Perfume Review: Clean Classic – Rain

That’s right it is time for another perfume review. Perfume samples are one of my weaknesses. We’ll perfumes in general are a weakness. I know loads of people choose one perfume and wear it all the time as their signature scent. My mother is like that, as were both of my grandmothers which is nice. It’s just not me.

I have never been a signature scent sort of person. I am a library of scents sort of person. I like to match the scent to the day, the season, my emotions or even to the emotion i am trying to feel. I have been known to have a bad day and deliberately spritz on a scent that makes me feel happy in order to help me alter my mood.

And usually it works.

I am a very scent oriented person. I’m sure you’ve noticed with not only the perfume reviews but the skincare and hair care ones especially. I think it even comes through with makeup. I recently had to set aside a faux coconut scented bronzer that worked really nicely but whose scent gave me headaches.

The point is, I like having a scent available for different occasions. Clean is one of those brands I have seen for a while and I have at various points tried several of their scents. I always hope I am going to like them because I really like the sleek look of their glass bottles and think they would look lovely on my perfume shelf.

Yes, I have a perfume shelf.

So let’s see what Rain has in store for us.

Fresh and pure hints of dewy flower petals wrapped around the purity of airy musk to evoke the simple scent of rain. Top Notes: Dewy Melon, Daffodil, Watermint, Middle Notes: Spring Daisy, Water Lily, Violet Leaves, Base Notes: Fluid Musks, Sleek Woods

Clean Classic Rain

The first sprits of the scent is well, clean and green. And to be honest it does smell a little bit like rain. I get the daffodil and waterlily right away and there is the hint of something underneath that smells a bit woody, which I am guessing is the sleek woods. It is very subtle, but enough to help ground the scent.

there is also something almost soapy about the scent. As if I had just given my hands a good thorough wash with a really high end soap

On first application it is nice. It remains a nice soft fresh scent for about two hours. After that, it seems to become slightly more astringent. It is almost as if the tannins in the wood have come out. It isn’t a bad scent, in fact I do like the slightly sharper scent, but it isn’t the same scent as when first applied. It is noticeably different.

And then after about an hour more, the scent is virtually undetectable on the wrist.

This was an odd scent for me to judge. I really liked the initial scent. I liked the secondary scent a little less, but it was still something I wouldn’t mind wearing. I hated that the scent faded completely before half of my work day was out. This is a scent that I could see wearing to an office, but as I don’t generally reapply perfume at the office I would only get about half a day’s worth of wear out of it.

Do I like it enough that I am willing to overlook the fading? If the scent remained as it was when it was first applied I might be inclined towards a yes. Given the change of scent and the fading, I am going to have to lean into no. Clean Classic Rain is a nice perfume with a beautifully sleek bottle, but I don’t think I will be adding it to my collection any time soon.

Perfume Review: Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

I have admired the glass bottles of the Carolina Herrera’s perfume for a long time, but I have never actually tried any of the perfumes.  The bottles look like high heeled shoes, or at least the ones I have seen are.  This one Comes in a red, black and gold heel that just looks lovely.  I of course only have the sample and not a full sized bottle, but I have to say I really like the look of it.  

I know pretty isn’t everything, but I do have a weakness for good looking glass bottles.  But while that does make me want the bottles, it doesn’t convince me to buy if I don’t like the scent.  So lets see what we are working with.  According to the website…

Very Good Girl takes you on a surprising olfactive journey, starting with top notes of playfully mischievous redcurrant and exotic lychee, leading to a seductive heart of rose. Vetiver and vanilla base notes provide a surprising and contemporary finish.

For: Her,When: Day & Night, Type: Fearless & Fabulous

The Bottle:The iconic Good Girl Stiletto conquers new heights with a stunning red-lacquered interior—a signature house shade and a symbol of passion, sophistication and beauty.

Carolina Harrera website

I’ll admit, I love a good description as much as I love a good bottle.  I have to say that this description is pretty accurate.  The red currant and lychee lend the perfume a light fresh fruity scent.  The vanilla makes it a little sweet, but not overly so.  I think the vetiver helps take some of the sweetness out of it, helping to balance it.  It is a very well balanced scent.  It feels fresh, fruity and has a hint of floral.  

The brand lists it as a day and night time scent and I would have to agree with that.  It is a scent that could easily be worn in an office setting and on a night out.  The scent stays close to the skin and doesn’t create a massive cloud that travels down the hallway.  Personally that is my favorite sort of scent.  I love wearing perfume just for myself.  I know not everyone likes it so I favor perfumes that only scent my personal space.  That is what this perfume does.  

I also found it to be long lasting.  I sprayed it in the morning and it was still detectable at bed time.  I did notice that the vanilla scent became more prominent in the late afternoon than it was at the beginning of the day.  All in all, I really liked this perfume.  I have another weeks’ worth of the sample left and I will be putting it in my re-wear pile of samples.  If I still like it after the second go round, I think I will be adding this to my collection. 

Perfume Review: Beautiful Magnolia

I know lately this has been where the snacktime posts would go while the perfume review is on Wednesday, but two things happened to bump this up. The first is that we are still trying to finish out left overs from having company this week (Snacktime will be posted tomorrow) and the second thing that occurred is that i couldn’t take this perfume for another day.

I suppose I should have said spoiler alert. But this was not my favorite scent. Let’s look at what Este Lauder has to say about it before we get into it.

Picture of bottle taken from the website, personally I love the look of the bottle

Dare to love. A hypnotic blend with signature notes of lush Magnolia, solar Gardenia, warm Woods and luminous Musk. Romantic, feminine and radiant.
Each note draws you deeper into a love story, from beginning to end.

Dare to Dream: Magnolia Petals, Maté, Water Lotus The lightning bolt moment you saw each other for the first time. A sensation like no other. The emotional rush of the magnolia, a symbol of loyalty in love, is balanced with crisp herbaceous Maté and the lush transparency of Water Lotus, as fresh as new love itself.

Dare to Desire: Magnolia Oil, Solar Gardenia, Turkish Rose, The swirl of contradictory feelings, an explosion of passion, are reflected in the hypnotic nectar-like scent of Magnolia Oil, sensuous and feminine, irresistibly swept away by dazzling notes of Solar Gardenia and deep Turkish Rose.

Dare to Believe: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Illumina Musk Smooth, rich Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Illumina Musk add their warmth, power and sensuality to the breathless instant when, fearlessly, finally and forever, you know they’re the one you dare to love.

Este Lauder website

That is such a fantastic perfume description I really hate to destroy the image. The bottle is lovely looking and I wish that I could add it to my collection because it is lovely. But this scent is not for me. This is a sweet floral explosion. There is no underlying musk, no sandlewood depth, no cedarwood backing. This is unrelieved, unabashedly a sweet floral punch to the nose.

I will say it is an adult sweet floral rather than a little girl sweet floral so if that is your sort of thing then this might be for you. I applied it and wore it, but the thing is that all last week the scent kept reminding me of something. i finally figured out what it was.

This is the scent of the department store perfume and makeup section circa 1985. This is exactly what this perfume smells like. It isn’t a bad scent, but it is a distinctive one and not one I am particularly fond of. While I like florals I need something to ground them a little bit more and add a spicier or earthier note. This really doesn’t have that.

It stays close to the skin, so it isn’t a perfume that will travel out and annoy your companions. It comes on a bit strong when you first spray it, but after a minute or two it hugs the skin to become more of a personal scent. It is very long lasting too. I applied it in the morning (post workout) and it was still detectable on my wrist when I started getting ready for bed. One spritz on the wrist lasted all day.

It was a really well performing perfume. It has all of the features I like (personal rather than traveling scent, longevity…) I simply can’t wear something so sweetly floral without a deeper back note. Which is a shame. I have a friend who favors sweet florals so I will be passing the rest of the sample on to her and hopefully she will make a better match with it.

This was a strange review for me to write. After all perfumes are mostly about scent and for me, in the end, that was the only part of this perfume i didn’t care for.

Perfume Review: Sea Salt Surf

This was an interesting one and even after wearing it for a week, I am still not sure this needs to be called a perfume. This Sea Salt Surf roll on Perfume comes from the Broken Top candle Company. It came to me in a Macy’s Beauty Box.

According to the website…

Sea Salt Surf scent flaunts notes of jasmine followed by sweet cream and a hint of driftwood. A top seller in Hawaii and tropical states, this scent creates a memory of the warm salt air, sweet adult drinks, and beach thoughts. 

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, fragrance and essential oils.

Directions For Use: Shake well to mix the scent. Roll over your wrists or on your neck.

Broken Top Candle Company

It is a lovely scent. Lifting the bottle to my nose I get the soft jasmine and a hint of the seaside, in the best possible way The seaside scents balance out the jasmine and keep it from becoming too sweet. Honestly it is a lovely scent.

I looked forward to applying it to my wrists. Which I did, every day for a week. Sometimes multiple times in a day because here’s the thing. It is not a scent that lasts. I applied it to my wrist and ten minutes later couldn’t smell anything. I had a better chance of smelling the body wash I used the night before than the scent i just put on my wrists.

It simply has no staying power. It is a fantastic scent though which made it very disappointing. But here is the thing. As lovely as the scent it, it smells more like something i would enjoy in a candle rather than in a roll on perfume.

And the Broken Top Candle Company does make this scent in a candle (and a linen spray). I suspect it is a really good candle and possibly even a good linen spray. And I could see why the company might think, hey lets try this as a perfume. The scent is fine, but it smell more like you’d want a room to smell and on the wrist it has no staying power. I am happy i tried it, because I think I may end up ordering the candle, but as for a roll on perfume this was a total failure.


Perfume Review: Summer Daze Limited Edition from Calvin Klein’s Eternity Line

This perfume was sent to be by Influenster for the purpose of review all thoughts and opinions on the product are my own. According to Influenster this is a limited Edition Scent by Calvin Klein. I don’t know if it is actually available yet as I could not find a direct link to this specific scent anywhere. Given the name I suspect that it will be released for the upcoming season, but that is only a guess. This Link will take you to the general Calvin Klein Perfume page where hopefully at some point there ill be more official information listed.

Because I couldn’t find any description of the scent, we are left with just my impressions. There are no carefully worded descriptions intending to whisk you off to a life more glamorous with simply a spritz from the bottle. While I am perfectly capable of making my mind up without these descriptions, I do miss them. Maybe it is the writer in me. At some point I am just going to take one of the perfume ads and use the description as a story starter.

Somehow I feel confident that it will end up being a murder mystery.

But for now there was no description that I could find. Summer Daze from Calvin Klein comes in a slim and lovely squared off glass bottle. Personally I like the look of the delicate peach liquid in the clear glass topped by the silver. the design is almost architectural. I’m not entirely sure how that goes with the Summer Daze name, but I like the look of it.

when I sprayed it, at first I thought I wasn’t going to like it. This is a scent that comes out of the bottle like an enraged bull charging a matador. It is not subtle and one spritz made me think I was going to spend the rest of the day engulfed in a scent of cloud that people could smell coming around the corner.

This intensity, thankfully, doesn’t last. After about ten to fifteen minutes the scent quieted down. It pulled in closer to the skin and stopped trying to announce it’s presence to the world. Half an hour in and someone would have to invade my personal space if they wanted a whiff of my cologne.

I thought this meant that it was going to fade away to nothing, however once it reached that personal stage of scent saturation, it stopped fading. I had about five hours of scent, noticeable to me without pressing my wrist to my nose. After about hour five, the scent started noticeably fading.

But what is this scent. It is a light floral with somewhat fruity notes. I would guess that the florals probably lean more towards Jasmine and with the fruits I would guess some blend of mandarin, apricot and possibly peach. The scent is not overly sweet. In fact there is very little sweetness in it. Sometimes when scents lean into the fruity aspects they can get a bit cloying. This is balanced by some sort of earthy note that I just cant’ name. It is there more to tame the other elements than to be a scent in and of itself.

I would say that this is an adult scent but not an overly mature scent. If I had to pick a woman to wear this I would say she is in her thirties. The scent is something i could see being worn in the day time and edging into the evening. It is not an overly sensual scent. It is fun without being to little girlish. Like the name implies, I think it is more seasonal than divided by time of day. You could wear it all day, but I think it is a scent that leanse into the warmer months of the year. Appropriate for something called Summer Daze.

Honestly I quite enjoyed it and I am very glad that Influenster sent this Calvin Klein Summer Daze to me to review. I think I will get a lot of use out of this scent as the temperatures rise and the winter fades. I am pleased to have it in my collection.

Perfume Review: Yves Saint Laurant Cinema Eau de Parfum

Oh yes my darlings. It is time for the perfume review. Last week I skipped perfume. I know it sounds really strange but with my moisturizer going crazy last week (and over moisturizing) I sort of paired down anything I used and just focused on getting my skin back to normal. So last week I skipped the perfume.

But this week I was back testing out a new scent.

And I went with my Scent box selection for February. It was Cinema by YSL. Finding the perfume was a little difficult at first when I went to look up the particulars. I found it featuring frequently on discount perfume sites but had to dig a little to find it on the Yves Saint Laurent website. I don’t think it has been discontinued, I just think it has been out long enogh that other scents are now listed before it. According to the description…

Sophisticated, glamorous and mysterious, Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Eau de Parfum is a floral fragrance for women inspired by the glamour of Hollywood.

Cinema can make every woman feel like a star. It is a fragrance for glamorous women who live under the spotlights, self-confident and elegant, women who know how to draw attention. A seductive flavour reminds of Hollywood beauties from the romantic love movies, glamourous evening gowns, Hollywood hairstyles, high heels, black seamed stockings

A flamboyant bouquet of glamour and femininity glistens in gold and light. A dazzling fragrance for a divine woman who glides through life as if under the spotlight, elegant and sure of herself.

Glamorous, seductive, startling. Cinéma, a floral sophisticated and original enough for a starring role. Morning blooms open in a fresh accord, shimmering with cyclamen, almond and Clementine. Middle notes of amaryllis and Sambac jasmine then lead the way to depth and mystery, where amber, white musk and vanilla take a brilliant turn. Set-lighting-inspired crystal flacon with gold stopper.

YSL Website

I found the fragrance notes listed interesting as well. Mostly because the many of the scent notes listed I could only pick out after I looked them up. After I read them I found myself nodding and thinking oh, okay, I can see that.

Fragrance notes: • Top notes: Almond blossom, Clementine, Cyclamen, • Middle notes: Jasmine, Peony, Amaryllis, • Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, Benzoin, White Musk


while I didn’t notice a lot of those notes until after I read the description the scent is lovely. It is a bit of a dramatic scent that I would say skews more towards night time wear. I could see myself wearing it when going out at night with my babydoll, but not wearing it in an office environment.

It isn’t because it is a very strong scent. It is a scent that does stay closer to the skin, but it has a more seductive element to it that perfectly matches the description. It is a scent that makes me feel a little sexy when I wear it.

Which isn’t really appropriate for the office.

The scent, as I smelled it before reading the description, is vanilla based and it has a floral back note. I picked up on the jasmine and you can tell there is a light musk in the mix grounding the scent and keeping it from being either too sweet or too floral. I’m pretty sure the musk and amber lend the sexiness to the scent.

It is also an adult scent. It is not an old scent. I wouldn’t classify it as an ‘old lady’ perfume, but it isn’t a little girl scent either. The florals are deepened by a by a slight musky element which what brings the vanilla and jasmine into the adult realm. It is essentially a sexy lady scent.

After reading the description I think I could pick up a little of the Almond blossom and perhaps a bit of peony. But those weren’t my first scent notes.

I enjoyed wearing it this week and I would consider adding it to my collection. It may have taken a little while to find the scent listed, but it was well worth taking the time to look for it. While it isn’t a ‘wear to the office’ scent, it is a great feel special and sexy scent, and sometimes it’s not about the scents you can wear to the office day in and day out, but about those scents you want to wear for those special moments. This Yves Saint Laurant Cinema Eau de Parfum a special moments kind of scent.

Perfume Review: No. 7 from English Laundry

I’ll admit, when I saw this set of three perfumes from English Laundry for sale, I had to pick it up. I’ve heard a lot about English Laundry but never tried any of their perfumes. I purchased this set from IPSY for $12 (I think it might still be available but i don’t know.). I couldn’t find it on the English Laundry site itself. The kit contains three 10 ml bottles of scent. (No. 7, Notting Hill, and Pour Femme). Since I couldn’t find the kit offered anywhere other than IPSY (and I’m not sure it is even there anymore) I am not going to review the kit as a whole in an individual post, I will just review the three scents.

The scent i started with in this trio is No7. I chose it to start with purely because it was listed first. According to the English Laundry site this scent is…

A glass bowl of fresh apricot and melon slices is adorned with toasted almonds and topped with vanilla whipped cream. No. 7 (2012) is the embodiment of the ultimate scrumptious dessert; starting off with sweetened fruits, innocent white florals are lightly introduced before a yummy medley of almonds and vanilla crème takes the cake.

English Laundry

Now doesn’t that sound utterly delightful?

They break out the scents by top middle and finishing as well for more detail. Top is pear, melon and apricot, Middle is almond, blooming jasmine and gardenia, and finishing notes are whipped cream, vanilla and sandalwood.

I found this an interesting scent. Just sniffing the bottle without spraying, it is a potent scent. To me it is easy to smell the apricot, gardenia and sandalwood with hints of vanilla. Sniffing the bottle, I was not certain I would like it as I thought it smelled a little old lady ish. It is a very mature scent and one that is quite strong. Spritz with caution.

But an initial scent is not a trial and there have been many scents that I didn’t start out liking but that grew on me. This one actually fell into that category. The first spritz was intense and I was not a fan. Gardenia sort of stands up and screams “I’m here!” as soon as the scent is out of the bottle. Apparently the other scents just hold back and let the loud little flower have it’s moment. Then it tires out and they take over.

After about fifteen minutes or so, the floral scent fades and it is a combination of fruit and spice that I find more appealing. It is more vanilla apricots mixed with a bit of sandalwood. This is however a very strong scent. I would not wear it in an indoor environment. this is a scent you can wear to a picnic in the park or visiting a sculpture garden. It does not sit quietly on your wrist but announces you to the room upon arrival. even though I liked the scent after it faded down, I would never wear it to an office. It is a fresh day time kind of scent. And while it is still a mature scent, once it takes a moment to settle down it stops being an “old Lady” scent and just becomes a woman’s scent (as opposed to a little girl scent).

If you have sensitivity to scent, or are going to be around those who are sensitive, I would probably give this a pass. While I like the scent it becomes and will wear this scent to finish out the 10ml bottle, I don’t think I would purchase the full sized bottle of No 7 from English Laundry. It is simply too potent a scent for me. While I usually work alone, when I attend meetings I know there are a couple of people who are scent-sensitive and I have a few family members who are as well. I know that i couldn’t wear this around them without them having issues. So as nice as I find it, long term, this scent isn’t for me.

Perfume Review: Olympea Legend by Paco Rabanne

That’s right my darlings, Scent Box is back. I have managed to work my way through enough of my sample fragrances that I felt comfortable restarting my subscription. This was technically January’s subscription. It came in , got side tracked while I finished a few more samples and then I realized I hadn’t talked about it.

I love Scent Box. It is one of those subscriptions that I sign up for and then put on hold depending, but I always come back to. with this subscription you get a 0.27 ounce bottle of scent each month. You can go with their monthly suggestion or you can pick your own. You can actually line up a years worth of samples so you can look through their many fragrances and decide, hey that one sounds like it would be great in the spring or wow that looks like a winter scent. And then put the scent on the appropriate month.

Each month’s subscription comes with it’s own case and they vary in color each month. This moth for me was half rose gold half black. I’m not too fond of the two tones. I think I would like the case in either color, but somehow I don’t like the two tones. But that’s okay, next month I may love the case. Some perfumes I love, others not so much. I tend to pass on the ones I don’t like in the cases that I don’t care for, so I only end up keeping the cases I like. The subscription is $14.95 per month although you can get a discount on your first month.

Get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for $14.95/mo. Get 35% Off First Month,

And as an added bonus, each month earns you Scent Bucks that you can save and then use towards something from the website. Generally you receive about $2 each month. I am saving mine up to put towards a full sized perfume. I currently have about $20. I haven’t decided what perfume I want to purchase yet so I just keep letting it accumulate until I do.

So what was January’s selection? It was Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend. I think I may have let Scent Box Choose this one for me as I don’t recall adding it to my list. According to Scentbox…

Olympea Legend by Paco Rabanne is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Olympea Legend was launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Loc Dong. Top notes are sea salt, plum and apricot. Middle notes are ginger flower and floral notes. Base notes are vanilla, amber, sand and tonka bean.

Scent Box

In general I like plum and apricot scents so perhaps I did choose it and don’t recall. Either way, I sprayed, I sniffed and I wore this scent for a week. And I am not a fan. despite the description, this perfume smells like baby powder and coconut. I’m not entirely sure how that was accomplished with the listed scent notes, but that is the end result.

I will say I received several complements on the scent this past week, however I personally didn’t care for it. So with the bottle mostly full, I will be passing it on to a friend who adores the scent of coconut. If I decided that I didn’t like it immediately I could have sent it back and exchanged it. Scent Box has a really good exchange policy. As long as it isn’t really used, if you decide you absolutely can’t stand the scent, you can send it back and they will just send you the next scent in the line of products you chose. No questions asked. I had to do that once when I picked a perfume I absolutely couldn’t stand. It was super easy. And it makes taking a risk on a scent a little easier. This one I thought I would like more as the week went on, so I used it enough that it will be passed on and not sent back. Luckily I know someone who will really like it. This scent just simply isn’t for me.

Perfume Review: Libre from Yves Saint Laurent

This sample of Libre from Yves Saint Laurent came to me in a Macy’s Beauty Box. I know that is not surprising. Macy’s always includes, one, if not two perfume samples in each month’s box. This was part of a brand take over box in which every item, including the bag was from YSL.

It was a fantastic bag. And I got to try several items I hadn’t ever heard of let alone tried out. There were several perfumes in the collection of items and the Deluxe size of the Mon Paris from YSL has become one of the perfumes I will definitely be purchasing in the full size once i have worked my way through the deluxe sample.

Libre, was only in a small sample size however it was one of the scents I was most eager to try out. I think because I have heard so much buzz about it. This seems to be the YSL fragrance everyone talks about, at least on the sites I’ve looked at. Plus the bottle looks stunning.

According to the brand…

Libre Eau de Parfum is a bold and floral women’s fragrance. A statement feminine scent for those who live by their own rules. Lavender essence from France combines with the sensuality of Moroccan orange blossom and a daring note of vanilla extract for a unique long-lasting scent.

A celebration of freedom, this daring, yet distinctly floral and feminine perfume is for those who do what they want and dare to be exactly who they are. Breaking boundaries and paving their own way, this women’s perfume is inspired by the bold and the free.

YSL on Libre Perfume

Doesn’t that description sound fabulous? It has all of the good feels, breaking boundaries, freedom, inspired by the bold. I had high hopes for this one.

Alas they were not realized. While I thought Mon Paris was going to be floral and overly sweet it ended up with more depth and complexity than anticipated. This Libre perfume promises depth and complexity, based on it’s references. What it is tends to be a mix of lavender and orange blossom. To be honest, it reminds me of the sachets my grandmother put in her underwear drawer.

It is very lavender with a hint of orange blossom. Anything else is hidden under those powerhouses of scent. It is simple, overly floral, overly sweet and when sprayed the scent profile makes me think of little old ladies. It is a scent i would not expect to find worn by someone under the age of eighty. I was not a fan.

It lacks depth and complexity and isn’t something I will ever purchase. It is also not a sample tube I will finish. I struggled to wear it for week, using less and less each day and I still have half a tube. It will be passed on. Perhaps someone else will not find the scent as old lady as I did, or perhaps they will pass it on to their granny. Regardless, Libre by YSL will not be entering my collection and I am happy to let it go.

Perfume Review: Scentered De-stress

I know, it isn’t quite a perfume, but that did seem to be the best category of product to group this under. This Scentered De-Stress Therapy balm is applied to the pulse points and worn more or less like a perfume. The scents are supposed to calm you down and help you de-stress, as the name suggests. I suppose it is a wellness or aromatherapy product more than a perfume.

This week I wore this centered balm in the same way I would wear a perfume. According to the website…

DE-STRESS our remarkably soothing blend to help you juggle more throughout your day, keeping you calm and in control. It’s your portable companion to support you through life’s everyday journey. 

Our 100% natural, essential oil based Aromatherapy Balm is mess-free and won’t leak or spill in your bag. Use DE-STRESS as part of our Wellbeing Ritual.  


The scent notes listed for this balm are Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin. While the neroli and mandarin don’t surprise me because there is a distinct orange scent to the balm, the chamomile does. The two scents I got from this balm are orange and lavender. I rather like it actually, the herbal notes keep the orange from smelling too sweet and the orange keeps the herby bits from smelling too medicinal.

however to smell this you actually have to hold your wrist up to your nose. There is no wafting of aroma. The scent is strong when you first apply it, but almost instantly it fades away. If you hold your wrist to your nose, you can smell the balm on your skin for about an hour before it is completely faded from even your skin.

I was hoping that the scent was a bit stronger as I like the thought of a perfume (or aromatherapy oil) coming in a balm format. It is spill proof and easy to travel with or keep in the purse. But the faint level of scent and small amount of time that it lasts makes it a pretty pointless product. I can see how the scent would be soothing. I find it a nice calming blend of aromas. However getting that scent to my nose in order to perform any soothing and de-stressing action was the difficult part.

I do have a sample size of this product though so perhaps with a full sized balm more of a scent would appear. I did try to cover a wider swath of my wrist with the balm in an effort to mimic the application of a full sized version. The scent level remained the same, however the waxy residue from the balm was just more prevalent. I like the thought behind it, I like the scent and i really wanted this product to work, but quite honestly I don’t think that it is for me. I simply didn’t get enough scent from it to work any de-stressing benefits. I think it could work, I just don’t think this product is quite there yet. So for me, the Scentered De-stress Therapy Balm is a pass.

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