Happy Hour: Prophecy Rose 2018 and Sweet and Spicy Shrimp

I’ll be honest, I am much more of a red wine person than a rose. For me Rose is a hot weather wine, served very chilled.  And in hot weather I am much more likely to go for a Gin and Tonic than I am a Rose.  On occasion I do like a good rose and we have been looking for a decent, inexpensive summer wine.

I was aiming for a somewhat more expensive Chardonnay to try, however I saw the label and thought it looked interesting so I thought I’d give this a go. 

I am a sucker for label art. I really do like the design work that has gone into most of them.  And I am not limited in scope either.  I like the old fashioned and classy to the wacky and sassy labels.  I think that many of them have just fantastic labels. 

I have bought many a bottle for art’s sake.

Sometimes this has led me to great finds, sometimes the label is the only good thing about the bottle.

This Prophecy Rose was neither.  It is not a stellar wine I would seek out and it is not a wine I would avoid.  For me it falls very middle of the road as far as Rose’s go.  It is not very acidic and it has hints of fruitiness.  I would say the fruit leans more towards strawberry and kiwi notes than anything else. It has that sweet with a slightly tart back note to it that I would associate more with kiwi than strawberry. It is a very drinkable wine as well as an affordable one.  It is priced at $14 which I would say is a fair value. 

It isn’t a terribly memorable wine, but I think it would go well on a hot summer evening when grilling shrimp.  I would give the shrimp a spicy glaze and finish the shrimp skewers off with a hit of lime before serving as I think this wine really does call out to be served with something like that.  It is a wine that would mingle well with smoke and heat and not be offended by the lime citrus.  The wine isn’t overly sweet but what sweetness it has would pair well with the sweetness that you get in shrimp. 

Tonight’s shrimp alas are not being grilled in the great outdoors.  I am merely brushing them with the bottled sweet chili sauce you can get at almost any grocery store and tossing them in the wok until they are cooked, then onto the plate they go with a squeeze of lime just before eating.  It is fewer recipes than a simple nibble.  But it does go really well with the wine.

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