Petit Vour Beauty Box December Unboxing

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday weekend.  I don’t know why, but whenever a holiday is on a Friday I am always surprised when mail comes the following Saturday.  I know I shouldn’t be, but somehow it always surprises me.  This Saturday I received not one but two subscription boxes.  While this one arrived in a relatively timely manner, the other was a bit of a saga. But that is another tale for another time. Now it is time to discuss the December Petit Vour Box.

For those that don’t know, Petit Vour is a clean beauty Subscription box.  I believe they were actually the first clean beauty subscription box.  They have two tiers, the regular Petit Vour box for $18 with four items inside and a $25 Plus box which I believe has 5-7 items.  I only receive the regular and not the plus, so I may be off on that. 

Oh and before I forget, Petit Vour is currently having a 20% off sale. Just use the code TAKE20 at checkout.

I think one of my favorite things about this box is that I generally end up receiving items that come from companies I may know little to nothing about.  For me this is very much a discovery box.  Sometimes there will be items from a company that I have heard of, but usually even if I have heard of them I haven’t always tried them out.  I also like that there is often a makeup item included in the mix.  While finding clean skin care is becoming easier, sometimes.  Makeup items are a bit harder to ferret out, at least they have been for me.  I like being able to try out some clean makeup items and decide if they are in fact for me.

The first Item out of the box this month was a makeup item actually. And it was from a brand I had never heard of, so a double experimental surprise.  The item was the Ultimate Multi Use color (retail $28) from a brand called Habit.  It comes in a little glass bot with a metal lid.  While it can be used for eyes lips, and cheeks, given the color, I think that cheeks may be the destination for this product. Or at least the first trial test for the product.  Perhaps there will be others. 

I have to say recently I have been looking into more cream face products.  Some clearly work better than others.  My issue is currently one of brushes.  Most of my brushes are geared towards powder products  and are only so so with the cream products.  Mostly because I bought them to use with powder products.  It’s not actually the brushes fault.   They do what they are designed for.  I know that Adesign Beauty has some brushes designed for use with cream products in mind that I may be looking into soon as my cream product collection grows.  However, that is a discussion for another time.

The second item out of my Petit Vour box this month was the Earth Harbor Marina Biome Brightening Ampule (retail $13). I currently have another earth Harbor serum waiting in my serum line up for me to try out.  I know it came in another subscription box, but at the moment I can’t remember which one.  So I have heard of the brand and have a second item to try, but I have yet to actually try it. 

I love when I have multiple items to try out from a brand so that I can get a better feel for the brand itself.  I will certainly be scheduling a try-out for this product. And as it is an ampule and so little product is actually used in one sitting, I know this size will last long enough to give me a full review of the product.  Which is also nice. And I have to admit, blue tansy is an ingredient I find interesting. So technically this is a win all around.

Odacite is another brand I have heard of, but never used.  I think one of their eye creams was an IPSY choice a while  back.  I don’t believe I chose it or received it.  Although my December IPSY bag is still MIA so it is possible it is in that bag somewhere. I’ll have to see.  This Odacite product is the Immediate skin Perfecting Beauty Masque (retail $5.50).  I am always willing to try a new mask, especially one that promises results after the first application.  I am always skeptical of such claims, but always willing to try them.  I will certainly put it into the ‘to be tested’ line up.

And finally we come to the last item in the box.  But wait, there are two items remaining.  Am I seeing double or did someone make a mistake?  Neither actually. 

This month there are two Thera-Intensive Foot cream trial sized tubes in the Petit Vour Box (each retails for $14). It isn’t an accident as on the insert card it even says, X 2. So the double tube inclusion was deliberate. 

At the moment my favorite food cream is from e-cooking but I am always willing to try another foot cream out as in the winter keeping my feet from drying out is a nightly focus. In general I do like Lavido products as well.  My only issue with them in the past has been scent based. 

The hand cream I tried from Lavido was so bergamot heavy  it made my eyes water.  I am beginning to think that I don’t just dislike the scent of bergamot but that I might actually have a slight allergy to it.  I didn’t break out or anything, but the runny eyes and nose weren’t pretty. It is something I will be looking into.  Luckily this is Achillea, Myrtle and Tea Tree scented. I don’t know what Achillea is and will look it up before I use the cream, but the cream smells mostly of Tea Tree and Myrtle.

Admittedly, the only myrtle scent I am familiar with was the alcoholic drink my great Uncle used to make from Myrtle.  I remember it being green and thinking it was the same thing that turned Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk.  The fact was enhanced by the fact that my Great Uncle was a chemist.  So I was certain that the radioactive goo that created the Hulk smelled like his home brew Myrte. This cream smells very similar, although without the alcohol and mixed with Tee Tree oil. 

I’ll let you know if my feet start hulking out.

So my darlings, that was my December Petit Vour box.  They typically mail by the 20th of the month, and as the box arrived on the 26th, I have to say it was one of the few items mailed to me this month that arrived exactly when it was scheduled.  It made me feel like doing a happy dance.  Everything else has been spending excessive amounts of time either in New York or Atlanta. But such is life.  I have to say I was very pleased with the value of this box as well.  For my $18 I received $74.50 worth of products, and yes I added the Lavido twice as I received two tubes. 

Overall a pretty good deal and all are products I really am looking forward to giving a try.  So I am very pleased with my December Petit Vour Box and am looking forward to seeing what 2021 holds for the subscription.

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