Trying out the Refreshments Razor

As many of you know, I am in an ongoing struggle to reduce the amount of waste I produce. I use Makeup Erasers instead of disposable removal cloths and I have been adding reusable cotton rounds to my routine to reduce the number of disposable ones I use.

One of the places I have been looking to reduce my waste is in the use of a reusable razor rather than disposable ones. I have tried several shaving subscription services and quite frankly I have felt a bit like Goldilocks along the way. This one handle is too smooth and therefore slides a little too much when my hands are wet. That one has a razor head that swivels too much.

Each subscription has had it’s pros and cons, but none has been perfect.

The latest attempt at filling my reusable razor needs has been IPSY’s new Refreshments service. In my last shipment from them I received a reusable handle, a suction cup holder and two sets of blades.

The holder is nothing special. It does the job but isn’t really noteworthy. There is nothing really special about it. The handle though, I was very impressed by. It has some weight to it, but is not too heavy. It is sturdy enough to last a long time. It is composed of metal with rubberized grip to prevent slipping in the shower. In fact the razor handle looked as though it took in the notes from all the shaving services I tried before and used my notes to create a fantastically practical handle.

The blade too looked nice. It flexed well but not too much.

Let me tell you, I had high hopes my darlings. And as two sets of blades could be winging their way to me as part of my IPSY box each month for the price of $5, I thought this might be the one.

And then I used it.

a lot of gel on those strips

I don’t know how well the image translates, but above and below the blades are moisture strips. They provide a gel like glide over the skin. I used it and it felt nice. I could feel the gel like glide. The problem? The strips are too big. I felt the gel on my leg from the strips and then ran my hand over my leg to find none of the hair had been shaved off. The strips prevented the razor from doing it’s job.

I had to go in with one of the last remaining disposables in my stockpile to actually shave my legs. The gel from the Refreshments razor did make that shave quite smooth and lovely.

But that isn’t the point.

The point is that I tried using the razor several times but couldn’t get it to shave until the majority of the gel strips wore off. I had to try with the refreshments razor and then failing, go in with a disposable. Once the strips wore away I could shave with the razor, and then it did give quite the nice shave. But a much as I like the handle, I am not going to be making this my shaving subscription. In theory I could take an exacto blade and cut off the gel strips before I use it, but I don’t feel like I should have to shave my razor before I use it to shave my legs. I was enthused by the ease of the subscription and I really did like the handle. But if the razor doesn’t work properly then there is no real point to it. The Refreshments subscription is not for me. The quest continues for a reusable razor and shaving subscription service that i am willing to keep. Thus far i have tried several that were good but not perfect. I may never find perfect and circle back to the best of those I have already tried. But for now, the quest continues.

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