The Daily: March 8th, 2022

The rains have come my darlings. The park is flooded, mold rises through the air and the temperatures have dropped by at least 20 degrees. I understand the reason for the temperature change, but it always bothers me when it is that much of a drop. It also gives me a barometric headache so me and the ibuprofen are great friends today.

Today’s exercise was an indoor affair today. I spent time with a weight ball and hand weights I know I’ve said this before, but I love the soft touch feel of the Prosource Fitness ones. They are just easier to grip and don’t get slick when I am sweaty or squeak. I know that sounds strange but with some of the slicker plastic ones there is occasionally a squeaky sound when your hands are all sweaty that I just don’t like. It makes me feel like the weights are begging for relief from my sweaty palms. The prosource fit ones don’t do that but more importantly the soft texture to them keeps them from becoming slick as I work out.

Which I like.

I like working with the weights although it does remind me that I really need to come up with decorating plans for the sunroom. It has the extra throw rug we didn’t have a place for when we moved in which is now serving as the place where I put my yoga mats to do indoor workouts. It also has my indoor green house and a plethora of plants waiting for the last frost to pass by so they can be planted outside. It does make the room smell very lush and green right now but Mid April is generally out last frost so soon it will feel like an empty room again. But that is something to think about after the work day is through. After all, I am still working on finishing up the master bedroom. It is almost there though. just a few more pieces and the room will be complete. Then I can start on the bathroom. which will be interesting, but again, something to think about later.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright Primer (currently the site has a 30% off sale going on so you can get this primer for $24 (instead of $40)

Foundation: Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation

Bronzer: Viseart Bronzer

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

Highlight: Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow (now back in stock)

Powder: Ciate London The Extraordinary Translucent setting powder

Eyeshadow: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed Palette

Lid Primer: Moonlit Primed for the Night Eyeshadow Primer

Mascara: Elizabeth Mott It’s So big Mascara

Lips: Sigma Liquid Lip in Venom

Let’s start with the two items that have reached their final use. The first is the Ciate Powder. I have been trying to use it up for a while and now it is empty. I have another already waiting in the wings but am going to try to resist opening it while I use up at least one other open powder. I really enjoy this powder so it will always return. This was a final use for the Elizabeth Mott It’s so Big mascara. It will not be returning. It is a fine basic mascara but the volumizing is minimal and honestly there are many other mascaras I enjoy using more. This was it’s last use and I will not be repurchasing.

Today I reached for the Banana Bright Primer from Ole Henriksen for a few reasons. One, it is one of my favorite brightening primers and smells like candy, two I chose a matte foundation that really benefits from a brightening primer underneath and three, the moisturizer I am using can also be used as a primer under the makeup and since i suspect it will land on the brightening side I wanted to use my favorite brightening primer for comparison’s sake. Plus I just love using this primer. It is even good on no makeup days if i just want a little something on the skin but don’t want to bother with anything else.

The Tom Ford Foundation is beautiful. It came to me Via Influesnter a while back and it is a good all round foundation. I forget how liquid-y it is though and each time I am surprised and make a bit of a mess with it. It is a beautiful finish and I like wearing it, but I think I don’t reach for it that much because I really do make a mess with it every time. It has a turning top that you turn and a pump arises. If you turn it you have to make sure it clicks into place or it will slide down when you press it and splatter and make more of a mess. Like I said it is a great foundation and I will keep it in my collection, it is however not a foundation I can reach for when I am in a hurry. It is a night out foundation, not a get ready quickly in the morning one.

Which probably tells you a little more about me than it does the foundation.

The Viseart, bareMinerals and Wander Beauty products are all in my top tier of products I enjoy using. The Viseart is light but buildable and I love the packaging. The bareminerals blush blends easily and can be natural or built up depending on your choice. And the Wander beauty can be left in a stunning stripe of highlight or blended in to create as soft glow. It has not escaped my notice that three of my favorite products leave me in control of how much product I want to use and let me go from neutral to bright. I like having that choice. In face products I will always lean into buildable rather than highly pigmented. All three can go highly pigmented but they can also be blended out well. That is kind of my wheelhouse.

I know you were expecting the Huda Beauty palette again today. I didn’t choose it for two reasons. The first is that after a week and a half I have formed my opinions and the second is that I wanted to try the lid primer with a different shadow. I love the Lime Crime Prelude Palette. It is one of those palettes I reach for if I am not testing a palette out. it is just a really good everyday palette that doesn’t get boring and can be brightened if need be. Plus since I use it often I know haow the shadows perform.

Which makes it ideal for testing the lid primer.

I did find that the lid primer does brighten the shadows. I don;t think it actually causes them to be brighter in and of themselves, I think that it causes more pigment to stick to the lid. And it does keep it there. My shadows haven’t faded. It does mean that it looks like a went a bit more heavy handed than normal with the shadows than usual. Howerver with the Lime Crime the lid primer didn’t make it harder to blend. The shadows blended just fine. They were just darker.which makes me think the Huda Beauty might have been part of the issue. But switching the shadows did give me a better perspective n the lid primer.

And then there is the lips. I think this came in a subscription box a while back and I am sure I tried it out, possibly even reviewing it, but I couldn’t honestly remember using it, so I took it out today. It is a fantastic red for me. The shade is kind of what I look for in a red. I don’t like a lot of pink in my red lips I prefer the deeper shades and this gave me what I wanted. The doe foot applicator is nice and shaped well for application. Sometimes liquid reds can get messy to apply,

While this lip dried down a bit it didn’t dry all the way. As a result it is still slightly sticky and it does leave lip prints everywhere. While I love this color, I think this formula is one that I would wear if I knew I wasn’t eating or drinking anything. Or kissing anyone’s cheek for that matter. It leaves a print that is hard to wipe off. (I kissed my hand to check and then had to use makeup remover to take away the red stain from the back of my hand. This is a show don’t touch formula. Which has it’s place, but probably not in everyday life.

So that was todays look my darlings and for me it is time to get back to work. I hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday.

As today is international Women’s Day, there a few sales going on today only. I’ll list a few below in case you want to take advantage.


The Daily: February 24th, 2022

Today my darlings the rain is pouring down and the sun has decided to take the day off. even though it is mid afternoon it feels as though it is still early morning. which is not helping my productivity. I had to turn up the radio and dance myself into productivity today.

Well chair dance anyway.

There was a lot of arm and shoulder shaking with head nodding and the occasional under the desk foot movements. But I did for the most part stay at the desk. My few ventures outside were more of a rescue mission to the mail box and brief sprints to the car. You have to love when you have to dry out a bill before you can think about paying it. And then I accidentally stuck one of the wet flyers to the counter top and a corner of it dried and stuck to the surface so I had to soak it off, which wasn’t part of my planned day, but necessary.

I’m hoping the chair dance burned extra calories. I did my exercises but my babydoll was giggling when he told me he was picking up dinner on the way home. He is in that ‘soon I will have dental surgery and need to eat what I want now’ phase. while I appreciate not having to cook, I am a little worried about what he’ll be bringing home. It is however out of my control. So I did my exercises, and I am hoping for an extra calorie burn while dancing and using my resistance band at the desk. Because there is also a lot of work to get through today. It was a busy morning and it looks like it will be a busy afternoon. I think as a reward I might finish binge watching The Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount + tonight. I also might catch up on the Winter Olympics coverage they have on there as well. I’ll be honest I keep meaning to watch but thus far the only winter olympic bits I’ve seen are the ones reviewed by Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg. which are absolutely fabulous, but not really watching the Olympics.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Ole Henricksen’s Banana Bright Face Primer

Foundation: Natasha Denona Transformatte Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush: Illamasqua Colour Veil Blusher

Highligher: Wander Beauty Wanderess Highlight

Powder: Ciate London The Extraordinary Setting powder

Eyeshadow: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed Palette

Mascara: Pat McGrath Fetish Eyes Mascara

Lips: Uoma Lip Liner in Angelou topped with Kinship Super melt Jelly lip mask

next week I am going to start rotating through my foundations. My goal is to see which ones are expired and which ones I no longer want as well as which ones I really like and need to remember to reach for. In the BoxyCharm choice for Premium (which was Monday) I chose a Charlotte Tilbury Foundation so I know I have a new foundation coming in. That is sort of what prompted the foundation clear out. I figure I’ll rotate through my products and see what I see more than plan a declutter. So I wanted to use the Natasha Denona one more time. Since I know I like it and I just used it, I know I’m keeping it, I will have to set it aside while I sort through products. So I used it with the primer I like pairing it with the best and that is the Banana Bright. The brightening primer just works so well with this foundation. I really like the way my makeup turned out today.

The trestique is a long term favorite and I couldn’t resist using it again. I justified the use because it was still out from yesterday, but it is just a really good formula for me.

My plan was to use the Illamasqua blusher as both blush and eye shadow today, but while it is fantastic for me on the cheeks, The shade didn’t look quite right on the eyelids. I think if I were going to use this as a shadow I would get it in a darker shade, which they make. Although I love a lot of my single shadows, I really forget to reach for them so at the moment I am trying not to buy single shadows.

There are only two single shadows I have ever managed to use up in my life. They were both from Chantecaille. One was a smoky brown matte and the other was a shimmery iridescent pink. I was being minimalist in my products and used them as my only two shadows until they were empty. I absolutely loved them.

I’m thinking of getting a metal panel and putting magnets on the back of my single shadows so that I can create a sort of wall art piece that will keep the single shadows from getting lost in the shuffle, but that is a project for another day.

I’m loving the Wander Beauty highlighter, but I also justifies using it again because it was out. I will switch it up more and not just reach for it automatically. I need to actually do a bit of a highlighter declutter as well. I have a couple of shades I’ve been hanging on to because they are different and not because I actually use them. I may work on that while I go through the foundations. But today I used one of my favorites and I am okay with that.

Because the blusher didn’t workas eyeshadow I pulled out my Lime Crime Exposed Palette. it is just a good easy palette to use. The eight shades are well thought out and complementary to each other. I have my quick go to looks with this palette but if i want to shake it up, I can easily create something new. there is enough variation in the colors that it is not boring.

Today was the last of the Pat McGrath Mascara. It is a good mascara. I like the way it looks and performs. Thee are just other mascaras I prefer. So while I wouldn’t mind using this mascara again, I’m not putting it on my repurchase list. So today was it’s last day.

The Uoma lip liner is a nice color and it suited me today. I’ve tried it alone and it is a little dry and I tried it with lipstick. Today since I wanted to keep the color, I went and put a lip mask over it. The lip mask has worn off but it keeps the line hydrated and my lips actually feel pretty good. I think I may have to pair these two up again. I also might try pairing this jelly mask with other more drying lip liners and see what I get.

For now though that was my makeup for the day. No surprises as most of these are products that I use routinely. They all worked as expected. The mascara is being cleared out but everything else will return at a later date. Next week I plan to play around with the Huda Beauty Retrograde Palette so we’ll see how that performs as well as clearing out some other products. But for today, I got to use some of my favorites and I feel pretty good about that.

The Makeup Bag: December 18th, 2020

The Makeup Bag used December 12th – 18th, 2020

This week’s makeup bag was really low key. This was one of those weeks where I worked at my desk by myself with the occasional phone call.  No one needed to see me so looking good for zoom wasn’t a necessity.  I think the only time other than my walks that I left the house was to run to the charity shop yesterday. So there were several days I just let my skin breathe.

But I did wear some makeup this week.

I started with the Banana Bright Primer from Ole Henriksen.  The link will take you to the full review. It is a brightening primer, but under powder or foundation it blurs out blemishes and fine lines really well and while it hydrates, it didn’t ever feel greasy. This is a primer I think I will be reaching for more throughout the winter.

On the days I reached for foundation, I went with the E.L.F. Acne Fighting foundation.  It was easy to reach for, light weight and felt good against the skin. This is one foundation that I know i am going to replace as soon as it runs out. E.l.f. really hit it out of the park with this one.

My RealHer Cheek Ultimate Glow Getter Trio provided my Bronzer, Blush and highlight this week.  While I did use the bronze and highlight I think there was only one day this week I bothered with the highlighter.  

The blush and bronze are both buildable products that let you go as light or as glam as you want.  This week I tended to lean into the light and this Cheek Trio Palette was amazing for that. If you take a close look at the bronzer, you can see that the outlines of the pan are starting to show through the product. Of the three, the Bronzer is my favorite product. The blush and highlighter are good, but I tend to use them because they are there with the bronzer, whereas the bronzer is why I reach for the palette. It was a palette that I reached for a lot this summer and I am really glad to see that it is something I can easily use in winter as well.

For Powder I used my trusty No 7. Pressed powder and didn’t bother with a loose setting powder at all this week. I know, shocking.  Much more of the pan is showing now and I am fairly certain that this compact will be empty by new Years. It really is one of my favorite products. The formula of the powder is just really nice against the skin.

This week I skipped both eyeliner and brow products completely. My eyebrow is still healing from an ingrown hair and quite frankly at the moment my bangs have grown out enough that you can’t really see much of my brows. I really need to cut them. I’ll admit, it scares me so I put off the trimming of the bangs as long as possible. I am less hesitant with the rest of my hair, but those bangs…Still it must be done and done soon. This week, I just used a spoolie to keep them neat and left them alone.

I had a trio of shadows this week.  KVD’s Lolita was the shade I reached for most often for a quick swipe of color.  It is an excellent shadow and the color works well for me.  It can be used as a light blush or deepened towards a wine red.  It is one of those shadows that always gets added to my travel bags. 

The Colored Raine Champagne Life was my light shimmer shade this week.  It is okay but not my favorite.  It tends to disappear when I tried to blend it in and fades pretty badly throughout the day.

The third shadow I used was the IBY Fire and Ice shadow.  I really enjoyed it.  It doesn’t look like much in the pan but when applied it glimmers green like a beetle’s back and I really enjoyed it.  I am definitely going to have to remember to use it more often.  For a fuller review of the three and to see swatches and read a more detailed performance review, the link will take you to my eyeshadow review post from yesterday.

This week I finished off the They’re Real sample size of mascara from Benefit Cosmetics.  I really like the way it lengthened my lashes and it looked really good, especially on the days where I did nothing but powder and lip oil. This was its third week and this morning I can officially say that the tube is completely empty.  The sample is no more.  I was rather surprised that it lasted the full third week, but somehow it just managed to hang on to finish the week out.

My final product this week was the Yensa lip oil in the shade Pink Shine.  I love everything about this lip oil.  It has a slight hint of color that compliments my natural lips.  It helps refresh dry lips and it smells amazing.  That being said, it does leave oily lip prints on the rims of coffee mugs and needs to be reapplied after eating.  But the shine it gives to lips is fantastic.

This week I didn’t bother with a setting spray.   Which means that we have now arrived at the end of the makeup bag.  I told you, I didn’t wear a lot of products this week.  I figured it was just me looking at a computer screen all day so on the mornings when I wanted to wear makeup I did, and the mornings I didn’t want to put it on, I didn’t.  It was really nice to have a low key week like this.  Next week of course I have the first of the week loaded down with pre-holiday work zooms, so I’ll have to be a little bit more mindful. But it was nice to have a very relaxed week and only put on what I wanted to put on without worrying how it would look on camera.