Petit Vour October Unboxing

Finally, it has arrived!  My October Petit Vour Box! 

I know, technically it isn’t late.  It arrived just on time.  The Petit Vour Beauty Box subscription (A vegan, Cruelty Free subscription box) costs $18 per month and features four products.  Occasionally there are five, but mostly it is four.  They do have a larger subscription tier for $25 that has 5-7 products in it. They generally mail out their subscription boxes by the 20th of the month.  Sometimes it is earlier, but usually not, so it is one of the subscription boxes that consistently arrives towards the end of the month.  Which I personally like.  It’s nice to get an end of the month package.  It just felt a little late this month because I checked the tracking so much.

I wasn’t obsessive, more curious than anything else.  Sometimes I feel like I am playing a strange game with the post office.  I get the tracking number and check in.  There is no information yet.  So I check back again later when they give me a range of dates.  ‘Cool,’ I’ll think, ‘I’ll just check back later to see when they narrow that down.’

Then I check back and the dates have disappeared.  So I wait and then check back.  The Post office will then list a date that is earlier than the previously mentioned range, which has me a little confused and I will wonder where they are shipping it from that it is able to get their earlier than they planned. I’ll check back on the day they have listed for delivery and the date will have vanished and a message stating there was a delay in transit and dates will be updated at some point later will appear, sometimes with a reminder about various catastrophic events that might affect shipping.

(And let’s face it, there have been a lot this year, I think we might only be missing an earthquake to round out our natural disaster collectors set.  Not that I want to complete the set.  I’m perfectly happy with an incomplete set. You hear me Universe? That was only a random thought, not a wish or a double dare.)

The post office will then not update anything until the message changes to Out for delivery on the day it arrives, which incidentally will be within the range of dates originally given.  Its almost like the Post Office is having a crisis of confidence. They start out strong and then start to doubt themselves. It is both oddly disturbing and fascinating to watch.  I’ve never seen an entire organization have self-esteem issues before. Which is why I have been checking the tracking numbers along with my initial run through my morning e-mails every morning. 

But in the end it did arrive on time, even though it seemed like they weren’t sure they could pull it off.  In the end they did.  Way to go USPS! I still believe in you.

In the October box there is a card listing the products there in, their retail values and a little something about them.  The back of the card was very October appropriate.  It stats ‘You are Pure Magic’ and looks like a Tarot card.  Not one of the actual cars, more like the back of the informational card that comes with a new deck.

So what was inside?  Well, first we start off with OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream.  It’s the full size, with a retail value of $48.  It is a light weight daily moisturizer that doubles as a primer.  I actually have a second one of these creams sitting in my skin care drawer as it was a Boxy Charm Choice (September, I believe)

I haven’t gotten around to use it and I am curious about the moisturizer and primer aspect of the cream.  I’m trying to work through the last of my sample sized moisturizers before opening a full sized one.  If I like it, then I have two.  Although I might actually pass the second one on to my cousin and see if she wants to try it.

I do love the OSEA cleanser though (the review of which is actually being posted this afternoon oddly enough. So hopefully I like this cream as much as the cleanser. We shall see.

Next up s the Tinted Rose Lip Butter (retail $5) from Ellovi.  It is a highly concentrated lip moisturizer with just six ingredients that are pure enough to eat. At least according to the description.  While I do try not to eat my lip products it is inevitable that some will end up being consumed so I am happy they thought of that.

I did want to see what they meant by tinted though before I decided where to put the lip balm.  I have some lip balms I keep for use at the desk and some I put with lipsticks.  Mostly it depends on the pigmentation.  Very light pigmentation I can repeatedly apply at my desk without a mirror.  The more color, the more I need a mirror. It’s a simple dividing line.  From the product on my hand I can tell, this one, will need a mirror so it will probably end up in my makeup bag rather than on my desk. For those wondering, it doesn’t actually smell of rose.

The third item is the Citrus Shower Gel from Andalou Naturals (retail $3).  I believe I have a body cream from the same brand in my samples box.  I may get that one out next and use these two together as a cleanse and moisturize pairing.  Even though I do have the cream I haven’t tried it and it is the only reason I’ve heard of the brand so it will be interesting to give it a try. 

And finally there is the Derma E Naturals Essential Radiance Toner (retail $2.50). I’ve tried a few Derma E products before.  Some I’ve liked, others not so much.  Its sort of a hit or miss brand for me, but I am always interest in looking for another toner. It is like the category everyone forgets.  Although recently I have been getting a lot more toners in subscription boxes, so maybe someone finally decided they were worth focusing on. It could very easily be a treend I know nothing about. Regardless, I look forward to giving this one a try.

So that was my Petit Vour Box this month.  As you can see most of the value was in the full sized moisturizer.  I’m actually okay with that.  I think it is mostly because I only need a couple of showers to tell if I like a shower gel, a couple of weeks to determine if I like a toner and an afternoon to decide about a lip balm.  Moisturizers take more time. If you add it up my $18 box came with $58.50 worth of products.  All are ones I will use and try so there is no waste.  I have to say, October was a pretty good box.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box