Sakura + Sage Vegan Eyeshadow and Blush Palette from Seraphine Botanicals

The Palette

The palette I used as my primary shadow palette this week was the Sakura + Sage Vegan Eyeshadow and Blush Palette from Seraphine Botanicals. It came to me courtesy of my July IPSY Bag and I not only used it as my eyeshadow but as my blush as well this week.

I really like face palettes. I know this is more of an eyeshadow palette with blush attached, but I’m still counting it. One of the reasons I like them is that I get ready each morning in a bathroom that is more correctly speaking, a powder room. There is no shower or bath so I can apply my morning face without interruption from others getting ready for their day. The powder room is also out of the flow of morning traffic in my house as well so that helps cut down the interruptions. But it is a powder room with a pedestal style sink and one small shelf to hold my skin care and makeup. This is why my products live in the dressing table and rotate into the make up bag I take to the bathroom each week.

And in case you are wondering, the dressing table is situated in a place of strange light so my makeup always comes out looking peculiar if I try to put it on at the dressing table. It is however where I do my hair which is why sometimes my hair looks crazy when I take pictures of my makeup. All of which is I’m sure more than you wanted to know. So, to the palette my darlings!

The palette itself is pretty and of a good manageable size. On the inside there is a mirror of a pretty decent size. Useful for traveling, but as I was working in the bathroom with a large mirror, I didn’t need it. It did bother me a little that the top flap doesn’t fold all the way back unless you hold it down so the palette sits flat when opened. To be honest, that would be of more use to me on a daily basis than the extra mirror.

In this palette there are two blushes. I’ve swatched them here with Azalea on the left and Dawn on the right. (the full palette interior is shown below)

As you can see Azalea is pink and Dawn is more of a golden tone. It looks tan in the palette. To be honest when I first swatched it, I thought Dawn might be a highlighter. It is not. While it looks golden in the swatch on the cheeks, at least my cheeks, it disappears without even a whisper of shimmer. It was pointless for me to use. Azalea worked fine on the cheeks. It is a very light formula so it is buildable more than pigmented. To get the swatched I rubbed my finger over the pan quite a bit. But buildable is fine, especially in a blush. It is a bit more of a pink tone than I prefer, but blended out it was okay. It isn’t one of my top formulas, but it was fine. By the end of the day though it more or less disappeared from the skin. It is a look good for a few hours formula, not an all day wear one.

So on to the shadows.

There are two mattes in the palette. Pecan (the lighter brown) and Chicory, the darker brown shade. I wasn’t a fan of either. They were patchy and hard to work with. The bonus was that there was little powdery fall out but as there was little color all around, it wasn’t much of a benefit.

The shimmer shades were a different story. Carob (2nd swatch) was very pigmented but tended to have a lot of fall out both on the brush and throughout the day. Filigree (1st swatch) worked well and generally stayed put. Sparkle (4th swatch pink color) worked like a dream. It was pigmented, went onto the lids well and stayed exactly where it was put all day long. Silver (last swatch on right) did nothing but leave glitter on my cheeks for the rest of the afternoon. I even used my fantastic Pretty Vulgar Eyelid Primer to try and get them to stay. It helped a little but by the end of the day, most of the eye look ghosted. If looking to buy this palette, my thoughts would be look for Sparkle as a single shadow and forget the rest. Sparkle is a seriously fantastic formula. Everything else can be left behind.

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