The Skincare Lineup: November 11th, 2022

Ah, here we are again my darlings, the skincare line up, my favorite post of the week. Don’t get me wrong I love the other posts, but skincare is my true love. I can bore people to tears with my discussion. So I save it up and bring it all here. You will notice that I did not put the ExfoliKate from Kate Somerville in the line up this week. I have been using it about twice a week, however i used it this past Saturday and my skin got a bit red and itchy. That hadn’t happened before with the Kate Somerville, but I decided to skip it for a little while while I figure out if my skin just had enough of the product or if it was reacting with one of the newer products in the line up. While several products are still in motion, I did have two new ones enter the line up this week, the Beekman 1802 Collagen Boost and the OGEE Velvet Botanicals Moisturizer. Both are actually designed for sensitive skin and I used them each with no problems. It was just when it came into contact with the Exfolicate that the itchiness happened. So I am going try and figure out what is going on before I use it again. The rest of the products I used all week with no issues whatsoever.

I’ll look into it and get back to you. And I doubt you are using the exact same line up as I am right at this very moment as I am using a random collection of products rather than a set, but I figured I’d mention it in case it comes up with you.

So on to the line up!

Cleanser: Glam Glow Supercleanse Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser

Exfoliator: Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment (not used this week, due to itchy redness, see above)

Toner: Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar Liquid Glow

Serum: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum (night)

Serum: Beekman 1802 Collagen Electric Daisy and Peptide Booster (day)

Eye cream: MZ skin Eye cream

Moisturizer: OGEE Velvet Botanical Moisturizer

Night Time Moisturizer: Tatcha Indigo Overnight Repair

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu lip mask

Okay let’s start with the cleanser. The Glamglow cleanser is really bringing up buried clogged pores. I am actually really impressed with it’s work. It does leave a charcoal film on the inside of my sink so I do find myself wiping it out a bit more than usual, but the cleanser is great at clearing out the pores. And since it is a clearing cleanser, it is nice to have it do what I expect. I think I am about half way through the tube of cleanser. I am thinking of rolling in a second cleanser though, to use in the evenings. I just received an exfoliating cleanser from Beekman 1802 (subscription box) and i am thinking of using that in the evnings and the Glamglow in the mornings. Partially because I am very curious about the exfoliating jelly cleanser, but mostly because i know I am going to need to roll in an exfoliator if I keep using the Glamglow. It just brings too many things to the surface not to have a routine exfoliator with it.So I get to indulge my curiosity and be practical all at the same time.


I know this is a strange thing to say about a toner, but I really like the scent of this Elemis toner. I know it is mostly about how the products work (and it does work fantastically well) but I really like the scent. Maybe it is because of the time of year. It has almost a fermented apple cider vibe going for it. it is a little lighter and a little fresher, but that is sort of the scent. And I really like the toner. Now that I’ve figured out how hard to press so that I can dispense the product without causing it to fountain. I also like that when it dries down it isn’t sticky. Sometimes toners can leave a little bit of a sticky film on the skin and I like to feel like my toners are taking the last of the nasties from my skin, not adding a layer.

I switched the Truth Serum to night time use because with the brightening toner I didn’t feel like I needed it twice a day. Plus I love this serum and only using it once a day helps it last longer. I’ve used this Ole Henriksen serum before (a couple of times) and my skin always reacts well to it and looks good. I just don;t have a lot of dark spots so using less still gives me the same glowing skin.

It also let me roll in a collagen serum, and while i may not have dark spots, and a terribly uneven complexion (even though I love the vitamin C) I do have a multitude of fine lines. I know, time man, in the end it will get us all. But if I can plump up some fine lines and at least delay the inevitable a little while, I am all for it. The directions for this booster are to either add a drop or two to the moisturizer or to apply it directly for a more powerful boost. I used it on it’s own. Its not that I am looking for a stronger boost, I just don’t like mixing things with my moisturizer. I like layers to my skincare.

I’m sure it would be fine either way, but somehow my brain thinks of the moisturizer as the final layer that locks everything down. And yes, in my mental image mixing something into the moisturizer is like putting holes in the fence. It lets in those pesky free radicals that get in like those rabbits got into my garden.

I know it really doesn’t work that way, but that is my mental picture and so I layer skincare.

I never claimed to be logical.

I do like this collagen booster though. I still have to restrict myself to a drop or too or it is too wet on the skin. I am curious as to how it will work as the level of the product drops lower in the bottle. Itis a very short dropper and a very rounded bottle. But that I will fin out in time. For now, the serum is nice.

The MZ Skin Eye cream is good. I really hate to say this but I would probably like this eye cream more if I didn’t know how much it costs. It is a good solid eye cream. It goes on well and doesn’t clog the pores. Is it my favorite? No. both the Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream ($72 on Dermstore) and the Dr. Brandt DNA Triple Peptide Eye cream ($82 on the Dr. Brandt site) I’ve used in the past are much better eye creams in my opinion. This is okay but not spectacular. It is a $95 eye cream (on Dermstore, it is pricier on other sites). It sort of puts the eye cream in the same playing field as the Periconne MD and the Dr. Brandt, pricewise. Performance wise it is not worth that price. It is a good solid eye cream but not a spectacular one.

I have two moisturizers in the line up this week. This was the first week for the OGEE moisturizer and i did like it. it absorbs well without leaving a greasy film and the aloe and jojoba scent of the cream (very light scent) is a nostalgic one for me. It is a first week of use so there aren’t any startling reveals but it is a good solid moisturizer filled with all sorts of organic goodness that my skin likes. because I am finishing up the tatcha cream i am using as night cream, i have only used this during the day. As the Tatcha sample is empty now I will be using it as my only moisturizer this week. My one concern is that his moisturizer is rather light and has more of a day cream feel to it. I’ll see how it performs this week as a solo act. I may be surprised. I do know that I really like it as a day cream though.

And alas the Indigo Overnight repair cream I have been using as my night cream is now empty. (I do have a second sample size, but I am going to leave it in the drawer for now.) I really did like this. It would definitely be too much to use as anything but a night time moisturizer, but it is actually designed for night time use. As a deluxe sample I was able to use it enough to know that I will pick this up for a full sized trial at some point. I love that it had no scent to it and was just a really good light weight but heavy duty moisturizer. I went to bed looking a bit glazed, but my skin wasn’t sticky and the cream absorbed into my skin rather than the pillow. It is one I will try out for longer.

And of course we finish with the Kissu lip mask. I prefer the original to the tinted and will continue using it until it is done. and then I will repurchase it. It is a great over night treatment and I am fond of the consistency.

And so my darlings that is me today. It is not intensely different from last week as there are a lot of products still in motion. But with skincare, drama is usually something to avoid. At the moment I have a good line up of solid products. Now I just need to keep using them to see if they yield the expected results.

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The Skincare Lineup: November 4th, 2022

I realized after I took the above picture I forgot to add in the Tatcha Lip mask and the MZ eye cream but did grab the two items that I will be rolling in over the weekend, the Beekman 1802 Collagen Booster and the OGEE Hydraganics Velvet Botanical Moisturizer. I did a first use test with the Beekman Collagen Booster and liked it, but forgot to use it this week. With the moisturizer I finished the sample i was using and will be using the OGEE to replace it tonight, so a first use post will be up on Monday, you know, after I actually use it. So think of those two as spoilers for what is coming into the line up next week, i suppose. But let’s jump into the products I used this week.

Cleanser: Glam Glow Supercleanse Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser

Exfoliator: Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Toner: Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar Liquid Glow

Serum: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

Eye cream: MZ skin Eye cream

Moisturizer: Tatcha The Dewy Skin cream

Night Time Moisturizer: Tatcha Indigo Overnight Repair

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu lip mask

The Glamglow cleanser really brings up the buried clogged pores. I have actually been really impressed by it. Its a good cleanser in general and then it helps bring things to the surface. It might not be the cleanser I would want to use just before I planned to go to an event because it does pull things to the surface, but if you were planning an event in say a month’s time, i think this would be an excellent cleanser to get your skin ready.

pairing it with an exfoliator has helped a lot with dealing with the things the cleanser brings up. This Kate Somerville is listed as intense and that is what it is. The max time you should have it on your face is 2 minutes and while I did manage to keep it on for two minutes, I was not going to keep it on for any longer than two minutes. My skin was a bit red after but that faded quickly (within a few minutes of rinsing it off). And then my skin looked great after. it looked even better the next morning. I used it Friday evening and then again on Tuesday. I know it says you can use it up to three times a week, but twice a week is plenty for me. I’ll use it again tonight and then again on Tuesday and be pleased with it. This far it has been a really good treatment, especially paired with the cleanser.

Because the cleanser has charcoal in it, the toner pads are never really going to look spotless after I use them. But it is only the hint of charcoal on the toner pads and not left over makeup (just a gray tinge no foundation, blush, lipstick or eyeshadow colors)This Elemis is a really good toner, the thing to remember though is not to press too hard on the top or you can dispense too much product. And put the toner pad on top of the dispenser so you don’t have a fountain. whoile it is a good toner in general, I really like the scent.

One pump of the Ole Henriksen is all I need from the Truth serum. I think it is doing well to brighten my skin. It has only been a week so it has minimal results, but I love that it absorbs so quickly and leaves no sticky residue behind after it dries. It is a little sticky until it dries and then poof no stick and skin that has fully absorbed the serum. I do miss a collagen serum though which is why i will be adding one. (especially since i already have it open).

The last three products are all Tatcha, the lip mask I love and will continue using and repurchasing, the night cream and the day cream. Lets talk about the Dewy skin cream first. It is a lot of moisture. It is thick, rich and hydrating. If you have dry skin your skin will love it. I have normal to combination skin that is entering the dry phase of the year. This is the time of year i can use it. Any other time of the year it is too much on the moisture level. As it is I applied the moisturizer and then had to let it sit. For me it took a while to absorb. It was worth it as my skin felt great after it absorbed, but it was not a quick process. It is the last step in my morning skincare routine so after I applied the moisturizer I could have my coffee and answer e-mails, generally starting my day, but I had to wait for it to absorb before I could apply makeup over it. I did notice that I did not need my pre makeup base of Embryolisse when using this moisturizer. By the time it did absorb and I started my makeup my skin was as hydrated as it needed to be.

I will say though that I did not have this problem when i use the water cream. i know it isn’t much of a problem but it is something to note. while I do like this Dewy cream, I think for me, because of my skin type and absorption time I would use this as a night cream rather than a day cream. My skin lust leans more towards the Water Cream from Tatcha than it does this one. And finding things like that out is why I use the samples to begin with. it lets me know which cream I might want to use in the future. If repurchased this would be a night cream for me, and the water cream a day cream. this sample is now empty though so I will be switching moisturizers this evening.

Speaking of night creams I was using the Tatcha Indigo Overnight repair. I still have some left (as well as a second sample size of this cream) so it will continue into the next week. Unlike most of Tatcha’s other products this has no scent to it. The Indigo cream is thick and it feels thick when applied. However it actually absorbs faster than the dewy cream. I think that something in the Dewy nature of that cream makes it absorb slower. Quite Honestly of all of the tatcha moisturizers i have tried this is my favorite. It is also the one I am mostly likely to buy in a full size. I know they have kits and skincare bundles. I am goin to be looking into them soon (for my purchase and the holiday postings) but I may look seriously at the Indigo line because of this cream. It is the right level of moisture for me at night and it is something I will happily continue using.

And so my darlings, that is my skincare line up this week. Next week there will be a new moisturizer and an added serum, but most of these products will be continuing on. At the moment all of them are performing well. It will be interesting to see how they perform over time and what the actual results will be once they have been used long enough to cause effects. Which is of course one of the reasons I write this post. But that is something only time can reveal. And so we move forward continuing to use the products until all is revealed.

or until I have to send them to the empties bin. But for the line up this week that is all. Have a great Friday everyone.

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The Skincare Lineup: October 28th, 2022

Last week I had a full line up of the Eight Saint’s discovery kit. There were a few products in there that i liked enough to try out in the full size and at the beginning of the week I used up the last of the products in the containers and rolled in this week’s line up. When I can I like to roll in a product at a time rather than start all new products on the exact same day. I find it keeps my skin from freaking out over too much change and it also helps me know which product or interaction between products is causing any issues if they arise.

So some of these products have had a few more days in the line up than others. In fact last night was my first night with both the eye cream and the night time moisturizer. The eye cream I have had before but the night cream is completely new. still, let’s dive into the line up, shall we?

Cleanser: Glam Glow Supercleanse Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser

Exfoliator: Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Toner: Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar Liquid Glow

Serum: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

Eye cream: MZ skin Eye cream

Moisturizer: Tatcha The Dewy Skin cream

Night Time Moisturizer: Tatcha Indigo Overnight Repair

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu lip mask

While I did a first use review on this cleanser, after a few days I am noticing some effects that I think are based on it’s use. This is a clearing cleanser and has a lot in common with the clearing masks from Glamglow. As I am using it, I am noticing that there are clogged pores being brought to the surface. As some of them are quite deep and I have been trying to bring up for a while, I am quite pleased by this development. I liked the cleanser just for the clean it gave my skin, but I really like this aspect of it.

It is also why I have rolled in the Exfolikate from Kate Somerville. I did a first use of this but then I set it aside as the Eight Saints had an Exfoliator in the kit and I wanted to see how it worked. Now I will be rolling this back in for regular use and I am hoping it works well with the cleanser to clear away some of my deeply clogged pores. It is in the line up, but first use back in the line up will be tonight.

Elemis is one of my favorite brands. Every product I have tried from them has worked well for my skin and I have never had any adverse effects. I am always willing to try another of their products. Mostly because I am positive it will not break me out. This toner has a scent that is like apricot with a vinegar back to it. Given the name that makes a lot of sense. It is a good toner and I really like the dispenser for it. Just remember to put the cotton pad, or reusable round over the the hole in the top before pressing down or the toner will fountain up. I find one pump is all I actually need for the amount of product I need on my face so I imagine I will get a lot of use out of this bottle.

The Ole Henriksen I used for the first time this morning as I was finishing out the serum from Eight Saints. One pump was more than enough to cover my face and neck. This Vitamin C serum absorbs quickly with no stickiness and it is quite a lovely glass bottle on top of that. I think I am really going to get a good use out if this. I think i might roll in a collagen serum to pair with this as well, but thus far, I like it.

This MZ Skin Eye cream I have used before. I received it in a subscription box, tried it, liked it and then set it aside for some reason. I can’t remember what. Since it was open I rolled it back into the line up to use up. This far I am liking it. It is a thick cream. I think it is a little over priced, but I do like that it is a thick cream that absorbs well and quickly into the skin. Who knows, with regular use I may see that it is worth its rather large price tag. For now I am happy using it.

My moisturizer is currently a deluxe sample of the Tatcha Dewy skin. I know and love the Water cream. I have tried the Dewy Skin cream and for most of the year it is too much moisture for my skin. (I am normal to combo skin wise). the Tatcha Water Cream is great for me, but in the winter I find I can only use it during the day and at night it is not enough. With the weather cooling down and the heat clicking on more and more often, this is proving to be a good daytime moisturizer for me right now. The scent is a little strong, but it is a scent I like so I don’t mind. It is the same scent as The Silk Canvas Primer actually. My only issue right now is that it does take a little while to absorb into the skin. I generally find myself finishing with the moisturizer and then letting it settle with a cup or two of coffee before i attempt to put my makeup over it. It is a moisturizer that on me at least needs time to settle in.

I had only one use of this Indigo cream thus far but I do like it. It is fragrance free so if you have issues with scent this might be something to look into. It is a thick cream, but oddly it absorbs faster than the Dewy Cream. I had no issues with it absorbing, My skin drank it in and this morning I was pleased with how soft my skin felt. It was a first use, so my skin could have been just extra dry for the night, but I have no problem continuing to use it and see how it works over time. while this is a deluxe sample, I do have a second deluxe sample that I might just roll into use right after this one. It will clear out some samples and give me a better idea of how the night cream works.

Also I am using the Tatcha samples now so I can get a better feel for them before I dive into their skincare kits. They have several that are available throughout the year, but there are more kits coming for the holidays so I am trying to decide which products I would really like to look at purchasing in the full size.

And finally we round out the line up with another Tatcha product. That’s right, it is the lip mask. I love this lip mask and while in the warmer months I will occasionally skip lip treatments at night, I find using a mask like this every night helps prevent the winter chapped lips. For me this is important because in general I tend to find that i will pick at my lips once they get dry. I don’t do it intentionally, it is something I do when i am working on something else and not thinking. It causes a lot of trouble. So it is is much better for me if they never reach that chapped stage. It is why the nightly lip mask from now until Easter is a key facet of my skincare regimen.

And so my darlings that is me today. Or this week technically. All of these products will be with me going into next week (and beyond actually as they are just started)I am actually quite pleased with how all of them are performing actually so i have no problems continuing to use them. And tonight I will roll the Exfoliator into the routine on a regular basis. And so on we go. Have a great Friday everyone.

Ole Henriksen

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First Use: GlamGlow SuperCleanse

There are several products by Glamglow that I really like. Their Youthmud face mask is one of my go to facemasks and one I really enjoy using when I really need a fresh faced feeling and a deep cleanse. A while back however I did try a cleanser from Glamglow that I wasn’t too fond of so I have to say I did approach this cleanser wondering which side of the spectrum it would fall into.

The Glamglow Supercleanse Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser is described as…

A daily deep cleaning cream-to-foam cleanser with detoxifying charcoal, lactic acid and glycolic acid that blasts away pore-clogging oils, debris and face makeup for super clean skin.

Ingredients: Water\Aqua\Eau, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Charcoal Powder, Propanediol, Kaolin, Carbon, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Powder, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Nigella Sativa Seed Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Chloride, Glyceryl Polyacrylate, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Xanthan Gum, Caprylyl Glycol, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Fragrance (Parfum), Linalool, Benzyl Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891) <ILN44277>


The description is fairly typical for a cleanser. It is meant to cleanse the face. What I found interesting is that many of the Ingredients in my favorite Glamglow Youth Mud Mask are also here. The kaolin clay, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and licorice root are all items i associate with their face mask. When I opened and dispensed the cleanser for the first time I discovered the cleanser smells more or less like the mask.

Personally i found this exciting. Licorice is the dominant scent with the eucalyptus and peppermint blending in as back notes. It is a clean and fresh scent that pairs well with the slightly earthy notes from the clay. Unlike the mask it is a smooth paste with no leafy bits from the herbs, which is nice to have in a cleanser.

cleanser on

I really liked that it applied in a similar way to a mask. I could dispense it into my hands and massage it into my skin and it looked as though I applied a mask. Personally I enjoy this thicker sort of cleanser as it lets me know I have covered my entire face with the cleanser. Once applied to damp skin I wet my hands and began washing my face. The clay turned to foam and rinsed away clearly and cleanly from the skin.

cleanser off

My skin felt really good. It isn’t as intensely clean as when the mask is rinsed off the face, but it has some of that same freshness. Since this was a first use, I don’t have any real results to share other than this was a cleanly rinsing mask that did go from cream to foam. It made my skin feel clean and not stripped. when I used a toner after cleansing my face there was a bit of charcoal left on the toner pad, but my face was clean. I will be using this cleanser, well, until it is gone. I can say that I am honestly looking forward to it. My big problem with the last toner I tried from Glamglow was that it left a bit of a residue on the skin so it never really felt clean. This Supercleanse from Glamglow does not seem to have this problem and I am happy to keep it in my skincare line up. It will be interesting to see if there are more, longer term use benefits other than just clean skin.

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The Skincare Lineup: October 21st, 2022: Eight Saints trial

This week my skincare line up was a little different. I picked up the Eight Saints Discovery kit and decided to test it out. I had never heard of the brand and was curious. Plus I love Discovery Kits. especially brand centric ones. I love being able to test out a variety of products from the same brand so I can get a feel for the brand as a whole and not just try out what may be their one hero product or, conversely what may be the one disappointing to me product.

The Discovery Kit was $10 and shipping was covered. There are twelve items in the kit. One is an exfoliating scrub and used only once every two to three days, one is a toner that is used both in the day time and in the night, but the other products are clearly separated into day and night time use on the card that comes with the kit. If you are just getting into skincare and wondering about combining products or trying to figure out what to use when, this is a really great tool. In fact this kit is a really good intro to a more in depth skincare regime.

A beginners set, if you will.

For the purpose of this trial, I went with their recommended list. They have their serums and treatments in the morning line up. In all I found the line up really well thought out. Personally I would switch the Vitamin C serum to the night time post toner rather than in the day time, but that is simply because I like my vitamin C serums at night. Otherwise I liked the line up they devised. (and that really is just more of a personal preference.)

While there are products I liked more than others, and we’ll get to that below in the break out, over all, I did enjoy all of the products in this line up and would have no trouble using any of them again. But let’s get into the Details, shall we?

The Morning Line up

Even though it was only used three times a week, I did use it those three times before my morning cleanser, so let’s start with the exfoliant. Called Zen out of Ten this exfoliant was quite gentle and had no real scent to it. The scrubby bits in it didn’t dissolve but had to be washed away. It did take a bit of rinsing but was otherwise a pretty decent gentle exfoliator.

The morning cleanser Bright Side had a slight orange scent to it. The cleanser worked well but it was a bit thin for my liking. It was a cleanser that could really only be used in the morning. It worked well for taking off the remnants of night cream, but it wasn’t going to do anything against makeup.

The Coast is Clear toner was used both in the morning and evening. It had a slightly rose scent to it but it was very light and faded fast. The toner actually reminded me of the Pixi by Petra Clarity Toner if you are looking for a comparison. It worked well as a toner and I enjoyed it but it wasn’t something I hadn’t seen before. I have had both better and worse toners. It worked well but has the misfortune of sitting right in the midpoint of expectations. It was exactly what I expect from a toner, no more, no less.

The Pep Rally Serum is a Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin C combo that I really enjoyed. Of the serums it was my favorite and one that I would definitely look at purchasing in the full size. There is a very light fresh scent to this serum and I think it would definitely dispense better in the full size. With the open topped jar I had to work not to pour out too much. If doing this trial again I would get a clean serum dropper to use with this serum. This Pep Rally absorbed well and fairly quickly. The vitamin E was softening and I really feel that the HA in the serum did some plumping. I think that if I did use this for a longer trial I would certainly see some results. Because this has Vitamin C in it, I would switch the vitamin C serum that follows to the evening, but in this routine it comes right after.

Seeking C was an interesting serum. It is slightly creamy and melts to liquid as it touches the skin. It is somewhat sticky until it is dried, but the stickiness goes away pretty quickly. It is the most strongly scented of the products used. And where the other products are delicate scents, this is not. It is very vitamin C serum. It actually smells a lot like the Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum. That is a serum I adore. This has the scent but it is just an okay Vitamin C serum. It has the same issue as the toner. It meets expectations. It doesn’t fail, but it doesn’t exceed either.

Soulmate was a surprise. A pleasant one, but a surprise. This is a Treatment described as a ‘Skin brightening treatment that combines hyaluronic Acid and glycolic acids for hydration and rapid cell turnover.” there is a light skin care scent to it that I would describe as ‘something that probably has hyaluronic acid in it.” I know, I’ll try not to overwhelm you with the technical descriptors. this treatment is a thick cream. A little dab is all you need. You will also need to warm it in your hands and even then it will go onto the skin white and need to be massaged in. Did I mention it was thick? It may also be my absolute favorite product in this line up.

Once massaged in it took a little while to absorb but my skin really liked this formula. And I think going into the winter my skin would like it even more. I am not sure why this treatment was slated for the morning though. It worked well with all of the products, but given the extra moisture bomb of this product and the time it took to absorb, I would have thought putting it at night would be better. Because so little of it was used each time i dipped into it, this is one of the few containers that has any product left in it. Now that this first trial is over, I might try switching this to the night time line up for next week to try it there (as well as use up the last of the sample). It is however a product I have put on my repurchase for a full sized test list.

we wrap up the morning line up with Daydreamer, the day time moisturizer. It too is a thick white cream that needs to be warmed up and will still go onto the skin white. It will need to be massaged in. It is also another product i would like to try in a larger size. I am not sure I would want it in a full size, but I would certainly be willing to give their travel size a go. The cream has very little scent to it and takes it’s time absorbing. Again I was surprised that it was a day cream as it had more of a night cream vibe to it. Still it worked well for day time use, but it did take a long time to settle in and absorb.

In the day time line up the clear winners that I would repurchase are the Pep Rally Serum, the Soulmate Treatment and the Daydreamer moisturizer. All of the products were good enough to use again if they came my way, but those are the three I would seek out for repurchase.

Shall we venture into the night?

The Night Time Line Up

The night time cleanser was Down to Earth. It is a deeper cleanse than the day time cleanser. It has a lightly orange scent to it and it foamed well (there was virtually no foaming in the morning cleanser, fyi). while the foaming isn’t necessary, it is just something to note. This was a good second cleanser. I still had to use a makeup remover before using this cleanser. The cleanser simply wasn’t going to remove all of the makeup. I tried it one night and the toner pad was just a mess. Remove the makeup and then use this cleanser and it will get the last of the makeup off, just don’t expect it to remove the makeup and clean the face .

The toner is the same Coast is Clear as the morning and it worked the same in the morning a it did in the evening.

The Night Shift Gel serum is the only gel product in the line up and it smells of cucumbers. It is also the only product in the night time line up i would go out of my way to purchase. I would like to give this a full sized trial actually. I think it would do well. It was hydrating and it absorbed quickly into the skin. It has Vitamins C and E as well as Jojoba and made my skin feel soft and hydrated, which was its job. The scent and the texture actually reminded me of the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber mask if you have ever tried that. It is a good mask and this is a really good face gel.

All In is the eye cream and it was a decent eye cream. It didn’t clog any of the pores while I used it, but it was, like many of these products, just a good but not noteworthy product. I have had both better and worse products.

Cloud Whip was the night time moisturizer. It smells of vitamin C and is only slightly less intense in scent than the Seeking C Serum. It is a light moisturizer. In fact if I didn’t have the card with me, I would have thought this was the day cream and the Day Dreamer was the night cream. Perhaps it is just the way i like my skin care but i like the lighter moisturizer in the day and the heavier one at night when I am sleeping and can let it soak in. This regimen had things reverse. This is slightly thicker than a water cream, but it does feel like a water cream on the skin. It is nice, but again, just sort of middle of the road for me.

The final product in the night time line up was the Lip trick, which was the lip mask. It has no scent and glides on well. It hydrates nicely in the night and is a decent product.

In the night time line up the only product I would repurchase would be the Night Shift Face Gel. It was a really good product. Not that anything in this line up was bad. It wasn’t. In fact everything in this discovery kit was solidly good. Nothing caused problems either independently or as a group. It was a good line up.

It did have the feel of a “my First Skincare Lineup” group of products. Which i think is a great idea if you are testing the waters with skincare. Everything is gentle and will give you an idea of how your skin reacts to things. However many of the products feel like starter products that you might graduate out of as you delve deeper into the skincare waters. There were some clear standouts but there were no failures and honestly this is a great intro to both the Eight Saints Brand and a more advanced skincare routine in general.

Using the Volition Yaupon Tea Glow Awakening Moisturizer

This moisturizer was one that i started using before I left, used while I was gone and am now scraping the bottom of the jar to finish up. I intended to do a first use post but time sped a little past me. I will be finishing up the last of this Volition Yaupon Tea Glow Awakening Moisturizer this week and will cover it briefly in the weekly skincare line up on Friday but i thought it deserved it’s moment in the sun.

It is described as

…A naturally caffeinated moisturizer powered by yaupon tea, hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol that revives and visibly plumps tired-looking skin for a brighter, smoother complexion.

As I’m sure you already know, Hyaluronic acid is a favorite of mine and helps to plump the skin by locking in moisture. Bakuchiol works like a retinol but has less of a tendency to make the skin sun sensitive. I’m guessing the yaupon tea is the source of the caffeine. When I looked it up I found that the leaves for the tea come from the yaupon holly and are also supposed to reduce redness and puffiness. I also found many many sights selling the tea as a tea designed to caffeinate you without giving you the jitters.

melts with skin’s heat like a water cream

While i can’t tell you what it might do for you taken internally (as a tea designed to drink and not the moisturizer) I can tell you that I really enjoyed using it topically. Before I left my skin was stressed (along with the rest of me) and I had quite a few breakouts. I have a photo taken bare faced of me before I left and one taken this morning for comparison. A lot of my break outs were more clogged pore bumps or just rising in the photo to become breakouts shortly after.

skin before I left, more bumpy than broken but you can see a few blemishes beginning their rise of doom

it was stress worry and exhaustion. And while those things did follow me home, I was able to get my skin under control. Partially because before I left I was stressed by knowing bad things were coming and having no capacity to stop them and then once I was home I could at least do something to help even if I couldn’t stop them which let me feel as though i was doing something. Which helped with the stress. With the stress toned down my skin stopped freaking out and I worked at clearing it up.

when clearing up blemishes my skin is repaired in damaged areas but tends to dry out in others. this is mostly due to the use of salicylic acid. I am not a terribly oily person in general and so when I dry out zits the skin around them often takes a hit, so skipping moisturizers is just not a good idea. But i didn’t want a heavy moisturizer. I chose this one (testing it first on my arm to make certain nothing cause a reaction – I had never used anything with youpon before so I wanted to be certain rather than cause more problems) because it has the light consistency of a water cream. Plus my skin usually reacts well to Volition products. Their sunscreen is a staple in my routine, I adored the Snow Mushroom serum and the Celery Green Moisturizer was fantastic.

skin when I returned. Still exhausted, but fewer bumps and break outs and a definate taming of the redness

I thought it wouldn’t be too heavy on my skin and it wasn’t. The cream has a light skincare scent that smells as though there might be something lightly herbal mixed in. It is a very light scent that fades almost immediately. My godmother is extremely scent sensitive and while I was home I had her try it out and the scent didn’t bother her. As she has a reaction to a lot of products I thought this was a good sign.

The cream applied well. And provided enough moisture for my skin during the day with a small amount of product. I had intended to take a night cream that i knew would cause no problems with me, but I forgot and used this Volition moisturizer as both day and night cream. At night I applied more than I did in the day and it did a decent job. If I used this as a day and night cream in the future, I would probably add a night mask once or twice a week.

As a reference point, skin wise, my skin tends to fall into the normal/combination category. I am slightly more oily in the summer and slightly more dry in the winter. And to be fair, when I started using the Volition Moisturizer it was in a 90% humidity environment with 90+ degree heat and then fall sort of kicked summer out overnight and the humidity dropped to 20% and the temps were suddenly in the sixties.

I’m actually surprised my skin didn’t freak out and all I thought was that a few nights a week I would like to have a night mask. Which kind of makes this Yaupon Tea Glow Awakening Moisturizer pretty impressive.

It did take a little while to absorb and until it absorbed completely it felt a little stick on the skin. It was kind of interesting. I would touch my cheek a few times. Stick, then sticky, then poof petal soft with no stickiness at all. Once the moisturizer absorbed my skin was soft. The dry patches were hydrated, the breakouts weren’t irritated and as the stress and blemishes faded I really liked the look of my skin.

As a day cream this was fantastic, it just needed a little time to settle in and lose the stickiness. As a night cream it worked well but depending on your own level of oiliness I would consider rolling in a night mask a few times a week as needed. The scent is light and didn’t irritate the skin or nose of the most scent sensitive person I know. So the final question, would I purchase this Yaupon Tea Glow Awakening Moisturizer from Volition again?

the answer is yes, most definitely. I would use it more as a day cream on the next go round, but it is definitely a product I would purchase a second time.

Speaking of products I love, the MANE CLUB has a special discount code on their best sellers bundles. The One Hit Wonder is a staple for me but every item in this bundle is something I have used before and would always love to use again. Plus even without the code, these products don’t break the back even if they do feel like they are worth a million bucks. this is one of those affordable brands that has some heavy hitters. You can get a deal on their Best Sellers Bundle with the code BUNDLE15 now through November 19th, 2022. Well worth stocking up for the holiday season or for gifting to your favorite hair care fanatic.

First use of the Depology Black Caviar Collagen Under Eye Patches

We all know that I love eye patches. While there are a few I purchase regularly, most of the ones I have used have been single use items that come in subscription boxes. While having one set is nice when determining if you want to bother purchasing an entire pack, it doesn’t actually show you any skin benefits.

interior plastic seal to ensure it doesn’t leak in transit

Depology very kindly sent over a full sized Black Caviar Collagen Under Eye Patches (pack of 60 pieces – 30 sets) for me to try out and review. On the website Depology recommends using these gels once daily. So with thirty days worth of under eye patches I can give an accurate report of how they perform when used for thirty days.

Plus I have the excuse of using under eye patches every day for the next month. I know, I need little encouragement, but I like it anyway.

So what are these Depology Black Caviar Collagen Under Eye Patches supposed to do? Well according to the website…

Dēpology’s Black Caviar Collagen under eye patches are the ultimate luxurious treat to the eyes. These hydrogel patches nourish the skin deeply, which can help to reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also stimulating and regenerating collagen production within the skin. See results in only minutes by leaving them on whilst you relax.​

inner cap with spatula/spoon

There are four main active ingredients in the patches. Black Caviar extract which is an emollient and is designed to plump the skin with hydration and help to reduce fine lines (mostly by plumping the skin with hydration). Centella Asiatica helps with collagen production and anti aging. The Hydrolyzed collagen helps restore suppleness and helps repair dry and damaged skin while the fourth active ingredient Sodium hyaluronate is in the same family of hyaluronic acid (which my skin loves) and helps bind water to collagen aiding in the plumping of skin and reduction of fine lines.

At the moment I am still mostly exhausted from my recent trip home. For me exhaustion doesn’t so much bag the eyes but leaves me looking a little hollow eyed as though I’ve been drained. At least when paired with stress. If it is just tiredness from a normal sleepless night I just get the baggy and saggy eyes. I also get them with allergies, which is often why I use under eye patches. So while I am slowly catching up on my sleep and my stress level in much reduced, I still look a little hollow and could use a bit of plumping.

I also don’t expect miracles in one dose, which is why I will be using the patches for a month before making a final determination about results. I will say that I love that the jar of eye masks came not only sealed in a box but that the jar of Dēpology’s Black Caviar Collagen under eye patches had a separate plastic shrink wrapped seal around it. I know that sounds like a little extra, but as I recently ordered a serum and it arrived as an empty bottle and soaked interior packaging because the camp came just a little bit loose in transit, I love the extra precaution the brand takes in sending the product out.

The container is hard plastic and I have to say there is something quite appealing about the black and silver of the lid. I know looks aren’t everything (which is why I will be testing them for the month) but if I am going to have the jar out with the rest of my skincare for the next month i like that the package is appealing.

Inside the jar there is a plastic lid with a spoon/spatula to retrieve the patches. This is a very nice addition as they are a little bit slippery. I know some of the jars of under eye patches come with a set of plastic tweezers but the last time i used one I felt like I might tear the patch or maybe poke a hole in it. I much prefer the spoon and the divot in the center of it keeps the patches from sticking to the spatula.

before use for comparison at the end of the month

The jar has enough liquid that the patches shouldn’t run the risk of drying out in the next month. I was concerned that it would be a little drippy as I was taking out the first of the Dēpology’s Black Caviar Collagen under eye patches and there was a drop of serum that rolled off the patches and into the jar. when applied to the skin there was not an excess of serum. It was just enough to keep the patches in place but not to cause any drippage down the face.

after one 15 min use

I will say the curve of the under eye patch is a little on the sharp side so I had to wiggle it around to get it in just the right place. Once I did, I could see that the sharp curve does allow for coverage over the areas that I want the most of the pluming and anti aging on. so they are essentially shaped correctly but because they are a bit longer I had to adjust them a little more than I am used to. once in place they stayed for the fifteen minutes.

While I don’t expect miracles from one use of any skin care item, I will say that after one use of the Dēpology’s Black Caviar Collagen under eye patches I can see a slight improvement to my under eye area. It isn’t a massive change but it is definitely there. In addition I do feel more wake and alert. This ,makes me very excited and i can’t wait to see how these Dēpology’s Black Caviar Collagen under eye patches perform over the next thirty days. Stay tuned…

First use of the Beekman 1802 Collagen Booster

Recently I tried the Beekman 1802 Quarterly box. It is $65 per quarter and one of the most beautiful subscription boxes I have ever received. However it is a brand box which means that everything in it comes from the brand. I personally like that as it gives me a chance to try a multitude of items from the Beekman 1802 brand. The draw back is that the beautiful subscription box is only worth it if I like the items from the box. The next quarterly box goes out in November so I want to try out as many of the products that came in the box as I can before I have another box arriving.

At this point I have liked enough of the products I’ve tried in the box to be fine with receiving the November box but most of the items I tried were more body care than facial skincare. Aside from the sunscreen, this is the first of the facial skincare items I’ve tried. So what is this Collagen Booster with Electric Daisy and peptide firming serum

cute little dropper

Naturally lift and tighten skin with Collagen Booster. This power packed serum is formulated with a fast-acting trio of peptides, electric daisy, and encapsulated CoQ10 bubbles to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a firmer, more youthful complexion. Apply 1-2 drops on clean, dry skin right after cleansing as part of your morning routine. Use it alone or with the moisturizer of your choice.

Okay all of that is something I would love to have happen on my face. I could use fine lines and wrinkles to fade away as much as possible and I would love to have firmer more youthful looking skin. While I will break down ingredients after a month of use, and trust me I will be looking into the electric daisies, this is a first use post. Because lets face it if you try it and don’t like it then you aren’t going to wear it long enough to see any results.


First of all, this is a really cute bottle. There is just something about all of the softened rounded edges and the frosted glass of the bottle that is aesthetically appealing to me. The serum looks soft and friendly, glowing yellow behind the frosted glass. The rounded bottles also fit well in the hands without slipping which is nice as well. The hand naturally cups the bottle so it feels more stable. The dropper is nice as it takes the drops I need out without exposing the rest of the product to the air. And the tiny cute little dropper does pull up the correct proportion of product with each squeeze.

I was worried that the dropper (while adorable) was not going to be able to reach the product and that there would be issues as the product level dropped. However the bottom is thick glass and the dropper has a slight angle to it so I think that I may be able to get every last drop of product from the bottle. That will be something i will watch as the product level drops. Because adorable should never interfere with product usage. In skincare pretty is nice but use is what counts.

serum applied

So how was my first use. It was interesting. The serum is clear with a few yellow dots in it and it is somewhat viscus. There is no scent to it so if you are scent sensitive then this is not going to trigger anything. I sniffed it as much as possible and while I got serum on my nose, I still didn’t smell anything.

the serum applied easily and smoothly. I did let it dry down before I applied my moisturizer. This is a serum that you need to follow with a moisturizer. It is not a serum you want to wear alone. It makes the skin slightly sticky. A moisturizer over it takes away the stickiness completely. there is no stickiness poking through. As the brand recommends you either add it to a moisturizer or wear it under a moisturizer, I don’t think the stickiness is a problem. I would have issue if it were something you could wear on it’s own, but it clearly isn’t. Just follow with a moisturizer and there is no issue.

Over all I have to say this was a really good first use test for me. There was no scent that I don’t like, or at all really, it felt good against the skin and at this point I am just left hoping that it performs like it says it will. I will keep my fingers crossed and remain hopefully optimistic for the performance of the Collagen Booster from Beekman 1802.

Beauty Awards 2022

Trying out the Kate Somerville Exfoliacate: First Use

I have to admit, this one was a fun test for me. First of all you know I love exfoliators. I love the physical ones and I love the chemical ones too. In addition this is a Kate Somerville product. I find Kate Somerville an interesting brand.

On one hand there are so many people raving about the products that it is hard to believe the hype.

On the other hand, every product I have tried from the brand has lived up to the hype.

But this is the Exfolikate. To be more precise this is the Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. I have heard so many super fab things about this product for a really long time. Everyone I know has at some point tried this. The reactions range from ‘this is the best’ to ‘it was a little too intense for me but it was still fabulous’. In short I have heard no bad things about this other than comments about it’s intensity.

But what’s a little pain among friends?

And so I am going to pretend i have not heard any of the rave reviews and see how it works for my skin, after all what is fab for one isn’t always fab for all. So to the website!

thin layer of green on the skin

Reveal smoother, clearer skin in two minutes with Exfolikate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment from Kate Somerville. This clinic-inspired exfoliating scrub clears pores and preps skin to better absorb the rest of your regimen, making every product and ingredient that follows more effective.

  • Removes surface dullness
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reveals a smooth, healthy-looking, glowing complexion
  • Helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles

This product retails for $28 which is quite reasonable actually. According to the directions, a thin layer is applied to the skin, it is massaged in and left for a maximum of two minutes. And then it is rinsed off. The results I am looking for are listed above so I know what I am looking to find. And so onto the face we go.

I have to say I wasn’t expecting it to be green. I know that is an odd thing to say but somehow I thought it would be a clear jelly like thing. I think that might be because a lot of the chemical exfoliators I’ve tried have had that kind of texture. So i found it surprising.

The treatment was easily smoothed over the skin and before I even began the massage in circles part, I could already feel my skin heating up under the mask. I started the timer, massaged the mask and waited the two minutes.

They are not kidding about the intensity of the mask. It was quite intense. I began to have visions of my skin burning off and leaving me extra crispy like Spawn or maybe Freddy Kruger. About the time I was contemplating a life of horror movie existence, the timer went off and I gratefully washed the Intensive Exfoliating Treatment from my skin.

before mask left after mask right

Much to my relief my skin was still there. My skin looked less dull and was in fact glowing just a little bit. It felt soft and smooth. It is recommended that this product be used twice a week. I am sure that if i used it twice a week it would have some pretty good effects. I plan to try it actually. So while I go on with my other skin care I will go on with the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating treatment. Once I am finished with the tube (or a month has passed whichever arrives first) I’ll circle back and compare my skin to the photos in this post. However I have to say that for a first use, this was quite the product and as impossible as it seems, it feels like the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment will be living up to the hype.

The Weekly Skincare Line Up: August 12th, 2022

The Line Up: August 12th, 2022

This week was an interesting week for skincare for me. Last week there was almost no skincare actually used on my face. I slept a lot, had both fevers and chills and to be completely honest the most I did was take a facial cleanser into the shower so when I managed to drag myself out of bed to the shower I could wash my face at the same time.

The results were not fabulous. I had blackheads in strange places (weirdly clustered on my temples and the area where my jaw meets my ear for some reason – my only guess is I pressed my hand against the skin there when sleeping?) , oddly oily spots my face mixed with strange dry spots and my lips were chapped like crazy. In short my skin freaked out along with the rest of my internal systems. So this week was all designed to get back to an even plane with my skincare. I started with an exfoliator (see the post on Saturday Skin’s Rub a Dub). I exfoliated my lips and then leaned into my lip mask. I also made conscious choices for much of my skincare. So lets take a look at the line up.

Cleanser: Best Face Forward (BFF) Purifying Cleanser

Toner: Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner from First Aid Beauty

Serum: Depology Matrixyl 3000 Collagen Boosting Serum

Facial Oil: Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminationg Facial Oil

Eye cream: Verso Eye Cream #5 Extra Nourishing

Moisturizer: Korres Santorini Grape Poreless skin cream

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

As a warning, while I normally include scent descriptions, my nose isn’t giving me much of any scent at the moment so none of the skin care (including the items I am 90% sure are scented) have any scent to them at all for me. As all of them are sticking around for another week, I might get scents next Friday.

This cleanser I rolled into the line up because it is specifically designed to deal with blackheads and break outs. It is supposed to be gentle and with Aloe Vera mixed in I was hoping that it wouldn’t dry me out too much, especially as I had some dry spots already. This is my first product from the brand and I have to say I was very impressed. It is a good gentle cleanser that really did help calm inflammation and clear away black heads without causing damage to the drier parts of my face. I was very impressed with it’s use this week. I am going to continue using it this coming week, even though my skin is calming down just because I want to see if it continues to perform well on non freaked out skin or if it is something i need to roll in only when problems arise.

Having a gentle hydrating toner to add in after the pore clearing cleanser really helped me out. I found this wild oat toner a little strange at first as I am use to clear toners that tend to be witch hazel infused but once i got used to the difference I found it to be a really good toner. It was especially helpful on the dry spots.

Last week I did a first use of this Depology serum before my skincare regime crumbled. This week i used it twice a day and have been really impressed with it. It absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy or sticky residue on the skin and Given the amount of product used with the dual application this week, I suspect the bottle will last a little over a month. while a week isn’t long enough to see major reactions, I am seeing some small improvements and hope that those will increase as I continue to use it. But it does feel nice and my skin really seems to enjoy it with no issues.

This is not my first go round with the Wander Beauty Glow Ahead oil and it won’t be my last. I really enjoy this facial oil and it has been amazing to use this week. I used it not only to add a little extra moisturize to the skin in the skincare line up (mostly at night) but it was the perfect follow up to the exfoliation process. After exfoliating, rinsing off and patting my skin dry, I added a little drop of the Glow Ahead oil to my skin and it worked out beautifully. There is a slight illumination to the skin, but as the oil dries and is absorbed it just looks like healthy glowing skin rather than a product you applied. At first (when still wet) it is a little more shimmery.

I have never tried a Verso product I haven’t liked and this eye cream is no exception. This travel sized tube is still going strong and I actually have a couple of other travel sizes of this eye cream so I will be keeping it in for a while. this week was interesting. While I had some small blackheads by the sides of my eyes, my under eyes were dry and flaky. For some reason those were the driest patches of skin on my face. so I used the Verso eye cream on both the crow’s feet area and the under eye. It actually worked well on both parts. the dry flakiness underneath is gone and the black heads (cleared out by the cleanser) did not return. It just made me like the eye cream more.

The Korres Santorini Grape skin cream was a winner this week. I liked it in general when I tried it before, but I figured that since it did have some salicylic acid in the formula, this might be a good time to bring the moisturizer back into the line up and I was right. It provided moisture without being heavy or greasy. I used it both in the day and at night. I applied the moisturizer a little heavier at night than I did during the day, but over all it was enough moisture for me (without being too much) and I didn’t feel the need to bring in a night cream.

And finally we have the Tatcha Lip mask. It performed brilliantly this week. I had the post fever dry lips and so in addition to using this as a night mask, I applied it in the mornings and occasionally post lunch. My lips have a few dry spots left but for the most part all of the cracks are gone and the tiny dry spots are small enough that I don’t feel the need to pick at them. For me that is the big trick. I never mean to pick at dry lips, but I will do it without realizing it while I am working, so it is best not to have those bits.

I know this is mostly a glowing skincare report, but instead of simply trying products this week I actually made choices to specifically deal with what is going on with my skin. In general my skin is pretty okay so it isn’t as major a consideration, but this week. there were issues that needed to be cleared up so I chose accordingly. all in all, I think I chose pretty well. we will just have to see if those choices hold up for a second week.

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