Hey Honey Trick and Treat CC2 for this week’s foundation product

This week I used the Active Moisturizing Color Correcting Cream with Honey and Propolis Trick and Treat CC² CREAM as my foundation. In general I have good luck with Hey Honey Products.  Their Good Morning Facial Serum is fantastic and I have tried several face masks of theirs that I love.  I can’t say I am a big fan of their Take Away the Drama Peel off mask as it was one of the most painful peel of masks I have ever tried. But it was the only mask I wasn’t terribly fond of that they produce.

Don’t get me wrong, it worked fantastically well. It just made me cry and contemplate life with a copper face mask as part of my new identity. But every time I used it my skin felt fantastic once it was removed.

As a CC cream, this product has relatively light coverage. It is good for a no to low makeup day. It is supposed to more or less be a cross between a moisturizer and a cc cream. And I have to say, they kind of hit it out of the park with this product.  Normally, I am very suspicious of products that try to do too much, but this CC cream gave me good coverage with very little product, it didn’t seep into my fine lines or accentuate any of my blemishes. It felt like a moisturizer going on and stayed in place all day while covering the redness from blemishes. 

Now, I will say it is a very light coverage cream.  If you are used to full coverage foundation, you probably won’t like this.  If you are looking for medium coverage, you might not be a fan either.  This is very light coverage that is very natural looking.  It is your skin, but a little better. I used it both with and without a primer this week and while the primer smoothed out the look of pores, the CC cream still was light coverage that looked really natural. The primer just worked as an assist in the enlarged pore areas.

clean skin on the left, the CC cream on the right, the shade is a little light for me but not too bad.

While I didn’t wear it on my walks this week, I did wear it outside in the garden.  Not only did it work well with my sunscreen, but it stayed in place even when I was doing a little bit of sweating.  I was just taking out some vines that were now spent and needed to go to the compost bin so there was some sweating, but it wasn’t buckets. However, when a drop rolled down the side of my face it did not leave a track behind where it took the CC cream with it. 

start of day

I think that was partially due to the light coverage and partially due to the quasi-moisturizer nature of the product.  Either way, I really liked that aspect.  It also didn’t show any marks from my face mask either when I wore it to the gas station. Normally I just worry about the product settling into fine lines.  With masks on a whole new pattern of wear concern is emerging.

In general I tend to go for medium coverage and that tends to be where the bulk of my products fall.  Occasionally, I will try a full coverage as I do want to have a full coverage foundation I can rely on, but for daily wear I tend to go medium.  Even the BB Cream from Purlisse that I really like is technically medium coverage.  I have nothing that could really be considered light wear that I have tried (although I still have the QMS tinted moisturizer to try that may fall into this category).  For $38 I might actually add a full sized version of this to my list to have a light coverage foundation around. 

end of day

The color is slightly too light on me, but I do still have my summer tan (and probably will through October). I think that instead of using the rest of this tube (it is half full after a week of use) I might put it back in the dressing table and wait a month or so to see if the shade matches me more closely then.  It is only a slight bit too light so I think that will be enough time to tell. And truthfully it is the sort of light that can be adjusted with powder and a little bronzer.  The concern I have with this is that there are only 5 shades.  Because of the lightness of the coverage, I think the shades are capable of covering a wider variety of skin tones.  I just want to make certain that if I do decide this is the light coverage foundation I want, that I get the right shade.

Incidentally if you are wondering about my list, this year I am trying out a bunch of foundations, BB Creams and CC creams to create a list of go to ‘foundation’ products.  While I will keep rotating all of the open products that work decently well on me until they are used up, I am making a list of products to order once they are empty.  Ideally, I would like a full coverage, medium coverage and light coverage, but I suspect I won’t be able to pair it down to just three products. While there have been a couple of bad products and a couple of so so products, I have found quite a few at varying price ranges that have been really good. It will be an interesting end of the year recap for certain. But until then, there are several more foundations to try.

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