Happy (Almost) New Year’s Eve

Oh my darlings we have almost made it to the end of 2020. While this may be a year that will go down in history, I for one am most happy to see it start it’s journey into the history books. At this point though I don’t know anyone who is not relieved to see 2020 come to an end.

But tonight is not for moaning about the past year it is to celebrate the incoming one, to welcome it into the world with festivities.

Now I don’t know about you, but there will be few out of the house festivities. My friends and I are planning video calls and when all well wishes are done, my baby and I are going to curl up on the couch and watch movies until dawn. But that doesn’t mean that New Year’s eve will slip past with out being recognized. Oh no.

In fact this post is being posted early so that I may ready myself for tonight. I’ll admit, it is an odd mix of self care, glam, comfort and insanity.

First there will be the bath. You may notice in most of these pictures there is a lovely towel present. It is my bath towel. We recently purchased a set from Kyrgies. while it looks thin and insubstantial, it pulls water off of you like a vacuum. It has to be the most absorbent towel I have ever owned. Fluffy it may not be, but fabulous, oh yes, it certainly is. which is also a good thing as I went to turn on my hairdryer and discovered that it had died and gone to the land of the deceased appliances. So the towel will dry as much as possible and then I will be airdrying today before I embark upon styling.

I should also point out that my baby doll was tickled the towel made it into the post. He is the one who found them on line and asked what i thought so he is very proud of himself about the towels. To be honest I was just going to use it as a backdrop, but he was so pleased so I had to mention them. Plus they are really great towels.

At the moment I am using up a shampoo i am not super thrilled about, so I will not mention it. Suffice it to say there will be a washing of the hair and body today. I am using the very last drop of my Candy Cane Body Wash from Native. Part of me wants to rand about peppermint discrimination, but I won’t. I will just say that I love peppermint and this is a great body wash. I am sad that the scent is not year round.

Because my shampoo is just so so, I am treating myself to a Nature Lab Tokyo Hair Mask. I love the way it makes my hair so soft and manageable. I have the scalp treatment in a full sized version, because i loved it so much. this shine clarifying scalp scrub came in a recent beauty box and so I decided to use it. I’ve used it before and know it works fabulously well on my hair.

So once the hair and body are washed, I will be soaking in the tub. I am using the Kneipp Mineral Bath salt for sensitive skin. While my skin is not terribly sensitive, I like this one because it has no scent or color to it. I also use the lavender and hops but that is mostly a sleepy scent for pre-bedtime baths, not an I’m going to be up all night watching movies with my baby kind of thing. And the bath salts just really soften the skin and make it absolutely beautiful.

Once out of the bath I am using the Korres Fig Body butter. While I have several body lotions open at the moment, I really like this one. It absorbs into the skin well and always makes me feel really good. In addition the Fig scent to it is something that to me smells very green. Green makes me think of new growth and new beginnings so I figured it was a good choice for the night.

And while it does have a nice scent to it, the scent does die down and won’t clash with my Eau De Cartier, the perfume I have chosen for the night. At the moment it is one of my favorite special occasion perfumes. I generally wear it when I am going out somewhere. The issue is that I haven’t really gone out anywhere. At the moment going to Target seems like a special occasion. I refuse however to add my special occasion to my neck and wrists for a target run. It seems a bit excessive.

For my hair I will be using The Tresemme Keratin Smooth with Marula oil Heat protectant spray. I really like it as a heat protecting spray and it has a salon kind of scent to it which I really like. The tools I will be using tonight are my travel sized Foxybae flat iron and my Revlon Heat brush. The travel sized flat iron is fantastic on my bangs. It helps keep them from going every which way. It is actually the perfect size for that. While it can be used on the rest of my hair, I have a lot of hair and it takes forever to use it.

This year i really need to invest in a good, regular sized flat iron. As well as a new hair dryer. I knew the hair dryer was on it’s last legs I just didn’t realize it didn’t plan to make it to 2021 with me. I’m going to have to do some research before I replace it. But that is another story.

Along with my flat iron I will be using my Revlon heating brush. It is a pretty good little tool. It isn’t the best, but it gets the job done. I would prefer a brush that dries as it goes, but this works well enough. Usually I use it in conjunction with my hair dryer so this will be an interesting use. Again it is one of those things I have meant to look into the drying brushes, but because I haven’t needed to use heat tools in a while (see the not going out much part of the post) it hasn’t been a priority. If I do make a new year’s resolution this year it will be to do my hair tool research. Because clearly I need to go shopping.

Once the hair is styled the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm will be stepping in to smooth down any fly aways. I am in love with this Wonder Balm. It is a really good product. There is only a tiny bit left in the tube. i actually ordered a full size one, however, I am refusing to let myself open it until I have managed to clear out a couple of my travel sized tubes that are already open. My hair products is awash with trial sized hair products that I find okay enough to still use, but not my favorite. I need to use them up and clear them out and just keep the ones I really like using around. Again, part of the resolutions for 2021.

I know cherally Makeup comes before hair, but somehow I stumbled from the bath straight into hair care. For me, the hair will stay wrapped up in a towel while i do my makeup. I will also be in a robe while doing my makeup, in caste you are wondering.

Shall we take a look at the makeup for the night?

I’m starting off with the Touch in Sol Primer. It is a good primer that generally works well for me and it is a primer i have never had problems getting it to work with my foundation for the night. Tonight I chose the Pretty Vulgar Cool AF Lava Water Foundation as it looks good, makes my skin look fantastic and stays in place all night.

My concealer tonight is the Julep Cushion Complexion concealer. It works really well for me and doesn’t give me any under the eye creasing. Plus my tan has now faded to the point where it is exactly the right shade of concealer for me to use.

Tonight’s blush is the Ciate London marbled light. I chose it because I love the shade and I love the way it works on my skin. It blends in really well and is buildable instead of clown paint. I am very much a soft but buildable kind of blush person. I can not be trusted with the super intense pigments. unless I know they are coming and prepare myself accordingly.

My highlighter tonight is the Natasha Denona Glow. I really like this powder and I know it is supposed to be used for more than just a highlight, but for me it pretty much is just a highlight. A ridiculously big highlighter, but still, a highlighter. I don’t tend to reach for it much because I always look at it and think I really should be putting this on more than just my cheekbones, but I really love the soft candle lit glow it brings to my skin. If the option is between soft glow and blinged out sparkle, i will choose the soft glow every time. I really like this powder for that.

My loose powder tonight is the Becca Pink Haze, because I really like the slight pinkish tones it gives my skin. Especially now that I am winter pale, this powder tends to brighten my skin and again make me feel like i am glowing instead of sparkling. I’ve added my MAC Studio Fix pressed powder to my makeup bag as my pressed powder for the night as well.

I could not resist grabbing my favorite cream bronzer tonight. That is the Trestique Brazilian Bronze color and contour stick. As you can see I have used it down to a little nub. I really need to look at getting a replacement. I think one of the reasons I haven’t been reaching for it is that i don’t want to use the last of it up. Which is silly as I can always pick up another one. But there you have it. Tonight it is the bronzer I am turning to.

For my eyes tonight I have a mix of well loved products and newer favorites. I’ve been using the Pretty Vulgar eyelid primer for a while and really like the formula. I will be using it tonight to make certain that my shadow, especially the Ciate London Marbled Metals Shimmer shadow in Entwine, stays on my lids. I’ve never had a problem with it migrating but I figure a little extra insurance wouldn’t hurt.

I have to admit, I love this Entwine rose gold shade. It is simply stunning on the eyes and I need to reach for it more often. I’m pairing it with the all matte Viseart Neutral Matte’s palette that I used last week. The palette is fantastic and I think I will be able to create something ice tonight.

Ciate Marbled metals swatch

The eyeliner is one of my newer favorites and it is the Josephine Cosmetics black eyeliner. I have to say I am very impressed by the eyeliner and am happy to give it room in tonight’s makeup bag.

And tonight I am opening one of my favorite mascaras. I bought this replacement Butter London Power up as soon as it looked like my old one was about to be empty. when it arrived I had several other products already open and felt guilty about opening it up. So I put it to the back of the drawer. I have been using other products, but tonight is the night I am opening it up. I really loved this mascara. It makes my eyelashes huge and full and almost false lash-esque.


But since I am not a false lash aficionado, it is plenty close enough for me.

And then we have the lips. Tonight I will be pairing Kristofer Buckle with Colourpop. The Colour pop is the So Juicy plumping gloss. I will apply a coat as I recline in the bath tub. It will then be wiped off when i start my makeup and after I apply my favorite Kristofer Buckle Bardot, i will use the shiny shiny colourpop plumping gloss as a topper.

And to seal everything into place I will be using the Pore Professional Super setter setting spray. I have only had this spray a few days, but at the moment I am really liking it. I will do a full review for you my darlings next week, but thus far it is really nice. The mist is super fine and there is absolutely no worry about splotches.

But now the makeup is done so we must get dressed.

It is with the clothing that you get to see how the mix of the comfort and the fab blend. Every New Year’s eve I pick out a pair of shoes that looks nice and when I put them on makes me feel like a million dollars. The shoes don’t have to be super expensive, I think the ones I’m wearing tonight were around $30. To me they are special because they are not everyday shoes. these aren’t shoes I’m wearing to the grocery store or on one of my walks.

However as wonderful as the shoes make me feel in the beginning of the night, I always start the new year with my feet aching. Not this year. This year, I will have my feet propped up on a foot stool. So I can dress up my feet anyway I want AND there will be no pain at the end of the night. i’m calling that my silver lining for not going to a party.

And what will I pair these fabulous shoes with? My comfy fuzzy cookie monster pajama pants. Oh yes my darlings. i did a sit down with myself. For me feeling special means having my hair and makeup done, putting on a pair of fancy shoes and getting to wear one of my fabulous rings.

Perhaps it is because as my weight increased these were the things that didn’t involve me trying to find something that made me feel special, clothes wise, in my size. And even without the weight issue, my mother always told me that if it is comfortable then it isn’t dressy. which might tell you a bit more about her.

So this year, I will have all the elements that make me feel fabulous, plus I will get to wear my super spiffy and uber comfy cookie monster pajama pants as I sit on the couch watching movies and ringing in the new year with my baby doll. Quite frankly I think this gives me the best of all possible scinarios.

I don’t know what you are up to this New Year’s eave, but I hope it is fabulous and that you get to spend it with those you love, even if it is only electronically. And here’s hoping to a Happy New year for one and all.

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