning, I am a messy polisher. I tend not to worry about it too much and just polish my nails, let them dry completely and then go take a shower. By the time i’ve washed hair and body, my nails look better. Also I have recently been using a new hand sanitizer that has really dried out my skin. So if that sort of thing bothers you, you might not want to look too closely. I am almost out of that bottle and will be trying out the ESPA version that came in my Glossy Box).

OPI with the Let’s get Digital Top Coat

I know that the pairing with the Smith & Cult Doe My Dear do not come across as spectacular in photos as they are in real life. With the Smith & Cult, I really like the toned down color. It is a subtle color that goes well with everything. when I applied the <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>Let’s get Digital Miracle Gel over it, my nails, when i wiggle them in the light, have an iridescence to them shifts and glows as I move my fingers. It shows pink with an undertone of blue and oddly enough makes words like unicorn drift through my head. I think it reminds me of several products that use the word unicorn in them and have that sheen.

The color is quite stunning on the nails.

Smith & Cult alone

However it isn’t just looks that this formula provides. The miracle Gel formula also provides a really good top coat to the nails. It seals the color in and I found that instead of lasting only a week before chipping, I could almost double the length of time I could wear my manicure before I needed to take off the remnants and reapply polish. It wasn’t quite the full two weeks I made it about twelve days with both the OPI and Smith & Cult formulas.

Smith & Cult with the Let’s Get Digital Top Coat. I tried to catch the light to show the shine. I really like this combo and will be using it for a while.

Now I know what you are thinking. Glitter polish is a pain to take off. It practically has to be chipped off with a jack hammer and then still the color departs while the glitter can some time remain. This is true. I have regretted many a glitter polish when the time comes to remove it. however this isn’t a glitter polish. There are no particles in it. The formula is just iridescent. You can get the glittery shine without having to fight the glitter polish. Plus it goes on smoothly. There are not bumps because nothing is actually suspended in the polish. It is just a smooth gel coat.

At the moment I am a big fan of this formula as a top coat and as a color. I am going to have to pick up some more from this line in order to test out the formula more, but at the moment, this is leading the pack as far as protective top coats go.

While I did pick up the Sally Hansen Let’s get Digital in Target, I generally pick up my OPI (as well as Nails Inc and Orly, and China Glaze if it comes to that) at the Sally Beauty Site. I find it the best way to get the colors I want as they often have a broader selection of colors than my local store. I don’t know if I always hit the store when they are restocking or if they just don’t stock a wide variety where I live but it always seems like the OPI section is half empty. Maybe my neighbors like the OPI formula as much as I do and they can’t keep it in stock. Who knows? I just know I like choice in my colors. Plus I like ordering several colors at once so I always have a selection to choose from. I recently just got rid of several older polishes and found my selection dimmed. It was a purge a long time coming, but it doesn’t make it any happier. At least I soon get to restock. Plus Sally Beauty has Free US Ground Shipping for Orders over $35. And I can definitely order more than $35 worth of nail polish.