Good to Go with Ofra Cosmetics

The Ofra Cosmetics Good to Go Palette

This week I used the Ofra Good to Go Mini Palette in my makeup bag.  It contains a blush, a bronzer a large pan with four highlighters and six eyeshadows.  Of the eyeshadows three are mattes and three are shimmers. 

We’ll start with the highlighters.  Highlighters are what I automatically think of when I think of Ofra and these did not disappoint.  Because there are four you could go as soft and natural glow as you wanted or you could go for a really stunning highlight. 

Ofra Names

The four colors were well chosen and I really enjoyed mixing and matching with a little blending a well.  It is a really nice pan to have and four shades well chosen.

Highlighters, to swatch I started with the darker gold at the top and went clockwise around the circle

I have also used OFRA’s blush before and this blush in the shade Intentions was just like the others I have in my collection (although a different shade)  It is a very buildable formula.  I did not have clown cheeks with this blush as long as I went in with a soft hand.

I found myself tapping off the brush before applying it to my cheeks mostly because the shade is a bit bright on me at this time of year. There was little fall out even when I did this with this blush. while not my favorite shade for this time of year, it ended up working really well for me.

Blush and bronze

Oddly the bronzer was the right shade for this time of year.  I would advise going lightly into the pan as it is highly pigmented, however it does blend out well so you don’t end up with one dark stripe across your face.  It was a very nice product and one I really enjoyed using this week.  It also made me want to look into more Ofra Bronzers.  While this shade was nice, I would like to try one with a slightly warmer tone.

And now we reach the eyeshadows.  Let’s start with the mattes.  They are Clean Slate, Reset and Ready. The shadows all went on smoothly and without any problems to be honest.  They were buttery soft and while they kicked up powder in the pan one tap and they applied well to the eye with no real fall out.   There was no patchiness that I noticed. 

the Mattes: L to R: Clean Slate, Reset and Ready

My issues were all about color with the mattes.  Clean Slate and Reset both disappeared on me with Reset only leaving a slightly orangey jaundiced look behind.  They both make wonderful bases for other colors to sit on top of, but on their own both colors more or less blended right into my skin and disappeared.  The big difference is that one looks a little lighter than the other. The red tones of Ready showed up, but it was a reddish shade that had a bit too much orange in it to suit my skin tones.  The mattes were simply not colors I would have chosen.  The formula of the mattes was quite lovely though so I probably will pick up some Ofra matte eyeshadows in the future.  Just not these shades.

Shimmers: L to R: Fresh, Ambition, Goals

The three shimmers however are a different story.  With a brush, they don’ show up at all. Just don’t bother with the brush.  Applied with your finger, they are stunning. The old gold bronze shade called Ambition may be my favorite eyeshadow. Not just of this palette, but in general. It was amazing and I am going to have a hard time not reaching for it to pair with other palettes in the future. I can already see it coming. 

When applied with the finger it was spectacular and stayed in place all day.  And the color is just fantastic. The reddish shimmer called Goals was also nice when applied by hand and did help to tame down the orange tinge of Ready. The green shimmer Fresh was a delight as well.  I was nervous because it is so bright but I have to say it is going into my spring must haves’ list. It is a lovely shade and unlike any other shadow I have.  At the moment I have an IBY pastel toned Enlighten palette that I like to use in the spring and I have to say I will be pairing Fresh with it once the weather is a little warmer. I can wear it now, but it feels a little to spring like for me to want to reach for it. Especially as today snow flakes are swirling down from a gunmetal sky.

The end review: three shimmers were fabulous colors and performed magnificently.

To be fair, everything in this palette performed well, I just didn’t like the matte shades so reaching for them was just sort of hard for me this week.  But even if I didn’t care for the shades, the formula was fantastic and knowing I like the formula goes a long way towards helping me decide what shadows I actually want to buy.  These may not have been my colors, but they did convince me to buy Ofra Shadows in the future.  Despite the shadows, I suspect I will get a lot of use out of this palette in the future.

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