Perfume Review: Rose Ink by Kierin NYC Perfumes

This Rose Ink perfume was sent to me by Kierin NYC for the purpose of review. And quite frankly I am thrilled that they did. While I have been working through the Kierin NYC Discovery Kit, I have seen all of the bottles that the full sized perfumes come in and it is really nice to see in person.

I know I adore glass which is why my kitchen cabinets have such an odd assortment and many of my plants are in containers not originally meant to house plants. I love glass and I love recycling. Which makes the Kierin Perfume bottles quite perfect. They are made with recycled glass. They are given a white coating to protect the product from sunlight and then they are each given their own graphic design. I have to say I find the graphic placed over the corner quite appealing. And to be honest the bottle simply feels good in the hand.

However this is not a bottle review, it is a perfume one.

To be completely honest, I might not have picked up this perfume on my own. And that is mostly because of the name. Rose Ink is the newest perfume in the Kierin NYC lineup and the name Rose scared me a little. while I generally like the scent of rose (especially the French Rose of skincare) when I see the word Rose in Perfumes I tend to think of little old ladies sitting in church. Mostly because in the church I attended as a child there was a trio of elderly sisters who all seemed to douse themselves in rose scented products before service.

However nothing about this brand looks elderly. It looks fresh and new. So I had high hopes. After all, the perfumes in the discovery kit surprised me, why wouldn’t this? Now with perfumes I have two methods of trying them. Which I use depends on how they came to me.

The first is that I read the description, let the magic of the imagery of the description carry me away and then see if the perfume lives up to it’s hype.

The second method is to try the perfume and then read the description.

With the Discovery kit, I generally found that the Perfume Descriptions from Kierin NYC were stripped of a lot of their verbiage and that the perfumes came across exactly as described. So for Rose Ink I decided to try out the perfume before looking at the description.

So that’s what I did.

I’ve been wearing Rose Ink for the past week.

First off, it isn’t a simple rose scent. there is nothing of the elderly church going triplets about it. There is rose mixed in but it is more of a wild rose scent than a garden one. It is the sort of rose you can see climbing trees and winding through the wild. There is a spiciness to the floral and it really balances out the sweetness of the rose. Because that is the usual downfall of rose, on it’s own it can become very cloying. This is not cloying. It is very much blended into its environment. Which is perhaps why when I close my eyes and thing of rose while wearing it I get the wild rose imagery rather than a garden scene. It is a wild and woody setting rather than an organized and tended one.

Like all of Kierin NYC’s perfumes, Rose Ink sprays on strong and then after a moment of intense scent it fades back to a more personal scent. If you give it that moment to settle in then it becomes the kind of scent you could wear just about anywhere. It isn’t going to disturb others in an office setting. It wouldn’t be out of place at dinner. It is a light spicy floral that stays close enough to your skin that someone would have to be invited into your personal space in order for them to smell. Personally that is my kind of scent. I generally wear scent for myself to accent my mood or even to change it. While I have some scents that I wear specifically because my babydoll likes them, most of the time the perfumes I wear are for me and not other people so I don’t want them to be troubled by them.

This is a scent that definitely falls into the personal category. What I find interesting is that all of the other perfumes from Kierin NYC fall into very specific categories, at least for me. With each of them a sniff said, ‘Yes this is something I could wear to the office’ or ‘Nope this is a date night scent, not an office one’. Each perfume seemed crafted for a moment or a situation. I could say daytime or night time as a descriptor and easily pick a scene where it would be appropriate. In fact the scene would almost shoot into my brain from the first sniff.

This Rose Ink is a little different. If asked night or day I would simply say yes. It is a perfume I could see spritzing on in the morning when getting ready for work. It is also a perfume i could see spritzing on in the evening as I get ready to go out. It is a scent that I could easily see becoming an everyday scent. I quite like it actually.

I am however curious as to what the official description says about it, aren’t you? So lets look (I should point out that out of curiosity I wrote up my thoughts about the perfume before going onto the site to see it’s official details just because their descriptions ended up being so accurate with all of their other perfumes.

So officially Rose Ink is…


Be among the very first to experience our latest creation, KIERIN NYC ROSE INK. Crafted in collaboration with perfumer, Jerome Epinette, this New York story is a remarkable, woodsy floral that blends the memory of deep devotion and deviant desire. A sultry, lusty, unisex 2.0 scent made for memorable men and women.

Vibe: Dark – Warm – Wild

Olfactive Harmony: Floral – Woody

the 10 ml size

Key Ingredients: Saffron, Cassis, Damask Rose petals, Cedarwood, Crisp Amber

Eau de Parfum:  Premium quality with 20% Fragrance concentration. Comes as a Natural Spray.

Clean & Conscious: This product is cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, recyclable and free of toxins, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary dyes and stabilizers. Made with natural sugar cane alcohol.

KIERIN CARES: Proud to be one of the very few perfume brands certified 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free by PETA.  

Fragrance made in the USA.

Okay well I can definitely agree with the warm, Wild, Floral and Woody. Those are all words I would use to describe the scent. I think it is mostly the cedarwood balancing out the rose. I would have sworn there was a touch of gardenia in there as well, but it isn’t listed as a note. Over all though as with all Kierin Perfumes, what you read is pretty much exactly what you get. As I have been fooled by many perfumes before, I have to say that is very nice to see.

And if you see the description and are still on the fence about the perfume, it is sold in two sizes. There is the full sized bottle (pictured at the top of the post), which has 50 ml worth of perfume inside and there is the 10 ml size Pictured above). I love that it comes in two sizes. While you can read about perfumes and imagine them all you want, perfumes are so personal that the only way to know if they are right for you is to actually try them. The smaller 10 ml size allows you to do exactly that. You can wear the perfume enough times and for a long enough duration to find out if the scent really is for you. Wearing a perfume and living with it a while is the best way to know if a scent is for you and if it is worth investing in a full sized bottle. I love that Kierin NYC gives you that opportunity by selling the smaller travel sized version as well as the full sized one. I also like that all of their perfumes are sold in the travel sized tubes as well. While not traveling at the moment, I don’t like traveling with a full sized bottle of perfume. There was an incident once and I would really like never to repeat it. Not that having permanently scented luggage isn’t an interesting edition to my life, but I prefer to wear my perfumes rather than use them to scent my belongings. So I always travel with travel sized bottles. I really like they have that as an option for each of their perfumes. As much as I adore the bottles, sometimes you don’t need the full bottle.

Admittedly with these bottles, I kind of want to collect them all. Just look at the image below. Can’t you just see a row of those bottles lined up on the vanity, each for a different day or occasion? I can. Of course that is why I am currently building my own personal scent library, but that is another story. Whichever size you choose, it is hard to go wrong With Kierin NYC. Their perfumes are well thought out from design to execution and a pleasure to wear.