Cleaning up with the Ritual of Sakura

Rituals is one of those brands where I judge each product upon scent. In fact I think about the products based on scent before I actually consider what they do. I think that is because it is such a scent forward brand. The scents of their hand creams in particular tend to linger both on the skin and in the air.

Their bath products likewise tend to be relatively intense in scent while in use in the shower, however once you turn off the water and towel dry, the scent of all of their bath products fade down to a skin skimming whiff of fragrance. So barring anyone sticking their nose on your arm, the scent goes unnoticed by others. One of the exciting things about knowing this is that as they have a series of items in the same scent range, you can try out a milder version of the scent with in shower products before leaning into the full on scent-explosion of say a hand cream.

The Ritual of Sakura is the scent of rice milk and cherry blossom. It is the scent of spring. It is a lightly floral scent that quite honestly I really enjoy. The product that I used was the Foaming shower gel. A little dollop will foam up into a large mass. I pair the foam with an exfoliating body scrubber and the combination is fantastic. This is a product where you need a cloth or sponge or something.. Applying it directly to the skin just causes you to use too much product as it doesn’t like being spread about by hand. Spray a little on your cloth (or body washing item of choice) and then use on your skin. You get the great clean with less product.

While this scent is definitely a spring time scent, it is a lovely one that I would not mind using year round. While the florals are a bit, well strongly floral, they are tamed by the rice milk. It adds a fresh, yet somewhat more grounded scent to to cherry blossoms. It is a lovely scent and a great clean. The product cleans well without stripping the skin and leaves you feeling soft and nourished. Not only would I use this product again but I would definitely consider purchasing more from this Rituals line, including the much more strongly scented hand cream.

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Trying The Ritual of Mehr

Hand and body cream are items that I have always had around, but never really gave much thought to. Often times they came in Subscription boxes and I just used them and let them go. Rarely did I have to purchase them. I generally gave more thought to body lotions as they covered a much larger expanse of skin and therefore I would be stuck with a scent and all over feel I might not like.

Hand cream was something I just sort of grabbed when I pulled too many weeds in the garden and my hands were starting to get a bit rough or something I reached for when my skin felt a bit dry in the winter.

And then came the year of hand sanitizer and extreme hand washing.

Body lotions took on a whole new importance as my hands began to resemble what I like to think of as the desiccated iguana look. For a time it looked as though nothing was going to help. Slowly began the rescue from the dry and scaly look and in the process I found that there were some higher priced lotions I liked and some that I didn’t. I found several drugstore lotions and creams that were worthless and several that were ultimate rock stars of hydration.

In all honesty, scent had always been one of my driving factors when picking up hand or body cream. I figured they would all do a decent enough job of hydration o it was the scent I would be stuck with.

And if you’ve ever used a Ritual’s product, you know that sachet is a big issue with the brand. Every product I have tried from them has been highly fragranced. Most of the products I have tried have been bath related. This is actually my first body lotion from the brand. As with all lotions though, I now start them with my hands and arms. If I like the scent and feel enough then they graduate to being used as full on body lotions.

Plus I find it a good way to test any allergic reactions and I figure that if the lotion can keep my hands hydrated, than it should work well on the rest of me.

According to the Ritual’s Website

If you want healthy, radiant and nourished skin, along with a delightfully energetic and joyous fragrance, then The Ritual of Mehr body cream is just for you. This bright fragrance opens up with a sparkling citrus top note, blended with a heart of florals and grounded with a drydown of cedar wood. Contains uplifting sweet orange and stimulating cedar wood, to help hydrate your skin while also treating your soul with energising properties.

It is also available in our eco-chic refill option, allowing you to reuse the luxury jar.

I like that it comes with a refillable option as I am always looking for ways to reduce waste in my routines. I am also not surprised to find that the Ritual’s Hand cream description sounds a bit more like a perfume description than a lotion.

As far as scent goes, it is pretty strong. And it smells of cedar and orange. I’m sure there is some sort of floral note in there somewhere, but it really buried under the cedar and orange. I don’t mind it actually. OI really enjoy the scent. I think in the summer time it would be a bit too much of a scent bomb for me. However as the days get cooler, this is a warm and rich scent that I don’t mind having around me. If it were a candle I would buy it in a heart beat.

The scent is strong though and it does linger. I put a little dab of lotion onto my hands and massaged them. After two hours the scent was still with me. If you are sensitive to scent, this may be a product you want to shy away from. If you like scent, just make sure that it doesn’t clash with your perfume and you will be fine.

But scent isn’t everything.

Using this moisturizer I found it absorbed well and fairly quickly into the skin. It didn’t leave any greasy spots and it didn’t make my hands feel slick. I think part of that is because they seem to lean more into sunflower seed oil rather than something like shea or coco butters on their ingredients list. The oil seems to absorb more quickly and easily into the skin.

While it did moisturize well, I found that it wasn’t enough for my hands. It is not a cream I could use in the morning and just not think about it all day. I found myself applying it a couple of times a day. Even on days when I didn’t leave the house and therefore didn’t need the hand sanitizer. The scent lasts much longer than the hydration.

I know, this Ritual of Mehr is a body cream. If used as a body cream it worked well. For skin that doesn’t need as much hydration as my hands it was enough. In truth this product is more about scent than it is about intense hydration. I think that this is the sort of cream I would use after a long bath or shower as part of my get ready to go out ritual. The scent is luxurious and delightful. The cream feels good on the skin, but it isn’t enough to be used as an everyday sort of product. I don’t mind having special occasion products, and I think this falls into that category. If you are looking for an orange and cedar scented luxury for those special nights, then I would go for this. For an everyday post shower moisturizer, I feel it is a little lacking. So for me, I will set this lotion to the side to use the next time I want to give myself a luxurious home spa day and look for a different daily body cream.

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Trying out the Ritual of Jing

I am a big believer in trying new products. I know anyone who reads this regularly sees me swap out makeup, skincare and even hair care products. I make a list of what I like so I can repurchase them and use them again and I make a list of products to never purchase again. Often the category I forget about is the bath.

while I generally don’t take a lot of baths once the weather warms and tend to shelve a lot of my soaks and bath fizzies until the weather turns, I still try out different bathing products on a regular basis. One of the products I have been trying recently has been the Rituals Ritual of Jing Mild Body Scrub.

Now, I love a good body scrub. In fact since I have been exercising more , I like the body scrubs more as well. Oddly enough, I use them more in the summer time than I do in the winter. In the winter I will tend to use a dry brush before I get into the shower or bath. (Actually I tend to use the dry brush, and then shower. If I am having a bath I still take a really short shower first to rinse off before sitting in the bathtub. That way I rinse the dirt of the day off before I sink into the fragrant water- in case you were wondering)

My dry brush comes from SpaRitual in case you were wondering. I picked it up last fall as an experiment to see if I liked dry brushing and used it all winter. I really enjoyed it. The pristles are stiff enough to get the circulation going but not stout enough to be scratchy feeling. (Which was a problem with a brush I tired initially). I was actually tickled to find the brush on their site as previously I only went to the site for their nail polish. They have a really good Vegan nail polish line actually. Although now that I found the brush I really need to expand my poking around on their website instead of getting sidetracked by the nails.

initial product dispense

Although speaking of getting sidetracked…

Back to the bath.

Anyway the point is, I don’t use the dry brush in the summer because in the summer time I tend to be amp mand sweaty when i go in for my evening shower. So I just don’t use the dry brush in the summer. (I know, it was a long way to go to get there)

In the summer I use body scrubs in the shower. Again not all scrubs are created equal. Some are too harsh, others leave too much residue behind. With Rituals I have only tried their body wash before so their scrub was a new thing for me. Used to the foam of their body wash the cream that came out of the tube was thick and at first, looked like a cream body wash. The grain of the exfoliating particles is quite fine. I tried to spread it out in my hand so that you can hopefully see some of the texture.

It is like very fine sand. It isn’t as harsh as sand though and does a pretty good job of scrubbing without being too harsh. It also rinses off cleanly with out leaving a residue or a sandy feel to the skin.

spread out to show the bamboo texture

According to the website, this was the goal of the formula.

Treat yourself to the most relaxing exfoliation experience ever with this body scrub from The Ritual of Jing. Composed of ultra-fine bamboo particles and a rich cream base, the scrub gently yet thoroughly removes dead skin cells and hydrates without leaving the skin feeling greasy. The cream base promotes the absorption of valuable active ingredients and makes the scrub suitable to use on more sensitive areas such as your neck and cleavage.

Rituals Website

Incidentally , this product is on sale on the Rituals site for $13.50 for the full sized jar. I’m not an affiliate and clicking the link does nothing for me, in case you are wondering. it is just where I went to get information about the product. I saw it is on sale and I think it might be a site wide sale but I am not certain. Just something to be aware of if you are shopping.

While I will say that the scrub does exactly what it claims to do, something you might want to be aware of is that the scent is strong. I think it is more noticeable to me now because I have been using the Zents Shampoo and Conditioner, both of which are designed to have very delicate scents. But even so, the scent of this product is noticeable. I find the scent pleasant. It is a slightly floral, slightly spicy product with maybe a hint of coconut at the back. I can’t actually pin down exactly what it smells like. I looked at the ingredients list and while I can tell it has shea butter in it, more from feel than scent, I am not certain what lotus flower of jujuba fruit smell like. I would just describe it as creamy, with slightly floral, slightly spicy notes.

I like the scent and it does fade once you wash off the scrub, but it is a very present scent when you are bathing. If you are sensitive to scents, you just might want to bear that in mind. In fact that is something I would say about Rituals products across the board. I like them and they work really well for me, but I always think of them scent first and use second. If scent doesn’t bother you, their products always work well. In fact they work almost exactly as they are listed on their website. What they say they do, they do. And as scented as their products are, they are rarely sweet and floral. So many of the bath products I have tried out have been scented like candy or flowers that it is nice to have something that leans more into the spicy realm. Even if my babydoll does occasionally borrow the rituals products when I leave them in the shower. It is a nice change from the typical bath products. In the end I think that this is a product I would definitely repurchase.

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