Cleaning up with the Ritual of Sakura

Rituals is one of those brands where I judge each product upon scent. In fact I think about the products based on scent before I actually consider what they do. I think that is because it is such a scent forward brand. The scents of their hand creams in particular tend to linger both on the skin and in the air.

Their bath products likewise tend to be relatively intense in scent while in use in the shower, however once you turn off the water and towel dry, the scent of all of their bath products fade down to a skin skimming whiff of fragrance. So barring anyone sticking their nose on your arm, the scent goes unnoticed by others. One of the exciting things about knowing this is that as they have a series of items in the same scent range, you can try out a milder version of the scent with in shower products before leaning into the full on scent-explosion of say a hand cream.

The Ritual of Sakura is the scent of rice milk and cherry blossom. It is the scent of spring. It is a lightly floral scent that quite honestly I really enjoy. The product that I used was the Foaming shower gel. A little dollop will foam up into a large mass. I pair the foam with an exfoliating body scrubber and the combination is fantastic. This is a product where you need a cloth or sponge or something.. Applying it directly to the skin just causes you to use too much product as it doesn’t like being spread about by hand. Spray a little on your cloth (or body washing item of choice) and then use on your skin. You get the great clean with less product.

While this scent is definitely a spring time scent, it is a lovely one that I would not mind using year round. While the florals are a bit, well strongly floral, they are tamed by the rice milk. It adds a fresh, yet somewhat more grounded scent to to cherry blossoms. It is a lovely scent and a great clean. The product cleans well without stripping the skin and leaves you feeling soft and nourished. Not only would I use this product again but I would definitely consider purchasing more from this Rituals line, including the much more strongly scented hand cream.

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