Trying out the Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo and the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Booster

Both of these samples came in a recent Look Fantastic Box and I thought, why not use them together. The Sachajuan Ocean Mist Shampoo had four uses worth of product in it and this sample has two uses worth of product. However i also had a foil packet with four more uses worth of product in in. This allowed me to try out the shampoo on it’s own, with the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and with a conditioner whose effects I was familiar with. It also allowed be the same flexibility with the Elasticizer, although with it I did not use it without any shampoo. It is a conditioning product so I had to use a shampoo first to keep my hair from just looking flat out greasy. As is it designed to work on clean hair, and thus always be paired with a shampoo I thought it would be fine and I just rotated through a couple of different shampoos to see if it’s use would change.

Again i always used a product I knew the use of. For comparison (for both shampoo and conditioner) my standard is the Suave Rosemary and Mint shampoo and conditioner set from their Professionals line. To be honest if you are going for a drug store shampoo, the Suave professionals line is a really good one. I love high end shampoos and conditioners because several of them do fantastic things to my hair but as a fall back option for months where splurging isn’t an option, I am a huge fan of the Suave Rosemary and Mint.

But on to the samples I am testing out. First the Shampoo. I have only heard of Sachajuan because a styling gel came in a subscription box. Because the styling gel is a full size and i am trying to clear out samples I have not tested it yet so this is a first test of the brand for me. So the Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volumizing Shampoo product info…

Take your hair to new heights with Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo. Gentle, yet tough on dirt and oil, this volumizing shampoo includes antioxidants that ward off environmental damage to keep hair strong and healthy. Ocean silk technology utilizes marine algae extracts that enhance shine, softness and strength. Ocean Silk Technology: a cocktail of marine algae extracts which works to enhance strand strength, suppleness and shine.

I am glad they broke out what Ocean Silk Technology was because I certainly had no idea how to describe it. As you can see in the tube, the shampoo is a lovely shade of blue green. It has a gel like consistency, which isn’t really unusual for shampoo. I think it just looks a little unusual because of the color. There is a rather strong scent to this shampoo. I can see why it is called Ocean Mist.

It has that scent that I tend to associate with anything that has marine algae extracts in it’s make up (Algenist is a big one with this scent). This is mixed with the scent that I often associate with ocean themed hand soaps, both liquid and bar. I think part of that is because it is a shampoo. It isn’t a bad scent, but it is really strong and it lasts your entire shower and leaves a bit of scent in your hair even after it dries. I don’t mind the scent, it isn’t one that I immediately say, nope not this scent in my hair, but it isn’t one that I would choose. It is one that I would tolerate if the product performs well enough.

So does it?

fewer flyaways lifted by humidity

It lathers well enough but not extravagantly. when used on it’s own, with no conditioner, I got the volume but my hair did not feel the softest and it felt a little overly clean. The thing is that when I used a conditioner, any conditioner, my hair became soft and full. even when I used a conditioner that was not known for adding softness. It is almost as if there is something in the shampoo that simply needs a conditioner to activate it. It worked well with both of the conditioners I tried it with, but it worked best with the hair mask. I think this shampoo is right on the edge. It cleans your hair, but is on the verge of going too far with the cleaning and really needs a conditioner to back it up. The better the conditioner, or conditioning mask, the better this shampoo is going to perform.

As for this Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Booster. It worked really well with this shampoo. According to it’s product page…

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep‐Conditioning Treatment is a multi award‐winning formula that leaves hair stronger and healthier looking with less breakage. Acting as a conditioning pre‐shampoo treatment, it’s packed with effective ingredients like Castor Oil and Hydrolyzed Elastin to rehydrate your hair. Especially beneficial for extremely damaged hair, including Afro‐Caribbean, coarse and fine, this super moisturizing intensive treatment delivers elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine to all hair textures. The clever ingredient combination continues to provide UV protection even after washing ‐ helping prolong the life of color treatments and protecting from brushing and heat styling. Visible results from one application will build with continued use.

Now you may notice something interesting in that description. It says it is a Pre-shampoo treatment. I saw that and I did try it. As a pre shampoo treatment, I did not care for it. The scent is lovely and it smells like a high end salon. But I simply didn’t like it as a pre-shampoo treatment. However, when I used it as a conditioner (post Shampoo) replacement. I loved it. It was amazing and I could see where all the awards came from. Perhaps if my hair were more damaged at the moment I would have seen more of a pre-shampoo effect. At the moment I have been avoiding hot tools mostly because I am surrounded by so much heat and humidity that minimal styling is best. I also use masks routinely so at the moment my hair is healthy. That might be the reason I saw so little effect from pre shampoo treatment.

I am willing to let that go though as the post shampoo look was fantastic. My hair felt like silk no matter what shampoo I paired it with when using this booster. In addition, it really helped with shine body and manageability. I also had far fewer fly aways when I used this conditioner. Humidity sometimes gives me loads of puffy hairs flying away on top of my hair, almost like I have a static charge. this Elasticiser helped cut down on that significantly. The pictures are of the two products used together. The Sachajuan gave good volume and needs to be paired with a conditioner, any conditioner. The Philip Kingsley was great with shine, manageability and fly away taming. Together they were a great pair. Individually I wouldn’t mind using the Sachajuan again, but I probably wouldn’t seek it out. The Philip Kingsley however i would not mind keeping stocked in my hair care arsenal.

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Farewell to peppermint delights…

Each year as the holidays roll around I wait for that one delightful moment where peppermint is one of the dominant scents. I absolutely adore peppermint. Oddly enough I absolutely can’t stand spearmint. Unfortunately someone decided that peppermint was a seasonal scent. It gets marked as Candy cane, Winter Wonder land or all sorts of other winter centric terms and confined to the holidays.

So this year I went a little peppermint crazy, especially where the brand Native is concerned. they have a line of Peppermint scented products called Candy Cane. This year I picked up the deodorant, body wash, shampoo and conditioner to try out. That’s right, I immersed myself in a peppermint-tastic wave of scent. And now most of those products are running out. So was it worth it?

One of the things that I have noticed is that if it is a scent that I like that I only get one time of year, I tend to be a little lax on the judgement. with the over abundance of the peppermint products, I was able to break that down. because none of the products were my only peppermint scented product. It made it much easier to look at the actual product and how it performed.

Let’s start with the category I use year round from Native. And that is the Deodorant. I switched from antiperspirants to deodorant and while I have tried a few different products, I ended up more or less settling on Native. While I will probably try different ones in the future, Native is now the standard for my deodorant selections. I vary the scents, but I like the product. Did I like the peppermint?

Yes. I adored the peppermint deodorant. It was minty, but it was not overpowering and most importantly it was not too sweet. It struck the right balance and to be honest, I would use this Candy Cane Scented deodorant all year long.

The body wash was another winner for me. I tried this last year, and it was what made me decide to test the entire line this year. It is also why I ordered three bottles. I am about to finish with one and have the other two in reserve. while I will use other body washes, I actually wanted to keep at least one bottle in reserve for the warmer weather. I know, Candy Cane is a winter scent, But I think that on some of those overly hot days we get in the summertime, the peppermint body wash will be extremely refreshing and so I am going to hold one bottle back for a summer time trial just to see.

It really does irritate me that peppermint is kept for the winter. I think it’s cooling effects would be fantastic in the summer. This summer, I will test it out and see. But the body wash did not disapoint.

extras for summer heatwave testing of the peppermint body wash

Then we get to the shampoo and conditioner. The scent of the peppermint is milder and this was my first time using a shampoo and conditioner from Native. It is interesting. I found that on the day i washed my hair, my hair was soft and clean without being stripped. I almost always needed some kind of leave in conditioner afterwards though or my hair tended to get a little frizzy. And then there was the skipped day. I only wash my hair every other day. on the days I skipped, my bangs especially started to get a little greasy. I had to employ a dry shampoo. Which was fine, I like dry shampoo. however usually I don’t need it in the winter. While I always have it on hand in the summer, in the winter I take a break. When using this shampoo and conditioner a break wasn’t possible. I need the dry shampoo for my bangs on my skip day.

This isn’t unusual as I often need the dry shampoo with drug store shampoos such as Pantene on those in between days. However there are a lot of shampoos and conditioners where I don’t need the extra help between washes. If I was washing my hair every day then this shampoo would be fine. I do like the way it makes my hair feel. I just wish that feeling would last a little longer. And to be honest, the reason I bought this set was because of the scent. The scent is mind and it fades fast. Of the products I tried before, this was my least favorite and to be honest, I probably won’t buy the set again.

In my quest for peppermint scented products this year, the body wash and the deodorant from Native were hands down winners. I will certainly pick them both up next season. I plan to try out the body wash in the summer to see if I should stock up during the limited window for extended use throughout the year. I will however be giving the shampoo and conditioner a pass. In fact, it isn’t just the Candy Cane scented Limited edition Shampoo and conditioner I will pass up, but most of Native’s hair care as well. I just didn’t find the shampoo and conditioner to be quite up to the mark and while I love their deodorants, I will look for my shampoo and conditioner elsewhere.

Spring Into Clean Skin Campaign – Shop Curated Bundles

Spring Into Clean Skin Campaign – Shop Curated Bundles

Facing the dreaded shampoo conditioner foil packet and trying the Native Fig from Rusk

I know I have said this before, but I am not a fan of shampoo and conditioner foil packets. I can deal with them for serums, hand cream, well virtually anything else, but when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, they are a real pet peeve of mine. Not all of them split cleanly (and if you don’t split them the product either both squeeze out at the same time or you have to try and get the conditioner open after you’ve shampooed your hair which may or may not work depending on the shampoo. I always make some sort of mess with them. So not a big fan. But I went for it anyway.

Normally I like to give products a few weeks before I report back on them.  The Rusk Puremix Native Fig Replenishing shampoo and conditioner was a foil packet that came in my October Allure box. In addition to my bias against the shampoo conditioner foil packets,  I was very annoyed that the price of the box went up and then they put a foil packet in as one of the items.  And while I’m still kind of salty with Allure for that, I tend to like the Rusk shampoos that I’ve tried before so I wanted to separate to product from the box so to speak. 

Plus looking at the packet whenever I opened the hair care drawer just made me frown, so I figured I’d use it and clear it out of the drawer. I also noticed I had several foil packets for hair I haven’t gotten around to using (because I put them in the drawer and then forget them) so I may be making an effort to use them up soon just to clear them out. But for now there is the Rusk Native Fig. So let’s look at the products.  The shampoo and conditioner are sold separately, 12 oz bottles sell for$18 each and the 35 oz bottle costs $36. So a set of 12 oz bottles runs $36 and a set of 35 ox bottles will be $72. I know you can do the math yourself but as I tend to buy my shampoo and conditioner in sets, it helps me to see that. So, according to the product page…

Replenish your hair with this shampoo and conditioner. Made with vitamins C & E to cleanse and restore moisture levels. Vitamin-enriched and is infused with quinoa and refined oats to provide color protection and strength. Vegan and leaves the hair clean, healthy and glowing. Cruelty-free and is free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, silicones and artificial colors.

The sample foil pack had enough product for one use.  I remembered to cut the packages open before stepping into the shower so there was no frustration as wet hands tried in vain to tear slick foil.  Let’s hear it for thinking ahead. Yes, occasionally it does happen. I did almost loose the shampoo walking back to the bathroom as I held them a little tightly and it started to squirt out of the top, but I recovered.

The shampoo lathered up well.  It wasn’t an extravagant lather, but it did lather up.  And it rinsed off cleanly.  It was apparent that this was a shampoo that needs to be followed with a conditioner. It just didn’t have enough umpfh to carry through without it.  So I used the provided conditioner. 

Again it was single use. 

The conditioner went on well and again rinsed off cleanly. 

Both products had the same scent, which shouldn’t surprise me as they are part of a paired set.  But the thing is, the scent was barely there.  Just out of the package, I sniffed the product in my hand and could barely scent something that might have been fig-ish in scent. It wasn’t a non-scent, but it was so light that as soon as it was in the hair and mixed with water, the scent was all gone.

I am torn as to how I feel about that.  With my hair, I am used to smelling something from it throughout the day.  I am used to the scent lingering in my hair.  There are some hair care products that I simply won’t use because I don’t like the lingering scent they leave behind and others I really like because of the scent.  This left no lingering scent.  I kind of missed it.

But I got over it.

Normally I uses some sort of leave in conditioner (currently my favorite is the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm from Percy & Reed.  It came in a subscription box and I have been hooked ever since). With this one day test, I used nothing else on my hair.  I used my Glov Hair wrap (love by the way, so fluffy and absorbent)  then removed it and let my hair air dry with no additional products.  When dry, I ran a brush through it.

The initial brush through

My hair is soft, shiny and glossy. The shampoo and conditioner worked really well with detangling and shine.  I was quite pleased actually.  As the day progressed however, I did notice I was getting more flyaways. Actually it didn’t have to progress too far, after about an hour after my initial brushing I was getting them. I decided to use a little of the wonder balm on my hands and then run it over the surface of my hair rather than all the way through it.  The balm worked perfectly to smooth down the fly aways.  Which is fine, with most shampoos I do the same thing. admitly with most it takes a bit longer for the flyaways to appear.  But this clearly isn’t an insurmountable problem.

Now the Rusk shampoo and conditioner are higher priced than many drug store shampoos.  They are not as expensive as some of the more luxury shampoos though.  I have been known to spend extra on shampoos before (one of my favorite spurges is from the Kerastase Genesis line, seriously even though it is kind of pricey if you are having issues with hair breakage, their serum fortifiant is absolutely amazing. You need so little that it lasts a really long time. It took me about a year to get through one of the 90 mL bottles. I highly recommend it.). I don’t mind paying more for really good product, but to get me to spend more than I would on a drug store brand, the shampoo has to be significantly better than the drug store standards. 

After about two hours

Two of my standard drug store favorites are the Suave Professional Rosemary and Mint ($3.99 for 28 oz or $7,98 for shampoo and conditioner) and the Tresemme Moisture Rich (currently the set of conditioner and shampoo is on sale together at $6.99 with each bottle being 28 oz – the sale is pretty standard for Target actually making it actually less costly than the Suave which always surprises me).

Does the Rusk surpass either of these products? I would say that it works better than Suave, but not as good as Tresemme.  So technically no, it doesn’t pass the test.  It is a good shampoo, but for the price it is not as good as some of the lower cost shampoo and conditioners that I use.  Would I use it again?  Yes.  I didn’t care for the lack of scent, but the products worked well.  They just didn’t work well enough to justify their price.

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