Trying out the Refreshments Razor

As many of you know, I am in an ongoing struggle to reduce the amount of waste I produce. I use Makeup Erasers instead of disposable removal cloths and I have been adding reusable cotton rounds to my routine to reduce the number of disposable ones I use.

One of the places I have been looking to reduce my waste is in the use of a reusable razor rather than disposable ones. I have tried several shaving subscription services and quite frankly I have felt a bit like Goldilocks along the way. This one handle is too smooth and therefore slides a little too much when my hands are wet. That one has a razor head that swivels too much.

Each subscription has had it’s pros and cons, but none has been perfect.

The latest attempt at filling my reusable razor needs has been IPSY’s new Refreshments service. In my last shipment from them I received a reusable handle, a suction cup holder and two sets of blades.

The holder is nothing special. It does the job but isn’t really noteworthy. There is nothing really special about it. The handle though, I was very impressed by. It has some weight to it, but is not too heavy. It is sturdy enough to last a long time. It is composed of metal with rubberized grip to prevent slipping in the shower. In fact the razor handle looked as though it took in the notes from all the shaving services I tried before and used my notes to create a fantastically practical handle.

The blade too looked nice. It flexed well but not too much.

Let me tell you, I had high hopes my darlings. And as two sets of blades could be winging their way to me as part of my IPSY box each month for the price of $5, I thought this might be the one.

And then I used it.

a lot of gel on those strips

I don’t know how well the image translates, but above and below the blades are moisture strips. They provide a gel like glide over the skin. I used it and it felt nice. I could feel the gel like glide. The problem? The strips are too big. I felt the gel on my leg from the strips and then ran my hand over my leg to find none of the hair had been shaved off. The strips prevented the razor from doing it’s job.

I had to go in with one of the last remaining disposables in my stockpile to actually shave my legs. The gel from the Refreshments razor did make that shave quite smooth and lovely.

But that isn’t the point.

The point is that I tried using the razor several times but couldn’t get it to shave until the majority of the gel strips wore off. I had to try with the refreshments razor and then failing, go in with a disposable. Once the strips wore away I could shave with the razor, and then it did give quite the nice shave. But a much as I like the handle, I am not going to be making this my shaving subscription. In theory I could take an exacto blade and cut off the gel strips before I use it, but I don’t feel like I should have to shave my razor before I use it to shave my legs. I was enthused by the ease of the subscription and I really did like the handle. But if the razor doesn’t work properly then there is no real point to it. The Refreshments subscription is not for me. The quest continues for a reusable razor and shaving subscription service that i am willing to keep. Thus far i have tried several that were good but not perfect. I may never find perfect and circle back to the best of those I have already tried. But for now, the quest continues.

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Testing out the All Girl Shave Club

The Starter Package arrives

Depressed and slightly shocked by the statistics of how many disposable razors are, well, disposed of, I decided to look into a reusable razor and have been trying out a couple of shaving subscriptions to see which one works for me.  The one I am currently trying out is the All Girl Shave Club

Their introductory Starter pack is $18 (or was when I ordered) and includes one reusable razor handle with four pack of blades. 

Mine also came with a small plastic travel pouch. The subscription is customizable and you can choose how often you want to receive an order of blades.  Each ‘monthly’  order is $18 on consists of eight blade replacements. As the blades come in four packs that is $9 per set or $2.25 per blade. 

I signed up for the longest window between refills which means if I continue I will be getting a pack of eight blades every four months.

I wanted to give myself a large enough window to try the product and decide if I wanted to keep it without having to hustle to avoid another shipment if I didn’t. 

So let’s break down the shaving shall we?

First of all, the handle. The handle is metal.  It is rust proof and rose gold.  You can choose either pink or purple accents.  The handle is also weighted.

I like the fact that the handle is metal as the point of this trial is to find a durable razor and I am happy having less plastic in my life.  I also really like that it is weighted as it feels like it gives me more control. 

I do have two slight issues with the handle though.  The first is that the handle is completely smooth where you grab it.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to shave in the shower. 

Its a fairly normal routine. I wet my legs and then apply my EOS shaving lotion to my legs.  I rinse off my hands and then pick up the razor.   

My hands are always going to be a little slick when I am holding the razor.  I think if there were some sort of grooves or ridges on the handle I would not find it as slippery. When though there is a purple piece on the back it is perfectly smooth with no gripping capabilities. If it was textured or a little more rubberized, that would serve as a stabilizer as well.

I actually wrapped a rubber band around the handle and found just having that one ridge helped immensely. It isn’t the most elegant solution but it stopped me from dropping the razor which was the goal.

It also helped with my second problem with the handle. That is the placement of the blade eject button.  It is on the top of the handle. (its that purple bit sticking up at the top in the side view.)

While this is fine, as a general placement of the button, because of the slipping issue I found I was sticking my finger out to control the sliding.  When I did that, I hit the button and the blade went shooting off across the shower.  Again, the rubber band fixed that.  No slipping hand, no finger pressing the button, no ejecting blade.

Simple solution.

Which brings us to the blades.  They are six blade diamond coated blades with a lubricating Vitamin E and Aloe moisture strip.  The strip is nice the first one or two shaves and then it peels off and ends up floating off down the drain. It is the same sort of strip that is on the disposable razors.  It’s a nice though, but it doesn’t last long.  I just use a moisturizing shave lotion.

That strip is really the only thing I dislike about the blade.  And even that isn’t really dislike, it’s more of a ‘nice thought while it lasts.’ I really like the blades.  I got an amazing shave and the maneuverability was just enough to get everywhere without nicking curvy bits, but not too loose to cut. 

If you read my last shave club review the big issue was too much maneuverability in the blade preventing a decent shave.  It kept flopping around a bit too much for my liking. This had just the right amount of maneuverability and stability in its design. 

To be honest, I liked the shave of the blades enough that I no longer mind adding the rubber band to the handle.

Surprisingly the little plastic travel tote came in handy as well.  It is a nice place to keep the extra blades and sits in the shelf at the edge of the shower.  It doesn’t take up a lot of space and the plastic keeps it from the spray of the shower. Keep in mind it doesn’t open very wide or carry very much. I would probably not actually use it for travel.

It is however great as a place to keep my extra blades safe in the shower without actually getting them wet or lost in a drawer somewhere. It means that if I get into the shower and realize I forgot to change the blade, I don’t have to get out and look for the replacement, it is right there with me. As I often forget to change the blade until I am in the shower, this really helps me out more than I thought it would. I feel like I ought to apologize to the bag actually as I just thought it was cure but rather pointless when it arrived. I was wrong not to see it’s fabulosity.

I like the fact that their website also sells other shave related products (and some not shaving related).  They carry Busy Beauty products, which I am a huge fan of as well as Spongelle and their own line of shave butter. 

New Busy Beauty customers get 10% off their first order with code SAVE10.

In fact they also have a Discovery Products line where they will send you several additional products with your shaving subscription.  You can choose this as a one-time thing or as a recurring feature of your subscription. One time is $28 and adding it to the subscription makes it $25. So if you are looking to shake up your shower routine, this might be a good way to go.  (You can also just add their whipped Shave Butter to the subscription for $9.) If I end up keeping this as my go-to shaving subscription then I will certainly be checking out their additional shaving products. This time around I just wanted to focus on the razor.

I found this subscription reasonably priced, and comparable to other subscriptions.  There were many aspects about it I really liked, and they far outweighed the few things I didn’t.  While I am still going to try out a couple of other subscriptions, I have to say this one is definitely a strong contender for a final choice. At the moment, it is at the top. Admittedly it is only a list of two, but still number one makes it the subscription to beat.

Even though July fourth has gone, there are still some sales going on. I’ve posted a few below for those of you looking to stock up on your favorite products.

No. 7 Beauty has 20% off until July 12th with the Affiliate Exclusive code 20OFF (I don’t make any money if you use the code, it is just something to share with you. Personally I really like their pressed powder. I love wearing it just over primer on my no makeup days.)

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