The Daily: October 11th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today has been an interesting Monday. It took most of the day for the fog to finally lift and as a consequence it felt like the day moved in a haze. In addition, my babydoll was off today as it is a federal holiday. Today is Columbus Day observed.

I know it isn’t a new federal holiday but it always takes me by surprise when it pops up. I think its because I am already starting to think about holiday shopping and grumbling about the fact that Halloween barely gets any recognition before Christmas takes over. These days Thanksgiving seems to be just an opening act for Christmas. Actually not even an opening act, more of an announcer.

‘Here’s your turkey folks, now watch while I pull back the curtain and Voila! Black Friday.’

Its not a complaint, really, I just spooked myself by counting the weeks and realized there are only twelve weeks left in 2021. Which means even less time before Christmas. Because my family is so scattered each Christmas requires a postal strategy as well as a shopping one. This year with fewer people traveling to gather more things are being mailed.

And lately postal timelines are seeming to be a bit wonky.

So this weekend the strategizing began. There are a few easy gifts actually. Each year I give my mother a tea subscription. I’ve tied several and the one she really likes is the Simple Loose Leaf. She really likes how well they take her reviews into account and adjust the teas they send her accordingly. So it has become a holiday staple. I generally get her that one as part of her Christmas gifts and then on her birthday go with something from The Art of Tea. Both of course are mailed by someone else, so I don’t even have to remember stamps. At the moment The Simply Loose Leaf Subscription has a 50% off on your first box deal going on. It is well worth it if you are into trying new teas.

Actually Cratejoy in general has a pre-black Friday sale going on right now. A host of boxes have 25% off (several of the cocktail subscriptions are calling me, some for me, but really there is one I think might actually suit my cousin. He is nearly impossible to shop for and I got his name in the gift buying raffle this year). I like poking around there in general and have found some pretty interesting subscriptions over the years. And actually this year I may be leaning into gift subscriptions for several people. I’ll still be making my Black Friday hopping lists, but a few subscription boxes really help take the load off.

Well, off me and my postal scheduling. Not so much off of the post office.

And even without the subscription boxes, holiday bundles are starting to emerge and as always I am drawn into the advent calendars. I’ve already earmarked the Molton Brown Advent calendar for a family member (my aunt actually, but don’t tell her). It is their 50th Anniversary this year and the box is absolutely stunning. And so packed with goodies. It’s also a great way to try a lot of different scents. There are so many to love.

Usually I get myself one advent calendar a year as my one self indulgent treat once all of the holiday shopping is done and mailed out, but there are so many good ones to choose from that I am not sure which one I will opt in for myself. Each time I think I’ve made a decision, I change my mind. But as I am still getting my lists together, I have time to figure it out.

But this is where I am going to leave you today. With me heading back to work and visions of holiday prep dancing in my head. There was no makeup today because the cycle of rain, dry heat, and then damp fog has left my nose running and my eyes watery and itching. Even with the allergy pills experience has taught me that makeup on a day like today is just a frustrating endeavor. It is best to declare it a skincare day, let my skin breath and then treat it to it’s daily Healing Bark Mask this evening. with luck the mold that the weather has kicked up will have died down by tomorrow and products can be applied with at least the hope of staying where I put them. Fingers crossed.

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