The Daily: November 9th, 2020

Just when I am starting to get used to the cooler weather, BAM a warm spell drops in on us. I went walking today and it was 77 degrees outside. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a major fan of the cold, but it is November. I was just starting to get into the fall to winter groove too. I changed out my clothing and started switching out skin care.

well at least I managed to get two walks in without freezing my patootie off. So that was nice. I just switched out my walking shoes too so I have a blister on my heel, but thats okay. The shoes I was wearing now have a hole in the foam where my big toe goes so not switching wasn’t an option. And yeah I probably wouldn’t have the blister on the back of my heel if I hadn’t gone on the second walk.

So its sort of my fault.

I can live with that.

I also did a bit of shopping today. I got the last of the family holiday gifts ordered and and I have three birthday presents packed and ready to ship out. Tomorrow is a big post office run for me. So to celebrate, and because it was Boxy Charm choice day, I went to the Boxy pop Up sale. I was good. Well relatively good. I picked up a Volition Snow Mushroom Water Serum because I just adored it so much and then I add a full sized Akar Balancing Toner spray.

I know I liked it when I tried it and was on the fence about trying a full sized bottle, but I figured as it was at such a discount I could try a full sized version and see if my few little problems with the product went away. My two issues were that I wasn’t sure about a spray toner, which is easily solvable if I just spray the cotton round instead of spraying my face directly. The second issue was that the expiration date was so quick I wasn’t sure if I could make it through the toner before it expired. I figured for $12 I could try a full size and see how it worked out. It was a nice toner so I don’t mind doing the trial. Fingers crossed that the larger size has a slightly longer expiration date, or that I can use it up before the expiration date. Either way I am very happy with those two items as what I picked up. I was also happy about my Premium choice which was a Viseart Palette.

So I walked, I shopped and I stayed in my calories. Now I am going to take a shower because I am sweatier than I planned and get back to work. Not too shabby for a Monday.