The 2022 Primer Declutter

I love primers. I put them under every foundation and when i don’t feel like wearing foundation, I apply the prime and then dust with powder and call it good. As strange as it seems this is my actual favorite category of makeup. However I also have a habit of just putting primers i don’t like in the drawer. Unless they break me out or cause a major skin irritation, I will keep them around hoping that this next time they will work better.

While I knew there were a lot of them, after I cleared out the foundations yesterday it made the primers look that much more out of control so I went ahead and dove into the primers. It felt really good to clear things out and to be honest, I may just start my end of year declutter now. I’m sure I’ll do another one just before new years, but at least a preliminary purge is long over due. so let’s get started.

First up we have three primers I have never used.

Two of them were actually still sealed and one I think I opened to see the consistency but never used. These three are staying and I will try them out to see if i like them. Then they may or may not stay.

So on to the primers I have tried. First up we have two sample sizes. The first is the YSL Touch Eclat Blur Primer. I really love this primer. I know it looks like there is half a sample left but it is not. When you open the cap and take the wand out the product level drops to almost nil and is really hard to get out with the wand. I really like this primer and even though it is expensive, it is one that I will be adding to my collection. In truth the only reason that I kept it in the drawer was to remind me of how much i like it and to remind me to order a full size once i had whittled down my primers to a more respectable level. I really like this primer, bit this almost completely empty sample needs to go.

The second sample size leaving me is the Unicorn Glow long wear primer. This sample is alas empty. However it too is in the drawer because I want to purchase it in the full size. It is less costly than the YSL. It is only $12 retail for the full size (as opposed to YSL’s $57). It blurs well and does extend the life of the makeup worn over it. It is a very good primer actually.

The next two primers I am getting rid of because they simply don’t suit me. The Ciate Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer is far too hydrating for my skin. The watermelon scent is lovely and it feels great against the skin but my skin is not dry enough for this primer. It is simply too moisturizing.

The Rodial Glass primer is also quite hydrating but to be completely honest it is the smell of the primer that is causing me to pass it on to a friend of mine. It is good, but it has a very menthol scent to it. If the scent dissipated quickly then I would be okay with it, but the scent lingers and I do not like the scent of menthol. Plus it is very hydrating and so it is getting passed along.

And then we have the primers that have expired. First up is the Stila Sheer Illumination Lingerie Soufflé Primer. This primer is no longer made and I don;t think it has been for quite some time. I loved it and it is down to just a film of product on the inside of the glass. I honestly kept it because I liked the container and not because there was any usable product in it. I don;t think I have actually opened the jar in 2 years let alone used what I’m sure was expired product two years ago. I just really like the jar. I will either send it to the rubbish bin or I will wash it out and use it for something else. To be honest I actually have a small succulent that might do well in this jar and look lovely in the sun room. Wheter the jar is reused or thrown away it very much needs to leave my makeup collection.

The LYS Serum Gripping Primer is not a very old product. It was an okay primer that felt like a serum but didn’t really do much gripping. It was more of a hydrating serum that was supposed to have skin care benefits. It had more use as skincare than it did as a primer to be honest. And when I went to test it before deciding to keep or get rid of, the formula had already separated. And so into the trash it goes.

Sadly the elf puff puff primer is also expired and separated. It was a really good primer and I am sad that it got buried and forgotten. I enjoyed using it and found it soothing to the skin. It was an excellent primer to wear after too much sun or if you were suffering from windburn. It is a cannabis sativa infused primer and it was just fantastic with any kind of skin irritation i had.. At some point i will repurchase this primer. My go to for Elf is the Elf putty primer. however i did finish that prime up and have not yet picked up a replacement. I meant to and probably will soon but the number of primers i had on hand made me restrain myself from repurchasing it. However it is a fabulous primer that i highly reccomend.

And finally in the expired category is the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing primer. I received this in a subscription box and I was very happy to get the chance to try it. Everyone raved about it and how fabulous it was. To me it felt like a light weight moisturizer but not a primer. But any time i looked it up everyone was saying fabulous things about it. So I held onto it thinking that if i kept trying it maybe I would see what the big deal about it was. And then after a while i stopped trying it. I think the issue is simply skin type. It may be fabulous for some but i really think that it is a product that works best with dry skin. I you have dry skin then using this to hydrate before applying makeup may help. For me it did nothing. I should have realized that in time to pass it on, but alas I did not.

And now, for the ones I am keeping. Some of these are not going to be a surprise. I have both the Liquid Silk Canvas and the Protective Silk Canvas balm Primer from Tatcha. I love both of them. I prefer the balm. It is hands down my all time favorite primer. It makes my skin look and feel good. I like the Liquid Silk canvas and while I have the travel size I will be ordering the full sized when it is empty. I do like the balm version just a little bit better though, but it is really a personal formula prefrence as they are both fantastic.

The Glamglow Super Matifying Primer is also one I am keeping in my collection. i like the primer and I like the way it works with my skin. However the packaging is really bulky and for the size of the packaging (and the price) there is not a lot of product in the container. I am about halfway through the container and I will finish it out. As much as I do like it, I probably won’t repurchase it. It is fantastic with oil control and makes a great summertime primer, but there just isn;t that much product in the package so I don’t personally feel it is worth the cost.

The Yensa Tone Up Essential Glow Primer and the Touch in sol No Poreblem primers are two that have been in my collection for ever. I have repurchased these two primers repeatedly. They are also the two i will reach for if i don;t actually feel like actually wearing any makeup. they have a slight pink tint to them which blends out with my skin and blurs the pores without looking like i have anything on. then I’ll add a little powder to control the shine and consider it job done. I really enjoy both of these products and like i said before i have lost count of the number of times I have repurchased them over the years.

If I am looking for a primer that will grip my makeup through anything that comes my way I go for the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer. through various subscriptions I have gotten so many samples of this primer that i have never had to pick up a full size. This is the last of the samples i have though so once it is gone i will be getting the full sized version. It has a clear gel like texture so it works with any skin type and it locks makeup down tight. if I have to wear my makeup for longer than usual, this is my primer.

The Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Primer does exactly what it says. It smooths out your skin and leaves it ready for makeup. I really like the pore blurring nature of this formula. It actually has a texture very much like the Stila primer that I loved so much so it shouldn;t be a surprise I like this one.

Even though Marc Jacobs is no longer making makeup I do like this Undercover primer. it smooths and fills pores well. It is unfortunately no longer being made so I will use up my tube and let it go. But it will be nice while it lasts.

The OleHenriksen banana bright Primer is a classic and one that i will always keep around. It is especially useful for brightening the skin in the winter when i tend to look a little dried out and dull. It is one of the few hydrating primers that i really love. Perhaps it is because it focuses more on brightening.

And finally we come to the last primer currently in my collection. It is the Figs and Rouge Blurring Primer. I think it would be best to say that i am keeping it for now. It isn’t my favorite, but i want to play around with it a bit more before passing final judgement on it. And so for now it stays.

And there we have the primer declutter. I’m sure as i test out the three new ones and continue using them that more will end up empty and a few more will leave me before the year is out. But for now i am much happier now that i have eliminated some of the products from my drawer. Plus it gave me a bit of a chance to talk about primers. Hopefully you enjoyed it as well.

Trying out the Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Primer

I have been a big fan of the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer for a while. It is a balm type primer and in addition to making my makeup last longer and look great, it also makes my skin feel good both while wearing it and after removal. With my last Tatcha order I received a sample of the Liquid version of this primer and I tried it out. As the sample was a foil packet, the product was enough to interest me, but not enough to let me know if I would actually enjoy this primer for a longer period of time.

Plus with foil packets I find my use is never how I would normally use it. Sometimes I over use a product because I don’t want to make a mess with an open foil packet. Plus they are a bit unwieldy so sometimes product is just wasted. Luckily for me, Tatcha has this primer in a travel size. Since I also wanted to try out the Silk Powder for longer than the foil packet allowed I also picked up the travel size of the loose powder. But that is another story.

primer applied where it is most needed

This was an interesting primer to use. I couldn’t help but compare it to the balm style. Which is both understandable and a little silly. The silly part is that balms should be compared to balms and liquids to liquid. The understandable part is that they are from the same brand and are pretty much the same product in different formats.

This primer has the same scent as the balm version which is a slightly floral, slightly skin care kind of scent. It is light and it fades out fairly quickly so it isn’t much of an issue for the scent minded. I think the scent is slightly lighter in the liquid version than the balm, but that could also be a factor of format. when you open the balm, the entire pan is exposed and scent wafts up, whereas with the pump you only smell the scent of the small amount you pump out of the bottle.

I found one pump was enough for me. since my largest pores are my noes and cheeks I tend to apply the most product there and then blend outwards towards other areas. Also my nose is where I tend to lose makeup first so a little extra primer keeps it more in sync with the rest of the wear on my face.

primer blended out. slightly mattifying in nature

It is quite liquid when dispensed. It isn’t runny but it is liquid. I knew it was because it is a liquid primer, but the scent hit me first and my brain thought of the other primer so it seemed surprising at first. What was interesting was that once applied, it simply smoothed over the face like a slightly lighter version of the balm. It almost stiffened up with air and skin contact.

It was almost like they made it just liquid enough to be able to smoothly come out of the pump before it did it’s best to turn from liquid to balm. It didn’t quite get there but it did it’s best.

So how did the Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas perform?

Beautifully. It is a great product. It performed just as well as the balm version. It applied easily, made my makeup last longer and made my skin feel great. To be honest, the only real difference I found between the two is the fact that one is a solid and the other is a liquid. They are both fabulous products and if you are looking to choose between them then the only thing you need to think about is whether or not you prefer your primer in liquid or balm format. The liquid is quick and easy to grab in the mornings when you are rushed, but if you are traveling the balm won’t spill because it is a solid. There are benefits to both so it is just going to come down to personal preference. I will still use the travel size off and on because I am curious to see how long it will last. After two weeks of dedicated use it is still more than halfway full. I will add it into rotation and use every last drop before a refill is purchased.


Primed for that Unicorn Glow

I love primers. I know I have talked about them a lot. Perhaps i spent too much time with the oil paints but i do love the idea of prepping the canvas of my face before applying the paint of my makeup. For me a good primer can take out some of the redness or unevenness of the skin tone so that you have to use less concealer. It can help blur out the look of pores and it can extend the life of the rest of my makeup.

For me using a good primer means I have to use less concealer and less foundation, which helps those products last longer in the bottle. It also keeps the makeup on my face lighter and in many cases it enhances the look of the foundation. If it is an overly matte foundation, put an illuminating primer underneath. Love the foundation but know it has a tendency to dry you out? how about a highlighting primer. Notice that this particular foundation has the habit of sinking into fine lies towards the end of the day? Why not go with a porefilling primer underneath?

please ignore the multitude of bug bites. I sprayed everything with bug spray except my hands before I went watering in the garden.

A good primer can not only even out your skin tone and get you ready for the rest of your makeup but it can form a power couple with your foundation making good products even better. Of course it can also go horribly wrong if a couple is just not meant to be.

This particular primer is the Unicorn Glow Long Wear Primer. It is…”Formulated with skin loving ingredients, this nourishing primer instantly creates a smooth glowing canvas for flawless long-lasting make up while providing coverage for fine lines and pores.”

My version is a sample sized tube that I think was paired with something else I ordered from IPSY a while back. I think I specifically ordered the other item and then just put this in the drawer because it was a duo. I took it out of the drawer as I am attempting to use up a lot of my sample sized products and see if they are worth picking up as a full size. I suspected this would only last a few days. However the tube was chock-a-block full and not a lot of product is needed for each application. In fact you shouldn’t use too much of this.

When dispensed the primer looks really light and I was concerned the color would be light on the skin. The color fades away as you blend it out across the skin. I chose to use the small dots across the face for my application of this because it helped ensure i didn’t apply too much. The Unicorn Glow Primer is a thinner consistency than many primers, almost the level of a water cream. Maybe slightly thicker. if used sparingly it blended in beautifully and looked great. It had a slightly sticky texture which I like for holding on to makeup longer. Apply too much product and it takes a while to absorb and can look a little oily. So when applying start sparingly and then add more on the spots you think might need more attention.

It did a pretty decent job of minimizing fine lines. It wasn’t the best for pore filling, but the fine lines it really seemed to work well in covering, especially the ones around my eyes. It is slightly hydrating but despite the name Unicorn Glow, it is not a glowy/dewy/illuminating primer. I didn’t have a problem with any of the foundations i paired it with and will happily keep this tube in rotation until it is empty. which may take a lot longer than I anticipated. Just remember to give it a minute to settle in (which is good advice for almost every primer) and it will work well covering up fine lines. This Unicorn Glow Long Wear primer retails for $12 and I will definitely consider picking up a full sized tube when i next look to buy primers.

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Reviewing the Glamglow Mattifying 6 Acid Clarifying Primer

For a little over a week I have been using the Glamglow Supermattify 6 Acid Clarifying Primer.  I picked it up because it looked interesting.  It is a putty primer in what is basically an oversized compact.  It has a gray tint to the primer in the pan, primarily due to the charcoal in the primer and I wondered how the gray tint would work with the skin during application.  Plus, in the summer oil control is kind of a sought after element. So I thought I would give it a try.

According to the Glam Glow Website, this $42 primer is…

A lightweight oil-control primer for acne-prone skin that instantly mattifies and helps keep shine in check all day, so makeup looks on point.

All day oil control, Minimizes and blurs pores, and Hydrates

The Super 6 Acid Blend helps keep the complexion clear. The Charcoal and Oil-balancing clay provide instant and all-day shine control, absorbs excess oils and blurs skin imperfections. And the hyaluronic acid delivers a dose of weightless all-day hydration while helping makeup look fresh.

the compact

All of the claims sound like ones I would enjoy.  My skin loves Hyaluronic acid and alsways does well when it is involved, and given the heat and humidity here anything oil control that won’t break me out is a plus.  And so I tried the primer out.  I used it with several different foundations and foundation products ranging from medium coverage to tinted moisturizer.  While I do have a full coverage foundation ibn my collection, this time of year I never reach for it and quite frankly I forgot it was there until I finished testing out the primer.

First off, this primer is a putty primer and has the same consistency as a putty primer.  The gray disappears into the skin once you apply it so it doesn’t make your skin look gray.  However I did notice that I had to put the primer everywhere.  Typically I apply primer in my t-zone making certain that my nose and under the eyes are covered as well as the chin.  Then I blend it out towards the edges of my face.  I figure if the product mostly covers the areas where my pores show the most then I can live with it not covering every millimeter of skin. 

This is a great way to use a product like the ELF Putty Primer. It gets the job done and doesn’t use a ton of product.  In addition to using the product longer, it means I only use the product I needed.  With the Glam Glow the primer didn’t seem to go as far and I ended up using more.  It had good pore blurring capacity if it wasn’t blended out a lot, but as it blended out it lost a lot of that blurring effect.  The best way to apply it was to tap it into place more than blending it out.  As a result it used a lot more product. 

product at the end of the trial

You can see in the image how much product ended up being used in roughly nine days of use. That being said, once it was in place, it worked well.  My pores were blurred in the places I wanted it blurred and oil was definitely controlled. 

However I did notice that the foundation I used mattered.  Wearing a matte foundation with this product tended to make me look too dry.  However the primer worked really well with any product that has a slight glow effect to it.  For example the QMS Active Glow Tinted Moisturizer.  It is actually a really good formula that works well with my skin, but because it has a slight shine to it, I tend to reach for it in the cooler months when I need to brighten up my skin.  In the summer time it can just make me look a little greasy.

By putting the mattifying primer underneath, it actually toned down some of the shine so that I did look slightly glowy rather than greasy.  It simply is too mattifying under a matte foundation.

If you look in the ingredients list you will see it is a silicone based primer (as opposed to a water or oil one) so pair up your products accordingly for best results.  Remember silicone goes with silicone and can break down more easily if you try to pair it with water. In addition, look for non-mattifying foundations.

primer under a glowy foundation product at the end of the day

I did notice that my skin was a little drier after several days of using this primer so that is something to watch out for.  My skin tends to balance in the murky world sometimes ineptly referred to as Normal.  Which means that in the summer I lean towards oily but am not super oily and in the winter I lean towards dry but am not usually super dry.  I am at my oiliest now in my skin zone rotation and I think that I am just on the edge of being able to use this product.  If my skin were any drier then I think I would have problems with it.  I think if I had more oily skin, I would love it more. 

I suspect that once summer ends, I will have to put this primer in the drawer and leave it there for the winter. Once my skin starts transitioning in the autumn, this primer will simply dry me out too much.  For the summer though, it does what it claims.  It mattifies, it blurs pores and it didn’t cause any blemishes. Just remember, you might need more product than you originally thought and you will need to pat it into place more than blend it out. 

For the final question, would I buy this Glamglow Primer again?  I doubt it.  It works well but it is a product that I can only use in one season.  Given how much product needs to be used it would probably be used up in a season so that it wouldn’t hang around, but it is a bit pricy for such limited use.  If I had year round oily skin, I could see myself repurchasing it.  I have several really good primers that work well at blurring out pores that I can use year round and just give an extra pat of powder to when I get a little shiny mid-day. 

Would I use this again?  Definitely.  It is a good product, for me however it isn’t going to become a staple makeup item.

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Benefit’s Porefessional Primer: a makeup bag favorite

Anyone who reads my posts with any regularity has probably figured out that I have an ongoing love affair with primers.  I think it goes back to the days when I used to paint.  A perfectly prepared canvas was a thing of beauty and if set up properly, it made a world of difference.

I sort of take the same approach to makeup.

more primer than I usually use for the face

I have large pores on my nose and cheeks and so finding a primer that can fill those, and smooth out the canvas of my face before I start to apply the paint, er, makeup, is a good thing. 

The Pore Professional from Benefit Cosmetics is not a new product.  It has been around for a long time. It has been talked about in great detail by a lot of people. Some love it, some scorn it. Some have moved on to other primers. While i use many different primers, the Pore Professional is still one of the products I routinely return to use and like having in my dressing table. 


Benefit Cosmetics

If you take a quick look at the ingredients list you will see the words Dimethicone-vinyl-dimethicone-crosspolymer.  I know my darlings, it is a mouthful. But it is an important mouthful.

Dimethicone-vinyl-dimethicone-crosspolymers are flexible silicon polymers consisting of dimethicone copolymers that are crosslinked. It acts as viscosity increasing agent, dispersing agent, and an emulsion stabilizer.

Again, a mouthful. I know, take a breath and reassure yourself that there will be no pop quiz later on. No one is going to ask you to break it down chemically, you just need to remember what that ingredient looks like so you can spot it on a label. And why would you want to? Because of what it means when it appears.

What it means essentially is that this primer is a silicone based primer. I know, a lot of big words to say something so simple.

You might be asking yourself, why does this matter?

It matters because like works with like. 

Have you ever seen your balsamic salad dressing separate into oil and water particles?  That’s because oil and water don’t mix, at least not without shaking and even then, they will separate out once the shaking stops.

Primers and foundations are the two ingredients you want to combine on your face.  Generally speaking there are silicon based primers and foundations and water based primers and foundations. There are exceptions, but this is true for the bulk of products.

No primer on left, primer on the right, you may need to zoom into a cheek to see the pore difference but the redness of my current chin blemish is reduced.

If you use a silicone based primer with a water based foundation it is a little like the oil and water in your balsamic dressing.  While you don’t have to constantly shake your face, you essentially have two products that don’t actually want to combine that you are trying to combine. They might klayer, but they aren’t going to be happy about it, and the unhappy layering can make even a good foundation act up.

If you use a silicone based primer with a silicone based foundation, things will go much more smoothly. The same is true for a water based primer and a water based foundation. So while discussing crosslinked copolymers may not be your idea of a good time, spotting Dimethicone-vinyl-dimethicone-crosspolymers  on your product labels will help you pair products for a much easier application.

This week I again used the Ulta Beauty Youthful Glow Foundation (The link will take you to the foundation review) and yes, those lovely cross polymers are present on it’s label, which means it plays well with the Pore Professional.

This primer does have a bit of a tint to the product, which I use to my advantage.  Most of my primer application is done across my nose and on my cheeks.  I don’t find it necessary to cover the entire face with it as I don’t have enlarged pores anywhere else. This does let me use less of the product and so each tube lasts longer. 

Because it is slightly tinted, I tend to add a small amount to areas of redness as well so that there is a more uniform look to my skin under the foundation.  I find this also lets me use less concealer a the blemishes are partially covered as well.

If I am going for a low makeup day, often times I will just use primer and powder and just skip the foundation all together.  It depends on how my skin is doing that day and what the day holds. It isn’t a terribly long lasting look as it needs the foundation to lock it in, but when your regular conference call turns into a zoom call, a little squeeze of primer quickly applied and topped with a dusting of powder is a super quick primp.

I’d say it is a no tool look, But I have never been good using the puffs that come in the powder compact. I love my No. 7 powder but I lose its little powder puff within a day or two of opening it. So even though I use my hands to smooth on the primer, I go with a powder brush for application, which makes it a one tool look. To finish it you can make it a three product day and add mascara. (Just make sure you don’t jab yourself in the eye with the wand as you are trying to find a shirt with no coffee stain on laundry day. Trust me, that will take infinitely longer.)

The Poreprofessional is a good product to do this with as it does have that slight tint to take down any redness and diminish signs of dark spots as well as filling in pores. It is also a matte product so there are no shiny spots left to glare into the camera. Overall it is a good primer and one I like keeping in my dressing table for rotation into my weekly makeup bag.  I was happy that I got to use it again this week and I look forward to using it the next time it circles back into my makeup bag.

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Trying out E.l.f’s Puff Puff Primer

Normally this is where I would post a foundation review.  This week I didn’t use a new foundation, but decided to dip back into some already open ones. Actually, I’m probably going to be rotating thorough open ones for a few weeks just so I can use more of the open products that I like. During these foundation trials I have found some good ones I don’t want them to go to waste.

This week when  I went to make my selection for foundation I ended up reaching for the Pretty Vulgar Lava Water Foundation.  That’s the link to my initial review and at the moment, I can’t really think of anything new to add except that I was happy to use it again this week. Thus far I’ve been pretty happy with most Pretty Vulgar products I’ve tried. Even if I did pick up their Feathers mascara just for looks, it turned out to be a really great product.

Pretty Vulgar Cruelty Free Makeup!

So, since the foundation was a repeat. I’m going to talk about a new primer instead.

Well new to me, some of you may have tried this one out before, but when running to Target to restock a few necessities I saw it on the shelf whereas I hadn’t seen it before, so I don’t think it’s been out a terribly long time.

Now I have to say, I love a good primer. 

I love the way it can smooth out your skin so that foundation applies smoothly, requires less product and lasts longer. Typically I go for pore filling primers, but I don’t mind branching out.  And I’ll admit, this one did amuse me.  Plus it was only $8 so I figured it was worth a try. Even if it does mean I’ve had old Cypress Hill songs running through my head all week. Luckily no one takes notice of the songs I hum to myself as I get ready or I’d probably be called out on repeating some of the lyrics.

So what are this primer’s claims?

This hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil primer nourishes and preps your skin. A creamy primer that absorbs quickly into the skin to soothe and hydrate, conditioning your skin before makeup application. Perfect for all skin types.

Key Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil – An amino-rich formula that helps nourish, hydrate and condition the skin. Vitamins A and C – Antioxidants known to help brighten skin’s appearance.

We all know, I love my vitamin C. There were also a list of positives for cannabis sativa seed oil praising its calming effects as well as a reminder that this contains neither THC nor CBD. While I am new to using a lot of CBD products, hemp seed oil based products aren’t all that new.  They have been around for ages.  I remember seeing them on the shelves of health food stores when I was little. I believe it was used to soothe skin irritations.

I’m pretty sure hemp seed doesn’t have the same CBD type calming effects, but it does tend to calm down skin irritations, which usually puts me in a better frame of mind anyway. I could be wrong about that as I am neither a dermatologist nor a chemist (or a botanist for that matter). It could be that the old folks I remember talking about hemp seed oil simply didn’t discuss mood elevating properties. (They were more deal with the nettle stings and complain about the state of the world rather than seeking mood elevators. Not that they minded a bit of the recreational, but they did love to complain. If griping was an olympic sport, they would have taken the gold.)

NET WT. 1.01 FL. OZ. (30mL) Water (Aqua), Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vc), Beta- carotene (Va), Sodium Hyaluronate, Sorbitan Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Ceteareth-20, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, BHT, Disodium EDTA

elf cosmetics website

I will say I really like the fact that when I looked up the ingredients, the hemp seed oil was the second ingredient, which means it is in a rather high concentration.  I always like to see the main ingredient a product is advertising be high up in the ingredients list.  For those new to reading ingredients lists on skin care and cosmetics products companies are required to list the products in descending order of concentration until they get to about the 1% level. So the higher on the list, the more of the ingredient there is.  Once they get down to the 1% mark they can list the remaining ingredients in any order they want.

The product comes in a nice tube with a flat cap so it stands upright.  It is dispensed through a pump.  The picture shows one full pump.  I found I needed two to cover my entire face completely. The formula is very interesting and not something I am used to seeing in a primer.  It is more of a cream formula.

When applied to the face it feels almost like a moisturizer.  The white disappears as the product is absorbed into the skin and the primer does create a nice even layer.  I think I needed more of it because a portion does absorb into the skin.  What remains is slightly sticky, which in a primer is not a bad thing.  I wore the primer with my foundation and, since I already knew and liked the foundation, there were a few days I just wore the primer with a dusting of powder over it. 

As you can see in the photos above, there wasn’t much difference to the skin with or without the primer. There is a slight matifying look but that is all. It has no tint or blemish hiding capabilities, but it does smooth the skin. It just doesn’t hide much.

The primer performed well under the foundation and when used with the powder alone, I found it really gripped onto the powder, keeping it in place longer.  The formula didn’t dry out my skin or make it overly greasy.  I will say that I am currently testing out a light day cream as my daily moisturizer.  Once I applied my moisturizer, I tend to let it sit while I have a cup of coffee.  Then once at least a little caffeinated, I return to put my makeup on.  Trust me no one wants me trying to apply eyeliner before my first cup. Done this way, my moisturizer had a few moments to sink in before I applied the primer.

I did try applying the primer right over the moisturizer and it worked okay, but not great.  I think if I was using a heavier moisturizer it would have been a mess.  Given the hydrating nature of the primer, I think either waiting for your moisturizer to settle or leaving off your moisturizer (depending on your skin type) might be the best plan.  If you have super dry skin, that might not be an issue for you.  For everyone else, give the moisturizer some time to settle first.  While this primer isn’t the pore filler I am accustomed to using, it is over all a really good primer.  It did its job, smoothing out skin and holding my makeup in place.  I am quite happy to have it in my collection, especially for good skin days where I don’t use foundation and just go with powder, and I think that I would definitely purchase this again.

In fact they have a hemp based skin care trial sized kit for $15 that I might be trying out soon.

It includes many of their available skin care products from their line. I think once this primer gets a little lower in the tube, I will pick it up and do a bit of a full on skin care trial with the primer as the topper for the skincare line. But that will be another post further down the road. For now, I am just going to keep this primer around.

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Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer Review

Is it worth the hype?

On one of my forays into Target I came across a Soap and Glory sale.  As I’ve mentioned before I am a big fan of their Peaches and Clean face wash and thought this a good opportunity to pick up a few of their other products to try out. One of those products was the One Heck of a Blot Instant Perfecting Power Primer.

Try saying that five times fast, I think my fingers even stuttered typing it.

As this product has been well hyped by loads of folks, I’m sure you have heard of it.  If not, it is a mattifying primer and often spoken of as though it were some sort of magic potion.  And if they are selling magic potion for $11.99 at Target that actually works, then I am in.

As long as it works.

Because that’s the key.

Who wants a magic potion that doesn’t work?

Unless you are anti magic potion. Or involved in a complicated diabolical plot in which the magic potion could completely scupper your plans… Unless you are the good person and it is the tyrant who has the magic potion. Why do you always have to assume I’m the evil one in these scenarios? I could be good. Just because someone runs around in a black cape cackling madly as they thwart would be heros does not mean that I’m … I mean they are evil. Those heroes could have needed thwarting.

But that’s not important right now.

So to the product description page to find out the actual product claims.  It reads…

Want perfect, shine-free skin? Meet, arguably, the best primer ever – ONE HECK OF A BLOT™ Instant-Perfecting Power Primer. It absorbs oil and controls shine all day. So pores look smaller – your skin smooth. (For all skin types.) With PORE-SHRINK™ Technology to instantly diminish the appearance of pores and SHINE-BLOC™ 12HR Matte Spheres for all-day-shine control, our magnificent, multi-action primer helps hide imperfections, even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of redness. It also helps makes your make up last longer and, with vitamin E, leaves you good to glow.

Not just a tongue twister featuring the letter P but one heck of a lot of claims. Let’s break them down.

Absorbs oil.

Shrinks pores.

Hides imperfections.

Helps make up last longer.

Evens out skin tones.

Everyone got that? Good.

First off, I should state that I love primers.  Often on my low makeup days once I have finished my skin care routine, I will apply primer, dust with powder, swipe on some mascara and lip gloss and consider myself done. It is an everyday part of my routine. So for my test of this product, I wore it both under foundation and on its own with only a powder topper.

The primer has a light pink tint to it which lends itself well to wearing without foundation.  I’ve always found the ones with a slight white tint to them to leave your skin looking a little lifeless if you don’t put anything over it. Those I save for under foundation. So the color enthused me.  I dotted the product on my face and then blended it in with a brush.

The product went on smoothly without a problem and I could easily see an immediate reduce in shine on my skin.  (While I tried to capture this, the flash went off on my camera and the overhead lights gleamed so I’m not sure how mattifying the second picture looks, but in person it was quite mattifying).  This was an excellent start.  After all a mattifying primer should mattify if nothing else. Which it did.

I don’t have a lot of redness or dark spots on my face so I didn’t see any sort of imperfection concealing abilities, but perhaps I would have seen more of an effect if I had a specific spot I wanted to conceal. It did help blur the look of my pores though which was nice.

Freshly washed with nothing on the skin.

My one concern was that it was not a very sticky product.  Many of my primers tend to be a little on the sticky side to grip makeup better.  This didn’t have that.  I’m not sure if that was an effect of the matte agents or what, but it wasn’t there.

Just the primer on my skin. I did see a significant matte effect.

On the days when I applied just powder and went about my day, the primer worked well. While the slight pink tint to the product did not tint my skin, it allowed my natural skin tones to show through so I didn’t look like I had any product on at all really, although I did notice that it helped sort of blur out my pores, so like my skin only a little better.  Not magic, but better. When I checked in the mirror later, I didn’t need to apply more powder because there was no shine of oil coming through.  While I am not a super oily person in general, if I am just wearing primer and powder then I generally find that mid-day a couple pats of powder help.  On the days I used this primer, I didn’t need the extra pats. It continued to keep my skin looking matte.

The product on my hand.

On the days that I used foundation, I made sure to try it not only under my favorite Becca liquid foundation, but my Nars foundation stick and the Neutrogena crème foundation with SPF 50 so that I could get a decent feel for how it worked with different formulas.  I had no problems with using this primer under any of the foundations.  It didn’t pill or crease into lines and it made foundation application smooth.

Did it do some slight blurring of the pores? Yes.

Did it mattify my skin and keep oil from seeping through during the day? Yes.

Did it extend the life of my makeup? Possibly, but mostly because it stopped oil from seeping through.

Did it hide imperfections and even out skin tone? A little maybe.

Is it a magic potion? Not really.

But it felt good on the skin and it is one of the best drug store primers I have come across.  Is it my absolute favorite primer? I have to say no.  I will say though that I will continue using it and I will repurchase it again to have on hand, especially on days when I know I want to shine for reasons other than because I’m oily. So even if it isn’t a magic potion, it is a good product at a great price and it has earned a spot in my make up bag. Even if the term Pore-shrink technology makes me think of 1950s sci-fi movies. As I said, this was only one of the products from Soap and Glory that I picked up. there were a few others and because of this trial, I am looking forward to testing them out even more.

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