The Daily: March 21st, 2022

Ah Monday. Always a toss up between a nice easy day and utter chaos. I kind of like the fact that you can’t really tell which it is going to be until you ae in it. I worked hard on Friday and thought I had cleared the deck so Monday would be a nice easy slide into the work week. It hasn’t turned out that way. I think someone drank some panic juice over the weekend. I had three calls this morning from someone about a project i turned in two weeks ago.

Somehow he forgot that it came in, her reviewed it sent it back to me for changes and then got the changes in last Wednesday. So I had a few freaked out messages followed by an apology as he confused the project i did with something from someone else. Which, from what I figured out with the messages, isn’t due for another two weeks. But also has nothing to do with me.

I did however have a minor freak out thinking I missed something. So most of the morning was unsettled and in panic mode. Until the apology. when I knew it wasn’t me that got confused. Always nice to hear, but it did throw everything off track. There was no walk this morning so my plan is to finish this and then go on a longer walk to kind of soothe my brain and mentally settle before I try to get on with what I had initially planned for today.

What a way to start the week.

But at least the apologies were effusive when the mistake was realized.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer

Foundation: Charlotte Tillbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation

Bronzer: NudeStix Nudie Bronzer

Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Gold Rush Blush

Highlighter: Illamasqua OMG Beyond Powder Highlighter

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Eyeshadow: Viseart Petit Pro Trois Shadow Palette

Mascara: Athr Beauty Big Bang Mascara

Lips: MAC Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath

Today was a mix of favorites, new products and in progress testing. Let’s talk about the favorites first, you know they are ones I love and reappear often. There is the Banana Bright Primer, the Gold Rush blush, The Illamasqua Highlighter, the No 7 Powder and the MAC Lipstick. All are products I will use repeatedly and then repurchase to use again. In fact as far as pressed powders go I am only using up the few others I have and then I will only really keep the No 7 around. While I will try others it is now the only pressed powder I purchase.

I am currently trying out the Charlotte Tillbury foundation. While I liked it with the brightening primer, when i used my foundation brush I found there were a lot of streaks in the product and I had to spend time with the makeup sponge to blend them out. I didn’t have this problem with the Tatcha primer, so I think it is just the brightening primer. I will be rotating primers to double check. Today I used only the makeup sponge to apply the foundation over the brightening primer and it worked really well. I liked how the foundation applied much better than when i used a brush. I think this just might be a foundation that applies better with a sponge than a brush. which is good to know. It takes me longer to work with my foundation when using a sponge than with a brush but with a full coverage foundation like this I don’t mind. I generally only use full coverage when I am going somewhere and then I take extra time. It just isn’t something I would want to do first thing every morning.

The Athr Beauty Mascara is also an ongoing trial. It is not a one swipe and you are don’t mascara. You need to apply several coats. However if you do, it lengthens the lashes beautifully. It just takes a few coats. I know that sounds silly to say, but each coat uses more product so the more coats you need the shorter the length of time the mascara will last. which is something that needs to be factored into the value of the product as a whole. I know they make a big deal about the recyclability of the wand, but I would prefer if it felt a little more sturdy in the hand. It feels a little on the thin side.

There were two absolutely new products today. The first was the bronzer stick that came in my Macy’s box. The color is nice but it took some effort to blend. I am going to break out a denser bristled brush to try with it tomorrow, but the formula isn’t wowing me at the moment.

The second new product was the Viseart Palette. I have the petite Deux so when IPSY had the trois on an add on I added it. I really love those little fold up packages and the shadow formula is very nice. I went light today going for a subtle look. It works just as well as the other palettes from Viseart which is nice as I have had a run of hard to work with palettes, It is nice to have a shadow palette where things just work as I expect. The Viseart formula blends really well and despite high pigmentation, they can blend down to be a really soft look. The formula I like, so it is a matter of seeing if the color selection works and how I feel about it after using it as my sole palette.

For me, that was today’s look.

For those of you who don’t know Today is world Water Day and Avene has a sale going on. I love Avene Thermal Water and stock up on it every Spring. It is a fantastic way to cool down gently after working in the garden or going on a walk once the weather turns hot. It is less of a shock to your system than anything colder would be and it hydrates. I know, not the spa like image spray water usually projects but for me it is a garden staple and a bottle sits by my garden door all summer long. Soon it will be time for me to stock up so I might be taking advantage of the sale as well.

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The Daily: December 9th, 2021

Today my darlings was an interesting one. It was one of those days where it felt as though everything was in constant motion. There was no stopping and no waiting for anything. I think I even took a few of my phone calls while in motion.

It is just the time of year. So much to do and only a handful of days left to do it in before everyone takes off for the holidays.

It means that today I did the five minute makeup. I also used the Klorane Dry shampoo because I had an unexpected video call request right after I got back from my walk. Ah yes, dry shampoo, the emergency hair repair for days when I wasn’t expecting anyone to see me before I jumped in the shower.

As I said, the makeup was also rushed, but i think it came out well, mostly because I grabbed products that I knew were easy.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Bronzer/blush/powder/highlight: PUR 4-in-1 Skin Perfecting Powders Palette

Eyeshadow: No 7 Pink Blossom Eyeshadow trio

Mascara: Tarte Gifted Mascara

Lips M2U NYC Matte Lipstick in Soho

This was the last of the Elf Poreless Primer. I did order a new one on the Black Friday sales because it is a product that I really like to keep around. It is quick to use and completely reliable. And you also only use a little of it so it tends to last a long time. I want to whittle down a few other primers before I open the new on though, but for today, I was happy to use the last of this one. It is great when you are in a hurry.

No 7 also came to my rescue. This really may be one of my favorite drugstore foundations. I pump a bit on to the back of my hand, dab it onto my face and then quickly blend it in with my favorite foundation brush (Master Blender 999 from Bdellium Tools) and I am good to go in a flash. It also really helps that this is a shade that is very close to my natural skin tone so it helps with the blending.

I used No7 eyeshadow as well today. Partially because I like the eyeshadow as it is quick and easy with no fuss. In addition there isn’t much thought I have to put into using the trio. It is pretty simple, bing, bang boom and your are done. Which is actually the beauty of small eyeshadow palettes. I may like having all of the colors, but when I’m rushed, a limited palette actually helps.

Plus it was still out from where I unpacked from my Thanksgiving trip.

Also still out was the Pur Palette. While I like the palette, especially or traveling, it meant that i didn’t have to search for any individual products. the products work well and were quickj to apply.

To finish off the look I chose the M2U lipstick. It is a liquid lipstick formula that is really growing on me and very quickly becoming my instinctive first grab product. The formula is very comfortable to wear and lasts for quite a while.

Today’s makeup look was mostly about speed and ease of use. While there are some days where I like taking my time getting ready and playing with different colors and styles, this wasn’t one of them. I had a limited time to get ready and no time to play around with anything new. Today was about choosing products I could use without thinking too much about them. And honestly, I rather like the look I came up with. Even if it was a bit rushed.

Later this afternoon I plan to actually slow down for a moment with my sheet mask of the day. Todays sheet mask is from Orjena. It is called the Collagen Natural Moisture Mask Sheet. While most of the information is in Korean, the English does say it is a cotton sheet and those are usually pretty comfortable to wear. Hopefully the Collagen will be nice and moisturizing as well. It is a Facetory Mask and while I haven’t used this specific mask before I have used the brand and have high hopes for it.

And it will give me a few minutes to stop and have a breather. Today, that feels like the best reason to actually use a sheet mask. Mental care rather than Skin care. Sometimes, products can serve more than one purpose. I hope whatever your day is like, you take at least a few minutes to breath and allow yourself to regroup.

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The Daily: November 30th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. The sun is shining brightly and it tempted me out into a long walk this morning. Unfortunately the wind was bitter and slashed like knives. My throat and lungs feel a bit on the raw side because of it. I was planning on a second walk later this afternoon, but i think that now, a session with my weights in doors may be a better idea.

I think that the indoor workouts in the sunroom may become a bit more frequent from here on out. Or at least until we get through the windy season. The cold I can deal with, but that wind. It just causes things inside to ache. But I am well stocked up on indoor workout gear so it should be fine. Most of my stuff comes from ProsourceFit. I’ve always found their products to be top quality. Currently they have a 60% off sale for cyber week so if you are looking to add to your personal collection this is a pretty good time. I love their yoga mats, but the big winner for me are the leg weights. Not only are they great when doing actual workouts, but they are fantastic for at the desk work outs.

when I am trying to think of the right wording for a tricky e-mail, I will occasionally put them on my ankles, push back from the desk and do seated leg lifts in my chair while my brain thinks up the right words.

All right, I admit, sometimes it devolves into chair dancing. Luckily there is no one in the office to see it. And I’m certain it burns some calories even if it probably doesn’t work out the intended muscle groups. And if I am going full confession, sometimes I shift them to my arms and do a little arm waving dance to whatever song is stuck in my head. Oddly enough yesterday it was the Kung foo Fighting Song. No clue why that popped into my brain.

Just don’t tell anyone, okay?

Today’s Look:

Primer: Fig and Rouge blurring primer

Foundation KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It Powder Foundation

Bronzer: Buxom Staycation Vibes Primer infused Bronzer

Blush: Rodial Blush Drops

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Eyeshadow: Chella Manifest Bronze Quad

Mascara: Pretty Vulgar The Feathers Mascara

Lips: Mischo Beauty Lip Gloss in Madam

Setting Spray: Peach and Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist

As I am still testing out a lot of new products, some of these are the same as yesterday. The tart mascara from yesterday reached the end of it’s life and has been sent off to the land of fallen mascaras. Today I picked out the Pretty Vulgar mascara from my selection of open products and sadly found that this is it’s last day as well. There is almost no product left. I believe I have a second unopened one in the unopened product drawer which I will be taking out soon, if I have it. This is one of my favorite mascaras. It does really well lengthening the lashes and the curve of the wand does really well in shaping the lashes I really like how my lashes look with this mascara. The effect isn’t as great today as there was very little product left. Empty or not it is a pretty enough container that I actually want to keep it around for display purposes. To be honest I probably will keep it around until I open up a new one and put that one out to look at. It is just such a pretty looking mascara. I know, packaging isn’t everything. But since this is pretty packaging with a fantastic product, I’m okay with ogling the pretty packaging.

In keeping with the makeup recently received in subscription boxes theme I seem to have going on this week, I used the Chella eyeshadow quad today. It came in a Glossy box this month. It looks oddly almost identical to the quad I used yesterday. On the eyes the brown has more of a reddish tone though and it is not as patchy to apply. I actually applied it using the exact same colors in the exact same places that I did yesterday. The look is slightly different. To be honest, I don’t find it much more appealing than yesterday’s quad. While it is less patchy, it isn’t all that pigmented and to be honest I have these shades in better formulas elsewhere. The thing that might save this is travel. I am not certain if I have these shades in a smaller travel palette. I know I have them in larger ones. Once I finish testing them I will compare and investigate the drawer. While larger palettes have much more variation and I may keep them for one color, I will only keep quads like this if I don’t have the shades in a travel palette. That will determine if this stays or is passed on more than anything else at the moment, at least with the small shadow quads.

I’m trying not to keep what I am not going to use. Its one of my goals in the new year so I am trying to get a jump on it. there may be an end of December quick declutter just so I can start fresh in January.

The final change today in the line up was with the lips. I just could not face another day of the rose flavored lip oil. Since it is a lip product with a want that I have used, I can’t pass it on to anyone so I may use it as something pretty on the dressing table, until I run out of space and let it go. I don’t think I am going to be wearing it again. I just hated the taste.

By contrast the Mischo lip gloss has almost no taste and almost no scent. It provides a very light wash of color. I know i used the lip gloss at least once before but I didn’t remember how it performed. And I know it came in an IPSY a while ago. so I decided it counted as subscription box makeup. The light color is nice. The formula is a little waxy and like any lip gloss it leaves lip prints and wears off fairly quickly. While it is nice, I think it is something that I will use and then discard without feeling the need to replace or purchase additional colors. If future products come in subscription boxes then I will use them, but I won’t purchase it on my own. After the rose oil yesterday though, I am inclined to look on it more fondly then I might otherwise.

I’m still getting to grips with the new products in the line up and as I use them more, I’ll report back, but those were the changes made today and how I feel about them. I am sad to see my Pretty Vulgar mascara run out and the eyeshadow and lipstick weren’t my favorite, but I think I am starting to get the hang of the liquid blush at least. So that is something. It isn’t a spectacular look, but it will do for working at the desk today. And now it is back to work for me. I hope the rest of your Tuesday is fabulously productive.

Or at least fabulous.

It’s Travel Time for Makeup and Skincare

Ah yes, my darlings it is travel time. Time to pick out makeup and skin care products to take with me on my trip. I know this sounds totally dorky, but I really love picking out travel products. It forces me to slim down my choices with makeup, taking only what I will need for the trip and it allows me to try out an entire range of samples that I have been stashing in the drawer and waiting for an excuse to try out. With my travel I have a rule with packing. I can either take two small makeup bags (think the IPSY Glam Bag size) and place skin care in one and makeup in the other or I can take one larger makeup bag.

Hair care always gets stashed in a separate bag regardless, mostly because those items are often wet from the shower. That will be a second post. I actually did pretty good paring down the makeup this year. I have a harder time at Christmas as when I go home there are more gatherings. But I am still proud of myself. Let’s take a quick look at the makeup I am bringing along and why.

The Travel Makeup:

  • Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer: This is a great primer to just smooth out the rough edges. Plus I am almost finished with it and am hoping to use it up soon. Don’t worry a replacement has already been ordered. Partially because ELF has a huge sale going on right now and I couldn’t resist a restock. Not only is this a good primer, but it is a good travel primer. It performs well and because it is a cream it won’t spill or get a punctured tube. It is neat as well as fabulous.

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  • Foundation: Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick: It is a great foundation and I really like traveling with a stick foundation over a liquid one. No spillage or breakage to worry about. this foundation can look a little shiny in the midafternoon, so have not only the powder in my makeup bag, but I have a compact in my purse. I know, it bends the rules a little, but I’m okay with that.

  • Pur 4-in 1 Skin Perfection Powders Face Palette: I chose this palette because I like all of the products in there and having all of my powders in one is a really good travel plan. It also has a hard case that will protect the powders on their journey. Is it my absolute favorite palette? No. It is good and I don’t mind using it for a long weekend though. It also has the powder, blush, bronzer and highlight. My other palettes don’t have quite the same mix. Several of them have multiple blushes or highlights or bronzers. This has all four so it is easy to pack. Plus it has a nice large mirror in case I end up putting on my makeup in a small corner of the kitchen table. This tends to happen more than I expect.

  • Eyeshadow: No 7 Pink Blossom Trio and the Ciate Trend Edit palette: I know, I probably should have chosen just one. The No 7 gives me a quick solid look, which as I am never certain how much time I will have to get ready when I am with the family is always appreciated. The Ciate London Palette has a few more pops of color but the colors complement the No 7 well. So I can use the No 7 and then maybe brighten it with the Ciate. or just swap them out by day. Both palettes are small and encased in sturdy plastic so I know they will travel well and give me enough variation for the length of the trip.
  • Mascara: Tarte Lights Camera Lashes and YSL Volume Effect: I know, two mascaras. Both are samples and neither have a whole lot of product left in them, so I suspect they will be used up during the trip. I have both so I won’t run out of mascara and because I like both. I do suspect that the trip will finish out both tubes of sample sized mascara though.

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  • Lips: Elf Sheer Slick, wet ‘n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Cinnamon Spice, bareMinerals Liquid Lip in Pout, and Colourpop So Juicy Plumping Gloss: Yup that’s right, four lip products. And yes there is still a lip balm in my purse. and probably another couple of lip products as well. however I did choose the lip products carefully. All of them are ones I like so that is a no brainer. The ELF is a light wash of color for a barely there look. The wet ‘n wild is a deeper berry shade that is more dramatic and the bareMinerals is a pink toned neutral. Which means I have my shade ranges covered with this lot. The colourpop plumping gloss is to make mattes shiny and to plump my lips if I choose. Or to just be a clear gloss if I decide not to use a lot of lipstick.

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See I may have gone a little heavy on the included lip products, but I chose them for a reason and even though a few more may find their way into my purse, I am pretty happy with my selection and the reasoning behind it. I was a little less cutthroat with my skincare items. There is a little less reasoning as far as products go. I had samples and I chose a sample for each category. Most of the products I’ve never used before and am using this as an excuse to try them. Others I’ve used before. Soooo.

The Travel Skincare:

  • Toner: Thayers Rose Petal Toner: Don’t worry I am not packing the whole bottle. Its why I have the travel bottle from my in-flight products packing kit next to the full sized bottle. I will fill the bottle and for extra safety tape the top shut during travel. Also it will go in with my hair care items, just incase it leaks. It shouldn’t but I like to be prepared.
  • Elemis Cleansing Balm: I know and love it and I picked up the travel size just for traveling. It is kind of my go to when traveling.

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  • Klorane waterproof eye makeup remover: I am a big fan of this eye makeup remover. I actually have a large bottle of this but I keep the smaller sample size for traveling and just refill it. It always takes the makeup off and doesn’t cause the eyes to sting.
  • Tatcha Soft Cream Cleanser: Never tried it but it came in an IPSY a while ago and it was the only sample sized cleanser I had on hand. I’m actually quite looking forward to trying it out.
  • May Coop Raw Sauce: This is an essence. I picked it up the last time I went to the Peach and Lily website because it looked interesting and I thought I would give it a try.

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  • Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Anti Aging Day Cream: I know I’ve tried it before, I loved it before, but as so many of the products in the line up are new to me I thought I’d have at least a moisturizer that I knew and loved. If all else fails, I’ll still have a moisturizer.

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  • Filorga Age Purify intensive serum: I figured I would try this out as a day time serum. The tube feels quite light so I made certain to include both a night time serum and an oil in the mix.

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  • BareMinerals Ageless Night Concentrate: I plan to use this as my night time serum. As it is a retinol I am packing an oil to use just in case. I am actually very excited about this serum. I’ve used BareMinerals makeup products for years but I’ve never tried out any of their skin care, so I am very much looking forward to using this.
  • Akar Soothe Face oil: When using retinols it is always good to have an oil around to calm down the skin if necessary. Plus if I run out of day time serum I can sub it in with no issues. Or so I hope.
  • Hey Honey Look into my Eyes Eye Mask: I found this floating in the bottom of my samples drawer and thought why not. I also have three Hey Honey Moisturizer samples I need to try. But that is for another time. I really like Hey Honey. The items I have tried from them have been really good. I’m hoping this one will be as well.
  • Sunday Riley Broad Spectrum Light Hearted Sunscreen: I keep forgetting to rotate this in to try out. I’ve been using up my Neutrogena spray sunscreen and applying it whenever I leave the house. But I have wanted to give this a try so now seems like the right time.

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And finally I have two types of Eyemasks: Klorane’s Cornflower infused eye masks and Grace And Stella’ Energizing Eye masks. I love them both and when traveling home they are necessary. there are many dogs. I love them and they love me. My sinuses are less enthused. it is not allergies, just a change in environment and my eyes get puffy. These are amazing products to use to depuff. Especially since I love playing with the dogs. For me, they are essential Holiday Travel kit.

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And that my darlings is the list of makeup and Skincare items going into my travel bag. By using a bunch of samples and strategically choosing my makeup, i fit it all into one bag. The brushes will be going in a different bag, as will the hair care, but that is just par for course. I have the thrill of trying out all new products and the added benefit of clearing out some space in my samples drawer. So it is kind of like an extra win for me. the closer we get to New Year’s Eve the more I want to clear out samples and partially used products. Partly because it makes things look neat and clean and partly because it makes me feel I am opening myself up to whatever the new year brings. and this makes me feel like I am getting a good start on that.

The Daily: November 17th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today was sunny and bright, if a bit cold, so I treated myself to an extra long walk. It is quite lovely in the park near me. The leaves are blazing red and yellow right now and many of the leaves are spiraling down to the ground. There is the crunch as you walk through the previously shed leaves and the visual swirl through the air as more descent. It is multi sensory enjoyment actually. It is also my favorite time of year on the walking trail.

I have to admit that one of my favorite sights is watching the fluffier dogs enjoy themselves. Our neighborhood has a few families that have dogs designed for colder temperatures and in the summertime they just look miserable. Now is their time to enjoy the out of doors. It is kind of fun to watch them bounding through the leaf piles and bouncing around as they walk. It certainly beats watching them walk, head hung low and lounge hanging out as though they are being walked as part of an endurance trial.

This brief window won’t last for long, at least for me. The dogs will enjoy it longer, but soon the temps will drop to the point where no matter how bundled up the wind will slap my cheeks red, make my nose run and my eyes water. I know, it doesn’t get as cold as it gets elsewhere. However the wind here is vicious. And at a certain point it just becomes a better option to use the yoga mat and hand weights with a well chosen video than it is to fight though that wind. especially since I always come in craving something rich, fatty and warm. which sort of negates the calorie burning anyway.

Which is why I have the new yoga mat from Prosource Fit and the hand weights I used to workout during quarantine. I thought about going back to the gym, but I figured that I would wait until after the holiday season to look into it. Partially because the next month or so is going to be really packed and partially because my gym is located in the middle of a dense retail section and the parking lot alone looks like absolute madness.

I sat down last night and put all of the upcoming gatherings on the list. It is sort of low key until Thanksgiving and then once Thanksgiving is over, it seems like everyone is having a gathering. I think part of it is that so many have been skipped that everyone wants to make up for the lack. But I think part of it is that there are a lot more smaller gatherings. People who usually host large parties are having small gatherings and people who normally don’t like to host large gatherings are taking advantage of the trend to jump into the mix with smaller ones as well. And of course we are hosting several as well. I suspect my babydoll and I will be more social in the next month than we have been all year. Not that we don’t like people or going out, it is just a dense cluster of small gatherings.

It should prove interesting.

I’m not quite sure yet how I am going to balance fitness and baking, but I’m sure it will all work out somehow.

Today’s Look:

Primer: YSL Touch Eclat Primer

Foundation: Ciate London Extraordinary Foundation

Bronzer: Buxom Staycation Vibes

Blush/Highlighter: OFRA Midi Palette Pink Satin Blush and SOHO Highlight

Powder: Ciate London Extraordinary setting powder

Eyebrows: Diego della Parma Eyebrow pencil

Eyeshadow: No 7 Pink Blosom Eyeshadow Trio

Mascara: YSL Volume Effect Mascara

Lips: Rare Beauty lip balm in Honor

I’ll be honest I chose the primer today because the YSL themed bag from Macy’s reminded me that I still had some left. I like the primer. It works well and the slight glow it gives works well under a matte foundation. It gives it a bit of depth which I really like. Is it worth the price? Not really. It’s good, but not my absolute favorite. I wouldn’t mind using it again, but I don’t like it enough to repurchase at full price. However if YSL had a mega sale, I could see picking it up as I wouldn’t mind using it again. Right now there is only a little left in the sample size I have. The reason I haven’t reached for it to use up is that the little stick to get the primer out of the bottle has a hard time reaching the last of the product. I may actually just get something else to use to get the product out and use it up. I think there are one, maybe two applications left in the bottle and using it up rather than letting it roll around in the back of the drawer sounds like a better idea.

Today I did use the Ciate Foundation and I think I have to admit, I need a lighter shade for the winter. It turned out okay today, but I found myself treading very lightly with the bronzer and adding a bit more of the white setting powder than usual to lighten the color a bit. which means that I’ll need a lighter shade going into winter. I don’t actually mind ordering a lighter shade. It is an affordable foundation to begin with and with my Christmas gifts purchased I can actually justify picking it up at the black friday sale. So that may be on my personal black Friday shopping list this year.

Also on that list are more of the No 7 shadow trios. I really like the one I picked up. the three colors work well together and because it is only three colors it is easy to grab in a hurry. Plus because it is three colors I find myself reaching for it more than I do my single shadows. There is almost no fall out from the shadows so again that is a time saver. They blend well together and the trio is well thought out. They are not highly pigmented. There are pros and cons to that. with the darkest shade you have to apply a bit more and work to darken it, but on the plus side you won’t automatically go too dark. In the balance between buildable and pigmented, I tend to lean more towards buildable. I like to be in charge of how dramatic my eyeshadow gets. and I know part of that is because most of my looks are more office friendly than they are night’s out dramatic, but lets face it, I spend way more time in the office and at meetings than I do out dancing.

Which is a shame.

It is reality, but still a shame.

It does mean that when I do go for the glitter I really do enjoy the break and it does feel special. At the moment though this mascara feels quite special. This is my second time using the YSL mascara and I have to say I really am liking it. It is definitely more lengthening than it is volumizing, but I really like the length.

I can’t really say I am impressed with the Rare Beauty lip balm though. It is a clear lip balm so there is no color to like or not like, but it feels oddly heavy on the lips. It also smells a bit strange. Not bad, but I just can’t identify the scent. And the scent is fairly constant as it is on my lips and thus right under my nose. I’m not a fan of the fact that the scent hasn’t faded either. Maybe the scent is why it feels so strangely heavy. The packaging is nice and I will give the lip balm more tries, but thus far, it is not turning out to be my favorite product.

The lip balm, along with the fact that I am going to have to order a winter shade of foundation are really the only downers in today’s product listing though so I can’t really complain too much.

Over all I am pretty happy with the look. Also you may notice fewer fly aways in my hair today. While I am still working through the last of my current shampoo, I did open the Silk Infusion leave in conditioner from CHI after my shower last night. Today I brushed my hair and let it go. I am quite happy with the way it looks. The silk infusion isn’t heavy on the hair, but it does work really well at keeping things smooth. And despite the large amount of hair on my head, I only needed a dime sized amount of product. Which means this small bottle is going to last a really long time.

But for now it is back to work for me. I need to make up some time at the desk due to the extra long walk earlier. It is always a trade off at this time of year, but given the short window of fabulous weather, I’m happy to lean into the fitness side, even if it does mean I have to work a little bit later tonight to make up for it. Life is always a series of trade offs my darlings, but as trade offs go, this one was a pretty easy choice to make. Have a great afternoon.

The Daily: November 15th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you are having a fabulous Monday. This was a relatively quiet weekend for me. Saturday morning, my babydoll remembered there was one person on the list we hadn’t shopped for, so we did a quick foray into the wilds of retail to get it done before we could think about it too much.

Well we thought about the gift, we just didn’t dwell on how bad traffic and shopping on a Saturday would be. We emerged victorious. And I managed to pick up a Chi Thermal Care hair care Trio. I have used the Silk infusion before and really loved it. It was fantastic at helping my hair go longer without having damaged ends no matter what I did to it. However I never tried the shampoo and Infra Treatment (conditioner) pairing before.

I tend to do that with a lot of brands without meaning to. I find one item that I really like from them and then forget that they actually make other products. With Chi it was the Silk infusion. So as a reward for getting the last of the shopping done, I picked up the trial sized trio. Trial sized or not, I know the silk infusion will last a really long time because I use so little of it. But now I get to try the other two products.

I love the holiday bundles. It is the same love I have for perfume discovery kits actually. The bundles help get me out of my comfort zone so that I don’t just buy the one product I know I like, but actually try out other products from the brand. I’ll be posting a first use soon. I just need to finish up the shampoo and conditioner I am currently using. Its the Pantene Volumizing shampoo and Conditioner set. I know I already posted a full review, and my thoughts haven’t changed as I’ve used it. It only gives volume on the day it is used and does not carry over to the next day. I find myself washing my hair more often with this set then I normally do as well. I can’t decide it if it the product or the time of year that is causing the extra washing. we dropped lower over the weekend and the central heating came on more so it may be unfair to blame the shampoo. I may have to try it again at another time of year. But for now, I am finishing it up and then trying out the CHI.

Today’s Look:

Primer: The Porefessional Primer

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Serum Foundation

Bronzer: Buxom Staycation Vibes primer infused bronzer Roof Top Tan

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

Highlighter: Jecca Blac Glow Drops

Eyeshadow: KVD Vegan Beauty eyeshadow in Lolita and Hourglass Scattered Light Foil Eyeshadow

Mascara: YSL Volume Effect Faux Oils Radical Mascara

Lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture No 70 Lipstick

Today was a fun look for me as I was playing with a couple of new products as well as using a couple of my standard faves. I generally find paring new with favorites works out better for me as So let’s start at the top. We have the porefessional from Benefit cosmetics. It is a long term fave and one that I am going to have to replace soon as it is getting low. It is a good standard prime to have in the arsenal. It goes well under most foundations and it is very pore filling.

The more I use the No 7 serum Foundation the more I like it. This is going to be a permanent edition to my dressing table. Once I’ve used it up. it will automatically be replaced. This far this shade suits me well regardless of the time of year. Admittedly I tend not to wear actual foundations mid summer. If I did I might need a second shade. However as I tend to go for tinted moisturizers about the time that this foundation would be too liht, it isn’t a problem for me.

The Buxom bronzer is new to me. Buxom is one of those brands that as soon as I hear the name I think Lips. I love their lip products and have purchased them for years, but I rarely branch out. This year since, despite my declutter, I still have far too many lip products, I picked up a bronzer from them to try out. Like pretty much everyone else right now they have massive sales going on. (the link above will take you to their site). This is my first you of the bronzer and I am impressed. It is a bit on the lighter side. Mostly because I noticed most of my bronzers were summer dark and I was having to work really hard not to go too deep with them. This is a lighter bronze that is still within my skin tone range. It applied well, and blended easily so I think I will get a lot of use out of it this winter. It will be interesting to see if I can use it as my skin tans next summer or if this is a seasonal shade for me. I will be reaching for it more to keep trying i out.

The blush I love. It is my bareMinerals Bounce and Blur blush. The formula is just so easy to apply and so comfortable to wear. I love this shade as well so it is a mega win for me and a blush I will continually return to using.

The jecca glow drops I like but tend to forget I have. I think they are supposed to be used all over the face but that is way too shiny a look for me. It makes a great subtle glow on the high points of the face and a gentle warmth to the skin. which is more important as the colder weather progresses. Not only will I be losing my tan, but around here the winter wind tends to slap you in the face and steal color from your skin so that you look pale and sickly. Or at least I do. Except for my nose. The winds tend to turn that Rudolph Red, or as close to it as possible.

The eyes were an interesting mix today. I reached first for the KVD because I like how the shadow performs, love the color and didn’t have to worry about it. The Hourglass foil shadow is new to me. I think I am going to have to play around with it. It is more powdery than I expected it to be and it really didn’t like applying with a dry brush. I ended up using my finger which was a bit messy, but I wanted my first application to be without the use of a setting spray. I wanted to see how it applied and how well it stayed on the eyelid without the spray (also why I didn’t use setting spray today).Thus far it is okay. I’ll play with it a bit more as the week progresses.

The mascara and lip product both came from the Macy’s bag. I am impressed by the first use of the mascara, not so impressed by the lip. The mascara lengthened very well. Thus far it isn’t flaking. It is supposed to volumize and lengthen. It lengthens well, not so much with the volumizing. But I like the lengthening enough to play with it.

The lipstick from YSL isn’t my favorite. I know it is supposed to be moisturizing but it feels a little slimy. And it tastes like lipstick. I know lipstick that tastes like lipstick is kind of normal. But this is a super enhanced lipstick scent that tastes/smells like it is mixed with some sort of perfume. There is no drying down at all and I have left a trail of lip prints behind me today. It was almost a relief when it wore off. The color is not my favorite, but I could work with it. I may see if blending it with another product helps with the texture and taste. Over all, I am not terribly thrilled with this lipstick.It is a pretty case, but the product isn’t going to win any prizes. At least not from me.

But hey, at least I have found a range of lip products where I don’t want to add multiple shades of the brand to my collection. Sometimes its about learning which products you don’t want to buy just as much as it is about finding the ones you love.

So that my darlings was my look for today. As far as fitness goes, I braves the winds and went on a long walk in the cold sunshine. There is no more walking in just shirt sleeves anymore, the sweatshirts have emerged. While I am not fond of the cold, I try to tell myself that I expend more energy keeping myself warm as I walk then I do when I don’t have to warm my own skin. I’m not sure I believe it, but it made me happy on my walk. And some days it is just about convincing yourself that you need to get up and move instead of huddling around the coffee cup.

The Daily: May 24th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to Monday afternoon. That’s right the hardest part of monday is over, that whole getting up and getting started bit. My get up and go was a bit shaky this morning as well.This was just one of those days where I could have used a three day weekend. Of course we get one next weekend so that is always nice to look forward to. Of course so are the memorial day sales.It seems like there are a lot more than usual this year. Maybe it is just me noticing them more. Over the weekend we made a list of household items that are edging into the replace or refresh category and as we made the list we checked local upcoming sales. Several of the stores were no longer open. Everyone else had large scale sales going on. I think I’m also used to thinking of Memorial day sales as going on during Memorial day Weekend, but so many of them started a lot earlier this year. Which actually helps me out as I can space out some of the necessary purchases.

One of the things we are looking to replace is our mattress. We repainted and have been slowly adjusting the room and edging towards completion, but have yet to replace the mattress. One sale that caught my eye was the Purple Sale.

Memorial Day Sale! $400 off Mattress +Up to $200 off bundle; Up to $150 off Twin Bundles; Up to $125 Off Kids Mattress Bundles

It is a memorial day sale but it has already begun and is going on right now. As mattresses can be expensive and sleep is necessary to good health, I am a huge fan of mattress sales.

I think at the moment that is our biggest upcoming purchase. The rest were smaller things. Admittedly small things make a huge impact.

Speaking of small things and big impacts, my fitness journey continues. It is a slow and steady progress from where I am to healthy, but I will get there. And today helped. I did my scheduled weights and then took a turn on the gym. I was fine on the treadmill until it came time for the cool down. Personally I think the cool down drops the speed too fast for me. I find it too jarring. So It drops me at the cool down and I bump up the speed just a little. Then after a minute it drops it again, and I bump it up again. Each of my bump ups is lower than the last so i am still slowing my speed and cooling down, just not as fast as the machine seems to feel is necessary. I think because my normal walking speed is about 2.7 MPH I find some of the slower paces hard to maintain. when the machine drops down to 1.5 I find it really awkward rather than cooling. About 2.5 is as slow as I can go during my cool downs. So at the end of the treadmill time I feel like i am fighting with the machine.

But I did it and got in my work out.

With my Well Yes Sipping soup (Tomato and Sweet basil) for lunch I am actually under where my calorie count is supposed to be for the day. Not by too much, but it is enough that I can have a handful of peanuts for my afternoon snack and not worry if i take just a few extra. I actually measure them out to keep on track. Mondays though I always feel a little indulgent if I can add about three extra to it looks like it is an overflowing measure instead of a leveled off one. I know it is silly, but it makes me feel like I am getting just a little bit more.

Today’s look:

Primer: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Bronzer: Park Ave Princess Palette from Tarte (Carat)

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush (Mauve Sunrise)

Highlighter: Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow

Eyebrows: Bellapierre Stay Put Brow Gel

Eyeshadow: One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary Eyeshadow Palette

Lip: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle

It was only as I was typing this that I realized I completely forgot to add Mascara today. I almost never forget mascara. Other things yes, mascara no. I did remember to do more than just spoolie my brows though. mostly because a new brow product came in the subscription box I reviewed this morning. In case you were wondering though today was the last of the subscription boxes for May). This Bellapierre Brow Gel is pretty nice. It applies well and doesn’t make my eyebrows look painted on. Which i personally can’t stand. While I can tell the product is in my brows, they don’t feel overly stiff which is nice as well. They are in place and staying there though. So at the moment, this brow gel is performing really well.

At the moment I am trying to sort out which foundations I want to keep in the front of my drawer for the summer time. Most of my tinted moisturizers will be staying front and center but some of my foundations need to get swapped around. I think this No 7 Lift and luminate needs to move to the front of the drawer. It is such a beautiful foundation and at the moment it is more or less my perfect shade. In a couple of weeks it may start edging into the too light zone but to be honest one of the reasons I want to keep it towards the front and will us it repeatedly for the next few weeks is that I want to see how far i can push this tone before I need to switch colors. Mostly because this is one of those foundations I really like and well buy repeatedly in different shades. This shade is Warm Ivory. It is on the low end of the spectrum. At my darkest i might go to Warm Beige or I might be able to make Warm Ivory work for my year round by playing around with powders. It is something I will be playing around with this summer. but I really do like the formula of this foundation. Once it is on it is so light weight i can forget I am wearing it.

Speaking of playing around though, I am still playing around with the Patrick Starr Visionary palette. I am attempting to try all of the shades , however some of the cool tones mixed in are not really working for me. And I am kind of already feeling a little bored. Today i tested out the black shade called Turban Legend. All of the other shades have been very pigmented so I had a little trepidation when dipping into it. However this is the one shade thus far that is buildable rather than highly pigmented. Which is smart for a shade this dark. However, it was also a little patchy and harder to work with than the other shadows. I think I will try it again tomorrow when using the blues and see if it works better for me as i play around with it.

The bare Minerals Blush was as fab to wear as always. And to top everything off I used the Colourpop liquid Lip in Tulle. I really enjoy this color and formula. I really need to reach for it more. I have my lipsticks in two places. one is an upright rack were I can see the arrayed products and the rest of the lippies are in a set of acrylic drawers. The problem is that I tend not to reach for the ones I can’t see. I need to rotate them or something so i can use the ones I don’t always reach for, And this one is going in the front of the new selection. It is a color I really like and I’m happy I picked it up today.

So that is todays look and my day thus far. At the moment Monday is rolling right along. If this keeps up than I will actually be on schedule for tuesday and with luck I will manage to keep the week wrangled into shape. Considering how many upsets this month had, that feels kind of like a minor miracle.

Huda Beauty

The Make Up Bag: October 2nd, 2020

The Makeup Bag Used the Week of September 26th – October 2nd, 2020

I know normally we start off with the foundation or the eyeshadow, but today we are starting off with the Mascara. (incidentally I just realized it was cropped out of the above photo because I had it standing up, sigh).

Mascara is my second favorite category of product.  Let’s face it, lips will always take first and Powder is holding steady at number three with primer of course coming in at number four.  For those keeping score. This week’s mascara is The Feathers from Pretty Vulgar.  This is one of those products that actually rewarded my superficial nature. 

Pretty Vulgar Cruelty Free Makeup!

While I’m not sure that it a good thing long term, this product is quite as fabulous as its packaging.  In other words, I bought it because the packaging is really pretty and I thought that even if I didn’t like it, then it would be a nice decorative element on my dressing table.  It turns out it is very pretty and looks good on my dressing table AND it is a really good mascara.  Yeah, I win!

I started with it today because I wanted to make sure to mention that it is currently being featured in a month long sale.  Purchase any mascara (Faux Reals or the Feathers) with the Down Below primer and save $10! The sale started yesterday (October 1st, 2020) and runs through November first.  As my Feathers Mascara is nearing the end of its life, I will be replacing it.  The fact that the promotion also involves a primer is kind of a bonus for me.  Anyway I started with mascara since I wanted to make sure I mentioned that right away.

Now, we can move on to eyeshadow.  This week’s eyeshadow was the Hip Dot Zion Palette. The link will take you to the full review.  The basic shake down was that I liked the colors and liked using it but there is a lot of fall out from the shadow to watch out for. I will also be looking into other Hip Dot palettes in the future with different color schemes.

30% off Bestsellers + Free Halo Finishing Powder With $40+ Purchase! No code required. Offer valid 10/2-10/5.

The foundation this week was the NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil.  When I pulled it from the drawer I was certain it was a summer shade.  I like it enough that I also knew I wanted to figure out what my winter shade would be, hence the reason I chose it (beyond liking it of course). After using it, I think I might be able to wear this shade for a lot longer than I thought.  I think there is enough variation in the tones that I might be able to get away with using it all the way until I am my palest of winter shades.  I won’t know until the sun fades out my tan but I am optimistic that I may only actually need one shade of this Bare With Me. Which is kind of awesome as it means I don’t have to double up on a product and risk it going bad. I enjoyed using this as my foundation this week.  It gave me great coverage and felt really good to wear.  I will happily keep it in rotation as long as I can.

Primer and No. 7 Pressed powder

The primer this week was the  Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. It was a sample and this week did finish it out. The last time I used it I was on the fence as to whether I liked it or not. At the moment I think it is okay. It isn’t a bad primer but it isn’t one of my must have primers either.  Perhaps when my skin is winter dry I might like it more, but at the moment it is one of those products I’d use if it was here but I wouldn’t run out and purchase as soon as I started to run low.  For me, this week finished up the sample and so it is now out of my dressing table.  It might return sometime in the winter to see if it fares better when my skin is dryer but I am not rushing out to replace it.

I did love using the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer this week though.  That is a product I really like using.  The product is nice and not as sparkly as I feared it would be from its name and the gold shimmer inside. It is just a very good bronzer.  It is also a really pretty package.  I have to say I am a sucker for a good looking compact.  I really am.  Luckily, the product is also nice.

I had two powders in my make up bag this week; one loose and one pressed. The Kristofer Buckle loose translucent setting powder was my loose powder. 

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It is a good setting powder with no flash back when taking pics and it helps set my makeup.

No 7 Perfect Light Pressed powder in Medium was the pressed powder I used this week and I have to say it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite pressed powders. It sits well against the skin without looking powdery, it knocks any shine right off but never feels cakey. I know I ought to trade it out for something else but I don’t really want to so I am going to keep it around for another week and then next week I’ll trade it out.


The Julep Pore minimizing Blush in Rosewood was my blush this week and I really like the color.  It is a nice deep blush that goes so well with my summer tan.  I suspect that my time wearing it will soon be at an end.  I think that as my tan fades it may end up being too dark for winter. It is a great formula, but soon It may be taking a brief rest in the dressing table, emerging when the temperatures start to rise.

I will be keeping the Julep cushion complexion concealer out over the winter.  Right now I can really only use it to prime my eyelids because it it too light for my face but in a month or so I will be using it as a concealer.  I tried it on my face this week and while it is way too light at the moment, it did an excellent job of concealing so I look forward to using it for its intended purpose soon.

Beauty is effortless, fearless and fun at Julep! Shop for unique innovative products steeped in Korean skincare traditions

The Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter in Ginger Binge and Moscow mule came in my Boxycharm last month and I have to say I was skeptical at first.  I just really didn’t like the Trophy Wife highlighter I tried before.  This one feels much more finely milled and the rosy tones blended well with my skin.  The rose tends to lean more gold than silver which is also good for me.  I found that with a brush it was easy to apply a subtle shimmery look. 

If I applied with a finger then I could go much more bold and even when I went bold the highlighters on both sides blended out well so I didn’t have just a strip from my finger application.  I have to say I am a big fan of this combo.  I was more impressed I think since I really didn’t like the other Fenty Highlighter. This one is definitely a keeper.

This week the Wet ‘n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit returned.  It has been a while since I used it and I really enjoyed having it around again.  The powders work really well and I sort of realized that I like the brow pencils for giving me the shape for my brows but really prefer the powder to fill them in. 

Wild Deals Now Available at Wet n’ Wild – Check Out Our Latest Sale and Save Up to 50% Off

I don’t have major gaps in my brows so I really don’t need to draw any hairs in, I mostly just need a more uniform look.  At the moment this is the only powder brow product I have in my dressing table so I might just keep it around and just trade out my brow pencils for a while.  I’m sure I’ll pick up more powder brow products at some point but at the moment this wet ‘n wild kit works well and even though I’ve used it heaps, it still has a ton of product in it. So for now it may remain a constant in my weekly Makeup Bag.

I will say that as much as I like the wet ‘n wild brow powders I really do not like the cream highlight.  In fact if I was certain I could do it without damaging the powders I would pry it out and chuck it away. So the Billion Dollar Brows Brow duo Pencil Concealer and Highlighter was added to my makeup bag this week to make up for this.  I like the creamy texture and the precision of the pencil.  Which is kind of fun because I did not like the other BDB brow products that came in the kit with the highlighter. 

Another returning product in my bag this week was the Milk Long wear gel eyeliner for the water line. It is a creamy formula and I really need to look into other colors. It is a nice and comfortable liner to wear and it has great staying power.  Less impressive this week were the other two other eyeliners I tried out this week. 

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The first was the Aurora brown calligraphy pen style eyeliner that came in my Ipsy Mystery Bag.  I had high hopes for this.  Partially because I really wanted a brown eyeliner I could rely on that was in the calligraphy pen style. It was an interesting liner.  It went on smoothly and where it was on my lid where there were no other products, like eye shadow, it worked really well.  Where the eyeshadow was. The liner tended to skip.  I tried it when I wasn’t wearing eyeshadow and it gave me a smooth continuous line.  It just didn’t like going over eyeshadow. I think I am going to keep it around another week to play with it some more.  I’ll be adding a reliable eyeliner into the bag as well, but I want to see how it works with different shadows.It could be that it just didn’t like Hip Dot for some reason.

The Cleo Noir purple eyeliner from the September Allure Box was a disappointment.  It switched really well on the hands but was very stiff on the eyes.  I warmed it up on my hand but by the time it was warm enough to apply sort of well, my hand was covered in purple lines and I felt  wasted more product than I used. I think it is something I will keep around if I have a specific look in mind that needs a purple eyeliner.  But I also think that when I go to pickup more Milk Eyeliners I might see if they have a purple one I can replace this one with.

For those keeping track there is only one category that we missed.  And that’s the lips.  This week I had only one lip product.  I know, shock gasp, calls for temperature checks.  I know.  I chose one liquid lipstick, Dose of Colors in Stone for three reasons. One the Zion Palette from Hip Dot was so spectacularly purple that I knew it was going to be a neutral lip kind of week. Two I have had this lipstick for a while and I wanted to make certain it was still good.  And three I really like it.  It was for a long time my go to lip product.  I still have an unopened back up in the drawer waiting for this to run out. 

Which it probably will soon. It is actually getting kind of low on product.  I may just keep it in my makeup bag and use it up.  Clearly I’ll add other products, and it might not get used every week, but I want to keep it where I can see it so it does get used up before it expires.  The Dose of Colors formula is a great one for longevity and it is really easy to wear.  It can be a bit drying on the lips because once it dries down it isn’t going anywhere.  I tend to still use lip balm throughout the day when I wear it and I like that once dried it doesn’t tint my lip balm.  If you are worried about dry lips then a quick swipe of lip balm over the top after it is dried works wonders.  For me the drying is slight and over balanced by the rest of the formula’s perks.  Also I apply lip balm throughout the day anyway so the dryness isn’t much of an issue for me.

So there you have it, this week’s makeup bag.  A few plusses a few cons, some consistently reused products.  All in all a mix I was happy with. I have to say that I am torn about next week’s bag.  There is one eyeshadow palette that I was planning to review, but another one just keeps calling my name. “Play with me Mimsy, you know you love me.” Because of that I may actually end up doing a Current Dressing Table favorites makeup bag next week.  As soon I am going to start talking about Holiday bundles and Black Friday specials and lists, maybe a review of my favorites wouldn’t be a bad idea.  I’ll have to think about it today and then decided tonight when I switch out the makeup bag and load it up for next week. For now it is off to work for me.  I hope everyone out there has a fabulous Friday.  I’ll see you later this afternoon for the Friday Face mask.

Pretty Vulgar Make up