Two weeks of the Kusker Water Flosser

For the past two weeks I have been using the Kusker Portable Oral Irrigator. It is basically a water pic/water flosser. Oh, and if you are interested Kusker gave me a 10% off code of MSMIMSY.

I grew up using the super clunky water pics with a little tip fitted onto a long cord that led to a plastic box with water in it. while I loved the feeling the water pic gave my mouth, the device was sometimes more trouble than it was worth. The cord tangled. If you didn’t fit the box on the machine just right then it wouldn’t quite work (the gears had to line up on my model). And worst of all water could remain in the cord and go stale so you had to run it a bit to make sure all the older water was out before you actually used it. And sometimes it still tasted stale.

But I always loved the clean feeling using a water pic gave my mouth.

This water flosser from Kusker had all of the great clean mouth feeling that I loved, but none of the troubles of the model I used as a kid. First of all there is no cord so water isn’t getting trapped anywhere. It has water in it when you are using it and then it is not there when you aren’t.

The tips were easy to trade out (this model has four to choose from). They snapped in and when you wanted to remove them, you pressed the button at the top and lifted it out. It was super easy to change them out. I found I generally used one of the standard tips for general cleaning and then I used the tip with the soft white tip for really getting between the teeth.

This model also has four modes to switch between depending on not only your sensitivity, but what you are using the device for. To go over my teeth I used the regular mode, and when I went to work on my gums I generally found the soft mode more comfortable.

selecting the mode

Without the cord the water starts to come out of the tip as soon as you press the button, so you need to put the tip in your mouth before you turn it on to avoid making a mess. I was initially concerned about switching modes due to this, but you can change the modes without turning on the water flosser. You simply press the mode button and select the mode you want, then put the tip in your mouth and press the power button.

No muss, no fuss.

One of my initial concerns was also dealing with weight. It looks as though it is going to be a heavy device. It isn’t. even completely filled with water the device was not too heavy to use comfortably. It fit in my hand well and the textured grip kept it from slipping no matter how wet my hands were.

While the water flosser gave my teeth and extra clean feeling, to really bump it up, I did add a little bit of mouthwash to the water carafe and it worked beautifully. This device was easy to use and I really enjoyed the extra clean feeling my teeth (and gums) got from using it. I only used it once a day and once I got into the habit of using it right after brushing my teeth at night it was easy to incorporate it into my routine.

While I didn’t travel in the past two weeks, the provided bag fits the device and charging cord easily, and even has a separate pouch for the separate tips so I know it would be very easy to travel with. I think the key would be to let it dry out completely before packing and everything will be fine. I anticipate getting a lot of use out of this device. The Kusker Water Flosser has earned it’s place in my bathroom and in my dental line up.

Weekly Weight: 222.2 lbs

I am not surprised that my scale went up this week. When I am stressed even if I don’t eat, I sort of gain weight. It is like my body pulls moisture from the air and uses it to lock in everything. My eating also wasn’t the best and with heat followed by lots of rain storms my workout weren’t the best either. so it was pretty much the perfect storm.

But here is the good thing about a weight loss journey. No matter how many times you get knocked back, you only really fail if you stop trying. the exercise I did get was good for me. The fact that even though I did eat some not so great foods, I still tried to reign in my portions size meant that it was a small weight gain rather than a large one.

Would I have liked it not to have happened? Sure, but I understand why it did and I am not going to let it worry me too much. While I am working out and losing weight to better my life and keep me healthy for the rest of it, working out and weight loss are not my life.

they are a means to an end not an end in and of themselves.

I think it is easy to lose track of that.

I also think it is very important that it be remembered.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 219.0 lbs

This weeks Weight: 222.2 lbs

Change this week: +3.2 lbs

Lost this far: 23.8 lbs

And so I was knocked back this week by stress and a need to just breathe. Today, I’ll go on a walk, make my menu plan for next week and get back on track working to make next week’s numbers better. I know this and I am okay with it.

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Does the Be Calm Stress Patch work?

Let’s face it, we could all use a little less stress in our lives. I think that is one of the reasons products like this Be Calm patch from The Good Patch, are so attractive as products. It promises the possibility of a bit of relief from the stress with one quick and easy patch. Just peel it from the backing and stick it on your inner arm and inner calm and peace can be yours (for $16 for 4 patches).

It sounds like a good idea, But does it work?

Let’s look at some of the details.

Time to unwind and decompress. This patch is complete with 15 mg Premium Hemp Extract, Ashwagandha, Passionflower and other key ingredients. (15 mg Industrial Hemp Extract, 4 mg Menthyl Lactate, Ashwagandha Root Powder, Passionflower Powder, Black Pepper Extract (Piper Nigrum)

The Good Patch
The patch

It is no surprise that chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. it is the way nicotine patches work after all and those have been around for quite some time.

When opening the package, I was surprised by how large the patch was. It about an inch square. I don’t know why I was expecting something smaller, but I was actually enthused but the fact that it is larger. After all more surface area means more calm, right?

It peeled off the backing easily and adhered well to my wrist. In addition it is clear so once on it more or less visibly disappeared. It just made that section of my wrist look like it had a piece of tape on it. I like that it is invisible.

The patch on my wrist

Even though it wasn’t really seen, I did feel it constantly on my wrist. And that is actually an interesting thing. The patch can be worn for up to 12 hours and I wore it four about nine. During that time I would find myself moving my hand, remembering the patch by the feel of it on my wrist and remind myself that I was supposed to feel calm. I would then take a few deep breaths and do my best to relax and let the calm flow through me.

I am fairly certain that any calm I felt from this patch, came from me feeling the patch and reminding myself that I was supposed to be calm. I can’t honestly say that anything that might have absorbed through the patch actually helped in making me calm. I think that I would have the same level of calm that I would have had if I attached something else to my wrist (be it a bracelet or even a piece of clear tape with no chemicals on it) and made myself remember to be calm. In fact i am fairly certain I would have gotten the same results if I took a sharpie and wrote be calm on my wrist.

I can see the appeal and I can see the reminder is helpful, I can’t honestly say that the patch in itself did anything other than remind me to be calm. It isn’t a bad thing, having that reminder, in fact it was good to have a reminder. However as a product, I can’t really say it was all that effective. It only had the power my mind gave it. This Be Calm from The Good Patch is just not for me.

Weekly Weight: 224.4 lbs

The Scale: May 20th, 2022

This week was about getting food back on track and exercise arranged in a more or less usual fashion. There were some extra garden exploits that I’m sure burned extra calories. Last week there were a few days I didn’t feel like eating at all and then came the arrival of comfort casseroles and food was eaten whether I was hungry or not. Now I am back home and it is more normal.

I had no clue what was going to happen when i got on the scale this morning and honestly I suspected there would be a weight gain. I was presently surprised by the 2 lbs loss. Pleasantly so. At the same time I am not sure I can take the credit for that. It was a very up and down two weeks with a lot of emotional upheaval. I am hoping that the weight is gone and I can continue the steady slope into a healthy weight loss.

Also I planned to try this before everything happened. As it is I will be giving it another week before I sign up but there is this site called Yoga Works. It has oodles of yoga classes that you can stream from home and I think I would do better with my inside workouts if I had a set yoga class rather than things I cobbled together from You Tube Videos. we are getting into the season where I can go on my walks if i leave first thing in the morning. Any later and the heat and humidity sap my energy for the day instead of simply providing an exercise outlet.

Which means I need to incorporate more indoor workouts. So I will be inventorying my in home work out gear and seeing if there is anything I need to add with a Prosource fitness order and bulking up my fitness clothing collection and then signing up for the Yoga Works. Since I can’t help but review everything, I’ll let you know how I feel about it as I use it. But I think I am going to give myself another week to settle back into normal before I sign up for it. I’ll post the link below for anyone else interested. As for now, I am going to be happy about the two lbs lost, however they ended up getting lost.

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last weigh in: 226.4 lbs

This week’s weight: 224.4 lbs

Lost this week: 2.0 lbs

lost thus far: 21.6 lbs

Yoga for every body – online. Discover more at!

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All that glitters…

As many of you may recall I am slowly working my way through my individual packets of eye masks to see which ones are worth ordering in packs as I prep for allergy season and the near constant need to depuff my eyes, and which ones I just want to let go.

I know I have been posting these on Tuesdays, but my babydoll had dental surgery yesterday and while he came through it well, things went a bit awry. So there was no chance of masking, or much else yesterday. So, wednesday.


Today’s eyemask trial is the Starskin VIP The Gold Mask Revitalizing Luxury Gold Foil Eye masks. A five pack of these eye masks retails for $30.40. Other places had them for slightly more. Oddly I couldn’t find them listed on a Star Skin Site.

the masks

Right out of the package these masks look exactly like the Wander Beauty Gold baggage claim masks (link to full review). They even have the same internal packaging of two plastic disks held together by serum. The paper feels more or less the same. The Starskin ones may be a hair thinner.


The big difference though is the scent. The Starskin eye masks and a powerful perfume scent. It is not a skincare or a spa floral, it is straight up perfume floral when they come out of the packaging. The scent dims after a moment, but it was enough to get my nose running.


I put the masks in place. Because they look so similar to the Wander Beauty ones, I couldn’t help but compare them. They were both loaded down with serum so the paper adheres well to the skin. While the Wander beauty tops eventually dried out on top while the serum stayed underneath, the Star skin ones dried out just a little bit more quickly and there was less moisture remaining underneath.

There was also less of the cooling effect than I have with, not only the Wander Beauty, but most other eye masks. I didn’t feel the cooling as the masks sat. I did feel a little bit of a cooling sensation after peeling them off but that was mostly the cool air on my damp skin. In addition the area where the mask was felt a little on the sticky side. After removing the eye masks i felt compelled to rinse off my skin. A splash of water was all that was needed, not a full face wash, but it doesn’t really speak well for the serum.

There was a little bit of puffiness reduction but over all, I did not really enjoy this set of eye masks. I think that The Star Skin VIP is not for me. I do have another Star Skin mask in this set to try out and hopefully I will enjoy the serum a bit more. But for me, this is definitely not a repurchase and to be honest if another set comes my way, I will add it into the pile of items to pass along to someone else.

The Daily: December 9th, 2021

Today my darlings was an interesting one. It was one of those days where it felt as though everything was in constant motion. There was no stopping and no waiting for anything. I think I even took a few of my phone calls while in motion.

It is just the time of year. So much to do and only a handful of days left to do it in before everyone takes off for the holidays.

It means that today I did the five minute makeup. I also used the Klorane Dry shampoo because I had an unexpected video call request right after I got back from my walk. Ah yes, dry shampoo, the emergency hair repair for days when I wasn’t expecting anyone to see me before I jumped in the shower.

As I said, the makeup was also rushed, but i think it came out well, mostly because I grabbed products that I knew were easy.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Bronzer/blush/powder/highlight: PUR 4-in-1 Skin Perfecting Powders Palette

Eyeshadow: No 7 Pink Blossom Eyeshadow trio

Mascara: Tarte Gifted Mascara

Lips M2U NYC Matte Lipstick in Soho

This was the last of the Elf Poreless Primer. I did order a new one on the Black Friday sales because it is a product that I really like to keep around. It is quick to use and completely reliable. And you also only use a little of it so it tends to last a long time. I want to whittle down a few other primers before I open the new on though, but for today, I was happy to use the last of this one. It is great when you are in a hurry.

No 7 also came to my rescue. This really may be one of my favorite drugstore foundations. I pump a bit on to the back of my hand, dab it onto my face and then quickly blend it in with my favorite foundation brush (Master Blender 999 from Bdellium Tools) and I am good to go in a flash. It also really helps that this is a shade that is very close to my natural skin tone so it helps with the blending.

I used No7 eyeshadow as well today. Partially because I like the eyeshadow as it is quick and easy with no fuss. In addition there isn’t much thought I have to put into using the trio. It is pretty simple, bing, bang boom and your are done. Which is actually the beauty of small eyeshadow palettes. I may like having all of the colors, but when I’m rushed, a limited palette actually helps.

Plus it was still out from where I unpacked from my Thanksgiving trip.

Also still out was the Pur Palette. While I like the palette, especially or traveling, it meant that i didn’t have to search for any individual products. the products work well and were quickj to apply.

To finish off the look I chose the M2U lipstick. It is a liquid lipstick formula that is really growing on me and very quickly becoming my instinctive first grab product. The formula is very comfortable to wear and lasts for quite a while.

Today’s makeup look was mostly about speed and ease of use. While there are some days where I like taking my time getting ready and playing with different colors and styles, this wasn’t one of them. I had a limited time to get ready and no time to play around with anything new. Today was about choosing products I could use without thinking too much about them. And honestly, I rather like the look I came up with. Even if it was a bit rushed.

Later this afternoon I plan to actually slow down for a moment with my sheet mask of the day. Todays sheet mask is from Orjena. It is called the Collagen Natural Moisture Mask Sheet. While most of the information is in Korean, the English does say it is a cotton sheet and those are usually pretty comfortable to wear. Hopefully the Collagen will be nice and moisturizing as well. It is a Facetory Mask and while I haven’t used this specific mask before I have used the brand and have high hopes for it.

And it will give me a few minutes to stop and have a breather. Today, that feels like the best reason to actually use a sheet mask. Mental care rather than Skin care. Sometimes, products can serve more than one purpose. I hope whatever your day is like, you take at least a few minutes to breath and allow yourself to regroup.

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Weekly Weight: The December Break, December 3rd, 2021

I believe I mentioned this just before taking off for Thanksgiving, but I am going scale free this holiday season. That’s right. it is my gift to myself. There will still be walking and monitoring the food I take in to make certain I don’t overdo it. When I have my regular meals at home I will log the foods in and keep track of calories as normal.

However there will be no scale.

Part of that is because there are so many gatherings and special events this month that my actual meal plan is more or less only about half of the food that I will consume this month. egular meals will be skipped and canapes served, both by me and by other people.

Yes, I will try not to go over board with the holiday treats, but I am not going to go to a friends house and ask them how many calories are in their homemade eggnog. Partially because if you are drinking homemade eggnog then you should really either just enjoy it and not worry about it or skip it all together.

Just know it is highly caloric, have one glass and don’t go back for five additional ones.

Admittedly with the eggnog my friends make, three eggnogs would have you spinning. They are a bit potent. Delicious, but my decision to stick to only one isn’t solely calorie based. While this is the season of joy and celebration it is also the season where a little bit of personal restraint isn’t a bad thing.

This season I will be practicing some restraint, but enjoying myself as I spend time with those I love. Having to get on the scale would just add a layer of stress that I think I can do without this year, so I am.

It is part of my, ‘treat myself with some of the kindness I generally reserve for other people’ program for the new year. I know, I still need to work on my titles. But the theme is there as is the intent. I think that sometimes I can be too hard on myself. I’m sure several of you out there suffer from the same thing. It seems to be quite common. So This year I am going to remember that I sometimes deserve a little kindness too and give myself a break.

As for fitness. This week I had only one missed day of walking. It was the first of the month when everyone seemed to realize the end of the year was almost neigh and there were projects to complete. The following day, I made up for the lack with an extra walk slipped into the day. So even without the scale I feel relatively balanced and good about what I accomplished. And as the end goal of my weight loss is more to feel good in my skin than to hit an actual number, I am pretty happy with that assessment.

i will say though, it was really hard not to get on the scale this morning. Habit, and sheer perversity made me want to step on it even though I knew it wasn’t part of the plan. I think that for the rest of the month i may take the scale out of the bathroom and slide it under the bed. It may be less of a temptation that way.

for now, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself and I’m ready to tackle whatever Friday holds and ease myself into the weekend. I hope you have a fantastic one yourself.

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The Daily: November 3rd, 2020

I know I am a little bit early today but I decided that this afternoon was so beautiful I was just going to indulge in a nice long bike ride. They extended my walking tail so there is a really nice bike trail that runs several miles. And I just got new tires for my bike so i am set to go.

And I am posting my daily post early because of it.

I am feeling pretty good today, I have to say. Last night I dyed my hair. I know it sounds super vain but I felt significantly less blah once I did. It’s not much of a change just a slight bit darker to get rid of some of the grays popping up here and there. I really felt the pick me up of having my hair done, even though it was just me doing it. I think because I have been the one trimming my hair for most of this year and doing simple things to keep it healthy that it felt really good doing something kind of big. It wasn’t as good as a full out salon visit, but it was really nice.

kind of a mess at the moment but I love the color and the gray coverage

I went with the Color and Co by L’Oreal. Mostly because I really liked the L’Oreal box dye when I tried it back in March so I figured this would be a step up, even if it wasn’t a salon. Which it was. I got to choose my custom color and it was super easy to figure out. It was also super easy to apply at home. It was about double what I would spend on a box dye, but so much better and so worth it. If you are interested there is a link below and a $5 off code (I get nothing if you use the code, it is just their standard deal for new users). I was really pleased with it.

I also figured with the stress of the election it would be nice to do something nice for myself as well. Because we all know that no matter how the election turns out, tomorrow morning is going to be bonkers. It is just that sort of election. Everyone keeps saying it is a once in a life time sort of election and ‘one for the history books’ and I really hope so. I personally never want to go through another election this stressful.

But I did my voting and I hope you did too, regardless of what candidate you chose to back. It is just very important that everyone’s voice be heard and that the decision be made by the many instead of the few. Or at least the many before it gets to be funneled to the few of the electoral college.

Regardless, tomorrow is going to be bonkers regardless of the results. So me and my freshly dyed hair are going on a nice bike ride this afternoon. I suspect I will be glued to the news all day tomorrow. So I am going to enjoy today. I hope you have a good afternoon and do something fabulous for yourself.

Color & Co: Personalized Custom Hair Color

The Daily: October 29th, 2020

And so the rain continues. I cut my calories down and decided that today was just the perfect day to plow through as much desk work as possible. My babydoll ran to the office this morning but turned right around again when several overflowing creeks cause the roads to his office building to be closed down and impassable.

So I’ve been diligently working at one end of the house while he has worked in the other. I also took the opportunity for some skin care. I slathered the last of my e-cooking foot cream on my feet (there wasn’t much left) and pulled on a pair of heavy socks and I applied the Vichy Quenching Mineral mask on my face and let it sit.

Enjoy 6 deluxe minis of our bestsellers with all orders $35+! Use Code: VICHYLUV.

Do you know Vichy is now available at Walgreens? When I went on my elf hunt (the foundation hunt, I was not in fact hunting elves.) they had an entire shelf of it. That and La Roche-Posay. I knew they carried the La Roche-Posay cleanser now and again but they now have a whole bunch of products. I was very pleased to see it and will be returning soon.

But for today it was the Vichy Mineral mask at my desk while I worked. I think my favorite thing about that mask is that you don’t wash it off.

You apply a layer and let it just absorb in so once you put it on you can forget about it. It’s why I generally use it at night (you don’t want to put makeup on over it) but I figured I wasn’t going anywhere today so I went for it. That’s right, Hair pulled back, shiney faced at the desk masking. Sure it is taking advantage of a rainy day but why not? As you can see from the photo while I have no makeup on and my face looks very shiny…oh so super shiny… If I had to get up and answer the door, I wouldn’t look absolutely crazy.

Trust me I have frightened some Jehovah’s Witnesses with some of my mud masks before. And there was a child selling magazine subscriptions last year who I am certain I traumatized with the Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Mask. Right now it is people still trying to convince others to vote for their candidate who are circling around. As I already voted, I am a wasted effort, but they still pop round. The Vichy mask is much less frightening when seen unexpectedly. Plus if I have to unexpectedly pop on my face mask there won’t be dried clay flakes all over it. Just another reason to love the mask.

So even though I am not working out today, I am watching my calories and doing something good for myself. Most noticeably my feet and face. Although I will be using the Crest White strips in a few minutes so I guess teeth are included in the cold and rainy self-care regime today. And now I am going to take my soft little tootsies, my shiny, shiny face, and soon to be brightened teeth and get back to work. Cause this is pretty much me until dinner time. I hope if the weather is wet and nasty where you are, you find a way to make the best of it as well. And yes, I am crossing my fingers that two days of inactivity don’t burn me on the scale tomorrow morning. I am trusting the calorie count to see me through. Please don’t let all of my math be in vain!

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Showing my hands a little Tough Love

Starting in the spring my hands face massive abuse.  Even when wearing gardening gloves, the weed pulling digging and various other garden chores tend to take their toll.  Truth be told, while I start off each spring wearing the gardening gloves, at some point I forget about them and often work bare handed.  A lot of the time it’s because I just happen to be in the garden notice a weed and pull it thinking it’s just one, why get the gloves? Then I notice another one and another and then I’ve spent half an hour pulling weeds.

So I use hand creams and lotions and enter every summer knowing that no matter what polish I put on my fingernails I have at best half a day before chips abound.  I also know that my nails will consistently break. 

As the summer winds down and the garden chores end for the year, I break out the pumice stones, the hand cream and the nail file.  I spend a few weeks without painting my nails with polish and only applying nail growth concoctions designed to make my nails grow long and healthy.  I also reach for the cuticle oil because everyone knows a bad hangnail can easily wreck a good manicure. Then once my nails are in tip top condition I sort through my old nail polishes, indulge in buying a few new ones and indulge my love of nail color.

At least until it is time for spring planting once again.

This year I received an EiR NYC Tough Love Cuticle Cream (retail $12) in on of my Petit Vour boxes. While I usually use a liquid oil, I was game to try a solid one and it arrived at the perfect time.  I knew I needed more cuticle oil but had not yet purchased it.  It’s almost like they peeked into my calendar. Order nail products was listed right after prepare garden for autumn/winter.  So with mulch piled high over spent garden beds and my dehydrator drying out a veritable boat load of paprika peppers destined for my spice cabinet, it is time to try out this new cuticle cream.

According to the product page…

For cuticles or other rough patches that need some tender care and love, this balm is a saving grace. Based in shea butter for a lift of heavy-hydration, it’s full of dutiful ingredients that help with stressed-out skin – like neem oil, which holds antifungal properties, and arnica, a known aid for aches, bruises, and swelling. Rub this into cuticles, elbows, or any other small problem areas that could use some extra care.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin E Oil – Boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic, Arnica-Infused Olive Oil – Helps to naturally stimulate your body’s healing processes. It can help reduce pain from cuts and bruises, Neem Oil – Deeply penetrates skin to restore moisture and enhance elasticity.  Helps stimulate collagen production to heal cracks caused by dryness.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit*, Beeswax, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Cymbopogon Martini (Palmarosa) Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Oil, Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Seed Oil, Arnica Montana Flower Extract*, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*

Eir NY+C

So I opened the metal tin and began to use the product.  Surprisingly it smells exactly like the Speak all natural deodorant.  It’s a little strange.  It also has the same feel to it when you touch it which took a little getting used to.  I kept thinking ‘you don’t put deodorant on your nails’ and then having to remind myself it was the cuticle cream. Once I got past that, I was fine. 

This year all the pandemic based hand washing has caused me to use more hand cream in general to defend my skin so even though my fingers were rough and beaten up, I had no torn or painful cuticles. I actually paid more attention to my hands this summer than I usually do.  However my cuticles still needed some focused attention.  There are however no dramatic before and after pictures.  They looked fine before and just felt a little dry, now they still look fine but feel softer and much healthier. 

I actually enjoyed using this product.  Usually when I reach for something for my cuticles it is a liquid oil. I have on occasion spilled it and made quite a mess.  This was easy to keep beside the bed and use just before going to sleep.  If I knocked it off the night stand it didn’t matter because it was a solid so it couldn’t spill.  While it did make my fingers greasy as I rubbed it into my cuticles I just used my product covered finger tips on my elbows which were happy to absorb any product I applied.  Once rubbed into my cuticles, my fingers didn’t leave any stains or oil spots on the bedsheets or pillow cases either which was a big plus.  Over all it wasn’t a bad product to start my nail care and repair sessions for the season.  And while I have been using the product nightly for several weeks there is still plenty in the container to see me through the winter. (It’s hard to tell with the picture but there is a substantial divot in the center of the cream from where I rubbed my fingers.)

For $12 I could see keeping this product around.  Personally I would prefer a nicer scent to it, mostly because when I sleep I often curl my hands up near my face and so I tend to smell my hand products as I drift off. This scent wasn’t the most appealing to follow me into slumber land, but it wasn’t terribly bad either. If perfumes aren’t really your thing then that may not be an issue for you.  If I didn’t sleep with at least one hand by my head it wouldn’t be an issue for me either.  It is a good solid product made with organic ingredients that does exactly what it claims. The container is durable metal and the solid prevents it from spilling. Over all, a really nice addition to my night stand and nail repair routine, plus another fine product from my Petit Vour Beauty Box.

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